Friday, March 24, 2023

"Materialism is Coming Round The Mountain in a Flaming Chariot Being Drawn by Six Priapic Rainbow Demons."

Dog Poet Transmitting.......

Each morning I travel The World through The Internet. The breakdown in self-control and the spiraling nose-dove of morality is startling. The pandering of celebrities and the madness of crowds, juxtapose like moths round a candle flame. The thirst for fame is at an all-time high... and there is nothing some people won't do to get the attention of the cell-phone cameras now filming everywhere... all the time.

It seems that people are losing interest in mainstream entertainments and the studios are hemorrhaging money... the banks are failing... troglodytes are looting stores for... crap. Fighting in the streets is commonplace... while hundreds of thousands of migrants wash across the American borders in a tsunami wave of hunger. It's hunger of every kind... everywhere... for everything... all the time.

I spend somewhere between half an hour and an hour, making a routine 5-elements diagnosis of the culture. I take its pulse. I sit by its bedside... looking thru the window at The Graveyard of Empires. It stretches across vast expanses of time and distance. In the older portions, the headstones are worn away or gone altogether. No one now alive remembers what happened then. This is a big one about to encounter The Big One. It's... only... a... matter... of... time.

Strange fevers race through the bloodstream of Humanity. Forget about the flesh-eating zombie drugs and The Killer Vaccines. Forget about the bad diet at every level of mind... emotions... and body. Yes, any one of these will kill them, but these are not the critical problems. It is the strange fevers that are the problem and the cause of all the other pathologies of lingering death in search of a more permanent solution.

Something is pumping a wild-eyed derangement into the collective psyche. People are freaking out everywhere, on airplanes... on buses and subways... on boats and trains. They are losing it in their homes and in the streets... tearing products from shelves, while their eyes roll up into their heads. People are literally losing their minds. Everyone is on edge with a weird cocktail of Fear... and hunger... getting stronger and stronger by the day.

This is the real problem that is causing all of the other problems. What is happening? The... familiar... infrastructure... is... breaking... down. The family unit, the social unit; unity itself is imploding and the last stage of Materialism is coming round the mountain in a flaming chariot being drawn by six priapic rainbow demons.

What are the missing ingredients that are causing the body of existence to fall apart? It is The Flight of The Virtues; chastity, temperance, forgiveness, diligence, patience, kindness, and humility have all fled from the dreadful engines of Materialism.

It is Materialism that has brought the soul-sucking emptiness into the collective psyche. Everywhere... people are angry and resentful BECAUSE... there is no there... there. There is no succor... no palliative or balm that can heal the emptiness that spreads across the land.

Faith has left town and Faith is a kind of gestalt that is more than the sum of its parts. Faith is not a singularity. It is a compound of elements whose proximity to one another causes Faith to appear.

Materialism is a kind of Wild Bunch, outlaw biker gang, that rolls through the cities built on false hope from which no hope can come. The good things close down inside of people when Materialism comes to town... with all of its glittering profanities and garish costumes that drape the dreaming dead, BUT... mostly... it is the emptiness that does people in because that which comes for emptiness is despair. Emptiness is a magnet for Despair.

So, of course, the banks are failing and the markets come next because both of these are built on Common Faith, and when there is no more collective Faith, things... fall... apart. People fall apart. There is no sustenance in things. Things are junk-food for the heart. One is full for fifteen minutes and then the emptiness comes again... with an agonizing desire for the unidentifiable missing. Loneliness is the only companion for those with nothing inside.

The churches have become propaganda mills that have traded their integrity for a false inclusiveness. Do you now seek to celebrate the behaviors that are anathema to the very foundation upon which you are built? Good... luck... with... that.

Now... a terrible world war looms on the horizon. Fools who are drunk on their own arrogance now seek to destroy an army that is far more prepared than any they have faced in a very... long... time. These fools have already allowed the country to be hollowed out from within.

The Tik-Tok Man has stolen their children like the Pied Piper of Hamlin. Most everyone of fighting age is fat... slow... lazy and stupid... or too enraptured by profane fantasies of copping their comrade's joint. That will keep them warm in the foxholes... you bet.

By this time, I have probably served to make you feel worse than you did when you got here. Do not fear. Do not let the darkness enter your heart because NONE OF THIS is an accident.. These are the events that arrive in The Advent of The Avatar. Things must go sideways in... order... for... order... to be restored. This is just a phase in The Cosmic Drama. Materialism puts all thoughts of God to flight, AND... this is what you get in the absence of The Divine. Hell is no more than the absence of Love.

Without Love, there is no Unity. Love is the attractive force that holds things together. Materialism is what tears your humanity apart. Do you love the empty inanimate things or... the living, breathing people who surround you? Oh... wait... there's no one there, just things. Silas Marner counts his gold in the cold gray prison cell he built to protect it.

Who will suffer most in the coming storm? It is those who built a world of things to fill the emptiness that no thing can ever fill, here in the flaming emptiness where loneliness is king. The demons of appetite cavort upon the throne from which you evicted the one who made existence meaningful.

