Wednesday, March 08, 2023

"Once You Find it... a Certain Perspective Appears Inside Your Head. It is Very Similar to Finding The Light Switch."

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I think the ordure is going to hit the enclosure fan and blow the whole house of cards down at any moment. With the January 6th videos... the Burisma and Hunter investigations... and what THEY know that hasn't come out yet... certain political forces now have the leverage to insist on a Republican administration in the next election, or else... they blow the whistle all up and down the boulevard.

I don't belong to either party but The Freak Show has to come back into a saner perspective.

I think pressure is being applied and deals are soon to be made. Everything about fair elections, public will, and vox populi is just a bunch of noise. We know the fixing goes on in the backroom sausage shop... and the downwind people... who are forced to eat the sausage, experience a drama that has no substance... except for creating excitement in the minds of people who don't know any better... and are humming, “♫ wishing and hoping ♫” in their minds.

Part of this is what happened to McCarthy in search of a majority for Speaker of The House... who had to make arrangements with the hold-out faction in order to get it. It's all deals and wheels within wheels; “you give me this and I'll give you that,” then two wolves book a private room with a sheep for a discussion about what to have for dinner.

Well... if you live where what you see is all you get, you probably never think that everything you believe to be real... comes out of arrangements made between power brokers about what is actual, and what is pretend. That's not true either. It's all make-believe in the heads of people chasing sugar plum fairies with a butterfly net. Even the people making the arrangements have no clue what they are in for.

It's the art of misdirection and the scenery shifters know this. It's what makes the same old same old a Las Vegas magic show... where the outcome is always in doubt, and the means are hidden from the eyes of the people stupid enough to pay to watch it.

Most people don't know how it works at all, so they are easy to deceive and provide a voting majority for the ones deceiving them; “Please Sir, can I have another!!!” It's a play with a never-ending sequence of acts. A chess match for people who only play checkers. Once they get to Act 5 or come up against a Nimzo-Indian Defense, they forget how it even started. Later on, they forget this part too.

You will only break your own heart trying to wake people up. This is why shepherds do not preach to The Sheep. They just guard and guide them. Whatever real awakening there will ever be is instigated by The Divine... when he feels like it, and that is usually right around the time when things get out of hand and He has to step in; like now.

Yes... individuals do wake up, once yearning and aspiration have led to the required amount of effort expended. No... one... gets... past... the... gates who has not left EVERYTHING behind. It's like The Monkey Mind trying to pull the mango from the vase. You have to leave the mango or you lose your life for a mango you don't even get. It happens ALL THE TIME. It is one of the tragic ironies of life.

One might ask why people try to wake others up. It's because... you never know when God might let it happen... even when there are rules that say it only happens when the required amount of effort has been expended. It is also because if that is what you do, then that is what you do... results be damned. Somehow it all mysteriously intersects to a point outside of time, in a place where the circumference is nowhere and the center is everywhere.

God hides people and things from himself so that he can discover them again and again. He is like a child lonely for playmates because hardly anyone wants to play with him... unless they are a child with invisible friends or mental problems; according to everyone else.

I was and am such a person... so I know this to be true by direct experience. I don't have mental problems. However, I happen to live in a mental institution, surrounded by mental patients with mental problems... emotional problems... sexual dysfunctions... caused by mental and emotional problems, and... well... it can't be said anyway so... I'll just move on like I never brought it up in the first place.

There is a certain something that you have to find out and you have to discover it by looking for it. It is a VERY elusive thing. You can never look directly at it. It only appears in the peripheral vision, and you have to learn to be absolutely certain it is there, even when you can't see it and there is no sign of its presence. Once you find it... a certain perspective turns on inside your head and it is very similar to finding the light switch.

Until you are able to do this... everything is indistinct... except the object of your desire, which does not actually look the way you think it does. It looks as it does as a result of Projection. It is the same principle that exists in relation to everything you fear... everything you hope for... everything you dream about and imagine.

Everyone is playing a game where the rules change depending on who is making the rules. It can almost make you think; it certainly does make many people think (without them ACTUALLY thinking)... that there are no rules.

Yes... there are most certainly rules... but they are not based on appearances... which is where the rules most people play by come from. These rules... the real rules... come from a place beyond sight and sound. They interact and connect from the sensory realm to the realm beyond the senses, and only a very few people can understand their implications.

One of the rules is The Rule of Correspondence, also called The Rule of Affinity. I sometimes call it The Rule of Applied Resonance or... you could call them Laws. It is possible to come so harmonically into accord with ANYTHING that you can eventually become that thing. It is what people do... without thinking about it... and while thinking about it... all the time.

