Monday, May 21, 2012

Rambling Around, Here and There

Dog Poet Transitioning.......

May your noses always be cold and wet, Siriusly.

Well, we're finally here, from what I can see; standing on the high mesa, or whatever precipice is metaphorically and literally, in some cases, looming up or down. I guess you would call these specific times of these specific days, an aggregation of hot button moments. I have returned from my idyl in the revelation bathhouse my... my..., while I was there, all of a sudden, I could see right into the lives of those present. It is Saturday and ALL that Saturday implies. It's a funny thing about opening your eyes. It's quick. It's slower arriving and then... you're in the brimmer and it is doing it's thing. People were TOTALLY naked and it was a real trip.

I must say that I saw fragilitee ( I make up words when I have to). Anyone have any idea how complicated it is to be on the border of serenity, while the hot tub burbles in its mineral insinuations into your corporate form? It's slundereous and I see the bodies behind the bodies; the appetites, inclinations and accommodations. Kali Yuga. I dislike the human race less. I am also less hopeful for them. They seem unmoved and unmovable.

I had been expecting something coming up for the last ten days of May and the first week of June. I was just looking at all the things on the world's schedule. Then I get an email from Bholanath that is a series of astrological insights, about some big thing going on with the Pleiades. My saucer pod was fueled for the weekend, so I thought I would go and take a look. The first one is a little superficial but then it looks interesting. You be the judge and the rest of you can be the jury. I may or may not be the prosecutor or defense counsel, it depends on my state of mind. I could be the bailiff but I don't have a pot belly.

Anyway, my running lights were fully lit on the saucer but I got pretty much nada. I did notice something very sinister, when I got into direct contact with the phenomena and thought, “oops, they don't mean us well” Then, it occurred to me in the process, that it might not be the Pleiadians, however there was something covering the Earth, like a giant web weaving spider. It didn't trouble me too much because apparently it can't touch me to the point of effectiveness, cue M.C. Hammer.

I want to thank the recent flurry of cards and letter, metaphorically speaking about the book, “Spiritual Survival in a Temporal World”. For some reason people are raving about it lately. This brings me to the very necessary need to mention Amarynth and also Erik. They made it what it is and Amarynth especially nailed it, with the design and graphics. I think some others helped and you may shout yourselves out if I missed anyone.

We'll go a little personal here with this blog. I never do this sort of thing so it should be a little interesting. We have a certain off the charts 'lady' (Stella Blue) who comes around here, that showed up while I was in that frantic zone (still continuing), where I can hardly answer my emails so I can (hopefully) be forgiven. She has a rather masculine mind (boy I hope that doesn't dump me in the shit), which I consider a tremendous asset and which is a reflection of what the Aquarian Age is supposed to bring Given the hoopla that has been running around, about my perceived anti-Gay posture I wasn't able to run the kind of 'feelers' I can do. I did think she was a she to begin with. I remember that but then... I don't know, something happened and then I thought, “Oh, this person is gay”. That, of course, would have been okay. Then I thought, “No, it's just a guy with an active feminine aspect”. I'm probably breaking all kinds of PC limiters here but that is something I generally look forward to. If the people who sometimes think I am anti-Gay knew anything about my 'behind the scenes' associations with gay people, they would laugh about that. Several of my gay friends still think it's funny. It's like imagining I don't like Jews. This also makes my Jewish friends laugh. Shortly my new website will be up (thank you Martin!) and you will be able to buy the album “Jews from Outer Space”. Maybe that will clear it up. My problem is with the psychopaths, hiding in the protective camouflage of their fellows and nothing more. Now the people who really are anti-Gay will hate me (grin) but that's okay. You either love me or hate me anyway. As my good friend, Peter 'Blum', once said, “ Wow Les (visible now, thank you), People either really, really like you or they really really don't like you”. When he pressed them on whether they had ever met me, most of them replied that they had not. When he asked them why they had that opinion, they said it had to do with the things I said. Truth is an orphan, no one wants to claim the chile and homeless too, most of the time, in the bargain.

Anyway, that anti-Gay thing stings somewhat, in terms of the disenfranchisement construct. Stickman doesn't come around anymore and I think that applies in other cases too. Even then, it was about semantics, which I never will get. It's like when you call a woman a girl. I don't mind if someone calls me a boy. I'm a classic case of arrested development anyway. We shouldn't be so prickly about small change. I'm not criticizing Stickman, whom I love. As in most case, it's probably my fault.. I am way too cavalier.

Stella Blue is one of a number of new people who have shown up here, like Clarity and others who have added a new anecdotal and entertaining feature to the comments section. I probably did meet Stella back in the day, since she knew an old friend of mine named Bruce Bartol. He was the guy I was with, when we smoked hash on that airplane and met those Argentinian stewardesses. All that's for another time (grin). There was a nice fellow from San Francisco who used to be a regular around here and came to visit me in Italy. Unfortunately, Lady K was visiting at the time and he didn't have the best experience and has left the nest. That happens here. People come and go and I wish them all the best.

After tomorrow's Smoking Mirrors, I'll be taking a break from the posting, for about a fortnight, so as to get the next novel out. I'll be sending out 5 free digital copies to the people who write me the most entertaining emails or comments about how I could be a better person; accent on entertaining.

Things on the home-front couldn't be better but the time comes when one must (if they are of the Eastern tradition) pack their few items and set off 'somewhere' to fully engage their end game. I have been told, very frequently lately, that someone would come for me, or give me a house. This is like when I knew I was going to Europe and a few months later, someone was sent to me and, boom! I was in Europe and have been. I'm a little excited about that and am getting my affairs in order. Since I’m not having an affair, that's pretty easy. I will probably still be posting so... no interruption there. The book does have to get done though so, bear with me. People who have read 'Spiritual Survival' and “The Darkening Splendor of an Unknown World” really should go to Amazon and post your thoughts. You owe me that. I would do it for you.

I am still trying to see Patrick's latest hi def of “The Big Bass Drum of War is Booming”. It appears to FINALLY be downloading now but is going to take awhile. You can see it here. GEMA won't let me see it. There must be some music in it that doesn't want to cross borders.

Ah, my friends, something big and loathsome is afoot and someone, magnificent and shiny, is striding into it with drawn sword. Darkness coils above Chicago, where dwells the Anti-Christ, Rahm Emmanuel. He's on the mayoral, stepping stone, in his putsch to become president. We're keeping a bad weather eye out for him. Iran is in the gunsight and the crosshairs are trembling.

I've not much else to say to you except for, 'stop, look and listen', because you are by the railroad tracks of the great train wreck. We're hopeful, you be hopeful too,

End Transmission.......

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biggee said...

Cavalier or just a dick? None the les- I find your writing a fascinating mess and always come back for more.

Visible said...

You look good holding up a mirror Biggee. It suits you. Maybe one of these days your own reflection will be able to appear there (grin). Much luck with that.

A.Mouser said...

Greetings Visible.

Monday May 21, 2012 (today) at 10.00 am Pacific, 1:00 pm Eastern and 7:00 pm Central European time you can ad lib your prayer for 'no war with Iran', 'global awakening to the truth' and 'world peace'.


ElvisSweet said...

The pundits of eastern philosophy say the soul is eternal and cannot be destroyed and takes on a new body after death. They say we have had millions of lives and every form from an amoeba to a demigod – Samsara I think it’s called. Anyway the point is, given we have had infinite lives at least half of that time we must have been the opposite sex. Sexual orientation and attraction is one thing but to see in another The Devine is something else, here we are unable to stop ourselves falling in love, be they straight, gay, lesbian etcetera; if the Son of God has a penchant for flowery frocks then that’s ok with me. Even if the suspicion that Jesus and the disciples were gay, that’s ok too. You can’t stereotype truth, spirit or divine revelation; here there are none, divine recognition in another is life to life to life, oneness and bliss. I quite like the idea that the manifestation of God comes in ways you least expect, that’s the joy of the spiritual journey, in everything – only God I saw!

