Monday, March 28, 2022

"Put It Another Way, it is The Man Who SHOULD Walk the Dog. He Should not Permit the Dog to Walk Him."

 Dog Poet Transmitting.......

So... Biden has said that America is not going to confront Russia militarily; that he is leaving it to other nations to do so... something or other to that effect, so... it sounds like a False Flag is on the menu (“Looks like meat is back on the menu, boys!”). Leave it to the orcs to be pragmatic. The Ukrainians decided to blow some shit up in honor of Biden being only a FEW HUNDRED MILES from the action. It's like Kiev except they spell it with an L; the place where they blew something up... a communications tower? A Starbucks? A Ben and Jerry's Meh Martini Bar? God willing, there is no such event. We pray that those who do Evil will be frustrated in their efforts.

Selfless service does not mean you have no self. People get a lot of the fundamental AND enduring truths wrong. It is what hinders them in their apprehension of them. Get the basics right and everything else will be taken care of. Put it another way, you will know what is, AND... that it is not in your area of responsibility. Ergo... you stop getting in your own way. That which is moving through you is you ALSO. One part of you gets out of the way of the other. The man walks the dog. The dog does not walk the man. Put it another way, It is the man who SHOULD walk the dog. He should not permit the dog to walk him. Why? (grin) Because it is CERTAIN to get him in trouble. ♫Let me show you how to walk the dog♫

Does Dog Poet take on new meaning? (grin)

All of these systems of medicine, including the holistic and new age methodologies are going to be swept away by new understandings. Reiki is a simplistic application of something even more simple but quite a bit more refined. You should first take a GOOD LOOK at the person you have come to see for treatment. Do they look well? If not, I suggest you move on. Physiognomy is a little-studied area of science that will pay huge dividends to those who can see into it. EVERY living thing is telling you something by its appearance. Pay close attention. It can spare you great regret.

Vanity makes people stupid and it also makes them vulnerable in unfortunate ways. Look at Will Smith, whose vanity is legendary. As Chuang Tzu (I think it was) said a long time ago, “a son killing his father is not the result of a single argument that day.” Critical Mass is whatever gets Mr. Apocalypse out of his chair. In these times, I don't think he has spent much time sitting down.

Do you remember that we said, only recently... that conditions were going to get more and more out of control, and that people would have less control over themselves? When a person's ego has been long devoted to creating and maintaining a person's privileged status, like Will Smith, it begins to look for the perfect situation in which to expose itself. “I am the King of The World!!!” That is an iceberg mating call. Keep in mind that he has been called King Richard in his most recent film that I will never see.

As the barriers of restraint, and good behavior, are scorched away by the rampaging force of individual egos, the levees that keep out bad conduct are overrun (sorry about the metaphor pileup on aisle 6), and you are left with a large population of psychotic people living their own truth, acting out in the intelligence of The Beast. When you lose control of yourself... when you lose control of your own passions and desires... you are on The Road to Slavery. When superstition takes over in the human mind, it is not long before humanity can be convinced of anything.

After a time... most religions become reservoirs of superstition. They become vehicles for control, just like the government. When the two get into bed together, it's no wonder they can't figure out what goes where. Then comes the really wicked threesome (thropple?) when The Media and The Press join them (right... that would be a 4-some; a forpple?), then Hell and Damnation will follow

When you are no longer the master of yourself... ANYTHING can step in and take over. Materialism enrages people. Frustrated desire does this. When some few have and many others do not, crime becomes a way of life. The greater the excess of Materialism, the greater the environment for crime. The fewer they are... who have, compared to those who do not have... the greater is the fury of anger as it runs through the subterranean rivers of the COLLECTIVE subconscious. Hot spots develop on the surface. Volcanoes become active. Nature is a mirror for the unrest in Humanity.

