Monday, August 02, 2004

Pretzel Logic; what's the frequency george?

Well, I couldn't very well say "Kenneth" could I?

I have been noticing for awhile, right from the beginning actually, that all this terror alert business is bullshit. Maybe I'm smarter than the average bear, or maybe I'm just not sleeping; perhaps it is a desire to be contrary; whatever the case, I am correct.

The terror alert business shouldn't feel like the Lone Ranger because nearly everything in which this administration is engaged is bullshit. It's not just your ordinary, steaming in the morning sunlight's Claymore Mine kinda bullshit that blows up if you stir it with a stick, step in it or put a spoonful in your mouth. It's dangerous bullshit.

I want you to think of bushjunta and al qaeda as two arms on the same body. They seem far apart and their origins (intentions) unknown but they are parts of the same body. Imagine that you, the American public, reside in the space between these arms. Imagine the al qaeda arm raised over you with a clenched fist. It smashes down...just once. Afterward it hovers, fist closed, over you, moving, feinting. You can see and feel the shadow move but it doesn't drop again. It hasn't had to yet.

Think of the other arm as encircling around you and pulling you in, pulling you in closer toward the body that you cannot see.

Aldous Huxley was once describing History. he said something like, "Imagine a human face being repeatedly smashed by a hobnail boot for eternity, that's History."

What is the point of a government that appears everywhere on it's captive media and announces terror events that never occur? What is the purpose of announcing specific locations and varieties of detail? Does this stop the terrorists? If you were a terrorist (with a brain) wouldn't you arrange for the discovery of a laptop, a person- even a cell of individuals engaged in an event that is not intended to occur, while you planned an entirely different series of events?

"Uh people, the terrorists are planning to attack at any time, please go on about your business."

What is the point of telling people anything? There's no al qaeda except the al alqaeda that the bush administration needs to herd the public into the stock pens. CUI BONO! CUI BONO! who have the terrorists helped the most? Who benefits each day from the terrorists? Whose policies of governance are all predicated on the anticipated actions of terrorists? Who has LIED over and over about terrorists and used the idea of terrorists to further the erosion of the fundamentals upon which America was founded?

Are there terrorists? Sure. Are some of them Freedom Fighters? Sure. Are terrorists the danger they are made out to be? No. Can the problem of terrorism be addressed with a change in national policy? Yes? How many people died in WTC 9/11...around 3000? How many people die on the highway from accidents each year...around 50,000? How many die from the combined effects of alcohol and cigarettes? Even more...much more. Think about it here.
al qaeda is a feature of this administration as well as a bargaining chip for the interests of a collective of interests who rule your world.

It's for you safety. "Please remove that t-shirt." It's for your safety. "You may not get out of your seat." It's for your safety. "Please remove your clothes." It's for your safety. "You will not make negative remarks about the president or we will shut you down. We will take you off the radio. We will smear you. We will destroy you." It's for your safety. "You cannot write poetry that criticizes the president. We will expel you. We will fire you." It's for your safety.

Will terrorists hit again? Sure, probably. Do you think the Sudanese are glad they don't have to worry about terrorists? Are you better off than they are? In how many parts of the world is the presence of constant threat, fear and ongoing suffering present?

When will the terrorists hit again? They will hit at a time that maximizes the benefits for the corporation running the former United States of America. Bet it. Mohammed Atta's passport tumbles slowly down from the blazing inferno and lands unharmed at the feet of a policeman.

Everything is perfectly clear..."remain calm." Please move quietly to the exits..."remain calm."......."the commission has found yadda, yadda, bwak!!! bwak!!!" "said that dick cheney would be replaced on the ticket by tom ridge" "bwak!!! bawk!!!""Berger had mentioned repeatedly that he had made every effort to warn the incoming administration of an iminent terror attack but that they refused to see him."

............the president nodded his head and continued reading, "And the goat boy came out of the flames, and mounted The Beast who had a mortal wound but was healed by The Dragon. The pregnant woman cried out in pain as The Dragon waited at her feet to eat the issuing offspring while a voice in the air kept crying 'allie, allie in come free.'




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