“Walk the lengths of Egypt lived beneath the sea, Goddess of redemption living flame in me…”
“Sometimes there is a distance, I don’t know where you are then you show up in some woman and take me in your arms…”

Clarity said...

Reposting from PD:

Mouser, what a nice thing to say. I appreciate your sincerity, as well as whatever you felt that led you to think I was up to the task of coming up with a prayer. I'm trying to figure things out here, and I know there are formats and forms for some kinds of prayers, but I am not familiar with them. I just talk to god, my guides, and anyone other invisible friends who might be around in my own way. Maybe I'd make more progress if I knew the "right" way to pray, or maybe whatever you domes right, as long as your doing it regularly and with honesty and intention.

I see Visible did not come up with a prayer, but I know now that he was busy looking at naked people in the mineral baths. (Yes, Visible, that's a "grin".) Whether he didn't see your request, had too many other things on his plate, or any other number of possible reasons, I don't want to leave you hanging.

If there's a formula, I didn't follow it. If there's a right or wrong, it's probably all wrong. Anyone who wants to participate today can follow this, or do their own thing. I think it's the level of participation that's probably most important, anyway. For anyone who is interested:

Universal Love Prayer
from the Metta Sutta

May all beings be filled with joy and peace.
May all beings everywhere,
The strong and the weak,
The great and the small,
The mean and the powerful,
The short and the long,
the subtle and the gross:  
May all beings everywhere,
Seen and unseen,
Dwelling far off or nearby,
Being or waiting to become:
May all be filled with lasting joy.
Let no one deceive another,
Let no one anywhere despise another,
Let no one out of anger or resentment
Wish suffering on anyone at all.
Just as a mother with her own life
Protects her child, her only child, from harm,
So within yourself let grow
A boundless love for all creatures.
Let your love flow outward through the universe,
To its height, its depth, its broad extent,
A limitless love, without hatred or enmity.
Then as you stand or walk,
Sit or lie down,
As long as you are awake,
Strive for this with a one-pointed mind;
Your life will bring heaven to earth.
Namu Amida Buddha.

*Deliver your own personal message to the divine here. You might include preventing war with Iran, the Palestinians and others whose countries and lives have been torn apart, the future of our country, the focus on love over fear, and/or anything else that is important to you.*

Prayer of the Four Immeasurable Minds

Through the working of Great Compassion in their hearts,
May all beings have happiness and the causes of happiness,
May all be free from sorrow and the causes of sorrow;
May all never be separated from the sacred happiness which is sorrowless;
May all come to peace without too much attachment and too much aversion,
And live believing in the equality of all beings.
Namu Amida Butsu.


Anonymous said...

Thanks for your post, LV. I'll miss you over the next few weeks, but we all need a break.

I just read that Athenians were heavily "chemtrailed" on election day recently.

Info here:


shannogh said...

bar scene about being a dick!

MiaBellezza said...

Vis, perhaps Chiappalone is right and we cannot alter anything, but just be observers. Perhaps the only thing we can alter is our perception and our awakening. In the Matrix movie this awakening was the beginning of Neo's freedom from the matrix.

I said once "If there is such a thing as reincarnation, I'm not coming back here." Though I love Mother Earth dearly I just loathe the matrix. Does it show?

Vis, I'm still waiting for the "embarrassing pull down the pants incident". Not mine, of course; nor yours, pleeease.

You've done a wondrous job of bringing the spiritual nuts and bolts to the equation and I thank you. Once again the synchronistic links are firing all over the place. Rahm is quite a piece of work, isn't he. (wink)

On another note ... "Illinois Department of Agriculture secretly destroys beekeeper's bees and 15 years of research proving Monsanto's Roundup kills bees."

Sick, depraved and satanic bunch of arseholes. Who will stop these insane cretins? Anyone??? Look out for food shortages ... this is one of the things they are targeting for world depop.

“If the bee disappears from the surface of the earth, man would have no more than four years to live.”

Did I mention, when I was a kid I was running on the road and a bee flew in my mouth and stung my tongue. I couldn't talk for 2 days.

Stella Blue said...
This comment has been removed by the author.
Anonymous said...

Kudos, Visible...I made a post not long ago and told you that something would come your way, that would float your boat financially - sounds like it has arrived (or is in the process of coming together for you). You seem very chipper and that is excellent news. And - HEY! - you deserve what has arrived (and you need what has arrived) so ride that fat wave as far as it will go, Big Doggie - woof, woof.

Speaking of Doggies, has any of you checked out "Wagging the Moondoggie" by Dave McGowan? It's a hoot. Basically, it's a primer for people who still cling to the notion that the Apollo moon landings were "real". You can Google it, but here's a link -

McGowan also wrote the fabulous "Inside the LC" series of articles. You can find those at the root domain of the above site.

"Keep your nose in the wind and your eyes along the skyline..." - Will Geer, from the movie "Jeremiah Johnson"

Stella Blue said...
This comment has been removed by the author.
Visible said...

I don't feel like I wasted a post. I never do this particular kind of thing and all of it was necessary in my mind. I went far too long before publicly thanking Amarynth and Erik.

I needed to say something about Stickman and my not knowing something in particular about you was an honest mistake. People here don't realize how much I have to deal with in the course of a day or the amount of emails I get.

Things went awry with my email response mechanism, while I was away in Mexico and I just never caught up. Now I have 50 people I haven't answered. At least now I am answering whatever comes in immediately.

You should send that email again and anyone else who wrote me should also resend their emails.

Things have not been easy for me on certain levels for over 3 years now, ever since I had that monstrous kundalini uprising in Italy. I don't see it as connected to that. That is simply when it started going strange on me. I can feel it sort of breaking up but it's still intense.

I'll be very glad when whatever is supposed to happen for me happens and I can also get out of this non feng shui house. I don't know where I'm going, I just know I'm going; someone is going to get in touch with me and also my financial thing is going to get seriously straightened out. It's not so bad, I don't really have anything but I'm not in debt and I manage pretty well.

Enough about me, back to whatever it was I was doing.

Visible said...

Post the link for Patrick and I will change the one here. I still haven't seen the video but I'm working on it. Getting discovered is an inevitability. As I understand it, I'm going to get discovered probably more than I would like soon enough. I'm tied directly into things that are happening but can't talk about it really. Anyway, all of that is just a matter of time. My take on fame is that it is like having a hairnet of flies and mosquitoes. I'll endure; should have the chops for it at the time.

When you work for the divine, all of these things are taken care of. Anyone can be so employed, that's up to them. You just assume it and start doing it and the divine will show up when the time comes for it.

gurnygob said...

Don't know, but it looks like this time will pass like all the other times and dates that never quite made it into a 'defining moment' moment in the history of mankind. It's not as if there were no signs on the earth or in the heavens, there were plenty, just not the ones that make any different. It just goes to prove what Christ said 'no one but the Father knowing the hour in which these things will come upon us.' I guess, those of us waiting for the Kingdom (new birth) (re-birth) have misunderstood the meaning. Maybe the kingdom (new birth) (re- birth) (spiritual awakening) call it what you will, that we are longing for, is already here. I.e. (The kingdom of God is within you.) We are waiting for outward signs, the same signs that have come and gone a hundred times, a thousand times before, yet the real sign has been present all a long within the hearts of men, that is to say, those who are awakening to the kingdom within. Mr Apocalypse must be walking close by and tapping his stick and saying to me "wake up blunder head and smell the coffee," because I am getting some insights that have not come my way until now. Maybe it was something to do with the eclipse and the fact that my 52nd birthday was today. Don't be sending me birthday cards with loads of money. (grin) Whatever the case may be, it seems, for the time being at least, that things will go on as they have been and that the real apocalypse must start from within before we can be re-born, re-awakened, move on to the next stage. This is not to say that certain things, (wars and rumours of wars and so on) will not come to pass, I believe they will, but as you say, everything is for the purpose of demonstration. Maybe it's going to take an Armageddon to wake us all up, but I hope not.

May Christ find a place in all.


