Tuesday, December 21, 2021

"The Origin of Enchanted, (meaning-wise) is 'captured with song'. Don't Let Them Hijack Your Soundtrack."

Dog Poet Transmitting.......

The Solstice is here. Christmas follows a few days later. Even a relatively incurious sort should be able to put together the idea that they are synonymous celebrations of The Birth of the Light. We never get the dates right in The Present because certain events were long ago, and the people entrusted to record history for us are much more interested in fabricating it to their ends, making a buck, than keeping an honest record, and that means dates and such. We have The Solstice down because it happens twice every year. Therefore we have managed to keep track of it. Christmas in the original happened thousands of years ago.

The Solstice (both of them) are solar events. This seems to confirm my belief that The Avatar(s) are Sun Gods. I could go into more detail but... more details never seem to clarify anything. They give people more facets to argue about.

Speaking of the higher kingdoms (grin)... As above, so below; in other places, people are living similar lives on another plane. Things that... on this plane, seem more insubstantial, are substance itself on other planes. Still... thoughts and feelings here can be weaponized, in both directions, subconsciously AND consciously, for good and for ill. On other planes, you can have a lot of free time and still do far more good than you do here when spending all your time at it. It's a progression, and if you want to get away somewhere by yourself... when you are moving at the speed of thought, you could be anywhere in no real amount of time... where to think it... is to make it, and then you live in it, for good or ill. That accounts for why everyone is where they are at this moment, and their circumstances as well.

One of the really cool things about Cosmic Truth is that it applies on all planes at all times. What you think is like a magic amulet. So is how you feel. It brings a form of protection you get from walking in the right direction. This is why Love is such a potent force, and it truly does rule all things. There is a mystery that takes place here in the land of human form. It confuses most. It corrupts many, especially in certain periods. Once you solve it you no longer have to be concerned with it. You're not part of that dynamic of its endless back and forth. You can become timeless... if you so choose.

Today is The Solstice. Then comes Christmas. They are basically the same event; the same item. People tailor things according to their understanding and then prosper or suffer, as the case may provide. When you live in the light you can call it anything you like. You can call it sweetheart or the child of yourself. I would not know what to call God. God is beyond all of the names and the definitions that follow. From what I can see, so far, God is primarily Love transforming in constant adaptation to itself into further expressions of love. Why would you want to be anywhere that Love was not, no matter how many of us may have misinterpreted Love in other times? There is ALWAYS and FOREVER an increase in the awareness of Love. Sounds like a good thing, does it not?

I celebrate (which is my word for... worship) God in various persona as it so happens; often Lord Vivasvan or Lord Krishna-Christ, Green Tara often, Amitabha Buddha as an inspiration, The Man on the Beach, like a constantly running stream. You are ALWAYS celebrating something, even if it is your own misery. God is what God is, I advise getting close to God.

Love is also Profound Magic... when permitted to occur, unhindered by the one it is PASSING through. That is what all of us should aspire to, though few make the effort in these times. Unfortunately... for large parts of humanity that can prove costly. They will need to discover their love and put it to good use. Sometimes it just falls apart, but not everywhere, never everywhere. It is not about where you are so much as it is about who you are, where you are.

I remember in the poetry of a Chinese sage saying... (Cold Mountain Poems, yes! That was it.) In the poem, he was talking about walking the dry dusty roads of the cities, the heat and the murk of them. He said that he had tried drugs but he couldn't make Immortal; now he is back at Cold Mountain, where he will sleep beside the creek and purify his ears.. I think about Lady Nature like that. It beats every option that there is, but... to each their own.

So... here is The Solstice, and Christmas... moving into The New Year. I feel like I should say something about them, but for me, all I can say is, “here comes The Sun.” Here comes The Sun says it all for me. It is a Solar Event, no matter how you look at it; The Sun and The Shadows that move before it are always in some relationship in this world, however temporary. They are burned away as the shadows within are consumed by the Indwelling Sun. That is my idea of The Christmas Spirit and how I celebrate it by seeking to experience it.

I am not a sun worshiper, though I do worship The Sun for the life-giving force that it is, and the daily outpouring of its honeyed love. Its golden... liquid love. It is what is behind The Sun, that shines in a million suns that I have sought. That is the one I am after, and... what do you know? He was after me too. He is searching for every single soul to hit their light-switch, and illuminate the night in the darkness of The Mind. Next thing you know, you could be generating it.

People are curious little bees with their saving for the future, investing for the future. What about The Next Life? Wouldn't that seem like the most solid investment of all? Then too, there are those timeless sorts who come and go, always moving toward the True Promise Land. When you begin to give yourself away, as opposed to throwing yourself away, it gets noticed. It makes the web of existence tremble. Well, everything does but that is not the point. It gets noticed and a determination is made (I'm guessing here) and you are put through... or you are routed somewhere else; not my department.

This is the metaphorical Birth of the Light, and sometimes it is literal. I like to think that is a matter of every single day, though I know that is why we have the celebrations in the first place, so... Merry Christmas!!! And... every now and then... he shows up again and you get an actual... Merry Christmas!!! So it is at this time. I do not know when The Avatar will appear. What I know are the signs and the calendars... the Trends and the Patterns. This gives you cyclicity, and pretty much everything else as well. It's all cycles within cycles, like people moving from one thing to another, to one person after another, to one new promissory note from The Future, after another, when you could have been building it all the time. When you were, in fact, building it all the time.

