Monday, October 28, 2019

Kalifornia is Trembling Like a Fading Mirage in the Wailing Wind of Agitated Djinns.

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How strange has it gotten on the manifest physical plane? It has gotten very, VERY strange. I had a question this morning, I asked my friend, “How is it that some of these fires are burning so fierce and hot in places where there are so few trees, or substances you would consider extremely flammable? Yes... anything will burn if it gets hot enough but... I've seen mysterious explosions, followed by rapidly spreading fires. I've read articles like this. I have also seen this. Folks, were you aware of this? Someone told me that the magma under the Kalifornia surface is what is assisting in powering the combustion of surface objects. I DON'T KNOW.

350,000 Kalifornians have or are having their insurance canceled.

Yes, the wind is a major factor. The invisible forces behind the wind are Djinns. Djinns are neither Good nor Bad, though the results of their activities can be seen as occasionally having a highly undesirable impact on areas of human residence. In the invisible realm, Angels are considered to be Good. Demons are considered to be Evil. Djinns are more accurately defined as forces of Nature, neither Good nor Evil.

I was with my friend, Richard Yerxa once, out in the Joshua Tree National Monument. I was under the influence of 5 hits of Orange Sunshine. I can't remember how many Richard took. As we were out there on the sands, several holographic cobras appeared. They were 30-40 feet high and they began sucking up sand and air and then blowing it out of their nostrils down to the Earth below. This resulted in the formation of wind dervishes that came spinning at us. I began to dance with them; somewhat like a toreador. Richard was moving out of the way of them as well. At one point I heard him say, “I wonder what happens if you let one hit you?” This being Richard, a man who feared nothing that I ever saw, he stepped right into the path of one of them and it lifted him up in the air and then deposited him dozens of yards away, where he lay silently for a time. Being as high as one has to be, in order for giant holographic cobras to appear as they did, I just stood there watching him for a few minutes. Then he began laughing. He laughed for some time.

I assume these were Djinns taking this form for the Purpose of their Demonstration. Djinns are more associated with wind than anything else.

Back in those days I used to wander in the wilderness a great deal. I came upon abandoned communities. In some cases the houses were still in great shape. One of these places had been called... heh heh... Happy Valley and was composed of around 30 houses. This was a small distance outside of Palm Springs. There is a reason that people are unable to live in certain places and that reason is often Djinns or something similar. Some people, perhaps most people these days, are insensitive to the less visible planes. Some of us, however, are still quite sensitive to them.

Djinns are, as already stated, forces of Nature. This means, to me, that they can be motivated by Good or Evil sources. My feeling, through observation, is that the winds in Kalifornia are highly agitated Djinns. Many people these days, due to Materialism, do not believe in what cannot be reported to them through the senses. Fine. Just because 'you' can't see it doesn't mean it isn't there and... just because you can (the world is an illusion and mental projection) doesn't mean it is. Yadda Yadda.

These Djinns are being whipped up in Kalifornia and instead of attributing this to HAARP and the rest to covert energy weapons and the Deep State, I'm going to say it is all in the order of a warning. It is a WARNING to leave Kalifornia, most especially the coastal area and these warnings have been coming for some time and they are increasing in severity and doing it exponentially. Here we are seeing the ancient emotional struggles between the love of ones possessions, one's property and one's life. Many people lose their lives because of attachments to this that or the other thing. No matter what you may or may not believe, the truth is not affected by your perspective on it. The Divine Persona is completely in control of everything. If any individual or group, Good or Evil, wishes to accomplish anything, they must be permitted to by the Divine Persona, for the Purpose of Demonstration.

It's not just the wild weather in Kalifornia, the natural disasters, the airhead dreamer, superficial, air kissing, good life junkies. It is also the thousands of homeless, shitting and pissing on the streets, shooting up drugs and the diseases that culture brings but even more... it's the political leaders indifference and inability to do anything about any of it. There is a poisonous, miasma consciousness that is proliferating across the state and the result is a wide variety of Zombies of many types. It is a noxious gas that enters the mind and renders the affected, crazy.