Anonymous said...

lately i have been in a bit of a flux (haha) as to next move or action etc.....

was 'told' during meditation..."wait for your invitation"

that felt right and took away any pressure i was putting on myself. so i pass that insight to you ... maybe i am supposed to. i don't know. but it feels right.

stella blue has become a tantalizing mystery to me...! my impressions from her syntax, tone and observations were 100% chick. fun chick. smart chick. but chick. not trying to be anything but what she is. which is plenty. but then again....i don't know.

liz in l.a. ( a chick)

neil said...

Am sorry I haven't been around lord visible,well I have but I have been battering myself over the past few days,, I may of actually found a place inside myself where I can make everything that can go wrong,go wrong,,it would be the exact opposite place where those spontaneous harmonious ecstatic accords whisper through us in a sort of fleeting moment that I suppose could last forever if we let it,,,,,,

Anyway am getting tired of beating myself up now,,,It's boring,,,,,,

Keep those arrows sharp lord visible

Big big respects

Stella Blue said...
This comment has been removed by the author.
gurnygob said...

Stella Blue said...

Yes Stella, I am Irish but my real nationality is not of this world. Thank you for your acknowledgement.


Anonymous said...

cue Sam Kennison, "I try, I really do...You wanna help these people..?


Move where the food is...."

For Tim Terrific @ How Dare I, Andy made me laugh, some got it...clearly others don't, Pro-Wrestling kinda opens the mind to the FIXED deal...of it all...TO ME that was Andy's SCHTICK...soap & TP !


Dig This SCOOP, this guy from California is in the Crackhouse, see -

well he got a double dose of Truth Today...9/11...WACO & OKC...

Buck exclaimed ..."Khalid Sheik Mohammed confessed to being the mastermind"...with a straight face with witnesses...only the Facts - Like physics & "Drills" & the 2.3 trillion ? ...Who has the responsibility to finger that one out ....? [Send him an e-mail}

wishing massmurderers happiness & joy is NOT my prayer..

I Seek Justice.

Truth is Beauty


MiaBellezza said...

gurnygob, Happy Birthday and so that makes you a Gemini, right on the cusp.... blowing you a kiss on the cheek!

Anonymous said...

I see Stella as a Unicorn, don't know why, probably means nothing to anyone but me.(I like Unicorns)

Wagging the Moon Doggie, is a good read I'll have to check and see if any new chapters have been added. Shame we lost that 60's technology.

GG, Happy Birthday, you've a couple of moons on this 1960 child.

Neil, you've a heart the size of Texas. Be kind to yourself, things always work out.

Ramble on,

MiaBellezza said...

My first memory as a child was sitting astride a gold Lion statue in Victoria Park. Life is odd, isn't it. Is it not instructive to look back to reassess what brought you to this point in time; to see the clues all along the journey? Who would've thunk it? Certainly not me. Amazing!

Vis, wishing you good luck with your new book. Be sure to finesse that Bio. (grin)

Richie (Dana) said...


Happy Birthday my brother.
I hope you had an excellent day and that your fam treated you properly.


MiaBellezza said...

ZenGardner wrote succinctly "As our collective consciousness grows more awake and aware it gains power and tremendous momentum. The x-factor is synchronicity."

Couldn't have said it better. As I was alluding to in my previous post, if you look back you'll realize through your journey the sign posts, the clues along the way that brought you here to the quintessential being of awake and aware. Could this not be the invisible hand of the divine?

MiaBellezza said...

Must watch: Santos Bonacci - Reclaiming Dominion

gretchen said...

I wonder how others were effected by the powerful solar eclipse Sunday?...for me it felt heavy on my thoughts, unable to write things I'm required to for a deadline this week,and physically exhausting. This was days leading up to it as well and seems to be lifting slowly today. I felt like I was being held down and forced to examine myself internally regardless of anything else I had to deal with. Powerful stuff...

DaveR said...

Hmph. [crosses arms]

Anonymous said...

Late evening here in the Northwoods finds me attempting to catch up on internet affairs. Rambling through Rense and caught that word, seemed familiar and BINGO. So a shout out to me cussin on accounta i haven't been posting for some weeks. Ol telepathy seems to be on tonight.

Homestead living is not really a "life-style", gay, strait, straight, bi, curious or indifferent. It's a consuming passion which reignited with an exceptionally early spring. Outdoorsman here. No, not your usual hunter-fisherman-wilderness explorer stereotype, but living close to the land.

With a 2.5 Honda of 22" breadth i mow about three acres. Mowing season began Friday. It consumed a couple hours today. Building a pond outta a sloughhole over the past 37 years ~with some time off for good behavior. Did some work there with my trusty #2 spade digging peat, some of which went to building up a little peninsula and the rest (the stuff without roots, etc) went into a pile for future horticultural projects.

Four major gardens. Waiting on a friend with a greenhouse for tomato and pepper plants. Most of the rest has gone in over the past 6 weeks or so. All spadework. No machines. Much composting. Also straw mulching.

Unloaded a few rocks picked up at a pit last week. They went to the south side of the pond which is gradually getting a rock facing down to the water.

Added some freshly mown grass to the compost pile and also removed a few buckets of compost for the #4 garden and for the strawberry patch. Did some digging there. Much winterkill of plants this year and also lost a good many due to an exceedingly dry spring. Weeds have been thriving, though.

Drove 27 miles yesterday to visit a metal sculptor friend who gave me a shout out to come by and see his woven steel and stone "Anthill" creation which will grace the grounds of the Minnesota State Arboretum. We share a lot of interests. Back in the not so busy winter i reacquainted him with this site. He may even have commented a couple of times.

Living way out in the backwoods like i do thee has been nothing much for a sexlife for some matter of while. Doesn't matter much as my libido seems pretty well attuned with the denouement of Kali Yuga anyway.

Conceptualizing, creating and maintaining elements of a little piece of paradise takes up most of my time during the Spring but eases somewhat in Summer and then picks up again during harvest season. If this experience in global materiality does not self-destruct in some fashion in the relatively near future the age to follow will be based on some whole nother sets of rules ~ beginning with a re-envisioning of how humanity should organize their lives centered on eternal verities such as truth and beauty in a harmonious balance perhaps long ago foreseen in ancient Chinese culture when the concept of the Celestial Kingdom sought out such a spirit-infused pathway for the national ethos.

Vis, i admire your fortitude and perspicacity in maintaining your sites as places where you can share your Jeremiads with those who care to seek them out and to on occasion, or even frequently add thoughts and observations of their own to this patchwork quilt of seeking and sharing the truth of a narrow and twisting pathway amidst the temptations and pitfalls of misguided materialism gone apeshit.

Wishing you all the best with your upcoming major project. So long as the plug does not get pulled on this whole hootenanny, we'll catch you on the rebound.

-stickman 1 Gemini, 34 Anno Eros

Anonymous said...

Jewish people today are the most Anti Semitic people on the planet, having initiated and sustained an assault on all Semitic peoples of the world via the media and military.

The majority of Jewish people have stolen the identity of the semitic people and used it as a weapon against those very same semitic people and those who would defend those very same semitic peoples.

The term "anti - semitic" can be used against Jewish people with complete ethical and intellectual justification.

Anonymous said...

Where are all these good jews,and why do they not speak up.They know the ones who are running the show.Ya know why because there as cunning as shitouse rats.Now call me an anti-semite.

Anonymous said...

According to The Jewish Encylopedia 80-90% of Jewish people today are Ashkenazi Jews. The origins of the Ashkenazi Jews are to be found among the Chazar's

"Charars: A people of Turkish origin whose life and history are interwoven with the very beginnings of the history of the Jews of Russia." - Jewish Encylopedia

Thus according to purely Jewish Sources we can see that 80-90% of Jews today are not Semitic at all. They are descendent from a Turkish Asiatic race that converted to Judaism in the 748 AD. Their nation was called Khazaria. It was spread out over what is now the Ukraine, Georgia and Kazakhstan.

The majority of Israel, like the rest of the world is Ashkenazi / Khazarian Jews. Thus, according to Jewish sources, Most Israel's and more Jews are NOT SEMITIC.

