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Life's on Base Percentages

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May your noses always be cold and wet.

I seem to be caught between two worlds and I am guessing that is the case with most of you. The two worlds are The World of the Last Gasp and The Morning of the World. The first world is a world of apprehension and pending loss of all the things never fully enjoyed or understood and the second world is a world of all things new and neither yet enjoyed or in a position to be understood. It's pretty much how I feel like I have experienced my life up to this point, with one foot in the world we all appear to be moving around in and one foot in a world unseen, or possibly one foot in the profane and one foot in the sacred, which I think is the situation for any poet whose poetry commences in one place and then appears in the other. There are any number of poetic types running around though I wouldn't consider most of them to be poets, according to my definition. I see poetry as a gift of the presence of a particular muse who chooses her residence according to certain mysterious criteria and who comes and goes according to the presence or departure of the same.

I harken back to the ancient Greek understandings of these things and the analogies, metaphors and myths of this tradition suit me just fine. When I was very young, I remember reading Edith Hamilton's, Mythology and Timeless Tales of Gods and Heroes. She was a very interesting woman with the perfect early environment and a first class education. Around this time, I was also reading Richard Halliburton’s, Book of Marvels. I guess I was about 12 years old. My reading was over a pretty wide range, including many biographies of noted early Americans and then a lot of escapist literature like Tom Swift and the books of Twain and Poe as well as most of the classical novelists of previous centuries. I had the complete collection of Classics Illustrated comics so I read a great many novels that way and don't feel like I missed much. It was sort of an early Cliff Notes introduction to great literature and it gave me primers for what I would later read in the full format.

My childhood was a pretty brutal affair so I escaped into books and sports. Upon reflection I have to say that being captive in such a terrible and relentless state of being, in a world of applied abuse, had its benefits and has paid off in time in many ways. I would have given most anything to trade my life for something more harmonious and human but I don't see it that way now. Once I had gotten away and on my own I met a lot of people who had wonderful parents and nearly all of them lacked spine, focus and endurance. There's a lot to consider concerning this and I'll leave it to the reader to see where their thoughts and speculations take them. None of these people have accomplished very much since, though there are one or two exceptions.

It's my considered opinion, based on experience and observation that those who have an easy time of it early in life have a hard time later on and the reverse also seems to be true. Of course, much of this rests on one's faith in the invisible and a proper relationship with and understanding of it. It's true that we can't comprehend it but it is possible to comprehend ourselves according to it. We hear a lot of things but real meaning is a personal affair and I sometimes think that one is most perfectly adjusted and related to everything based on ones full awareness that they don't know anything.

One of the biggest drawbacks to a more successful integration with life is to have some idea of your own level in respect of everything. Some number of us want to walk out of the world and live in some kind of Hermetic bubble and then again, don't even know what 'outside the world' actually means. I think it's fine to long for it and leave the details to the ineffable, as it guides us toward our particular destiny. Some of us want to succeed in the world and don't know what success is, so we make arrangements with our minds to bullshit ourselves into a workable rationale for what we do. This means rationalizing all kinds of things and possibly winding up like one of those new age fools who parrot whatever for expediency and profit and wind up with neither, insofar as real expediency and profit are to be understood.

People generally do not understand the perils and burdens of things like fame, wealth, personal power and all the things that seem so attractive and especially so in Kali Yuga which is designed to cause these states to be very difficult and not worth the effort because of where the effort leaves you in the context of the times. Some of us are meant to have more and some less and that doesn't mean you are necessarily being rewarded and valued more than others, because every state of being is attended by lessons having to do with being in that state. The best condition of possession and ownership is that of stewardship. It's there for awhile or longer but it never really belongs to you. It's there to see what you do with it.

As I have said over and over, life and the situations and circumstances caused in the existence of each and every one of us is only for the purpose of demonstration. No one wants to wind up an example of things done wrong and very few of us goes into anything with an awareness of this. We discover it on the backend, where we are also gifted with 20-20 hindsight. We are all competent Monday morning quarterbacks and experts after the fact. You can read these words and intuit that they are implicitly true but still not register the reality of it. We travel along knowing that this is so but continue to behave as if it were not. This is something we should think about and not on the backend when we could well wind up thinking of nothing else.