Or... you could think of it as acne and attribute it all to Growing Pains because... it is most certainly that. What is it that makes new lands where there were none? What makes the mountains rise and fall? That is who I wanted to find and communicate with. If you persist it will happen. Don't worry about any of the rest of it. That will get sorted the way it always has. It's going to sort you too. Best to get ahead of the sorting. Hindsight should be one of the motivators of foresight, along with insight. Three is an important number when you are thinking about how things come into being.

We draw nearer and nearer to that trembling domino, as the Earth moves beneath the surface on which it sits. Someone has arranged these dominoes in a precise fashion. It might even be those upon whom the dominoes will fall (it is). Would that not be perfect justice? Is it not fitting that we should be hung on the scaffolds that we have built for others? Should the faulty bridges that we built previously... not collapse beneath our own weight? Everywhere... perfect Justice is being done, though few can see it. It outrages people to hear that everything is under control and that NOTHING happens by accident... but... so. We refuse to believe what we know to be true, that... which... we... do... not... know, because we have hidden it from ourselves.

Few want to admit to themselves that they are responsible for everything that happens to them. There is only one exception to this and that is when anyone takes upon themselves the suffering of others, to militate against the pervasive suffering of existence. The spirit of The Christ... Buddha... Krishna is still doing this. What about all the suffering children? What about those who caused that suffering? Should they not have to return and experience it? For some reason, they did not think it wrong when they got up to it or... there were compelling reasons not to notice it. Some are immune to considerations of human suffering. Look at Dr. Falsie. Look at the vaccine manufacturers. Look at yourself. That is where you will discover all you need to know.

People are welcome to rage against the light, or... the night; to argue, to vent their frustrations over the observable truth that existence does not favor their self-will run riot, BUT... that changes nothing. All your hopping up and down, trying to talk over others... all the red-faced impotence that defines those who refuse to understand... who refuse to listen, and refuse to hear... who refuse to see that it is something within themselves that brought it all to be... it comes to NOTHING. What did The Bard say about a tale told by an idiot, being filled with sound and fury and signifying NOTHING?

You can literally argue until you are blue in the face. You can hold your breath and accomplish the same thing. There are other things that can turn you blue, but none of them will turn you into Krishna. However... a magical, and in most cases... secret combination of a few basic elements can light you up so that it might seem you have swallowed Las Vegas; then you have to learn how to dim that light before the villagers kill you. (just speaking to the alchemists among you)

Yes... you can scream, jump, twist, and shout (♫a little bit louder now, a little bit louder now. A little bit softer now... a little bit softer now♫) about injustice, or... you can cause no harm and serve as you go. It is possible to heal The World this way... given enough time and Archimedes' lever (grin). It's better to heal yourself by finding the source of The Healing Waters, then you can heal The World one person at a time, as you travel hither and yon... or... stay in one place and The World will come to you... eventually. Lao Tzu said, “If you want to be hot, keep stirring about. Keep still if you want to be cool, all the world, one day, no doubt... your way will be the rule.

There is no Injustice

There is often the extreme nearsightedness

of selfish intent

for as long as I stand here

and you stand there

the appearance of difference

is the God divided

and worshiped from a bloody altar

that man has built to his own dark needs

everything moves

toward a unity

gone missing

time and time again

until pain has brought forth the blossom

of love's symmetry


there is no injustice anywhere

there are no innocent bystanders

there are no accidents

and being sorry doesn’t help


it's not your fault

it may not even be wrong

who knows...?

whose view is vast enough

that passing time does not soon compromise

their line of sight?

who sees well enough-

to leave well enough


beautiful bubbles break inside the ocean's foam

the water leaks into the sand

then swims away unseen

the wind stirs the leaves

the grass grows

the bees make honey

the fish laugh beneath the surface

and the horses gallop forever beneath and within the waves

that will never free them

it is only longing

and there is no injustice anywhere

clouds float by like dreams in a peaceful sleep

and the sky is blue

and the sun is brimming with life

and the moon is pregnant with form

the coyote howls

and the eagle screams

and longing and hunger will never end

Desire is the agent of God's will!