How can they use the label anti-Semitism against all their critics if they themselves are not semites?
How then can they use the term anti- Semitism to stop criticism of their ethnically cleansing a Semitic people such as the Palestinians?

How can they accuse the purely Semitc Palestinians and Arabs of being "Anti- Semitic" when they ( ashkenazi Jews ) are themselves NOT SEMITC?

Operation RingWorm: In 1951 100,000 Sephardic Mizrahi Moroccan (Semitic) Jewish children in Israel were bused into the desert and bombarded with 35000 times the maximum dose of radiation. 6000 of them died immediately and the rest died slowly over time from a host of diseases such as cancer, Alzheimers etc..

Even being Jewish is not enough to save people from the rabbid anti-semitism of Jews. "The Ashkenazi children were told to return to their seats. The dark children were put on the bus." - David Deri

The courageous American Jew Jack Bernstein's book "The Life of an American Jew in Racist Marxist Israel" outlines just how racist and anti-semitic Israel society is. Jack was assassinated by the Israeli Mossad for speaking out.

Anonymous said...

I find that more and more I am drawn to the comments rather than the actual blog, though I do still read it. I love most everything Vis has to say but the things he inspires in us "seekers" is far more curious. I don't have anything else to say except that this is my first time commenting but it won't be the last. TTFN Nate

P.S. How about a nice poem? There once was a guy from Nantucket, who swore up and down he, may be next time.

Ray B. said...

I just want to get this down before I forget it (credits to Liz):

Conventional folks have R.I.P. (Rest in Peace) inscribed on their tombstones.

Believers in reincarnation should have B.R.B. on their tombstones. "Be Right Back!" (Sorry; grin)

Best Wishes,
Ray B.

Steve said...

Good to here your feeling better Niel, look forward to your next love poem.

Happy Birthday Gurnygob,

And Stickman, it's a pleasure to here your humble musings again.

Hope the novel flows for you Vis, Im'm sure it will.

Be well all


Anonymous said...

"...the warnings about reactor 4′s threat to end human civilization are no exaggeration."

"Arnie Gundersen, Fairewinds Chief Nuclear Engineer: Unit 4 is weakened… the fuel is still hot enough where it can begin to burn… cesium and plutonium and all that…It would volatilize as the fuel burns, it creates a pyrophoric fire which is a fire that water cannot put out.

Likely resulting in an evacuation of Tokyo at the least, and potentially contamination of the entire northern hemisphere."

"Mitsuhei Murata, former ambassador to Switzerland, also told an Upper House hearing in March that another accident at the reactor building (no. 4) could cause the “final catastrophe of the world.” [...]"

"Former Japan Ambassador Warns Gov't Committee: "A global catastrophe like we have never before experienced"

(could be reason the "elites" are scrambling to takeover parts of Africa and South America)

via Rense, etc.

Visible said...

A new Smoking Mirrors is up-

They Live! ...with The Walking Dead inside your Head.

the gardener said...

Happy Birthday gurnybob!

nice to see you again stickman!

Stella Blue's always read 'chick' to is funny doing astro charts for so many at my whim and want-ALL of the women I adore are heavy in their planets being 'masculine' and the men ALWAYS are heavy with 'feminine' qualitied planets. (I make up words for my needs too)

I am getting to the age now where I can't really remember who did it in my own stories... "this is one of my favorite quotes... might be one of my own-don't remember' hahaha

I have NEVER looked at 'gold foil Christmas wrapping paper' the same after reading "Wagging the Moondoggie" by Dave McGowan... I RAN home to watch that moon landing when I was a kid... as soon as I saw it I was so disappointed because I KNEW IT WAS FAKED!

It would take me a good thirty years forward to have it pointed out to me what my eyes saw but didn't register then. IT WAS THE SHADOWS... and the other things-OBVIOUS things that Dave points out (very humorously too) but yeah... bring back that same technology of fifty years ago and let's get some stuff back out past the radiation belt. The tons of oxygen they would have needed strangely went over everyone's head back then too. hahahahahaha

weird fuckers. part one

the gardener said...

part 2...

The hanging suicide of JFK, JR's wife really hit home hard for me this weekend-she was feeling the change of energies too-too bad she and I couldn't have hooked up online prior to her dramatic lift off. I and at least a million others could have really counseled her back into her real self/life.

One of the BIGGEST most hideous ways the most diabolical in this country involve you in systems so perverted, so soul sickening is the so called FAMILY COURT SYSTEM.

DO WHATEVER YOU HAVE TO TO AVOID THAT EVENT. Bankrupt (another wild system), lose your property, your assets to the grinning jackals (they carry briefcases for all that handy dandy CASH), your kids and WHOEVER IS MOST PSYCHOPATHIC WINS! Lots in these systems for the psychopaths to resonate with.

The biggest healthiest protests any human can conduct is lack of participation in these sordid systems. ALL OF THEM.

Mary Kennedy should have WALKED AWAY... five years ago. the gardener should have walked away...five years ago. FIVE YEARS AGO many were going through things it would have been much kinder to have never known the existence of in hindsight.

Everyone told me, probably everyone told her... I didn't get it and obviously neither did she THESE SYSTEMS ARE SET UP TO DESTROY THE HONEST PEOPLE. DESTROY THEM. KILL THEM. RUIN THEM. "Truth", "Reality", "Documentation", "Laws"... LOL

it is all a giant colluded scam to separate you from everything you hold dear: your LIFE, your SOUL, your KIDS, your PROPERTY, your FREEDOM, all that most will, at least have the urge-sometimes fervent, sometimes obsessively TO FIGHT FOR.

It is mobs and gangs after the sovereigns...a miracle any sovereigns are left alive at all. My hats off to all survivors of this 'game'... time for everyone to show who and what they really are...Mary Kennedy sacrificed her meat bag in a barn. She has been set free. Can be too ugly to exist here sometimes.

Visible? It has been shown to me that many are now receiving their windfalls after laboring for their entire lives. Whatever is needed to send them on their way. Good luck to you, of course.

As long as we've got our health and or our wits about us we can endure these times of great change... there are great winds literally blowing now after an entire day of heavy chemtrailing here... from West to East, blotting out the Sun. The five pick up sticks of trails I saw being laid down before my very eyes were easy to disperse using my own chi and right hand salute. heh heh

the gardener

"hang on sloopy"

I will miss you Vis-that is a long time to be gone, but I know it is for your best... be creative!love ya!

That McCoys vid with the smoking sloopy dancing her fun out... Timster's pic of his self in full blown hippy naked glory set me off... funny-with as skanked out pseudo sexy as the performers today are it is really SICK for the young people to say 'hippy' like it is a bad thing. They just missed out and will never know what that was like... like a dream world now.

Ray B. said...

the gardener, Tuesday, May 22, 2012 5:22:00 PM

" is really SICK for the young people to say 'hippy' like it is a bad thing. They just missed out and will never know what that was like..."

Adding to that, Liz' grandchildren (I know...) have a slang transformation where what we used to call "cool" is now addressed by the word "sick". (Original: That sunset is beautiful! Us: That sunset is cool! Generation Y or Z: That sunset is sick!) Talk about inversion of a 'symbol'!

Best Wishes,
Ray B.

MiaBellezza said...

Here is precious File 7:

As I mentioned in a recent prior comment "we are a microcosm of the macrocosm" - As Above So Below

Seekers are really going to love this information. It's all explained perfectly.

I give gratitude and thanks to the divine Christ consciousness within me that which has assisted me in this journey.

And I thank you Vis and others here for the inspiration and synchronicity along the way. It's been a blast and I am very, very happy today!

A.Mouser said...

Ms. Gardener,

Thank you for your insightful and positive comments listed above.

Peace, Mouser

brokenbeat said...


Thanks for the link to Santos Bonacci's videos -- great wisdom collected and presented. There's lots to take in and they're somewhat disorganized, but I'm thankful to have the presentations available even if it's not polished and concise. He's got a great personality and delivers some controversial points (explaining religious references) without being offensive.


John V.