If you do not seek The Divine. If you have not made The Divine the centerpiece of your existence, he won't be there when you need him. The Divine is your higher self, who comes at regular intervals to sacrifice himself on The Altar of Your Disbelief.

He comes again... and again... and again, to demonstrate in the perfect sacrifice. He gives himself away. Endlessly, he gives himself away. He is the renewer that comes freshly forth in every spring. He demonstrates the cycle of life in the seasons, and now... as The Bard once said, now comes “the winter of our discontent.”

Why would you ever have discontent? Is something missing? Hmm... you know what? I see your problem. I would tell you what it is. Indeed... I do tell you what it is again... and again... and again, but you won't hear it.

You refuse to accept the eternal tenet of Ageless Wisdom; if you want to have it all, you have to give it all away. This is what God does, through The Sun. Observe how life... ALL LIFE responds to this. It is glaringly apparent and right before your eyes, but you refuse to see.

When your love is given to dead things, it will not be long before love AND life depart from you, and you are left with the slow and lingering suicide that you have committed upon yourself. All that flash and glitter. All that clueless and painful celebrity, prancing about in front of mesmerized cretins. It's a kind of death dance... isn't it?

Do you want enduring fame? Would you like to be truly celebrated and made Immortal? Serve life in a selfless anonymity. Let Nature herself call for your recognition! There is no other way to gain this. Those who labor to be remembered are forgotten.

This is why all life is suffering caused by ignorant desire. People have to experience it for themselves. They will not listen. Life after life they come here in search of the same unattainable thing, which they already are.

It is here where all their pleasures turn to pain... where everything they try to hold on to turns to dust... where everyone they pursue turns into a cactus embrace... where it is so easy to get into and so hard to escape. Where nothing works out over the long term because, you... are... going about it... the... wrong... way.

As Master Lao Tzu said; “why go outside for better seeing? It is better to abide at the core of your being. The way to do is to be.”

You are already a luminescent creation. You have only to wash the lies from your heart and the darkness from your mind.

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Patrick Willis just posted a new video on this recent Origami posting.

Some sad links are to be found at GAB=.


Anonymous said...

Many Thanks Les and again I am reminded darkness remains nothing more than the lack of Light with nothing more than wayward souls practicing the deceptive art of their failed predecessors appearing as something they're not and never will be.

Anonymous said...

He's right, you know.

Have a lovely weekend Everyone!


Love To Push Those Buttons said...

I'd say choosing to go through physical existence in itself is a sacrifice. After all, I see it as a form of self-imposed slavery. After all, when you come here, you are OBLIGATED to do certain things, many that you don't wanna do in the first place. And some things are just plain stupid, like a bunch of rings around your neck, stiletto shoes, and all the inane cultural programming that does nothing but waste time and resources.

I'm glad I don't have to live with anyone that lives for this realm. They can have it, but don't bother me about it.


0 said...

Great post. This bit:

"Faith has left town and Faith is a kind of gestalt that is more than the sum of its parts. Faith is not a singularity. It is a compound of elements whose proximity to one another causes Faith to appear."

Reminded me of the irish seeming nutter in braveheart who told him that he was pretty sure God has his own back but wasn't sure about william wallace. :)

I wonder what comes of awareness combined with stillness, do the actions that need to happen as a result of that awareness's stillness end up showing up in others already in Action?

Makes me recall trailanga and how he stayed in one place but seemed to affect things both local and remote to himself.

Curious times for sure. Seems like they really want a nuclear war. Will have to see if the Alien invasion production is a go to intervene and redirect national animosity towards some new perceived, if manufactured, threat.

As a side for LTPTB an iteration of form is had for experience to be garnered. If we didn't have more to learn we maybe wouldn't take an iteration of form. Tho perhaps the all seeds who he wants when he wants to produce the right context for its ends against that of the individual lesser wills seeded in forms all over the planet as their context. Dunno I guess, just speculate at the potential whys.

Cheers all, Stay Frosty!

Visible said...

Heh heh (sigh) heh heh heh. I don't know if it disturbs or pleases me that I got all of that. I suppose nuance is a thing... (grin)

0 said...

:) Did you ever see the film the green knight? Take care pal!

Citizen Elle said...

Glory be, what an exquisite depiction of the vibes of the day.
Oddly enough the thought to live vicariously through my plants came to mind earlier. My succulents imparticular, as they look quite pleased at the moment... the enduring jade and string of pearls bring such delight.

VO has LONG been one of my greatest palliatives.
Thank you for all of your linguistic elixirs.

Citizen Elle said...

p.s. really liked your message too, "O"!

it's a clown world after all said...

Reading about college endowment families wanting their ancestors' money back with interest after renaming and tainting of their good name!
One family donated $100,000 in gold originally.
Honk, honk!
Keep a cover on the couch in case any farting goes wrong.

Visible said...

A new Smoking Mirrors is up now=

"You May Not Believe in God, but God Believes in You. You Are Real in His World, Even if He is Not Real in Yours."

Guy Reid-Brown said...

Many thanks, Les, this will be my new motto -
'Let Nature herself call for your recognition!'



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