Thursday, August 19, 2004

Ladies and Gentlemen and Children of All Ages.

Welcome to the greatest show on Earth. You're going to see trained animals do marvelous tricks. Magicians will astonish you with their ability to make things disappear. Contortionists will twist themselves into unbelievable shapes. Trapeze artists will make your breath catch as they defy death. Jugglers, clowns; did I say clowns? Boy will there be clowns. There will be food and games, laughter and suspense because The Circus is coming to New York.

But not just ANY circus. It's THE circus. It's a circus, it's a carnival and a sideshow like you've never seen, front and center, back and forth, in and out. The Republican Convention will be, "In The House!" And you won't have to worry about any 900 pound gorillas because we've got five and six ton elephants. We're welcoming all new arrivals to the shores of the shining city on the Hudson. People of any background, race, creed or color. You'll get a chance to see them too, walking right behind the elephants.

Seriously though, perhaps even grimly, let me share my thoughts of the last several weeks. First off 83% of New Yorkers do not want the convention in their city. The GOP has successfully avoided the city for 150 years. But the boys in the back want to bring the Sky Pilot in heroic return to the scene of his greatest oversight.

They want Mr. Mission Accomplished to walk out on stage like a Saturday Morning Serial, steely-eyed matinee screen idol, bobbing and weaving, weaving mostly, exuding heavyweight Clintness. Mr Babuck-Buck-Buck, elbows flapping at the sides, is going to do the Dance of the Wooden Soldier. Mr Pinocchio in Chief is going to work on his nose extention techniques- center stage in the Whore of Babylon's living room (sorry, couldn't resist).

Edgar Bergen will be there too, the avuncular old softy, dick cheney will bring his professional marionette skills to the Great White Way.

But New York doesn't want them.

And apparently there is no convention bounce on the economic end for New York. Word has it prospects are dismal; if you can believe what you read in the papers. But wait, isn't this in keeping with the general economic boom presided over by this administration during their time?

And New York doesn't want them.

I submit that it is altogether posible that the convention may turn out to be something other than they intend. I've been playing with all the features in my mind. Of course I've mentioned New York's resistance. I've mentioned the bad economic news. But then there are the massive protests scheduled and then there is the demand; the unspoken but certain demand, the 9000 pound gorilla in the room, the real Phantom of the Opera...; the need to explain and justify all of the things that have gone wrong and they are many. They are, to reference a collection of entities from their own area of influence, Legion.

You might say, "wait a minute. They've gilded the lily just fine so far." This is different. This is Showtime. This is when you ride the crest of your popularity... or when you have to effectively defend your actions and manifest a bold and compelling vision for the future. I don't think they can do it.

In 2000, Gore had a gorilla on his back. Gore's gorilla was oral sex. bush was a fresh-faced (to most) unknown. You can take an unknown and you can fancy it up to look like anything because, after all, it hasn't happened yet, but it might. Now we are on the back end of his works, indeed we are looking into the back end of it; it's progression to this point... and it is not a pretty sight, not if you're thinking about lunch.

And Gore still won in 2000.

Here and elsewhere in the news, bushbotulated posters and corporate media put a good face on it. They do all kinds of things with the polls- but even Fox News has it going bad for bush. The reality of the coming vote and the appearance given are remarkably different. The hand of destiny is reaching for the toilet handle. I can see it coming out of a cloud in that cosmic lavatory where such moments of fate are decided.

This circus won't be under a tent and it is going to rain. Clown makeup is going to run. Animals are going to look wretched. Puppets will get leaden and fungoidal. Trapeze artists will lose their grip. Magicians will lack speed. I couldn't be more pleased. I don't think we are looking at a "hot time in the old town tonight." Then again, you can read that two ways.

Now I know they've got a whole lot of stuffed bin ladens in one of the circus trailers. I know they've got this plan and that plan, everything from some recovered memory boy in a long ago Boy Scout troop who says Kerry touched him, to a detailed plan for suspending the elections and imposing martial law. But things just keep unraveling.

Now they've caught a none-to-Swift Boat Bronze Medal winner in an outright lie about whether there was gunfire at the Rassman rescue. Even their worst and nastiest efforts (techniques that always paid off in the past) are turning against them. Sure, you are going to be stuck with cleaning up their horrific mess but-

...for the first time, I think there is a chance, despite every ugly act and lie, they may get the old heave ho. And would that be nice.

Mind, as I look at the entire blueprint from afar, I still am of half a mind (grin) that 'by hook or by crook' works. Because I think The Divine might just feel this culture needs its face rubbed into it. They just might need the worst lesson of all. But-

...for the first time, I believe the human race might shoot the rapids and bring home the gold. It would be a wonderful thing. As it stands bushligula and The Centurions have lost. It's in black and white with tint deepening every day. It's a given at this point. The only thing that stands in the way are the operations in waiting. You can get away with a lot of shit if you are in charge. History has shown this. I'm rooting for the good guys. I want the circus run out of town. I hope I'm right.

And New York doesn't want them.




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