and there is no injustice anywhere

the light changes

and gridlock comes

and the car horns honk in Hell's unfinished symphony

where the smoke from hidden fires

rises from the manholes and grates

as Jesus blows on his hands in a broken stairwell

with Bethlehem two thousand years away

it's going to be a long night

but there is no injustice anywhere

the heat blisters the streets in these cities of wanting

the mad fire dance

the insane dervish in a suit

it fries the palate

all sense of taste is gone

it burns the bowels

and turns the earth an alkaline white

devoid of life

here in the pushing crowd

where loneliness is king

where no one makes love

but are only ashamed

and cannot speak

eyes do not meet

the money changes hands

but never the heart

nor the mind

a place

is what takes place

if you want something else

then go somewhere else

love will only be a problem for you here

It is incredible

and it is insane

it will get better

and it will get worse

it is supposed to be this way

a million years ahead

or a million years behind

twas ever thus

the city is the same

the drama does not change

the cataclysm comes

and the fiery rain

vaporizes the stage

so that it might all begin again

and there is no injustice anywhere.

End Transmission.......

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Unreal!!! It was already messed up beyond repair there. Now? Boy, I don't know=

HOW CAN YOU NOT BE ON RUSSIA'S SIDE IN THIS CONFLICT??? (actually what I mean is to not take sides, but... what if you are caught up in it? That is the province of your Dharma; just as it was with Arjuna)

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Okay!!! I promise! Just these last TWO=



Leesa said...

Boy 'o' Boy! The 'Gold Coast', Surfers Paradise...Queensland OZ...Mmmm.. Vishnu has decided to do a great cleaning of filth Autumn spruce up...As I write this, 12 inches of rain has fallen in the last 12 hours. Many million dollar mansions are gonna be mudflooded. I love that poem at the end of your post. You are right, poetic justice will be the order of the day. Dim our lights, a slow simmer...We have come to the kinetic climax part of the movie. Nature is shining, in all her glory, putting on a stupendous show of strength. Now it's time for The World to step up to the plate and 'Shine on, you crazy diamond' (Within of course, you don't want those village zombies coming for afternoon tea) grin!!
Luv Leesa, The Land of Flooding Rains
PS, can I suggest a song by John Williamson 'It's Raining on the Rock'.. It's such an uplifting song about Uluru's power, I sure do love this countries landscape, I know I am here to honour and protect this land and all God's living creations.

Love To Push Those Buttons said...

Nostrils up!

Anonymous said...

when you look around at how screwed up most people are, and how vicious and inhuman they have become, is the elite not correct to want to make a better world by wiping out 95% of people with the vaccine?

The kundalini in 2014 showed me a new age, new world, and it also told me that 90% of humans would not reach that new world because they refuse to evolve.

I could send you a bunch of screenshots i just today read, about lots of people dying from the vaccine, but whatever. We all know what's going on. At this point, I see nothing wrong with the idea of a Great Reset.

Anonymous said...

Damn, I'm old ...

Anonymous @12:17 #3,

I have to disagree with you, a whole lot.

What we need is a Restructuring or Reform, not a Reset. There is absolutely no call to bring either the population nor the infrastructure down to a near zero level and reconstruct from there. How much better would the end result likely end up to be compared to what the current system can be evolved into?

With current technology we should be able to bring the human footprint down to way less half the size and raise the quality of life for every individual, ensure a bottom rung for the unable or misanthropic, and the freedom to pursue prosperity for everyone.

What is needed is a goal and a plan, which has been apparently been provided. Many of us are seeing signs that just such a restructuring is occurring. Some are writing about it, like Mr. Visible. There is an eviction of a certain spiritual entity under way.

It is not your place, or anybody's, to set the worth of an individual's life, that is God's domain.

Mr. Nah

Visible said...

A new Smoking Mirrors is up now=

"What's Really Happening is That You are Headed to The Scrap-Heap Where All the Broken Toys Go to Die."



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