Another reason that I am encouraged to believe that The Advent of The Avatar is upon us is the incredible visceral reaction I am experiencing within. This tells me something of great moment is approaching, but not what it is. That is why it is visceral because I know what it is. I could not define or explain it. I can gaze upon its beauty with endless wonder. This appeals to me.

This is a less merry Christmas than I have seen before. In the world outside, I mean... The World at large. The presidency is in the hands of an incompetent who is talking about widespread death among the unvaccinated. What is thees... thees unvaccination? Is it like a dance? Yeah... it's called The Mr. Retardo is Bat-Shit, Moonwalk. You are supposed to do it on a beach somewhere so that when you fall down you don't hurt yourself. I guess a lot of people do fall down. I don't know if they hurt themselves. I have never tried it. So... we were talking about this less-than-merry Christmas, but I got sidetracked. That was supposed to be comic relief.

I wish you all, each and every reader, the very best of yourselves and each other in time to come. God will lead the faithful. He always has... and he always will. I suspect this is not all going to end well for everyone because there are at least a few that I know about whose only intention is harm. Given that this is already The Time of the Avatar, they will be handled. I do not know what to expect everywhere, but I am not everywhere, nor do I wish to be.

I feel an extreme confidence. I feel very well about my perspective or... I WOULD change it. I recommend you be true to yourself. You might hit some bumps in the road. I did. I thought I might not stop hitting bumps in the road. Then it evened out and you discover that where you are, and what you are, is not so bad after all. You can cover a lot of distance when you are suffering. You can come to the end of suffering very quickly, but most people seem disinclined to do so. That is by ceasing to want. Sure... you still eat when you eat. You still buy stuff, though not so much and then less and less. You sleep. You do many things... but there is only one thing that you are doing and that is Love... as you understand it to be. We are refined by experience... and so is our view... and our practice of Love and... Love's handling of us.

We are ALWAYS on the verge of new horizons. We simply have to see them in the mind's eye and The World acts accordingly... in response, as a reflection. What kind of dream are you weaving? That is the dream you are living. Change the patterns of The Dream. You can dream yourself into an ever greater wakefulness by letting go of The Dream. Let go of The World and The World will let go of you... sooner or later. It's like spinning your wheels until the mind stops, and what you are waiting for arrives. To this, I say... Happy Solstice! and Merry Christmas!

End Transmission.......

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Mr. Apocalypse is still ticking.
You'll know that it is The Moment when the ticking becomes a continuous sound=

Jussie Smollett Special Prosecutor Requests Permission to Release Grand Jury Evidence On Kim Foxx


Anonymous said...

A couple of Christmas choral songs for you Mr Visible and your enlightened readers, for all the work you do over the year keeping our spirits up.
My favorites in any case.

The Holly and the Ivy, https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=9lwqdyVJuYA
Good King Wenceslas, https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=wfKtrJ1GvOU

Merry solstice Christmas, December 21 2021.
Best wishes.

Love To Push Those Buttons said...

I refuse to even TRY to invest in a future that doesn't exist. I'm just trying to break even. Well, maybe a little more than that. Things do come up. As for 'next life'? Gods, shoot me before I get here if I ask for another round in this prison of illusion, inconvenience, lies, bladders, guts, going on the rag, limited discretionary time, acne, psycho bitch 'incubators' who shoulda been spayed at birth or sacrificed soon after, and bein' a dishwasher. Second day off, and it still hurts to move. Gods above and below, and I've got these holidays comin' up. Thank the FSM I only have to work 3.5 shifts most of the time, though Saturdays and holidays are long due to needed O/T.

I have found that if you work with the Universe, the Universe works with you; provided you're on the right side of history. As for going to the 'Darkside', sure; ifn ya wanna pay the price. A billion bucks for an outhouse?

Merry Christmas and Happy Solstice to you as well. We celebrated Yule yesterday, though we don't do Christmas proper, since we know its history (Re: Saturnalia and all that.), and have no idea of what day Yeshua/Emmanuel/Isha/Whatever first made his appearance here.

Nighty-night and nostrils up!

Visible said...

Merry Christmas LTPTB!!

And thank you anonymous for the Christmas cheer. This means a great deal to me when readers take the trouble to share such things!!!

Anonymous said...

Yeshua's Birth during the week-long Feast of Tabernacles in Sept/Oct would put his Conception in the christmas season with the festival of lights.


Anonymous said...

Went to the supermarket today for some veg.I was the only one not wearing a mask but many people with whom I made eye contact suddenly pulled theirs down,some just off the nose other off their mouths. There was much cheer apparent.The checkout girl beamed a big smile at me.
There's something going on, something really good. People are fed up and seem to be realizing it's all bullshit and they are getting braver. May this spirit continue.

Merry Christmas to you ,sir,and all who come here.


p.s.Vaccine pass? We don't got to show no stinkin'vaccine pass!

Visible said...

A new Smoking Mirrors is up now=

"We are Awash in the Bullshit Glossolalia of Unknown Tongues. No One Knows What They are Talking About."



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