I do dumb things on a regular basis. The good news is that I do them with a lot less frequency. It's good to keep in mind that even our best intentions are useless if the ineffable makes us screw up for it's own purposes and this does happen. It's why the qualities of surrender, faith and compassion are so important. We get put through things for a very good reason and we are compelled to act wrongly on occasion for no other reason than to show us the meaning of our actions and to spare us a more critical and unfortunate demonstration further up the road.

People have a concept of God that is all about rigid right and wrong and inaccessible morality that we can't achieve or maintain. We seldom think of God the comedian; God the trickster, God the snare setter, God the uptown player or so many of the roles and dimensions of that which exists beyond our comprehension but we go right on putting limits on it and succeed in limiting what it can perform in our lives. We encounter misfortune and so label it when it isn't misfortune. We encounter good fortune and so label it when it isn't good fortune. This is why knowing that you don't know is so very important. We imagine that God is only looking at us some of the time because we are only thinking about God some of the time and God is looking at us and aware of us to a degree far beyond what we are able to be aware of all of the time. God is intimately present in our lives all of the time and realizing that is a key to some incredible possibilities. We are pretty much dumb shits all of the time but hardly see that even a little of the time.

The ordinary humans relationship with the divine is anthropomorphic. Basically what it is is you turn God into a big idiot. It is something to keep in mind that you are working with a mirroring situation and that should tell you a lot more than it usually tells people who hear it but don't get it, ignore it but can't avoid it and who nod their heads and don't digest it. It's also good to keep in mind what happens when you leave a mirror out in the open and after awhile it becomes covered with dust so that you can't see into it. Five hundred tons of dust lands on the Earth every day. It's something to think about but we just go on moving through time and circumstances and environments, without registering them and certainly not registering what exists behind the appearance of them.

My life just gets easier and easier and I find that difficult to accept while I'm looking at one shoe on the floor and wondering where the other one is (grin). Lately the synchronicity, coincidence and surprise factor have been off the charts. That implies I'm also not operating in any mapped out areas. Certain longstanding limitations and shortcomings attend me but since I now know they are in place for a reason, a good reason and there for the purpose of demonstration, I'm not overly discomfited. I can sense the resonance of atavistic paranoia and the general apprehension that comes with all of the too good to be true moments in life but... once again, it's all for a very good reason and I don't have to know what that is, like I would in any case.

One thing for sure, we have to keep our eye on the ball or we're not going to be successful in the game and it is a game. It's also a joke, given the eternal contradictions and it's a movie where not effectively playing your part, which is another way of keeping your eye on the ball, results in imperfect results and a possible strikeout as well. You have to get on base if you want to make it home. You could hit a home run and you wouldn't need collaboration or the assistance of team mates but often enough, we have to rely on each other to accomplish our ends and that's not such a bad thing for more reasons than I need to go into.

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God in Country by Les Visible


est said...

i wish you could join me
floating down this river

our back to the waves
our face to the sun

your right about
the muse though

she only
takes one

thelevelshift said...

Thank you Les.

The Level Shift – Get What You Got

Anonymous said...

by guiding hand of perfection
streams of evers will
concentrated on motions
in harmonys feilds
filling the center
where essence draws
vibrance atunes
love gathers and pours
through the commotions
in sensations of feathers
signing in unity
filling with presence
adorned in the finerys
sweetness uplifts
harmonious truth
loves ancient gifts


Anonymous said...

most people create god in the image of their own belief system.

in return, god attends those who can take a joke, particularly if they are the butt of it.

lose your sense of humor about life, circumstance, and yourself ... and it's game over.

the dude abides.

Anonymous said...

level shift,that is really really good..nice little guitar rift and some well grounded truths...

lord visibles it would be nice to hear your view on the muses one day,as I do not fully understand them,and I cant help thinking about john lash's dakinis and stuff,,,,would they be more or less the same thing....

I wish john lash would come over hear and bring out some of his astrotheology as this stuff is intriguing....

also bho's presence has all sorts of things flowing around,bho has deep teaching and understanding inside him
that is for sure,so have a lot of other people around here....

gratitude and massive huge respect to everyone...neil

Terrance said...

