Tuesday, August 10, 2004

Life is a Video Game...

or a 'crapshot' as certain street side philosophers have claimed. It's 'a bitch and then you die' and it's a numbers game too. It's a dream, a drag and a personal fantasy on it's way to a meeting with the screen behind the movie.

I believe it's an assembled stage, constantly erected and taken down for the purpose of lessons to be learned. These lessons are individual and group experienced. The passengers in a car and an airplane racing toward collision share a certain stage the same way nations do.

It's definitely a game though. It's a combination of Monopoly, Risk, Chicken and Chess with elements of Go. It seems to end the same way every time because when the tables are turned the same people appear to be sitting there. Maybe the people are different but the roles are the same. The person playing the role of Trump probably changes but the role of major league asshole doesn't vary and so it always appears to be Trump, or Murdoch, or Ailes, or Rees-Mogg, no matter who it is. The person playing the role can change, the role remains the same.

If there is a 'force', then it is possible that 'the force' may be 'with you'. It's quite possible that there are a variety of forces that may 'be with you', or against you. These forces theoretically meet up the way weather fronts do. One over powers the other or one assimilates the other and they both become something different. The single force that is the source of all nascent forces does not have an agenda that benefits anyone except as it relates to your being here in order to comprehend it. It's not concerned with your going to college, getting rich, or surviving as an individual. Especially when your existence as an individual is a limitation upon and an aberation of- the essence of the thing itself.

My take is that the origin and destination are the same, with only experience and comprehension added.

The actual rules of the game are not made public. The publically released rules only contain some of the information. Let's say you wanted to understand how America came to invade Iraq. The information released would be quite different from the actual reasons. Switching from the dollar to the Euro by particular oil trading countries would never be mentioned.

There would be a lot of public sputtering and grandstanding about saddam's and bin laden's and Islamic threats but these would have nothing to do with reality. However, what is real is known to the major players in all of the global locations. And this is where your rising oil prices come in.

Everybody in the world doesn't want to be controlled by the US or whomever would replace them. On the surface of the game board, or on the video screen, you would watch the pieces move...but the action would be going on somewhere else. And what you see happening would not explain the greater intention.

Events in Iraq might have a great deal more to do with situations in Russia than they do Iraq (this hypothetical is not designed to lead or point to anything real). Something done in Belgium may cause an explosion in Cairo. How do you know what's going on? You don't.
bush and his people are doing what people like that have always done. They want to control the world and they want to benefit a small group of people as much as is possible. This is obvious and clear to be seen. Is that a bad thing? It is if you are not in the target group. All governments are corrupt because they are all sausage makers. Most people are corrupt because they are always looking out for what might profit them personally. Is this wrong? It is if you are on the losing end of any of these efforts. It's wrong as far as you are concerned.

This is where you get crusaders and social reformers. These types can prove as bad as the people they seek to replace. Systems like Communism and Socialism seek to redress inequities in society. Unfortunately the same small group still sitting when the tables are turned are the usual beneficiaries.

So, what you've got is a video game and not paying attention can be fatal. You might work to increase your holdings or you might be devoted to the greater ambiance of all life. You might do both at different times. They say some people have all the luck. You can see that circumstance certainly seems to benefits some more.

To believe anything you are told by your government or your media is to believe a lie. Some lies are more beneficial to the whole than others. bush is definitely a monster and no good for the whole of life. Kerry is certainly less so but he will have to felate the same dungeon masters. He's been practicing though, so no problem there.

What's it all come down to? It's like sex with the Black Widow spider. You know you want to fuck her and you should know that she will eat you when you're done. Smart suitors wrap her legs with webbing prior to. This gives them getaway time. More importunate, less intelligent spiders may forget in the heat of passion.

We've all got our priorities. I know for a fact that mine are quite different than most. It doesn't make me right and you wrong. In this game we can all satisfy our needs as long as we pay the price. The real question would be; "Is it worth it?"

Do you like what you do? Do you like where you are? Do you know what you want? Will you change what doesn't suit you or what?

If you haven't learned how to play this game yet then you need to look at how it works and forget about things like 'fairness', 'honesty' and any virtue you expect to experience from Outside. These things may benefit you as a person on the long road but they are a currency best kept under your shirt. Always negotiate from a position of strength. This is best achieved by not wanting it. As long as you can walk away you can walk away a winner. One of my favorite quotes is, "Be ye wise as serpents and harmless as doves."

Have fun with the joystick...but watch your credits level and don't let your health run down.




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