Friday, May 20, 2022

"Groups Come and Go. Their Influence Rises and Falls. They are Members of The Outer Order of Temporal Control."

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Now and again, you hear about The Rosicrucians being a Satanic organization. I can't think of a single, alleged Rosicrucian who was engaged in ANY criminal activity against Humanity. I seriously doubt that anyone can name a single Rosicrucian going about in these times.

Some might be familiar with Christian Rosenkreuz, the alleged founder of The Rosicrucian Order, who was around at the end of the 14th and beginning of the 15th century. No one has anything but the most superficial information on him. There are even odds that he never existed as a person. It's that Hiram Abiff thing. Rudolf Steiner seems to have known about him, saying that he AND Jesus were the heads of The Invisible Rosicrucian Brotherhood.

There's no real proof that he even existed. It's another of those Shakespeare and Jesus Christ conundrums. This does not stop people from labeling him as an evil figure. The same people go after The Gnostic Order. From what I've seen they were another of those groups who understood The Serpent Power, which is the God-Force in Humanity. Mostly it is sleeping in us, and we are in a dream. When it is awakened is when all the things that did not make sense, start to make sense. Prior to that, you have people running around and accusing everyone else of being Satanists while behaving like the dictionary definition themselves.

The Rosicrucians and Gnostics were like the Abigensians and Knight's Templar. They got in the way of the real Satanic order of the lineage of Popes; ♫ The Pope (does not) got a brand new bag ♫ They are all considered heretics... most likely because they were on the right side of the doctrine. The French king and Pope of the time wanted the riches possessed by the Knight's Templar. Most of these organizations came around in that period between the 12th and 15th centuries. The Gnostics would be the exception to that. They were present around the same time as The Essenes.

I'm not getting into a history discourse here. I tend to agree with Henry Ford that “History is bunk.” I mention this because of the claims by anonymous Nodwells and bobbleheads that they are all evil. In my view... which has been in development for the whole of this life, and many lives before, it is The Catholic Church and most of the Protestant Churches that are the real Satanists, given that... “by their acts ye shall know them.” These cash register religions have zero to do with the mystery and splendor of God.

We KNOW where the fantasy of Jesus the Christ being a Jew came from. We have given ample study and research to the folding, spindling, and mutilating of the teachings of Jesus the Christ, by those who use the religion for crowd control and to maintain their exceptionalism. It is no wonder that most intelligent... AND objective people, want nothing to do with the traditional church. Here's the deal; there is the visible, and external church, AND... there is the invisible church. That is why there is a True and Invisible Rosicrucian Order, AND the external fraternity that is based in Kalifornia, as are most all of the rest of them.

I am in agreement with Frank Lloyd Wright, who said something like; “at one point, God picked up the Eastern Seaboard and he shook it. Then everything that was loose, rolled to Kalifornia.” He was talking about architecture, but... I am pretty sure that applies across the board.

There are deeper forces at work here, when we consider the established Christian Church; be it Catholic or any of the hundreds of reformed splinter churches, that cater to specific perspectives. As evil as we can see the cash register churches have been, they have served an important need in the culture and communities. They represented the generally agreed-upon yardstick for human behavior. Thou shalt not do this and that, agreed upon by the large majority of us. The only ones who don't agree are the ones engaging in these acts of offense against the rest of us.

Now... the established churches are crumbling. Their infrastructure is falling away. As we previously stated; agents of The Cosmos come into town, and they erect a stage. A drama is performed on that stage. Then the stage is torn down, packed up, and moved somewhere else. A new group of agents arrive and erect the new structure, for the purpose of the drama to be performed. Yes... that is what is happening; not just with the churches, but the governments, the moral codes, and... for all I know, everything else as well.

This is a REALLY big series of changes coming down on us. It's nothing new. It has been happening for millions and millions of years. It will continue to do so. ALWAYS... there are two sources of information. There is the pedestrian news of The World, filled with rumor and innuendo... which serves The Ruling Class. Then there is Ageless Wisdom and those who guard and disseminate it from the repositories of that information. There is one source of the letter of the law, upon which the common folk depend, and are herded and controlled by, and one source for the spirit of the law, for the disciples/initiates.

The Avatar has one teaching for The World at large, and one for the apostles. It even says that in The Bible. You might think the latter just thinks they are better than we are. In many ways they are better; more responsible, more aware, and more selfless-serving. However... they do keep it to themselves. SO... we have these secret societies, orders, and brotherhoods that may have been well-intended, to begin with, BUT... over time, everything degenerates. Well... not everything. However... when these secret societies, orders, and brotherhoods degenerate, the Guardians of The Mysteries leave these groups and take The Mysteries with them. AT NO TIME... do the evil among us get their hands on The Higher Teachings.

How can they understand and manage the powers of light when they are in darkness, and the light is toxic to them?

There is something in these higher teachings that shrinks away into invisibility at the mere approach of The Profane. It is too elusive for them, and they must be contented with mesmerizing the unfortunate and holding sway over their lives. There is not a single historical figure I know about who did not pass through one or more of the arcane schools of their time. You CANNOT tell the truth to people who are not ready for it. It makes them very angry, in a pearls before swine kind of a way. You learn to know, to will, to dare, AND... to be SILENT.

Those who are too profane to receive the mysteries are the ones running around and calling everyone else Satanic, mostly because they can't understand what they are talking about.

