Wednesday, April 13, 2022

"Love Becomes the Most Profound and Powerful Form of Protection... Once You Understand How Mirrors Work."

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The Force of The Awakening persists, with unfortunate side effects for some. When you are disposed toward delusion... Awakening can drive you further toward what is not, to avoid contact with what is. As Materialism intensifies, it also spurs Humanity in two distinct directions; further into matter, to escape the impact of The Spirit, and... an intensification of sensory contact... or toward The Spirit to escape the confines of matter. No matter what freedom may imply to you, you are still anchored in your body. It is what makes you visible. Without it... you would not be.

So... how can you become free when it appears that you are trapped in your body? Before we go any further in the commentary, let me say that there are any number of approaches to The Truth. Few of them arrive there. The Truth is not something you find. It is something that is revealed to you. Guardians stand at The Gate. Not many people are aware of this because not many people are in search of The Truth. If you are... you will come into contact with The Guardians.

Usually, one is dissuaded by the appearance of distractions. The same way that a mother will give a child a toy or a pacifier (interesting word), The Guardians, who work for The Heavenly Order, will provide distractions to cause a change of focus. It is a misdirection. It is to see if you are ready. If you are, you will persist, and no distraction will serve. If the child will not stop crying out, The Mother will come. Make noise so that Heaven can hear you. Yes... you can make such a noise within the silence of yourself, and... Heaven will hear you.

Like one experiences climbing a mountain, the winds increase as you near the top. The distractions increase as you near The Truth. Distractions come in all sorts of shapes and sizes. Appetite and Desire are endless sources of distractions, and so is Fear. It all comes down to The Attractive and The Repulsive effect on The Mind, and The Emotions.

We are controlled by the twin polarities of what we are attracted to and what we are repulsed by. Before one can have ANY realistic expectation of experiencing The Truth, one has to silence the origins of what attracts and what repels. It's all representative of the basic applications of Magnetics. These two primaries are not the entirety of the magnetic spectrum, but... they are the ones to concern us as critical preliminaries for the search for Truth.

What am I talking about? Before you have ANY hope of higher understandings, you MUST master yourself. There is no way around it, and no wiggle room on the way, which only leads to the mind-folly of scheming to get around whatever it is that has appeared to block your way.

I've read the works of western and eastern intellectual philosophers. The hopeless complexity of many of their ramblings (in most cases) is another diversion that keeps you from The Truth that these clever word artisans have no relationship with. They present their perspectives with such a degree of complexity that very few understand what it is they are talking about, and it is certain that they never had any deep understanding either; not about The Truth, that is. Rarefied thinkers like Kant, Wittgenstein, and a laundry list of others will surely lead you to The Slough of Despond.

I was VERY FORTUNATE. Right in the middle of my efforts to try to understand what the Hell was the meaning of Life, I encountered LSD. On my very first trip... I remember standing in a room as everything I thought I knew drained out of me. I had fashioned myself into a real (grin) pseudo-intellectual... and was on the way to becoming just like these elite thinkers. In an instant, I realized the futility of these distracting intellects. Truth has nothing to do with any of that garbage and their verbal loopty-loops. It has to do with... Love in unity with Wisdom.

The sheer simplicity of it!!! Then, I saw where Love was not something static and always the same. The quality of Love ran on a dial, much like The Dial we mention here, and... I should add that there are many dials that work on one another like the gears in a watch. You see how we are suddenly moving toward complexity again? Yeah... it happens, when you don't stay in your lane. Thinking makes it happen. It is very difficult for a person to embrace the idea of Love being the penultimate. Why is that? Because Love makes you vulnerable, and that can be a startling distraction in a dangerous and uncertain world.

Love does not really make you vulnerable in all the ways that might worry you, BECAUSE... Love is the most profound and powerful form of protection you can possess, once you understand how mirrors work. Once you understand the magic of true reflections, nothing can harm you; not a microbe, insect, animal, or human, AND... this includes the invisible worlds that are the source of ALL dangers in the visible world. Nearly all of us have it BACKWARDS, and upside down.

Talk... talk... talk. I wish to provide a practical solution for anyone in search of The Truth. You can use it or not. It doesn't matter to me if you do or you don't. I am not a policeman or an enforcer. What I have to say is no different than what the souls I admire and follow have been saying since there were ears to hear it or eyes to read it. Let us use an analogy. Let us look at the spiritual quest as a camping trip. Surely you have a checklist of critical items you must have; a compass, a flashlight, a knife, a fire-starter, warm clothing, bug repellent, a tent, etc, AND... some idea of what you might encounter in the woods. These days, a cellphone seems to be indispensable. Given the climate of crime and fear, a firearm makes sense as well, for human animals and the regular kind.

In your mind, where the inward journey takes place, are characteristics and qualities that are the same as the items you are collecting for your outward journey. You have all of these and more within you, so... if you are going to search for The Truth, you need The Qualities of God. You WILL NOT get very far without them, so... a wiser mind might then realize it is advisable to get these Qualities of God BEFORE you go searching for The Truth, lest you find yourself emulating Don Quixote.