MiaBellezza said...

brokenbeat, here is another Santos Bonacci video that explains more about the planets, astrological signs and the chakras that I highly recommend. You'll find this easier and very enlightening. Discover what the Bible is really all about = sacred geometry, the cosmos, the seasons, and ascension.

After watching that, moving into File 13 (grin) as it pertains to the myth of the last supper. That Last Supper had Jesus (center: Sun) with his 12 disciples on either side (who represent the 12 zodiac signs) ... left to right starting with Aires. See how we have been so deceived. The Bible is valid, but in no way should be taken literally. We have been given the exoteric knowledge and kept from the esoteric knowledge. By creating superstition about certain numbers and astrology we have been kept away from the truth.

So, this explains the myth of "unlucky 13", Friday the 13th ... the "Last Supper".

I think in this video, but maybe the previous one, it's discussed about another horoscope that includes the sign of Orion. That would place my birth date then in "Orion". Interesting ....

Here is the Bucksfanian Zodiac with 14 signs with the additional Orion and Ophiuchus.

Now Santos mentions Orion, but I don't recall him mentioning a 14th. Will have to re-view these videos.

Keep in mind, that since our cosmos is expanding, new stars are being created.

We are returning to the dance with our dual Star, (more light) and beginning of "the Golden Age".

MiaBellezza said...

I think that link above was to Part 2. Oops! Here is Part 1 of Santos Bonacci - Your Body is the Holy Land:

brokenbeat said...


My apologies. When I went to your original "holy science" link, I decided to start with pt. 1, not pt. 2 as you linked. I have now gotten part way into pt. 2 and see that it is much better organized and presented. Thanks again for the links and I will finish pt. 2 then get onto the others you recommend. Great stuff.


Ray B. said...

Hi, all!

The following Comments are the results of my 30-some year quest for knowledge of what is ‘out there’. It is my current knowing, and should not be taken as ‘in stone’. (For the record, I was on NOT on drugs, alcohol, medication, lack of sleep, fugue state, or other ‘condition’ to explain the below neatly away...)

Also, please do not attack or belittle me. If you disagree, just regard it as like Kipling's “Just So” stories, shake your head, and smile sadly. Discussion is fine...

A teaser:
Over at Smoking Mirrors, Onething mentioned, “Another pioneer, Robert Monroe who founded the Monroe institute and learned to travel out of body and did so with increasing boldness of a period of perhaps 30 years...” I met Monroe several times while taking a number of week-long, on-campus versions of their consciousness-expanding classes. It was toward the end of his life, which may account for the following.

On two separate occasions, Monroe began to ‘flicker’. Two separate images were ‘displayed’ in a high-speed alternation. One was Monroe, and one was a distinctly different person. The latter had a strongly copperish skin complexion (Monroe's was pale white), was totally without hair (bald, etc.), and had more angular features than Monroe. This lasted for roughly a minute.

Finally, I got up the courage to ask him about this occurrence. As I did so, a classmate (a 30-ish French woman, who was there with her husband) also exclaimed that she had seen it, too. (Cool; two witnesses!) Monroe looked shocked and then sheepish, kind of like being caught with his hand in a cookie jar. He owned up to it, and then ‘explained’ it as an Atlantean past-life. (This did not ‘ring true’ to me. I believe he was allowing another being to ‘phase in’ for some reason. Just my take...) Then, conversation went off in another direction.

This is how my life has been in the last few decades...

Best Wishes,
Ray B.

P.S. I have Comments generally giving ‘my philosophy’ on Vis’ pages in the last year or so. You can probably search on “Ray B.” to pull them up, for a fuller sense of me.

Ray B. said...


I want to write the following as a kind of bread crumbs trail. It is long, but read on. I wanted to share some of my woo-woo insights, in case they could be useful to you. If this is ‘Too Much Information’, oh well. I thought you might enjoy it. [‘Bat-shit insane’ disclaimer...]

First, I use the following as a kind of ‘summing-up’ tool in my efforts to understand the ‘world’ around me. It is seriously adapted and expanded from an original used by ‘The Monroe Institute’. I used their ‘lower astral’ edge (Focus 23) and their ‘Hospital’ location (Focus 27) as starting points. From there, whenever I ‘met’ a species, I would ask my Higher Self what was the Consciousness Level of that species, relative to the above. This is the result.

Consciousness Levels:

01. Lowest (unconscious) Rock
07. Trilithon rocks at Stonehenge

08. Typical Pine trees

06-10. ‘Possessed’ elite-class humans
07-13. Typical (injured/programmed) humans today

18-21. Reptoid Federation species
17-22. Orion Empire species
19-27. Galactic Confederation species

21. Fully-healed human (non-psychic*)

22. Consciousness after leaving body at death

23. Lower astral

22-26. Realm of (real) Faerie types

24. Shaman
25. Saint
26. Sage

26. Highest-consciousness (old) Redwood/Sequoia trees

27. ‘Hospital’** & transfer level (rebirth or moving-on)

28. Lowest conscious-Ascension level

31-36. Level of human Soul after pain-degradation
32-37. Level of human Soul before pain-degradation

34-38. Realm of (real) Elvish types

37-58. Realm of (real) Stone-Circle-Entity types

47. Beginning of move out of Space-Time
52. Ending of move out of Space-Time

62-68. Realm of (real) Angelic types

72-76. Unknown type

83-91. Unknown type

91. Highest individual self (Atman?)

226. ‘Sanctuary’

400. Highest level ever ‘touched’ (no info)


* If a human was concentrated ONLY at 21 (rather than being spread across many Levels, as in the real world), he/she would be non-psychic at that one Level. (But physically and emotionally healthy beyond what we are used to...)

** The ‘Hospital’ is something that I first ‘ran into’ while at a Monroe Institute class. Visually, to me, it looks like a cross between a Coney Island amusement park at night and a fireworks display, if that makes any sense. Lots of lighted structures in weird shapes and energy everywhere. Not on land or anything; just ‘there’. It is a ‘construct’, meaning that it wasn't there ‘naturally’. It was ‘anchored’ there; kind of as a ‘halfway house’ between the higher and lower Levels. Higher consciousness beings like to help as they can, but find it increasingly harder to ‘trudge through the sludge’ as they go ‘down’. They can if they really need to, but it is not something they do on a whim. So, they picked an ‘area’ where a group of them are comfortable enough. They created a ‘facility’ that they could use as a semi-permanent location to concentrate entities/instruments of like intent. From there, they ‘dip down’ to selected individuals, kind of ‘float’ them up to 27 temporarily, and do whatever is needed.

Ray B. said...


(Real) Faeries:

I discovered Faeries in various natural, high-energy places. If you have just entered a forest glen with a gurgling brook and felt a sudden elevation in consciousness, a sense of peace, and a heightened appreciation of the beauty of nature, you may have just entered a faerie domicile.

Faeries are not some Disney-like cuteness; they are a wholly ‘alien’ species made of a ‘higher form’ of matter. They have no real ‘shape’; more like a concentrated patch of ‘cloud’ or ‘gas’. They range in ‘size’ from several inches across to dozens of feet. They tend to stay on one location, though they move as necessary (like when mankind despoils their ‘home’). The ‘highest’ are quite wise and refined. They are basically immortal, though they can ‘suicide’.

Two separate times, a Faerie ‘asked’ to share experience with me. They were curious about humans. In the first, we kind of ‘blended’ to where I could feel what it was like to be that consciousness, and the Faerie got to feel mine. My experience was of being like a living, lit-up ‘cloud’, with a tremendous sense of freedom and mobility. It was harder to concentrate, though, in that state. The Faerie got to feel what having a physical body and feeling ‘solid’ felt like. In the second (much later), another Faerie asked if it could ‘cohabit’ with me for a much longer time to do what we might call an ‘anthropological study’ of the human condition. (I set up certain ‘failsafes’ in advance, for those horrified by this...) This time, the Faerie was more ‘in the background’ as a presence. I did feel lighter, but had more difficulty concentrating. After a couple of weeks, the Faerie left peacefully, its mission completed.