Hello Les...even though words can never fully convey reality....your words get traction with this dumbshit...really appreciate your sense of humor, did you ever do any stand up comedy? Thank you for the insights.

amarynth said...

Aah, thelevelshift - I´ve been looking for you and here you are with such a stirring heart wrenching piece of music!

Please will you give me an email from here


DaveS said...

Thanks Vis

Cliff High has another post up about a big chunk of space rock headed towards our part of the galaxy. Interesting to read and looking at the earthquake page, he might be right.


Visible said...

Yes, I used to do standup comedy.

Yes the dakinis would apply as would angels as they represent capacities and powers. I'm not the go to guy for specificity of employment by the ethereals though I am a friend of Lord Ganesh's I only know what it serves him to have me know.

Anonymous said...

Caught between the worlds of Last Gasp and The Morning of the World, I only see demon-strations in the demonstrations in this time of darkness.Will I find the light or the light find me? I call and seek, but I don't know. I do know I am one of the dumb shits.


Robin Redbreast said...

Thanks again Les

Wonderful to keep having shots of Les -
Hope you are able to keep providing us with them -
Adds to the day even more.
Beautiful sunny day here in da Wales -
Gratitude and giving

Erin Parsley said...

Dear Visible,
Every word your wrote today spoke to me, but especially this:
"It's good to keep in mind that even our best intentions are useless if the ineffable makes us screw up for it's own purposes and this does happen. It's why the qualities of surrender, faith and compassion are so important."

I've been wondering lately why one's sincere and worked-for intentions often don't seem to manifest in the way intended and worked towards. Despite my best and continued efforts around certain things, I feel thwarted. The new-age crowd tells you you can create anything you desire, and your reality is the product of your thoughts/intentions, so if I believe that as the totality of truth I can feel frustrated with myself for being an ineffectual creator.

What you are sharing makes much more sense really. Of course the Divine knows much more than I do about what's best for me (and for all others). I try as much as possible to be in tune with the ineffable so that my desires align with the highest good, but really, what do I know? I often feel like a newborn puppy with it's eyes closed struggling to open them and glimpse the world it senses outside it's limited perception.

And so the qualities of surrender, faith and compassion are just the ticket to ease the struggle and allow the eyes to be opened as far as possible (as far as necessary). When certain things don't 'work out' as hoped/desired/planned for, it could very likely be the very best gift ever from God (and as you said, the 'good' things I think are 'working out' aren't necessarily so either). And so I must continually return my focus on those possibilities. What a relief it is when I can allow this truth to actually sink in!

" many of the roles and dimensions of that which exists beyond our comprehension but we go right on putting limits on it and succeed in limiting what it can perform in our lives.'

I really, really do not want to put limits on the mystery and magic of existence (or its possibilities). And so I want to thank you today from the bottom of my heart for helping me along those lines.

With love,

Anonymous said...

cold misdirection
deviant strife
consulting in darkness
with genocides wife
murderous intention
that plays on fear
the swinemakers pig
who sheds crocodile tear
warmonger tyrant
collapsing in error
in conclusion of action
of pact with false terror
annihilated concluded
institutions split
the truth is unstoppable
the eagle flys swift


Alpha Silex said...

Fantastic messages, Vis and everyone. Thank you so very much. Peace, friends.

Anonymous said...

old mother spring tips
birds flying east
sunshine and light trails
woven in seeds
gleaming sensations
where heavens glow
a call of the instance
the mighty truth blow
electrified thunder
summer and lightning
grip of the wholesome
all earth uniting
heightened in color
whistling free
the tips of the flowers
humm of a bee


Anonymous said...

i needed to delete an "l" at the end of the link from to make the link work

Visible said...

If you want to see where Patrick got the music for the intro to the Petri Dish post of mine which he just did, this is it.

Taj lives in one of the most beautiful places on Earth on the Island of Kaui. He's a really sweet guy. This is for Bholanath who should have been included but will be.

Visible said...

Uh, shouldn't you be telling Jeff and not me? Or do you want me to write Jeff and make that understood to him. Somehow I always wind up doing all the work and getting paid like a Chinese coolie. Good thing I'm not in it for the money and since that is the case I'm also not going to work and fixing this cause I don't give a shit. I already did my part and do it every day.