You have to be in miasma consciousness not to see what is glaringly obvious. I do not have miasma consciousness, I can CLEARLY SEE what is taking place. Once again, I am going to list the three stages of awakening, when awakening is a imperative of The Divine, rather than an avocation, or otherwise defined personal pursuit. First an angel of God comes and shakes you on the shoulder. If you do not awaken, the angel shakes your shoulder much harder. If you still do not awaken, the angel picks up a two by four.

The major byproduct of Materialism is Insanity. Kalifornia is that place Frank Lloyd Wright once defined by saying, “At a certain point, God reached down and grabbed the Eastern Seaboard and shook it and everything that was loose, rolled to California.” He was talking about architecture, I think, but it applies across the board.

Kalifornian's are BEING WARNED. It goes without saying that many of them will ignore all warnings. A large number of people will be onsite with the intention of profiting from disaster. Others are lined up in the paddocks for the looting spree. Some are there out of duty and even love. Is anyone paying attention to what is happening in the world? Do people see the waves of manufactured hysteria sweeping the world, like Climate Change activists, the anarchy armies of Antifa, the massing in the streets of the outraged citizenry and Lady Nature doing flips on the Catastrophe Trampoline? IT IS GOING DOWN. In some cases it is going up as well.

I cannot be sure of this but... I strongly suspect that something is going to happen on the West Coast shortly that will stun the world. No matter what shape what is coming may take, it is a surety that one will be better off, as far from dense concentrations of people as possible. WE ARE IN A GRAND APOCALYPSE!!! If you are not waking up on your own, you WILL BE woken up and I'm not talking about the inanity of 'woke culture'. What accounts for so many people becoming crazy all of a sudden? However you may define it for yourself, at the base of it, is the reality that people have no clue as to what and who they are. When your self constructed fantasy about your identity, begins to melt in front of you; what is left?

Hello? HELLO? HELLO? Hello? Knock, Knock, anyone in there? Very few people will see what I am writing here today. That is, no doubt, as it should be. In conclusion, I want to say/ask, how many of so many things we have heard and been warned about, ever actually happened? Y2K didn't happen. The Harmonic Virgins never showed up. 2012 was a bust. Aliens have yet to come out of the sky, Jesus either. Climate Change comes and goes regardless of human agency or cow farts. The Russians never invaded. Nuclear War has not happened. There's been no Rapture yet (in any widespread sense). No one has seen the Mahdi, the Avatar, Kalki, The Second Coming, or any of the heavy hitters. The Gates of Shambhala have not opened yet. Not a single New Age prophet has been right about much of anything, except about there being money in deceiving people. The doomsayers and fearmongers have not been right so far. I don't see a food crisis, or a police state. I read about these possibilities all the time but so far, neither Joy nor Sorrow on any of these accounts.

This is not to say that any or all of these may not well happen and sooner than anyone might expect. I very much believe the phrases that states, “For yourselves know perfectly that the day of the Lord so cometh as a thief in the night.” “But of that day and hour no one knows, not even the angels of heaven, but My Father only.” I recommend reading these hundred quotes of Krishna from the Bhagavad Gita. I mostly recommend making contact with The Indwelling ASAP. The chances for such contact now are much, MUCH greater than at any previous time and that is why the distractions are so great. Something very good must be nearby, if the forces of darkness are waving so many red herrings in our faces.

If appearances are any indicator of what is coming, while fully granting that appearances are a lie, then... chances are, it's going to be simultaneously very good and very bad, depending on where you are standing. I can't shake the intuitive conviction that this is all a matter of personal choice.

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Anonymous said...

Les, is more!
I love your given insight .
Truly a gift of your efforts!


Anonymous said...

years of grandpa yelling, there is no money in philosophy. grandpa isn't that a matter of perspective, i failed intro to philosophy. when the supposedly woke realize they been sleeping all along, what happens then? whats the beauty of near total control? nearly every nuclear power plant's computers failed on y2k, the entire nuclear deterent's computers failed and half the military and governments did the same. where did the money go that was supposed to address this. wasn't 2012 actually in 2013 based on one rotation of the earth is now around 16 hours but stills appears the same on the planet? did not 2 wistleblowers talk about the earth being moved one degree out of orbit in 2013, in may that year on the night that was orange at 3 am like midday when 99 percent of humans were put in stasis, to hide the asteroid that otherwise would have exterminated most life, show that it wasn't time yet? doesn't hidding reality from the masses eventually lead to the collapse of life, when materialism no longer hides it? have had trouble trying to sign up for pocketnet, but have still been able to access the blogs on it directly through your direct link. thank you please keep writing for those of that look forward to your perspectives

Anonymous said...