After having ‘met’ many of them, I like them.

Ray B. said...


(Real) Elves:

J.R.R. Tolkien had it half-right. There are indeed Elves. However, they exist at the level of our souls, have all the powers of that level of consciousness, and cannot die. They have an 8-ft tall, roughly-human ‘shape’, but it is an energy body. They can and do read a human’s soul. Let me explain...

The island of Iona, off the western Scottish coast, is famed as an early Christian center, from which Christianity spread east to Scotland and England. What is neglected or suppressed is that it was a MAJOR Druid (or whatever you called them, then) center, in earlier times. All sorts of unseen phenomena are concentrated on this one little 1x2 mile island. Sort of a ‘hothouse’. I had a sense that this may have been a training area where Druid initiates learned to sense and interact with ‘folks’ of other realities.

Toward the higher elevations in the ‘back’ of the island, I began to sense ‘shapes’ moving along with us. ‘Sliding up’, I began to ‘see' the semi-humanoid energy bodies that I now call (real) Elves. I was totally conscious with eyes wide open. I could ‘track’ them as they moved and even waved at them, and they were surprised to see that I could do so. Eventually, several of them and I had a long ‘talk’ on several levels. (Eyes open.) I could ask questions mentally, and get quick, concise (though different) answers. There was also ‘soul’ talk directly with them, which goes so fast that it sounds like back and forth gibberish.

Being soul-level beings, Elves ‘dwell’ anywhere they want to - land, sea, or air. They have actually moved away from human-occupied areas, because the level of pain that most humans carry is uncomfortable in some way to them. (By the way, they do NOT cohabitate with, steal from, ordinarily ‘mess with’, or otherwise negatively interact with humans.) The Elves believe that part of our legend of Atlantis is due to our ‘memory’ of them. We used to be of their consciousness-level long ago. When we - in their view at the time; more on that later - ‘chose the descending path’, we loaded up with pain. Eventually, our burgeoning numbers caused the Elvish types to mainly move into the watery areas of our planet. It was uncomfortable to be next to our pain, and they could be anywhere with equal equanimity. So, why not? Now, you have an ‘advanced race’ (from our ‘falling’ viewpoint) disappearing into the sea (from our ‘falling’ viewpoint), leaving ‘survivors’ to do as best they can before ‘going to sleep’ (tried to move a 1000-ton stone lately?). Does any of this sound familiar?

One explanatory point: Elves tend to reflect back the mind/emotional state of their viewer. So, a fearful Muslim will ‘see’ a terrifying Jinn, and a fearful Christian will ‘see’ some form of demon. To a calm, centered, and friendly person, they are great company. I like them a lot.

In the past, Elves have tended to prefer a narrow range of consciousness levels. Some had even begun to regard the (fallen) human race as a type of illusion, since no cummunication had occurred in a long time. Ironically, this also pertained to the higher levels. They have had to re-accustom themselves to levels higher than they are. A general ‘stirring of the pot’ is occurring.

One short-but-interesting after-effect of one extended time (physically; at their location) with the Elves was a kind of ‘etheric vision’, probably from being in their higher energy fields. For a few hours, all the humans that I saw had a kind of slick ‘grey fur’ superimposed next to their skin (all over), and a curious, furry energy-spike emanating upwards about nine inches from each temporal lobe area of the skull. I imagine that I was temporarily ‘seeing’ what mystics call the ‘Etheric Body’.

Another time, I was at home when an ‘anthropological’ Elf dropped by to read my deep history (i.e., past lives). It was curious about me. It allowed me to ‘piggyback’ on what it was seeing. Man, what a long journey we have been on...

Ray B. said...

(continued, part A)

(Real) Stone-Circle-Entities:

I went to Britania (‘The Blessed Isles’) with Liz because she wanted to do a ‘King Arthur’ trip. I half dreaded it, because I thought we'd just be seeing a bunch of ruins. However, when I got to Merry Maidens stone circle in Cornwall, I started feeling excited. So, I did my ‘sliding’ thing, eyes wide open. That was when I first ‘met’ a Stone Circle Entity. I call them that (SCEs), because that is where I first encountered them.

Over the course of visiting stone circles all over the British Isles (though a small portion of the total), I came to know the following: Many stone circles were built around an ‘entity’ that pre-existed the circle. The entity is independent of the circle, and can seek another resting spot. (This is infrequent, because they do not ‘move’ a lot.)

SCEs are not build-ups of thoughtforms or ritual energies, but are real, ‘live’ beings that exist at some pretty high levels (some even residing outside of spacetime). They are immortal, and cannot die. SCEs are typically ‘withdrawn’ from the human experience, though they are glad to ‘talk’ and welcome friendly ‘company’. Their ‘individuality’ is as different as one would expect across human cultures. To date, they have all been friendly, except for one in Scotland that was really abused by humans. (That one is being worked with.) I suspect that a SCE was the basis of Tolkien's ‘Tom Bombadil’ character.

To me, SCEs appear as a ‘dot’ in the center of stone circles. When they open into our ‘level’, they (to my ‘vision’) first elongate into a vertical line (think of a pillar) and then expand into a ‘bubble’ or dome shape. Interestingly, the diameter of their ‘bubble’ exactly matches the diameter of the inside of the original stone circle. This correspondence is across many different stone circles, from large to small. So, I suspect that some of the Old Culture could ‘see’ these ‘folks’, and ‘mapped out’ their boundaries with the stones. (see Part B)

Ray B. said...

(continued, part B)

(Real) Stone-Circle-Entities:

Unfortunately, later cultures placed tombs and what-not within the circle boundaries, as the original reason for the circles was lost. Burials ‘inside them’ actually feel to the SCEs like being ‘unwashed’ feels to us. Old pain feels like ‘dirt’ to them. However, to the priests of the mid/later cultures, it probably felt like ‘holy ground’ - to be used to give their honored ones best access to ‘heaven’, etc. Unfortunately, from an ‘operational’ standpoint, it caused the SCEs to draw back to higher realms, in the same manner we would draw back from a sewer.

(The oldest Pueblo in the US has a smaller SCE beneath the village's graveyard. I suspect that the choice of the graveyard site was predicated on the presence of the SCE, consciously known or not. It was so ‘encrusted’ that I had to help it find alternate access to its fellow SCEs.)

Paradoxically, the SCEs are very powerful, but unlikely to use their powers. Think of it as a continuous ‘samadhi’ state. However, if you can ‘engage’ their attention (and they agree to it), they are not subject to the limitations that we have on ‘reality’. This is probably what led to the later reputation of stone circles as places of ‘awe and dread’.

(I should mention that quite a few of the SCEs were consciously targeted for ritual abuse by one later culture, in order to force them to ‘retreat’ to higher realms and leave the resultant ‘power vacuum’ open to exploitation by that later culture. One SCE actually asked for protection before coming ‘down’ to our level, because it had been ‘abused’ by that culture’s priests to force it ‘out’ when they took over Ireland. Elves agreed to provide that...)

By the way, some of the Old Culture were adept at what I call ‘etheric engineering’. Many of the stone circles are not just markers. They ‘use’ the power of the SCE in the way we harness water for electricity. For instance: The Boscowen-Un stone circle near Land's End in England has been ‘harnessed’ for healing purposes. The Rollright Stones and Merry Maidens stone circles has been ‘harnessed’ for communications with other sites (lines of energy shoot off from the stones to other far-off areas). Castleriggs stone circle in southern Scotland has been ‘harnessed’ to etherically clear/clean a large area around it. The Stonehenge stone circle has been has been ‘harnessed’ to communication with other planets. Etc, etc...

Many of the stone circles have been altered or dismantled by the later culture. When we went to the Nether Largie Cairn / Templewood Stone Circles area in southern Scotland, I had a major discovery of that nature. As we climbed over the Cairn (a tomb), my attention was drawn to a pair of large stone pillars in a farmer's field beyond the Cairn. I asked our tour leader if we could visit them, and he led us over. I felt us crossing a major unseen ‘ring’ and started getting excited. It turned out that the pillars were remnants of a major stone circle with a huge outer energy ring and a smaller inner energy ring. Even better, there was a huge SCE at the center! I did a commune/soul-share with it. It was very happy to ‘see’ us and blossomed out into a pillar and then a dome. It lit up the whole area, and had extensions off to sights (sites?) unseen. So, the SCE may still be around, even if the man-made (physical) ‘markers’ are degraded or eliminated.