One of these days everyone else will pitch in but I'm not holding my breath.

amarynth said...

Anonymous ... well, 1,2,3 ...

Anyway, Visible made a small typo on Smoking Mirrors comments when he pointed to the new blog here on Visible Origami.

The link he gave, was

Note the extra l. picked this up automagically.

Erik has since posted a new link on Smoking Mirrors. A small note of apology to Rense webmaster for the error, as well as a request to fix the link, is all that is needed and it has been done.

Apologies if anyone was so seriously personally inconvenienced because of a typo. Lightening up is recommended.

Anonymous said...

Les and everyone,
Les said,"One thing for sure, we have to keep our eye on the ball or we're not going to be successful in the game and it is a game".

I have had many knowings/visions that this IS all a game. These 'knowings' have made me very lonely, since I realized that "I" am the only one here and "I" am creating everything that I see/know and that is the game. That there really is no 'other' and 'I' am the only one is very frightening and, again lonely to me. There is no way out now. Even though I respond to Les' messages and to all of the posters, as if you are 'other', I know that you are not. You are 'me'. I am afraid. M.

Anonymous said...

has anyone read the kyballian

Anonymous said...

pierre said...

thanks LV for fulfilling my request for a link to that music, even though I hadn't requested it yet. it was excellent. (as was Particks animations, how does he do it all in that time frame?). If that's the soundtrack and feel for the NWO, bring it on.

as for the divine sparing the rod and spoiling the child, (and I know you are not saying it this way), it's too easy (as so many crappy excuses for doing bad are) to treat the kids mean to keep them keen. do you make it hard deliberately, make it less soft. its balance of course and simulations of hardship rather than the real deal, and the stories and lessons communicated, and leading by example. still, its a tricky one, and applies for the whole hidden cost of material progress and deviation from nature's inherent hardships and trials.

I'd like to think that the Devine looks favourably over my shoulder, and that whatever hardships I have endured (still waiting on the health diagnosis thing) were to keep me in check and test me, but like the Pink Floyd the Wall song, Mother did it have to be so high? (though that was a protectionist mother rather than a testing father).


dv: eysto. hey presto the Magician says to distract the eye as the deal goes down , or up.

darren said...

hey vis what it is, just seeing if TGEY will let me talk to youi

darren said...

the key is the kybalion

Visible said...

i have at least ten times and i know who the authors are. Do you?

DaveR said...

"Every thing pertaining to this world of time and sense, is constantly changing, and whatever it discloses to us is illusive. The laws and reasons of things must be found out elsewhere. We must search in the world which is beyond appearances, beyond sensation and its illusions.

There are in all minds certain qualities or principles which underlie our faculty of knowing. These principles are older than experience, for they govern it; and while they combine more or less with our observations, they are superior and universal, and they are apprehended by us as infinite and absolute. They are our memories of the life of the eternal world, and it is the province of the philosophic discipline to call them into activity as the ideals of goodness and truth and beauty, and thus awaken the soul to the cognizing of God". - Plato

Please visit my new site: I'm still building it, but a lot of my art is up. Enjoy.

Anonymous said...

via Lord Krishna..

na tv evaham jatu nasam
na tvam neme janadhipah
na caiva na bhavisyamah
sarve vayam atah param

Never was there a time when I did not exist, nor you, nor all these kings; nor in the future shall any of us cease to be.

bholanath said...

Or, alternately...
"One thing's for sure: ya never know what's gonna happen next."

much love to the global Love Posse gathering here daily

vis, will check the vid as soon as my download allowance re-ups, thanks

GodSend said...

I SEE! that the good lord ganesh has acquired new, fancy digs in the fabric of endless greenish-blue space to better accommodate his truther trunk - I suppose that's progress.

The words keep flowing in an endless progression of colorful variations but their meaning is as obtuse (intentionally, I suppose) and redundant as ever - but still entertaining, for the money. The money makers have occupied the temple but you gotta make a living, right? - and Jesus is not around to throw them out. I think that's Joel Osteen's line, though, who has re-invented the "Jesus Industry". Will he be crucified, like Norman Finkelstein, who now peddles things in Far Rockaway?

The more things change, the more they remain the same. (Dark) Shades of ObamaRahm-a, I suppose.