You must have a sufficient quantity of Love (like fresh water) because you WILL NOT be able to continue very long without it. One might say, “do nothing that you do not love.” BUT! No one loves adversity and trial, do they? Who enjoys sleeping in the rain with a root in your back? Given that... if you don't know where you are, you are lost... let me say if you don't know who you are, you are lost as well. We are nearly all lost in the bewildering forest where one cannot see the trees.

This is why one MUST come to terms with the two sides of their nature and begin to understand WHY... why are you attracted to this, and repulsed by that? It is because of your astrological arrangement. It is what your planetary within have to say about it. You MUST rise above your karmic programming. OTHERWISE, you will bounce from pillar to post, running toward one thing and away from another. All the while you are captivated in the bewitching Maya of Lady Nature, AND NONE OF IT IS REAL!!! Love is The Way, AND... the power to accomplish.

What I am saying here will apply to very few people. Some will not understand. Some will be made angry or annoyed. Some will be indifferent; “ah... it's not my thing.” Some few will get it and prosper accordingly. Be Prepared... BEFORE you walk out the door. Make sure you have The Qualities of God, among which are Faith... Certitude... and Determination. You MUST HAVE a sufficient level of Purity to proceed. You gain this by embracing and practicing The Virtues, and avoiding The Vices. Your being is AUTOMATICALLY cleansed if you do this. It takes time, and... it can hurt, which is really just a kind of separation anxiety.

There is no seminar where you will learn this. The people conducting the seminars REQUIRE that their system is adaptable to every age you pass through... so that they have you for life. The Truth that is not The Truth, has been repackaged and repurposed over, and over, and over again. If you ONLY get Love and are aware that there is A Dial, which can be turned toward an ever greater refinement of Love, you will need nothing else. Love alone is the universal elixir that heals all discomfort and discontent, BUT... not right away, except in very rare and extreme circumstances. It takes time, and... you do have forever.

The pursuit of comfort has made us lazy and self-indulgent. Materialism has made us soft. You are fortunate, if like me, you have been toughened on adversity. I thank Heaven for putting me through the wringer. I imagine I did not think so at the time. I do now. When I see the armies of the purposeless, marching into the desert, WITHOUT the items needed for their trip, it makes me shudder. Perhaps... I should run after them, screaming... “you are going the wrong way!” That would work... right? If you are looking to get beaten and trampled that is a good way to go about it. Your chances of success are good.

This again brings us to Unbearable Compassion. You see the problem? You could explain it to them, BUT... they do not want to hear it. What's a mother to do? If they are a bad mother, they will tie the child to them and twist their sexuality (making the mother the bent focus). A good mother prepares the child. A good mother knows you can aim and direct the arrow, BUT... once it has left the bow...

Get what you need BEFORE you go! Conquer yourself and there will be no mountains. That IS the mountain. That is the ONLY challenge. Anything you might run into is only evidence of a lack of preparation. Remember!!! God is REAL! God IS the better angel of your nature. Forget religion. Take the training wheels off your bike. Go DIRECTLY to the source, AND...? AND??? Let Love be your objective, AND... your guide.

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Anonymous said...

Hello les,
I just wondering if your still using the nicotine vape? If so may I make a suggestion? I think tobacco snuff is a better healthier way to ingest nicotine. It doesn't damage lungs has no additives and is instant in action.
Just a suggestion. I'm not convinced vapes are healthy at all
I really enjoy your work
Best wishes

Love To Push Those Buttons said...

Nostrils up.

Visible said...

I have noticed zero negative impact in the 5 years since I switched and I am now down to the lowest nicotine level. The positive effects have been outstanding. I appreciate your concern, however. My intake is down so that I could simply stop and not even notice, and that has been the case for a while. I don't know what is going on in the background but that is not my department (grin).

. said...

Great post Vis.

And perhaps I would add, a fundamental knowledge of cosmic law, that is the one constant in this world of change, to help one comprehend the true nature of the creation in which they find their self in.

What you have written here resonates very well indeed.

Bravo Bro

Luv Kazz

Duntoirab said...

I am coming up on 6 years since being diagnosed with COPD, 40 years of smoking can do that to ya! Switched to vape and symptoms have not worsened at all.
The blog this week has been inspiring me to reach page 40 of my slow slow 2nd read of the Impersonal Life pdf. Drip by drip it's sinking in.

Anonymous said...

Thank you dear Les for another profound post that deeply resonates with me.
Wishing you all the Best.
PS. It seems that nicotine use can offer specific protection to keep certain poisons away from the nicotinic receptors. A very interesting video mentioning this is here:

Visible said...

A new Smoking Mirrors is up now=

"The Ukrainian Transsexual Army of Global Degenerates Meets The Sword of God on the Playing Fields of Karma."



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