Tuesday, August 03, 2004

How Much More Proof Do You Need?

The headline at Sludge Report says that the recent information seized in Pakistan is 'years old'. It predates 9/11. A 'senior law enforcement agent' says he doesn't know why the threat level went up. So...today you have the intensity of presence and paranoia throughout the city of New York for no good reason at all. Can there be any doubt what these people are playing at?

Do you still doubt that a powerful group of fascists control the United States? As I stated yesterday, the threat of al qaeda and the Orwellian show of bristling force are two arms on the same body. One arm is raised to smash the populace below, the other arm curls about the populace drawing it close.

The bin laden videos and the bin laden confessions have all been proven to be fabrications. The man in the White House came to power through election fraud. 911 was a Reichstag Fire. The Iraq war came about through a web of lies, now exposed.

You are being set up people.

If stupidity were a virtue then America has become a nation of bovine saints.Where is this bin laden anyway? There can be no question that efforts are under way to transform America into an armed camp. Through the maze of Patriot Acts and extreme regulations, virtual concertina wire is being woven about your hearts and minds and bodies. Sooner rather than later, real wire will come.

Dissent is muffled, critics of the junta are arrested and bussed away while people with bullhorns show up at opposition party gatherings. The red-faced zombies from the Palm Beach election center have replicated. The armies of the undead are everywhere. No, it's not a movie.

The majority of the country opposes the goose-stepping dead. Strange polls appear that reflect otherwise. Lassitude presses heavily upon the national mind. Torpor moves like dense fog over the airwaves and on to the streets. Remain calm....

As it is certain these rogues will be defeated by present tally, it is more certain that steps must be taken to countermand the democratic process; it's for your own good.... remain calm.

What next? Watch, just watch.

If your eyes could see them you would note huge bellied demons moving across the landscape. It is good that your ears cannot hear what they say, better still that your mind does not comprehend their intent. There is no escaping the uneasiness of the atmosphere though. That is palpable. bushco has called up the demons from The Pit.

Will you survive? Will help come? Is there a light in the darkness? Does the light, even now, still veiled, wait in the wings for that dramatic moment of arrival?

It is probably going to be hard enough not to spill your popcorn and pee your pants. Now is the time you have to ask yourself; did I live halfway well enough to have the courage I need?

Do I believe in anything?

Is what I believe in real?

Did I live close enough to the light that it will illuminate rather than consume me?

Good questions.

You are about to find out.




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