Thank you, Visible! A much needed tonic as always.

People need to get the Mr. Apocalypse album.

Love To Push Those Buttons said...

He's wrong some times, but some times he's right. Levi; Celtic Seer sees major quakes next spring for calipornia. I'm not leaving. During a weird meditative session I was informed I would not see 2021, here. That works for me. Bring it on.

I can't say I'm recommending him, but here's Levi's site if anyone cares:

Ya know, this post made my day. . .Even after I'm only supposed to have a 16 hour work shift this week due to that bottom feeding company known as PG&E.

Well, it could be worse. I could be living in Sonoma.

Anonymous said...

There are technologies that we can't yet accept as fact. Some are easy to see though.
Take crop circles, some guys draw a picture using some CAD program, upload it to a satellite with some 'energy beam' and then they draw it in the field in a matter of seconds. Or is it some guys at night with a board. How about the 'electric universe' experiments/plasma physics. Check out 'the primer fields' or 'Thunderbolts'. The implications of the universe being electric are very profound indeed, would just shake academia to its core. There is much that is kept from the 'ignorant masses' and I'm one of those. Our society was taken down the wrong path over a hundred years ago Tesla vs Enswine. Its all for someone's profit. How about the withholding of LENR/cold fusion? They were able to make(geopolymers) or cut huge stones thousands of years ago. Someones have had wonderous technologies for a very long time. So who is to say what's really going on? I know there are spirits, it appears to me 'its a battle of principalities not flesh and blood'. Forces are acting. 3 things: consciousness, energy, and matter.Who's consciousness? That's the question, the cosmic one... or some lesser versions. As the saying goes 'there are no atheists in fox holes' and that maybe what it is all about. For the purpose of 'demonstration' as you often say. I don't know Jack. All us Jacks will need to wait and see what happens shortly or not.

Anonymous said...

"Being as high as one has to be, in order for giant holographic cobras to appear as they did"
I hear you man, A friend of mine, who has a pilot license, and I decided to fly to Vegas from Fresno California. We hit the bong pretty hard before takeoff and well to make a long story short somewhere over the Sierras we got so high we flew into heaven. It was great man, didn't see Jesus, but lots of angels, saints and such.


Anonymous said...

I feel bad for the animals. I'm trying to feel bad for the humans in California but my mind keeps going back to the animals and worrying about them. The animals don't deserve all these massive fires and don't deserve to have to experience any suffering from the fires. The fires are not natural. It's extremely sad that the animals have to experience so much pain and suffering because of all the man made fires. Many animals are losing their lives in the fires, dying horrific deaths being burned alive. It's just horrible and all this horror is man made.

I mention the animals because I'm not coming across any mention of the animals in any of the articles I'm reading about the California fires. I'm just coming across how much people are suffering from the fires, and I feel bad for them,but the animals suffer also, and the animals suffer as much if not more than people do in these fires.

We should pray for the animal kingdom in California as we pray for the people in California.

From : Salvatore

Love To Push Those Buttons said...


Salvatore, I'm with you. Plants, too. It's been proven they're sentient. It's also annoying on a personal level, since it killed a week's pay for me since my restaurant got powerouted over the weekend, but that's nothing to what those in the fire zone have to deal with.

And everyone who comes were, check this out. OPERATION TORCH CALIFORNIA

I speculated on this a couple of years ago. Deliberate arson for cheap land. Also, how many people will commit suicide due to this? No more social security liability, and a few bank accounts to steal by the state from those who have no wills.

Ray B. said...

Vis, an uplifting column. Thanks!