Well, it was just a short and impromptu visit. I be back before time runs out - if possible and not invisible. Somehow, I expected more - but got the same or les.

What did Einstein say about insanity? It's doing the same thing over and over again - but expecting a different result?

Good night, Irene!

Gregory F. Fegel said...

To Anon 12:30: If you really want to impress a woman on the first date, just tell her that you think she's a hologram and a figment of your imagination. Then tell her that just by thinking about it, you can make her do anything you want her to. ;=)

Visible said...

That is the strangest thing. I saw that and for some reason I thought it was supposed to be there because when I went back to my linking Notepad space it was there and I hadn't typed anything in. I just pasted the info in. There must have been a good reason for this. Thank you Amarynth, my bad, as the hipsters say.

Visible said...

Curious-er and Curiouser- earthquakes in Oklahoma and Godsend showing up. For those of you not familiar with this fellow he usually comes in speaking pleasantly and then after a couple of weeks he goes into meltdown and starts to shriek louder and louder until I have to temporarily ban him. This time he is starting from the backend.

Godsend is a religiously intolerant fellow who would probably be burning witches if he had the opportunity. He really doesn't like Ganesha, which is never a good idea. Ganesha doesn't mind if you leave him alone but if you call him out he lets his sense of humor get the best of him (grin).

Here's a line from an unrecorded song of mine- "If your god can walk on water and rise from the dead, my god can have an elephants head".

Anyway Godsend, good fortune to you and may be rendered into a position where you can enjoy instead of heaping coals of fire on your own head, as the Buddha noted concerning those who are resistant to receiving compassion and tolerance.

Anonymous said...

be honest lord visibles,I think godsend is having problems with idolatry,he seems to be stuck calling everybody an idolater when it is him that is worshipping false idols,if he wasnt he would have understanding and compassion,but these things seem to have evaded him,,,,

anyway dont let him get to you lord visibles,he's probably hurting and decided to come and take it out on you...

godsend get past this idolatry thing will you.....

respects to everybody... neil

Visible said...

I wasn't being honest? Meanwhile I thought that was the most decent response I have had in a long time to a negative comment. I'm trying to be a better person.

Anonymous said...

sorry lord visibles,what I meant was,to be honest,as in I was speaking honestly..
its my terrible writing skills again


Erik said...

Heh Vis,

Godsend is just describing the frontpage of

Hmmm, seems he too was looking for some "Spiritual Survival ..." (grins)

Visible said...

There is a new Smoking Mirrors-

The Greenback Jesus in the Reptile Cage.

Visible said...

I figured it was some kind of language thing.

GodSend said...

Right-wing 'Christian' fundies, like Bachmann, Palin and other adherents of the ZIOChristian faith, along with the "New Age" televangelists like Hagee and Osteen, who worship Mammon and Zionist Israel, are just part of the devilish DECEPTION in these End Times. They are surpassed in idolatry only by "orthodox" 'Christian' sects and cults - like the RCC. That's just to clear up the "fundie" deception.

On the other hand (2 out of 8) we have the good lord ganesh (and untold thousands of other figments of the creative human imagination), who is busily sucking up human souls with his built-in nasal vacuum cleaner and delivering them to....? Think of "War of the Worlds" and the alien vacuum cleaner ships, roaming the earth for human fodder to put in their on-board blenders and feed to their other-dimensional critters, currently holed up in the 150+ DUMBs all over the planet. When THEY finally emerge from those DUMBs, (as per "Revelation"), it will be a sure sign of imminent LIGHTS OUT for humanity.

Now that at least is something NEW that you probably haven't heard before! Check out Phil Schneider for more. Ever hear of POA?

Visible said...

You know what you need more than anything else Godsend? You need a little humility and understanding. You are an exponent of an intolerant and all too fallibly human god made in it's own image. You know too much with too little resource. Once again gratitude is key because I thank god I am not you. By the way, airhead, I don't worship Ganesha or promote him. He is friend of mine, a friend, not a deity in that respect and I only mentioned him in passing. If I do have a deity it is Krishna which sounds a lot like Christ word wise. You are a fool,. don't make a habit of it.

GodSend said...