I've been accused of being a Mason numerous times, even though I have gone out of my way to state that I have NOT IN THIS LIFE been a member of any Masonic lodge, OR... ANY external order. I have said that I am a member, in spirit, of The True and Invisible Rosicrucian Order. All that is required for membership is the necessary resonance.

True Rosicrucians are anonymous and they have one specific power, and that is to heal. They have no uniforms or funny hats, no secret handshakes, and no membership dues, BUT... you may be sure they have paid their dues, and continue to. They have been known to say, "may the roses bloom on your cross" by way of salutation.

The thing is... many people are very angry now. Materialism makes people angry because of the have and have not factor, AND also because there is no satisfaction to be had, except by The Supreme Enjoyer. There is only so much room behind the velvet ropes. For being exclusive to have any cachet or meaning, there HAS TO BE many, many more people that are not exclusive. If you want to find your Satanists, that is where you will find them, behind the velvet ropes, BUT... not everyone. Initiates come and go and they please. The Satanist is noted for their sense of exceptionalism, and self-importance. A Satanist is one who has made a religion out of Materialism.

You can tell the nature of a person by their attractions and how they manage them. Satanism is about self-interest. I doubt any of them would argue about that. The other side of the coin is selfless service. This is how people reveal themselves... by what they do, and what they pursue. You will often find them PRETENDING to be of service to others, BUT... there is ALWAYS a personal benefit to be had. It's like celebrities who give away pittances after having first announced it to the public.

If you have never been a member of any of these organizations, you cannot know what goes on there. You will find good people and deluded people in all EXTERNAL organizations. In times of raging material appetites, the trend is toward corruption and depravity. You can CLEARLY see this in The World of the Moment.

Those who are members of any Old Boys Club, find a way to work collectively to serve their personal interests. These groups come and go. Their influence rises and then falls. They are members of The Outer Order of Temporal Control. Whereas... the invisible order... continues to practice Ageless Wisdom. They are shepherds of the flock. Yes... there are bad invisibles too. The Avatar is presently dealing with them.

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Anonymous said...

"As you think, so are you=" Nagas? (five will get you ten she walks, she talks, she crawls on her belly like a reptile, lol)

Gregory said...

Most meaningful post. My mechanic in LA was a Rosicrucian. He taught me that what was going wrong with your car was indicative of what was going wrong in your life. Brakes going out? Probably means you should try to stop what you are doing. Transmission problems? Probably having a hard time shifting to a higher, or lower, gear at work. Ran out of fuel? Probably means you forgot to fill the tank.

He was kind of no nonsense that way.

Maybe that's why I like hanging out here a little bit every day.

Nostrils up!

Guy Reid-Brown said...

Have you heard of a most interesting man, Les - a Peruvian genius adept at yogi, yet also a most English early-goon and favourite of 1960s and 70s childrens' TV - a man of moderate and sane political views and yet entirely refreshingly psychic and for the time outré, insights that manifested in the UK in the form of bestsellers with titles like 'The Door marked Summer'

All I am saying is his name was Michael Bentine and his account of the Rosicrusians was identical to yours, in the Summer book (I think - might have been another), and that shaped my worldview forever after that, for what it's worth-

Rosicrucians = Good- that is the gist 😁

Visible said...

This is the reason I like coming here too.

I never heard of that fellow, Guy. I'll give him a look.

From Kulak With Love said...

Projection is always used by the forces of evil to hide what they are doing.
I always considered the Rosicrucians the good guys and there were many visions on the conveyor belt regarding them.
Be not afraid is an order from the Supreme Command and proceeding ever more boldly is the way.
There is an "out there" theory that the Rosicrucians smuggled Jesus to France.
Once I made a fun meme using the cool Jesus template with the only live twice.

Visible said...

Interesting. Thank you! I'll look into the legend; always like that sort of thing.

Guy Reid-Brown said...

He's the one with the beard and glasses - looking like Frank Zappa zapped back to the 1950s.

However, the BBC wiped all the early Goon Show tapes with him on it and cancelled his top 10 rated TV show of the early 1960s 'It's a square world'.

An early example of cancel culture.

In his book 'Open your Mind' he said it was because he would not insert political propaganda aimed at one side only in the forthcoming election.

Bentine wrote that the BBC had been infiltrated by Oxbridge Communists in the 1950s.

Love To Push Those Buttons said...

I miss my favourite Rosicrucian. Hope you're havin' a good time, Charlie. Thanks for all. See ya at The Akashic Library when I get there.

Nostrils up on the post!

Love To Push Those Buttons said...

Re: #2

Hey Greg! Have you joined The Holey Order of the Septum? The nose is ALL. Be a good nose (perch), get a nose hair coat when ya die, be a bad nose (perch), get reincarnated with bald nostrils. That's it. At least ya don't have to spend a week readin' 'bout it.

Gregory said...


LOL, I suppose I have joined the Holey Odor of the Septum. I have always had a nose for trouble.

May the goddess of nose hairs bless you with all things fragrant and ambrosial.

Nostrils up!

Guy Reid-Brown said...

Just read that piece on 'The Strong Mens club'.

Very impressive.

Love To Push Those Buttons said...

Re: #10

I thank you from the furthest reaches of my nostrils. Welcome to The Order.

Guy Reid-Brown said...

Are you OK, Les?

Wishing you the very best.

brian boru said...

Something uplifting. It's remarkable that a child this young can achieve such a level of excellence.

Visible said...


Visible said...

A new Smoking Mirrors is up now=

"Believe Me. It is ALL Perfectly Choreographed. Like Synchronized Swimmers in a Whirlpool Spiral.



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