I just had an interesting 'occurrence' with non-physical friends. One of my physical friends had phoned me, and the conversation got around to Tolkien, the elves, and their decision to help humanity (to re-engage). Well, a few minutes into that conversation, I sensed a gaggle of unseen folks 'looking-in'. It had to be what I call (Real) Elves. Yep, they somehow got a whiff of the conversation and were there en masse. (I had to watch what I was saying. *grin*)

One or some even went via the phone connection to my physical friend. He 'interpreted' it as someone standing over his shoulder. I told him that - if he wanted further interaction with them - he would have to 'authorize' it. Good guys tend not to barge in; bad guys, not so much. (He is quite awake/aware. I wonder what might happen with this 'connection'.)

I do have to say that - if this is all a "self constructed fantasy about my identity" and "appearances are a lie" - I have a great fantasy life. My unconscious or superconscious must be working overtime. Great stuff. It is much better than MSM prattle. If I have to wait for Jesus/Buddha/Krishna/Mr. Apocalypse to show up, this is a marvelous way to pass the time...

Best Wishes,
Ray B.
P.S. Another friend just showed me a cute (composited) photo: "A busy night at Stonehenge, as workers move all the stones back one hour."

Visible said...

A new Les Visible Blog entry is up now-

"A Tale of Redemption, Restraint and the Good that Lives in the Heart of a Few."

Anonymous said...

Thank You Les,

Another insightful and well written piece. I too am feeling that something big is going to happen on the West Coast. Besides the burnt offering of California (weather manipulation and warfare, or Djins in your case) have you heard about a FF on 11/3 in Seattle?This video does seem a bit crazy but please spend the time to watch it. Like 9/11, we had so many early warnings of what the dark forces were planning on that day in TV, comics, and the news that awoken should have been forewarned. Some were, but very few. As Willi points out in this video we are getting foreshadowing of another major event in a few days. Please spread the word if you can.

the mighty wak said...

"I was under the influence of 5 hits of Orange Sunshine."

hey brother, your take on our weather dilemma here in california pretty much parallels my own take, as does what i have assumed to be your take on 9/11.
but really, 5 hits? maybe 'orange sunshine' might not be all it is cracked up to be.

Visible said...

I am not like other people. I once took a hundred hits of window pane and taking massive amounts of pure psychedelics WAS my stock in trade. Let's just say, I was all about the gusto- no fear, I wanted God to know I was serious. I INTENDED to get there and I did. Of course I always got knocked back occasionally BUT.. the day now approaches when I am going to be admitted so all that risk and crazy behavior has paid off after all.

Visible said...

Hey Google, since you are probably watching; you are infantile scum and losers for all that captcha nonsense and I keep right on going and there's NOTHING you can do about it, you mass murdering fiends.

BCii said...

Here's a succinct, well-written overview of the Golden State's decline. What a sad situation it is. It seems like the miasma energies eroding Western civilization have all concentrated there, giving us all a sobering look at the fate evil would fain visit upon us.

Kanye West, the poster boy for materialism and ego, comes out against the tide as a born-again Christian? Jonathan Pageau predicted someone like him would signal a cultural shift like this. After peak entertainment, what else is there but the search for meaning?

I've been perusing some of the content on this interesting site tonight. I could not help but connection the WWIII timeline presented here with the conjectured Seattle false flag event on November 3rd. Unlike the 9/11 attacks, foreseen by very few, this one would be instantly exposed by a large, aware, and active community of digital soldiers and Internet sleuths that didn't exist in those more innocent times. All the "advance press" could even contribute to a complete foiling of the scheme. I do not merely hope so. I join the prayer of my heart to the holy intent of the complete overthrow of evil enabled by its own hubristic doing, as an impeccable demonstration of God's just and perfect law.

Thank you, Visible, for your excellent work. Thank you for allowing yourself to be molded into an instrument of the divine. It was heartening today to listen to the sweet sounds of your post-9/11 song Something Good (is Coming Soon). It is so important in the midst of the storm to have that unshakeable faith in the goodness of our Lord.

Sukh said...

Got it...

A new Smoking Mirrors:

Evaluating the Point Spread and the Over-Under on Pascal's Wager



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