Les, you sound like a sore loser. So you're into name-calling now, eh? That sounds a lot like Zionist Slimeball strategy. You see, calling me 'airhead' and 'fool' does not give you any credibility, whatsoever. Learn to stick to the issues. What's that about "ad hominem" attacks in your Comments Intro?

When you thank God, I suppose you mean you thank Krishna? Who IS this bloke Krishna, anyway, and who invented him? Did he say: "No one comes to the Father except through Me", perhaps? Is 'Krishna' just the Indian name for Jesus the Christ, then? Are they one and the same? But why follow (worship) Krishna instead of Buddha or Mohammed or Confucius - or any number of other blokes that someone dreamed up a long time ago?

Why not follow Jesus the Christ, Who actually lived and Who did and said some things that NOBODY has ever done or said, either before Him or after Him?! Now, if Jesus the Christ had not lived among men and had not done and said all the amazing and supernatural things which He did do and say, you might make a reasonable case for worshiping Krishna or any of those other pretenders to the Throne (of God). But that just AINT the case! :O

SEE! what I mean? Notice that I haven't called you airhead, fool or any other derogatory name? Notice that I'm challenging you with logic?

And what makes you think and say that I'm intolerant of you and others who choose to believe in the tooth fairy and fairy tales? I don't contest the right of anyone to think and believe whatever they want - no matter how illogical it is!

If you were me, Les, you would thank God every day for His Amazing Grace! :)

Visible said...

I only had to read the first sentence and I did not read the rest. You are convicted by your own words. Let the reader be the judge of what is real here. I'll go to Smoking Mirrors and inform people of this exchange. I know that your way of dealing with it is to see yourself as a martyr but who came in here slandering everything but their own misshapen belief system? That would be you, Mr. Intolerance.

GodSend said...

You MUST learn to PAY ATTENTION to everything that someone says - and then you may choose to discard it, rightly or wrongly. You are building a trap for me, into which you already fell! My 1st comment here was "right on the money" - but you didn't address the content, you maligned the messenger and obfuscated the issue.

Anonymous said...

godsend your a fundie,you need to sort it sound very much like you have never read any other culture or history from anywhere else other than in the fundie times.....

you should not be making war on your brothers and sisters in times like these,we are at a point where we need to focus our attention upon the people who are annihilating the world.....

repects neil

Visible said...

And you are full of shit. That's some kind of standoff but I'm not sure what to call it. Maybe this is Polish Monopoly but I don't know what the punchline is. Press me for it though and I can make it funny, except the very concept of Polish Monopoly already does the job.

GodSend said...

Well, Neil, I'm not exactly sure what your definition of "fundie" is. I suggest that you have a closer look at my websites (5) and that will give you a much better idea of who I am and what I think. I can't explain it all here. Humanity faces a common enemy. His name is Satan. Satan has MANY followers and worshipers. The main thing I do is to EXPOSE his deceptions. That pretty much sums it up.

Anonymous said...

godsend I have been to your site before,and I will come over again a bit later,I know you have worked out zionism and various other things in the world,but you seem to be ignorant of other cultures of which I hold dear to me because of their great teachings and the friendships i made with the people when I was their.what you would be asking me too do is to turn my back on the people which I could never do,because I see them as my brothers and sisters...

respects neil

nealk kneel. said...

Chunks of Rock, why would any name be anything but too full of Wonderful for the asking?

You can go there, it's just Beauty. Just touched, and trying to worship. A trillion different faces, and that Light shines on even the parts that still run.

The teachings of Nature used to be not so much hidden, just understood, deep down.

My godjesst, are there no more witnessess that see it, and shout about it?

That is not a choice, just Paying attention and falling, I might make some sense of this, but that would not save enough to change things. That's what being touched, only a whisper, or Love, of it. The thing is in some air, don't stay lost for any longer than is presently being nailed down, for the rest.

Ouch, tends to travail.

Anonymous said...

Hello GodSend, up to your usual tricks.
And what's this 'bloke' thing - you're not pretending to be an Aussie now, are you??


GodSend said...

Hi, Tony

I don't do "tricks" - but I AM doing what I have been doing for as long as I can remember, and I don't intend to quit until the bells toll for me.

Although I'm not an Aussie, I AM a Kiwi and that's close enough, I'd say. Anyway, blokes seems a proper description of Hindu deities. ;)

GodSend said...


