Friday, August 06, 2004

The Soddom and Gomorrah Juggernaut.

They say that in the days of Lemuria and Atlantis, technology had reached a very high point. There was, for instance, The Lemurian Sun Disk and a variety of other mechanisms. There still remain evidences of former constructions in South America and elsewhere, built so precisely, that we can't duplicate them today. Somebody was around before this recent viral outbreak of appetites. What happened remains a mystery for the mainstream but there is plenty of occult lore that tells the tale.

I noted in the news today that some airhead has reported that Ireland is, in fact, the Atlantis that Plato wrote about. Never mind that the existence of Atlantis predates Plato by thousands of years.

According to those reviewing the Akashic Records and/or privy to informations held sub rosa (I won't be dealing with Lemuria here- I only bring up Atlantis because it relates to my point), Atlantis had discovered the secrets of electro-magenetism along with other energy sources. It's said that the people of Atlantis did not develop spiritually and morally in concert with their discovery of these powerful forces and that their basic human limitations fully in evidence today destroyed them). Think of that Micky Mouse clip- The Sorcerer's Apprentice from Fantasia, for an example.

I have tried to spend as little time in contemporary American culture as possible. Malls make me uneasy and, there's not much else is there? You find restaurants and bars and shops and offices in most American towns and cities but they're the same thing as a mall, just less centralized. There are people now who plan their Summer vacation routes to take them to specific malls. Sometimes the mall is the objective. Thousands have moved just to live near certain malls.

The culture's about shopping and consuming. The driving forces of science seem to be about making the two of them easier. Medically it seems to be about removing the pains caused by excesses of consumption. The entire culture seems to be engaged in making trivial pursuits more easily available, more exotic and enclosed in more rapid delivery systems. I've thought that the icon of contemporary America is a pudgy teenage girl on a cellphone.

Should this culture be allowed to survive? I ask this in a cosmic sense. Las Vegas and Disneyland are the spiritual centers of America. Processed food is the diet. Pain pills, TV and alcohol are the controllers. Impossible dreams are the currency. What is the purpose of this? What is the point? Is the point to just keep doing it? Is the point to strive to find new ways to enhance it? If what you see is what you get then this is so.

Let's keep it simple. You move toward a denser confinement or you move toward a more open freedom. You proceed into matter via the constant exercise of appetites or you go the other way by focusing the mind on your higher nature. The physical landscape of the manifest world is the battleground wherein you are tested and make your choices. That seems evident on the face of it. This is only for those who believe there is an 'instructing', guiding consciousness. So, in what direction is this culture moving?

Do you feel uneasy, just a tad, when you see sometimes how close to biblical prophecies this world appears? Do you wonder about that stink in Las Vegas that they can't locate, can't fix? Do you recall the exhortations about how wide the highway is that leads to destruction and little teasers like 'generation of vipers' and 'where there is no vision the people perish?' Hmmmm.

I suspect (actually believe- quite frankly) that the stage has been washed clean on many an occasion before. I truly believe that invisible intelligences hi-jack humanity through their appetites. I think serial killers are stolen cars. I think your president is operated by alien intelligences and that most people, when they eat, aren't even the ones doing it and the same goes for sex. I think if you aren't grateful before every meal that you will come to a place where there is no food. I think humanity as a whole (by a large percent) are controlled by fear and appetite and milked for their stress and fear; which is the food for these negative entities. I believe quite a few things I won't put here due to space considerations.

Now, in the day to day, I would be considered mad. Am I mad? I'm not controlled by my appetites or by fear. I don't naturally bow my head before your symbols of control. I don't believe in the dreams of acquisition and personal power. I feel extremely good, light, free, seldom disturbed. If I am mad perhaps it is not such a bad thing.

Do you think there comes a time when an experiment in living goes bad? Can nations stand at the crossroads and choose whether to move toward a greater light and vitality or into a darker torpor? Is there a 'system restore' point?

If the point of life is self-discovery and union with ones higher angel (and I submit that it is) should you be allowed to descend into Hell of your own choosing or does your guide owe it to you to save your soul by destroying your ass?

Atlantis sank beneath the waves. Word has it that it's the fire next time. Have you never felt the heat that cities generate....the result of the frictions of passage and desire. Hunger is heat. How much wood can you feed a fire before it steps away from the table?

If we are only here to eat and drink and fuck more effectively well then, what the Hell? If not one might well start looking for the portals. I hear they show up just before the shit hits the fan. And whether this be an opening or merely a stong sense of being advised on traveling out of Dodge...

...I think, if I had to choose between my car collection and the driver, I think the car collection; the bank account, the jewels, whatever form it comes in- whatever it is you value in that critical moment of choice.... for me, it would be left behind. You can't take it with you and you damn well can't stay or....what? That choice will come... it's one of the certain tests for which this experiment came about.




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