Wednesday, August 04, 2004

How I Knew The Apocalypse Was Close.

Oh, there were many signs; the usual material excesses, the fragmenting of long time unities in religion, lifestyles and commonalities of thought, changing neighborhoods, the transformation of sexual congress into a theme park of outrageous diversities; the wanton celebration of all things trivial, the dumbing down of the populace. You learn to see the signs.

This isn't my first apocalype you know? I've been around for awhile. You usually see me standing on one foot with the other raised in dance. I get to dance as long as I can hold that demon under my foot. You'd be improved if you considered doing the same. But let's face it, somehow you got the idea it was better to let the demon do the dance and, well, there you are.

Yeah, I've been here a very long time. You don't see me much. I'm seldom invited to parties or most gatherings. Apparently I remind people of things they would rather not know. It's always mystified me, that feature in people. Why would you rather not know what you are headed directly for? Hey, "eat drink and be merry." sure....but...ah well.

All of what I have just said is true, in every aspect and in every application to every thing and every one mentioned. The interesting thing is that you'll read this and just move on. It would be a revelation if you were actually able to wait long enough for reflection to bring up an image. Ay yuh, times a wasting...and my cellphone is ringing. Just what did that stork say to the Pandava brother?

In any case I knew the apocalypse was close when I heard that Madonna was a kabbalistic initiate. It was further enhanced when I heard that Britany Spears and Mariah Carey were also new illuminati's of this oldest, deepest, most cryptic and difficult of sciences. When that which is deepest comes to touch that which is the least have the circle complete.

Now, it is as likely that Madonna would comprehend kabbalistic teachings as that Jessica Simpson would win the Nobel Prize in Physics. It is more likely that a cow would articulate upon the works of Wittgenstein at The Royal Academy than that Britany Spears would have any glimmer of the association between Teth and Lamed. It's not going to happen. Of course these faux-rabbi con artiste's from LA haven't a clue to what's what with the Kabbala.

They no doubt think Enochian Magic is a new scent from Loreal. That's not important. What's important is the face of this moment of time and what it says about you and your world.

I've made the connections between the transit from Dylan and The Beatles to the 'pimps and ho's' of contemporary Hip Hop. I've noted the intellectual comparisons between John F. Kennedy and gwb. I have watched us go from Walter Cronkite to Bill O'Reilly, LSD to designer Heroin. Oh, the comparisons you can draw are legion.

I don't mean to piss in your Kabbala Water but the degree of dilution is impressive...very. Your world is not just an insult to your creator, it's an insult to life itself.

What usually happens is that you get signs. For all the crying of "give me a sign", there are signs a plenty all along the way. You see things you didn't see before. After a time these things become commonplace and then you see new things you never saw before, they become commonplace and you begin to see things you couldn't have imagined earlier.

The interesting thing is not that this happens. the interesting thing is that you just go on as if they hadn't happened; aren't happening...but they are.

I'm dancing because that is what I do. I'd be dancing whether we were gathered round a campfire or whether the whole world were in flames.

So, whether it materializes into something out of Childhood's End, as a progression out of the mosh pits, or whether it heads for Terminatorland or the realms of fantasy, magic and myth- that's all one to me. But what is it to you? How do the things you value, travel? Just what is it you value, by the way?

I'm reminded of the journey of Odysseus. I'm trying to think if any of his engagements were of a pleasant nature. I'm thinking about Dodo Birds and Darwin Awards. I'm thinking about Madonna's backstage Kabbala advisors doing their Don Juan impersonations. I'm thinking about you. What are you doing for The Apocalypse? I'm dancing.




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