Wednesday, May 19, 2021

"It Has To be REALLY Complex, So that the Priests and Politicians can EXPLAIN it to You."

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Yesterday, we briefly spoke about the source of human sorrow and suffering being in the mind. An undisciplined mind that is a slave to appetites, and cannot control thought traffic, is at the mercy of less than tender fates. A disciplined mind becomes your very good friend. It's kind of like bad dogs and good dogs. The mind has often been compared to a monkey. If you have ever studied monkeys you can see where the comparison comes from in the ebb and flow of human affairs. You have a tag team that you must subdue; the Monkey Mind and the Dog of Desire. Almost everyone you see around you is in some form of adversarial or compromised relationship with this tag team, and is then subject to manipulation by the forces that think they run the temporal realm.

We also talked about EVERYTHING unfortunate in your life coming about from resistance to God. Let's see what that looks like in the context of your mind, and also of The One Mind. When you are in One Mind, you are not separated nor in opposition to God. It is similar to being pre-pubescent; a child. It is ONLY when you are in Separated Mind that these conditions of opposition and separation come into active form.

The One Mind is Unity and Harmony. This is VERY important when you consider that Thoughts are Things; subtle things, but things no less. Thoughts become things through precipitation and are speeded into manifestation by the relative intensity of Passion=Desire. The Separated Mind is in a state of continuous conflict with the other Separated Minds.

What I am saying here has been said by others with different words at different times. None of this is new. In fact, this has been around for a long time, but it has been suppressed and concealed from the general mind by those who operate according to Divide and Conquer. They profit by setting us against each other. With the coming of The Avatar, all manner of spiritual understandings are resurfacing, and being recognized and employed by those being made aware of them. A New Age has dawned and we are living in the reverberation of it, as it comes down to us through the planes. It is already a reality in the Mind of God.

The Mind of God is our mind when we are unified with it. Yogis for thousands of years have performed Yoga, which means Union. It is where the personality is brought to heel and yoked to the Governing Force and then the Individuality is revealed, and you are able to be Divinely Inspired. I could go on and on and on about what blessings come to and from a Unified Mind.

What are Fallen Angels? Think about it. Look at the directions of human enterprise. Observe the radically different objectives that exist here. You can see all of these forces warring with one another to gain an IMPOSSIBLE supremacy. ONLY God is supreme and you find that out if you persist in the folly. The Devil, such as there is one, lives in and is the human mind when it is turned to diabolical interests. This is another kind of Yoga, but it is expressed in chains and all manner of confinements, as the fruit thereof. We are the vehicles of Devils and Angels. Which of these applies to us can be seen by our works. “By their works, ye shall know them.”

Given the large percentage of the population which is self-serving and the large portion that is viewed as livestock by the ones who own the slaughterhouses and holding pens, one might be greatly troubled by the vision. Yes... it could all be a very disturbing situation, BUT... they are NOT The Power. There is one source of power and if you are consciously united with it, The World is not your problem. The World is the problem of those who make The World their Problem.

It all comes back to Separated or Unified Minds. It all comes back to being in Harmony with Heaven, or in conflict with it. This is too simple for people. Surely, something that has befuddled and tormented humanity for such a long time cannot be simple. It has to be REALLY complex so that the priests and politicians can EXPLAIN it to you. This is the means by which they make their living from you. Then there are the dancing tinhorn celebrities who have so little substance that they live in the manufactured roles that are assigned to them, and parrot the false narrative in order to live on ice cream and moonbeams, and the adulation of flies and mosquitoes... for their brief hour.

God in human form is coming, and he is coming also into the hearts of those who have prepared a place for him. As you can see from the topsy turvy state of the world at this time, radical and unpredictable events may well come to pass in certain places, where the force of it wells up the most. You might think of areas of war as something like pimples that appear on someone's face. They call them hotspots. People gather together in locations where they are drawn by common hungers and ambitions. The force of its upwelling can be seen in earthquakes, where pressure builds until it must escape, or a plate slides. It can be seen in riots and criminal environments. The ones who think they are in control and all the Nodwells that attend them, have other explanations for all of this, and ALL of their explanations are tied to their profit and the maintenance of their status here.