I think you misunderstand me. I am a multi-cultural person and I enjoy other cultures. My circle of family and friends includes American, German, Mexican, Jewish, Kiwi, Aussie, Lithuanian, Italian and African-American cultures. My family and friends are not all fellow-believers in Jesus the Christ! Some are Jews, ecumenists, agnostics, muslims and even atheists. Some don't know what they are!

I was "called" by God (WAKE-UP Call) with a heavenly 2x4 a few years ago (followed by a lot of SEEKING) and then I began to SEE! the Light. I'm just trying to point others in the general direction of that Light - but God is the ONLY one who can actually make you SEE! :)

Thanks for visiting my website. There is a lot to SEE! Also check my blogs - they are addendums to my main website. People from all over the world have been coming to my website since 1996. They are still coming every day. I hope they SEE! :)

Anonymous said...


That Godsend guy is funny as hell. He's freakin' hilarious as long as you don't take a damn thing seriously that he says. He's comic relief. Equally funny laughing with him as at him. Enjoy the doofis. He has no choice in the matter anyway.
It's his trajectory.

Visible said...

ain't it the truth Mandocello? I just wish he didn't have to go through it. I actually give a shit and I know you do too. Thank you brother.

Anonymous said...


There are many paths to the top of the mountain.

Open Your Mind

with respect,

walking hawk

GodSend said...

walking hawk,

It's true that there are many paths that go up the mountain (of TRUTH), however, as you approach the top, there are fewer and fewer until at last there is only ONE which leads directly to God.

Go here:

Anonymous said...

pierre said ..
Godsend's icon looks like Dr Strangelove. hehe.

Lee said...

Greetings. Regarding this character who goes by "Godsend", I use to attend a church fellowship and this really weird creep, used to attend also. I've known him since the 60's and he was an asshole even then.

Anyway, Mr. Spirit, the name I gave him, was always disruptive of the services and did all he could to get attention. He also did a lot of finger pointing and fault finding to no end.

People like Mr.Spirit and Godsend are probably sent to test us and bring balance. At least that's what the former pastor said. By the way, he too wasn't all that clean either. He scammed me and my departed younger brother out of unpaid loans.

Regarding your point of not knowing what to do if we had fame and fortunes, I told a close friend of mine that if I were hit the California Lottery, I would still be just as miserable as I am now.

Yes, it's true. I hate my present situation and I'm so absorbed by it. I'm looking for peace while I endure. So, with that, Peace and Endurance to all.

P.S. Word verification= hipper


Anonymous said...

godsend, I will not go there.

mabey you dont realize there is the Great Spirit (God) in all of us but You have to look inside to find the One and allow Him to kick your devils ass.(EGO)

Nothing man has ever, or will ever make can even come close to what The One has done or will do.

Religion; made by man to control man! Break free before it's too late.

Live with The Spirit, He's all around us , now as we speak.

Open Your Mind and Heart.

walking hawk

Thanks Vis and All.

GodSend said...

"I am the Way, the Truth and the Life. NO ONE comes to the Father except through Me."

Everyone gets to choose their path and whom they will follow - sort of.

If you think you can get to the Father through anyone other than Jesus the Christ (meaning He was a liar), by all means choose your personal path.

Les Visible calls his followers here "my children". He is leading you down the proverbial and deceptive garden path (of Krishna), which leads to damnation (the eternal separation from God).

"There is NO other name by which we must be saved" - NONE! The Hashem is Yahweh-Yahushua (Jesus the Christ).


This concludes my visit.

Neko Kinoshita said...

Just a minor observation,

Some people, after being whacked with the divine 2X4 end up SEEing nothing but the stars whirling around their head.

Good stuff as always Visible,


Visible said...

Godsend, you already said you were going already. You're not going to suddenly hit a home run with that tired redundancy. I don't want to be mean, I'm just trying to inform you. You get nowhere trashing other people's beliefs and insisting that your own dogmatic stance is the only way. It isn't. You can say it over and over and over, it won't matter; "In my father's house are many mansions".

Teresa said...