People spend their entire lives in The Herd Mind... in The Hive Mind. This is a dream world that is encompassed by a ring of fire. Getting out of it requires superhuman effort, and even then, you need help.

I once considered myself one of the most cursed of people. I now consider myself one of the most blessed. All it took was for me to get my priorities right; “You got your mind right now, Luke?” I suppose I could wear a lab coat with a stethoscope around my neck like many people who have no clue as to what they are doing, but... I consider that pretentious. It's even worse when they charge money for it.

Right away I can tell if people do not know what they are talking about when I see they are charging money for it OR... when they are insisting it is so. When it is everything and nothing at the same time, the look of it changes all the time. That is why, “I don't know,” is the pinnacle of wisdom.

It is very hard to move through this world and not charge for things. I went through it. How are you supposed to feed... and house... and clothe yourself if you don't get paid? Heh heh... well... this is something you find out... something you discover... by doing. That's where the sweet honey in the rock comes from... the loaves and fishes... the water in the desert, AND... I might add, this world is a desert in which the eternally parched race against one another in pursuit of an oasis mirage.

There is a force within. It is unconsciously or consciously focused in one of two directions. One leads to death, and the other leads to eternal life. Well... if you don't make it, you'll assuredly be back for another round, and for as long as you don't get it straight in your mind, you will be back for another round.

You can play every role there is, and The Wardrobe of Return will suit you up for it. You can be the Lothario or the femme fatale. You can be doctor and patient at the same time. You can be the rock star or the biggest fan. You can be... anything and anyone. That is part of God's gift and a terrible reward. I don't want any... of... it. You are welcome to it all; rose... thorns... fire and ice; too smart for your own good and dumber than a rock... all you got to do is stand in line.

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Love To Push Those Buttons said...


Jrod said...

I thought I understood this, just for a moment but all of it.

I'm responding to this because I have to, reaching out and knowing that this is most likely the most meaningful thing I've read in a long time, as far back as I can remember.

Don't know if I'll ever get a response back, but it doesn't matter. Wishing I was in your state of mind.

Sukh said...

“No... one... gets... past... the... gates who has not left EVERYTHING behind.”
Now that pretty much says it all doesn’t it?!

It makes life ostensibly simple no? One but needs to focus and cut the threads to Sheba’s (Maya’s?) web one by one?

I was looking up Sheba’s name and came across her mother, Ungoilant, and this: “It is said that she met her end by eventually consuming her own massive body”.

I had heard this before and it was Monday: “Those dedicated to the performance of Evil upon others... often arrive at a form of compulsive autophagia. They just can't help themselves.” Wow, the Correspondence from then to now.

The first line above was so beautifully trenchant, I was compelled to comment today. I wanted to highlight it.

This place is wonderful. It’s better than anything when dead serious still makes you laugh i.e. “…then two wolves book a private room with a sheep for a discussion about what to have for dinner” and “you can be doctor and patient at the same time”. I could read these twenty times and crack up every time. I wish I had kept an archive over the years dammit.

Thanks for everything dear Vis. God bless you for blessing us.

robert said...

Gracias Visible!

Brother sun, brother moon, brotherhood be coming soon!

No... one... gets... past... the... gates who has not left EVERYTHING behind...Once you find it... a certain perspective turns on inside your head and it is very similar to finding the light switch.

Here lies a trap for the literal mind, trying too hard to do the right thing, thinking that the trying mind will continue to exist after trying is done properly somehow!

Can you buy a divine mind by selling all your things?
Can you earn the attention of the One by paying attention to details out of your control?

How do we truly transition, not from natural perfection to manmade monstrosity but from flatland constrained conceptual prison to freedom from all formal thinking?

We stop trying to do what we think we understand we are doing and begin being more than we think....

Not doing harm is not that hard if we stop trying our patience for self murder!

Going with the flow does not mean following nervous system ebbs and flows, especially when the these have been entrained by planetary Haarpoon whaliong guns going off

How about going where the inner wind urges insistently it needs to go?

What happens to people if they see someone moving on the wing of a prayer?
Are they proselytized or paralyzed?
Or are they propelled for a moment on the breeze with Louise?

To transcend the monkey mind does not entail a simple reverse resistance
Those possessed by the anti-life polarity play that reverse creativity rebound game, in mindless ritual repetition for pet-downs from the zookeeper!

Pull the goal out of sight of the carnal mind and watch the reactive mind fall into the heat risers coming from the Mother's body emanations and slowly float over fear

Watch a baby surf on a mother's abundance and emulate that for long enough to make matters move

who cares that anyone might misunderstand?
They just might gain some comprehension from the lack of fumes being given off!

Visible said...

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