ALL OF THESE THINGS are going to soon be thrown into Upside Down Land. A great many people are going to lose all sense of themselves when they find that they didn't really have much of an idea of who they are in the first place. The Awakening is seeing to this. We are in a cauldron of forces beyond our control if we are seeking to control them. If we are aligned with the one who is IN CONTROL of EVERYTHING these do not apply to us.

These are times of irresistible change. The Piscean Age is closing up shop. The new archetypes are moving in. Many people are not handling this well as it presses on their comfort zone. Some are outraged from their perspective of Global Injustice, not knowing that they were probably responsible for the injustices last time they were around. Usually, those crying out the loudest for equality and fairness were offenders of it on previous visits. Don't ask me how this comes to me, but it comes with an undeniable imprimatur within. The people in the background who are financing and urging this all on, are presently the people responsible for a great deal of what passes for injustice round here at these times. They are always first to jump to the causes, SO THEY CAN CONTROL THEM. Even a cursory inquiry into the history they have been unable to hide WILL tell you this, and so much more.

The Apocalypse is orchestrated by Mr. Apocalypse who has the wand of Revelation and Awakening. He does not resemble Andre Previn in the slightest.

Now that word is getting out about the coming Vaccine Holocaust and things like Shedding;

Moderna COVID Vax is poisonous

Moderna COVID Vax Ingredients: DEADLY POISON

Moderna COVID Vax Ingredients: contain poison

Moderna COVID Vax Ingredients: DEADLY POISON
"SM-102 - Not for Human or Veterinary Use" will they handle travel by aircraft? Now that the CDC said what they did and the mask mandate whiffenpoofed to its native residence where The Sun don't shine... and now that they can't ask you if you are vaccinated or not, and if they could, all you have to do is lie, because how are they going to check? Are you getting the picture? Imagine the blind panic when The Truth gets out, as it SURELY will in this apocalypse.

People can shrug and mock and get all hot in the head about it all, that doesn't change anything. The people screaming the most about hearing these things are the ones who are most mortally afraid. These are times that definitely make atheists uneasy. Some things you just don't want to find out, but... that affects your inevitable finding out NOT AT ALL. If The Sun is still there, even if you don't believe it; how does that affect The Sun? You can't see The Wind, which is controlled by The Sun, BUT... you sure can see the effect of it, just like you can see the effect of invisible forces on individuals and groups of people. As in material life, it does come down to who you know, AND... what you know. Your state in respect of this is the direct result of what you got up to in previous times. These times are ALL about REALLY adjusting the scales of balance and if you are out of balance, you will be adjusted. Count on it.

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Love To Push Those Buttons said...

Hmmmm. I did some of the worst things in my life before I went on the rag as a regular ordeal. Wish I'd known about endometrial ablation when I got fixed at 19.

Thoughts are things. Re: the manifestation issue, I still don't have an Akashic Library Card, nose hair coat, or tail. Maybe I gotta concentrate harder.

Looks like the world might be a little less crowded next year. Depending on what leaves, this might be a good thing. Well, cheaper rent and less traffic to deal with is always a good thing, so. . .

Love the post!

robert said...

Visible One,

When you are in One Mind, you are not separated nor in opposition to God. It is similar to being pre-pubescent; a child. It is ONLY when you are in Separated Mind that these conditions of opposition and separation come into active form

Stated to simply and elegantly!
Our ears and hearts love the simple truth!

How do we return from the adult, carnal mind in opposition to Oneness back to union of an open heart and mind?

Our operational mind can police our thought when it strays off into separation but that is not the same as resting in the Presence most of the time, as we discover.
How do we lose our old mind yet retain mindfulness?
Lose the false distinctions to which we pin our identity and regain our function as servants of the One Desire?
Ignore our ignorance and embrace our willingness to be in wonder and not knowing?