When I was in my late 20s, I went to a First Nations event here in Toronto. I saw a shaman across the room who hailed from Ecuador. He was small, wiry, of indeterminate age, with long, straight, almost black hair (no grey), prominent features, and dark amber eyes.

My first impressions upon seeing him: friendly, patient, kind, STRONG!

He looked at me with his dark gold eyes. I could keep his gaze for maybe a second. This man was plugged into the cosmic energy loop, he radiated an energy that made him shine, and what he had to convey was too much for me to take in. His heart was open for all to see, if they had the courage to look. I saw his heart, but I didn't have the strength to dive in and touch.

Until the time I met this man, I thought I knew everything--I had read sci-fi, physics, philosophy, Hesse, Mann, Joyce, Dostoyevsky, Joseph Campbell, etc., etc., In one moment, this shaman showed me I knew sweet fuck all. Then, my real education began.


Anonymous said...

One morning in the early 80s I awoke and noticed it seemed like I was bundled up in a spider's web. Bound tight with some sort of silken webbing and so thusly I opened my eyes and my room was so brightly lighted I could not see.

I squeezed one eye open and the atmosphere was so heavy with this light... bright white yet golden light. I knew that this was divine light as it felt so good. Like total... love.

I had been working on my spiritual self heart and soul for a while but there was no way I could of thought up that experience.

I relaxed in my binding and went back to sleep.

When I woke up the next time-I could move and though a gloriously beautiful sunny morning that effect was never seen or experienced by me again.

Whatever it was had no name but I think it was the Creator's energy filling my sleep zone. It was that great.

"...even if we change, I will love you anyway..." (AiC)

the gardener

neal said...

Godsend, you see, we never stop talking about the One,maybe that's a point of concern, or worship, whether you think you are alone, or just waiting for it.

Bad weather, personal problems, points of view, it doesn't matter, really, only what you want, and what you get.

You are not touched like these, that's OK, but all that kicking and screaming just makes this drag out no more than is needed.

If you get touched deep enough, or not, some still wait, and watch. You will never be more alone when paying attention is the last thing and the first thing ever remembered.

Please do not mistake what this is for blasphemy, or the thing never forgiven. That is very close to the irony of this situation, never really sarcasm, just where it is. There is that promise, but like most things in the heavens and these earths, there are no words for it.

Visible said...

A new Petri Dish is up-

The Trivialization of the Wasted Mind.

CarissaC. said...

Wanted to throw in a quick comment about this:

"Once I had gotten away and on my own I met a lot of people who had wonderful parents and nearly all of them lacked spine, focus and endurance. [...] None of these people have accomplished very much since, though there are one or two exceptions"

I think many people's childhoods are either one extreme or another. Either very negative, or very happy-go-lucky. Neither one is good, actually. The former for obvious reasons, the latter for reasons I'll explain in a second. While it's true that a negative/abusive childhood toughens people up, it also many times creates adults who go on to lead unremarkable, poverty level lives, and who often times perpetuate the same abuse and negativity onto their own offspring. There's also the effects that aren't so obvious - people from abusive upbringings usually don't handle conflict and stress very well, to put it mildly. Whether it be the stress of every day life events or the stress of dealing with other people and their bullshit. The person from the high stress, abusive background is liable to fly off the handle a lot quicker and react much stronger to things that a well adjusted person may not even bat an eye at. I know, because I've been one of these people from a negative/abusive upbringing. And while I was totally nodding my head to everything you said and agreed, I also realize that what I went through crippled me in a lot of not so obvious ways. It's a mixed bag. So much so that I can't necessarily say I would trade my upbringing because I can actually see the benefits of it, and the way it strengthened me and prepared me for anything in a way that most people will never have. While other people fall apart at the seams the second life goes "boo!' to them, I just karate kick my way through the jungle, unfazed. :D And with whatever may be coming up for planet Earth in the future this could also provide secondary "benefits."

Hateful abuse and coddling kids like they're helpless marshamallows are both extreme ends of a spectrum, and parents should probably ideally find that middle ground. Abuse can create strength and resiliance, but it can also create maladjusted criminals who fall to the wayside and accomplish nothing in life. Coddling children like helpless babies can create happy, loving adults, but it can create spineless marshmallows who fall to the wayside and also accomplish nothing in life.

The middle ground, as always......



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