I like them. They ‘come to visit’ occasionally. The Stonehenge SCE ‘blows your socks off’ when it ‘pops in’, it is so powerful.

Ray B. said...

(Real) Angels:

I was at Findhorn when I ‘met’ a (real) Angel. There was a group meditation in their meditation room just before lunch. Dorothy Maclean came in and sat down close to me. After a while, most folks left for lunch; but I ‘got’ to stay. I opened my eyes while still in the meditation state, and at the other end of the hall was a room-sized ball of white light (fuzzy on the edges) with a intense violet-purple ‘dot’ at the center. After I picked up my jaw, I checked with my Higher Self, and it was indeed a real Angel.

It takes a lot of effort for (real) Angels to show themselves ‘down’ enough for us to interact with them, so it is rare. I suspect most ‘winged sightings’ are of masqueraders. When I check in to see if I have been ‘communicating’ with it since then, I get affirmation. But, I am not usually aware of it at the time; too ‘high’ for me...

(That should do it for now; grin)

Best Wishes,
Ray B.

brokenbeat said...


Thanks so much for sharing your experiences. Awesome and stupendous and it's great that you're open, receptive and brave enough to engage.

I expected to hear tales of the otherside as regards the afterlife for humans, but perhaps dimensionally here or in terms of conciousness level it amounts to essentially the same thing as you indicate your understanding that some of these entities are eternal or immortal (is there a distinction?). I am such a neophyte and a bit of a "deer in the headlights" when encountering entities and experiences beyond the norm. I'm usually struggling to understand it after the fact and haven't gotten to the stage where I can interact in real time. I am catching up to it, as it were.

I'm not clear on how these entities (Earth spirits or devas?) fit in with our place in the cosmos and this time in our evolution. Are they on a separate but linked path or existence? Can they be of assistance? Do they have any agenda or timely concerns? Can we be of assistance to them? Have you had any interaction with Gaia or any other 'overlords', if you will?

I know I'm peppering you with questions, but you knew I would! I realize you don't have all the answers and that you must be circumspect in your sharing. I, for one, don't find you bat-shit crazy, FWIW, but then coming from me that might not be suprising!

I look forward to hearing more in the future and hope to meet you in person someday or talk in greater depth somehow.

Thanks again,

John V.

Anonymous said...

Robert Monroe worked directly with the CIA on various remote-viewing projects (and on other intelligence agency projects). Monroe has openly admitted as much, on more than one occasion. It's a matter or public record. This is not a slam against Ray B., whose story I found quite interesting. It's strictly about Monroe. (Think MILAB and military-sponsored mind-control experiments, versus "astral projection" and "New Age" sewage. Now you're getting warm...)

Anonymous said...

yep, that rahm's a shifty f*#ker. "yeah, never let 'em see you comin'!"

MiaBellezza said...

Ray B, from my research most Stone Circles and Pyramids are astrological clocks and entities in stones (my intuitive) probably are lower consciousness entities.

All or most stone circles, Pyramids and many other churches and buildings were placed on ley lines. Now if the satanists today used the ley lines, as they have in the past for their rituals, etc. there would now exist a problem because of the movement of the earth since these buildings and stone structures were built have been displaced significantly enough away from the original ley lines, hence weakening their power in terms of the electro-magnetics (water is highly influenced by electro-magnetics). Keep in mind magnetic North has travelled so much over the centuries. This might also be one reason why ceremonies have been abandoned in so many places because they lost their power. Is the Vatican not loosing its power? I have not read this anywhere, it is just my take on it.


MiaBellezza said...

Continuation of ley lines referencing Pyramids at Giza. At one time, Egypt was a lush paradise, not a desert. Underneath the big pyramid was an abundance of water ... an aquifer (electrical energy source).

but, because of desert conditions, this water would be severely diminished.

see also:

Libya's valuable aquifer was also destroyed recently by the U.S. and allies.

MiaBellezza said...

continued ... Pyramids

Pyramids, for instant the main Pyramid at Giza was not used for the burial of the King and Queen of Egypt despite the fact it referred to the King's and Queen's chambers; that was/is a ruse. It is an astrological clock and was an electricity generator when the aquifer was functional enough with adequate water supply.

Limestone is a water purifier and the most prized stone for that purpose. Granite is an electrical conductor. Remember the pictures of the large bulbs depicted in their carvings on walls?

MiaBellezza said...

continued ... video about the Pyramid at Giza and its electricity ...

Nichola Tesla used the same technology. Is this the technology they don't want us to have?(grin)

Clarity said...

Ray B. - Wow. That was quite a lot, and I don't mean in terms of length, as I have been known to write quite a bit so that's nothing to me. These concepts are a lot for me to wrap my head around. Certain portions, maybe, but all at once, for me, that was a lot. I am unfamiliar with the different consciousness levels, and don't know of Robert Monroe and his work/philosophies/"teachings" or whatever it is he does.

This was an interesting read, and I thank you for sharing your experiences. It is something I will have to revisit. My brain feels full right now, as I'm questioning things and people I thought I understood. I seem to go through phases where I'm feeling like I've got a good handle on things, and then I hit a bump where I encounter a few ideas or people that I begin to question. I've also been asked to do some research for someone who runs a blog site, and that is a whole new experience for me.

If you have more to share, I look forward to reading it. I came across this forum. I don't know if you're familiar with this one or anything similar, but it might be helpful or interesting to discuss and compare your experiences with others who have gone through it.


MiaBellezza said...

Direct Connection between Aquifers and Crop Circles:

Note: productive farmland lies over aquifers.

"... from Levengood's work, we were dealing with an electromagnetic phenomenon.... What's interesting is that that triangle exactly overlays the chalk aquifer that dominates southern England. Further, this is the deepest chalk aquifer in the world, up to five hundred meters thick."


"... when aquifers recede during the summer, the ground over the edges of the aquifers becomes electrically charged."

MiaBellezza said...

Water Aquifers, Shale Oil Fracking, Oil Drilling ...

It stands to reason that some sink holes occurring, more recently, can be attributed in some instances to fracking and drilling and that this can negatively affect aquifers that are necessary for good farmland and the general water supply to the population in the surrounding area. There is also the consideration and concern of cross contamination into water aquifers.

So it stands to reason that aquifers should be used as an energy source and not oil and gas.

And then we can end the insane wars and put away the psychopaths under lock and key! Mystery solved! (grin)

Further I think oil and gas are abiotic and created by the Earth and not by dead, decomposed bodies of animals - ha ha, and thus the ruse of a diminishing natural resource.

MiaBellezza said...

Here is an English video about the Djinn aka the shadow people aka aliens. .... electrical equipment on at night especially in and around 3 a.m. for a reason.... She discusses this in the video too.

Ray B. said...

Hi, all! I am glad the Comments came through as I intended. I thought up reasons periodically why they might not. Now, first:

Anonymous, Sunday, May 27, 2012 7:05:00 AM

"Robert Monroe worked directly with the CIA on various remote-viewing projects (and on other intelligence agency projects). Monroe has openly admitted as much, on more than one occasion. It's a matter or public record."

On The Monroe Institute: My memories are of the mid-80s. Robert Monroe died in the 90s, I believe, and his offspring took over. I don't know whether the current organization is better or worse. They did have a 23-level being over-lighting the place at the time.

TMI was also involved with various military programs to make use of higher abilities, although I saw none of that. I met Joseph McMoneagle - of the Army's remote viewing program 'fame' - at TMI, who had moved close to there. If you ever watched the movie "The Men Who Stare at Goats", I suspect some of the real recruits' training was at TMI. I went there initially because I had just moved to the East Coast, and had remembered that one of JZ Knight's (Ramtha) inner circle had attended a class there and recommended it.