We are our own worst enemy
We have met the enemy and it is us!
Cling to the devil we know or become the unknown us that is indistinguishable from the One BECAUSE that is the desire of the One!

It is not hubris to surrender self for Self, it is our deepest desire.

That that desire has been hijacked, perverted and diverted to serve selfish slurpers of slime actually proves the truth of it!

Deceivers depend on twisting What-Is because they come from the anti-creative black hole polarity and can create only nothing where there was something!

First we get clear about where we are and the illusion that we are far from the One
Then we begin to clear out the old mind with diligent discernment
Then we receive help beyond measure
Then we live in the One without end

Anonymous said...

Great post. Uplifting
🎶Mine eyes have seen the glory of the coming of the Lord🎶
I can feel the tide turning and It is glorious
Thanks Vis

Thomas said...

Ya, a fine post!

After you mentioned the Tree of Life in your last post, I thought how it resembled the chakra system in Yoga. They both have 7 levels, while 3 of the levels in the Tree of Life have two circles. Tifereth would correspond to the heart chakra, number 4, which also makes sense seeing that it is the one that has the most connections. The crown, number 7, even has the same name.

Isn't the Tree of Life supposed to be an image of both the macro- and microcosm? Then it *would* be the same as the chakra system, if there is truth to it (and I think there is, seeing that it has survived for so long).

Curious... but Truth is One, so why not?

Visible said...

Thomas; both the Eastern and Western systems interface. For instance, there is Mercury, Sulphur and salt that corresponds to the three Gunas; Sattva, Rajas, and Tamas. Yoga has the seven chakras and the west has the 7 interior planets. The deeper you go the more correspondences there are.

Anonymous said...

The East also has another tree..

"The Blessed Lord said: There is a banyan tree which has its roots upward and its branches down and whose leaves are the Vedic hymns. One who knows this tree is the knower of the Vedas."

Ray B. said...

I wanted to go off-topic (or maybe on-topic in a deeper sense) for a bit. Recently, I discovered a researcher named Randall Carlson. His primary passion is the time-period around the Younger Dryas - a roughly 1300 year period at the end of the last Ice Age. This is when a slow ascent out of Ice Age climate was quickly reversed, stayed cold for 1300 years, and then quickly reversed again into today's 'normal' climate.

The Younger Dryas is also the time when roughly half of mammalian mega-fauna (large animals) species disappeared throughout the world - especially in North America - after having made it through many Ice Ages for millions of years. It is also when the Clovis culture disappeared from North America. Coincidentally, it is also the time period in which Plato places the destruction of Atlantis...

There are archeological findings - suppressed or ignored - of tremendous quantities of bones intermixed with tumbled rocks found throughout the northern hemisphere and dating from this period. The implication is of hemispheric and maybe worldwide catastrophic flood episodes. (No, not Earth-submergence flooding.) Horrific.

I bring the above up because of my sense that we were much more 'sensitive' as a species in the past. We had some form of telepathic/empathic facilities that resulted in both group bonding (a 'common language' as mentioned in the Bible) and a form of communion with Nature. (Shamanism is a remnant of the latter.)

Now, take this 'naïve' species and inflict the events of the Younger Dryas upon it. Millions of large mammals met horrendous deaths in a short period - not to mention other humans. What would this do to a species which had telepathic/empathic skills?

I suspect that there was a 'selection' that went-on in the time-period around the Younger Dryas: The most sensitive humans died in agony. The less sensitive were severely traumatized, and probably shut-down those faculties. The most 'tone-deaf' just had nightmares. In other words, the most 'insensitive' and thus self-centered coped the best.

Now, fast-forward to the present. It appears that the insensitive and thus self-centered strain has prospered. Look at the world through this 'lens', and see how well it matches our current environment. Also horrifying.

The good news is that the 'traumatized' segment survived, and is slowly waking-up again...

Best Wishes,
Ray B.

Visible said...

A new Smoking Mirrors is up now=

"The Basic Drive of Life is Freedom. The Problem is What We have Identified it As."



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