Psychic abilities will always be pursued, whether from a spiritual orientation ('grasshopper', or 'wax on, wax off') or from a domination orientation. If you want a good 'primer' on how psychic abilities are probably used out in the galaxy, watch all of the TV series "Babylon 5" (on Netflix, etc.). Every species wants them, trains them, tries to control them, etc. Then, there are the independents...

Best Wishes,
Ray B.

MiaBellezza said...

Further to the Djinn video (demons) is Rosemary Guiley's site on Djinn (check out the "Tell your Djinn story") wherein people are clearly acquiring objects to call up the Djinn (demons) to give them power and wealth, etc. The price is high people and something not to mess with:

Further, in her video (in post above) reference was made to the Pyramids regarding protection from Djinn. Her best advice was to meditate.

Ray B. said...

Hi, brokenbeat / John V. !

First of all, I have enjoyed your lengthy Comments on all the Blogs. It is nice to see a person who puts his 'heart & soul' into a piece, instead of brief 'hit & run' snippets. Again, from my perspective, welcome to this space!

As far as peppering me with questions, I am glad to help as well as I can. I'm learning, too.

"I expected to hear tales of the otherside as regards the afterlife for humans..."

I posted probably a month ago on Souls, so I was on a different emphasis here. My current 'take' on the INTENT of the 'afterlife' is not gelled yet, though I have plenty of experience 'there'.

My intent with the 'Consciousness Levels' section of my Comments was to show where someone is more apt to be 'conscious'. This does relate to the 'afterlife', so read on.

So you know where I'm coming from, my favorite analogy of me relative to all-God is of a tree. Picking say, roots, I see the all-God as both the central trunk and the 'essence' or 'deep structure' all the way out to the rootlets. Most of the mundane day, I am probably a divide or two from the root-end in my awareness. When I am meditating or in my 'hyper-aware' state, I am spread out a lot more along the root. When I ask for the various consciousness levels of 'me' to link-in together, optimally I am spread out all the way to the central trunk and operate from 'all' the varied awarenesses.

So, in a nutshell, the whole root is the various consciousness levels 'spread out' from the unified whole (and maybe all just an illusion, in the Buddhist sense). All-god at the center, and physical creation towards the tip. An imperfect analogy, but the best I have at this time.

The above is how I was 'labeling' the various species. It is where they 'most' reside, with the knowing that they are indeed a whole 'root' of their own (joining with my root somewhere up the divide), and can occupy any part of it 'consciously' with the required effort.

In my understanding, a being becomes 'seen' when they start occupying a 'bandwidth' that overlaps what a viewer can 'see' in their current state. (The state can alter, of course.) Otherwise, they are effectively 'invisible'.

[An aside: I am not sure in my present understanding whether a high being like an ascended master actually 'moves' his molecules 'down' to be 'seen' or simply does some kind of 'projection' while remaining in a higher vibratory level. Or, perhaps a variant of David Icke's 'shapeshifting' strategy.]

Let me give you an example: Around 1997, I was visiting the island of Iona. I was in my 'hyper-aware' state. Toward the higher elevations in the 'back' of the island, I 'saw' a stretched-out line chock-full of Druid 'guardian' folks along an ancient path. They were not so much ghosts, as inhabiting a level just 'up' from ours. They would 'look' at the people passing them by, who did not 'see' them. As I passed by one after another, I could sense a sort of 'pride' in that they could see us, and not vice versa. So, I trudged up past a few, taking no noticeable look. Then, I turned to one and waved at him, right in front of his face. You should have seen the 'clucking' and 'carrying-on', when they realized that they were not unseen by all. Great fun, though probably 'bad' of me...


Ray B. said...


Now, the reason all this relates to the 'afterlife' is simply because of the difference in where someone is more apt to be 'conscious'. One example I met briefly in India was Babaji. He is advanced enough to have a 'focus' above individual lives. He takes on and casts off bodies while retaining awareness of his overall 'sweep'. In effect, he stays in the 'afterlife' while opening 'doorways' down here.

Currently, I see the 'afterlife' as an inability of a given person to hold a wide level of consciousness. So, when their body dies off, they lose their ability to do 'material' things. When they return, they cannot hold the 'higher state', and so 'draw a blank' on the 'between' time. It is all there; it is simply not accessed.

You have probably heard of various people who had a 'seamless' transition from life to life, and can remember most of the previous life while still young (before it is 'beaten' out of them). This is where you either have a 'young soul' with little blockage, or an 'older soul' who has worked his/her way partially out and can 'occupy' more root.

On this line, I had an interesting 'surprise' in late December 2009. In the middle of the night, I had awakened and was doing the usual 'clearing' of lower-level baddies. Without any notice, I was in a state of Bliss. It was like something just 'snapped on'. It was completely different than any elevated happiness or love emotion. It was sort of passive, but dynamically awake. And really powerful. It lasted for what seemed like an hour, and then quickly tapered off. (I tried to 'bring it back', but was told that I had had all that was 'appropriate' at this time.) I could still 'think' during this time, but it was of such lower-level state compared to Bliss that it was just my 'monkey-mind' trying to cope with such a radically-new 'state'. After it was done, I checked out where it 'came from', and it was from my 27-level consciousness state (purely 27). During and shortly after, all I could think was "Oh My God!" It was so radically different than anything I had experienced before. There was (and is) no state of reference to put it to. You're in it or out of it. It is really hard to describe. So far, it only happened the one time.

The above was where I 'overlapped' my ordinary consciousness with one more-seen in the 'afterlife'. For an hour, my 'conscious' root was much wider. If I had died and experienced the Bliss there, I would simply have altered where my 'conscious' root was active. (Ordinary language is not quite made for talking about this sort of thing. Not to mention that I 'filter' what is 'really there' down through my perceptual filters, and you do the same through yours...)

I hope this clears things up, but probably not (grin).

Best Wishes,
Ray B.

neal said...

If you people knew about aquifers, you would maybe let them, and others, borrow you for the benefit of others. This has never been really about who controls who, or assigning numbers to some notion of who is more sentient.

It was supposed to be every thing in season, mutual benefits, for the One.

You should not even speak of such things this time, it is not the proper season, certain ones are not dormant this time of the year. It is for the benefit of all, I wish you could see it.

The accuser will not speak of your intentions, that is broadcast without any resistance. There is such an issue of timing, that needs a certain clarity that wins more than you could hope, and is what this War is sort of about.

You are close, but that only counts in the illusion. Maybe get sensitive to the rest, they may seem dumb and inert, but they know more seasons of this to share, that is why we all wait, and watch, and we know the waters.

Ray B. said...

Hi, brokenbeat / John V. !

"I'm not clear on how these entities (Earth spirits or devas?) fit in with our place in the cosmos and this time in our evolution. Are they on a separate but linked path or existence? Can they be of assistance? Do they have any agenda or timely concerns? Can we be of assistance to them?"

The above good questions are linked to a much larger picture. They deserve a book-length reply, but here goes...

These entities are important for at least three reasons. First, we are all in this 'together'. Second, we can learn about other consciousness levels from them. We have been 'shut down' for so long that only small pockets of humans know about the 'big picture' (mostly bad guys, in the recent past). Learning from the 'natives' (of a given level) makes good sense to me. Third, semi-alliances have been made. Humanity is not 'alone' in this, anymore. The pot has been shaken.

Each 'species' has its own agendas. They are not remotely human, so I really have no idea what they are. The 'common ground' is that all have realized that we were under a form of domination extending from an 88th-level being. We were all being 'messed with'. In combination with some higher-than-88th-level beings, this is now being 'dealt with' very successfully.

We compliment each other quite well. For instance, if a 33rd-level bad 'guy' is being 'converted', humans are mostly out of the question. Either higher-level Elves or lower-level Stone-Circle-Entities would 'volunteer'. If a 24th-level shaman bad guy was 'targeted', it could be an ascended-master-level human (27-28), or a lower-level Elf (or both). Mix and match.

Part of the agenda is the 'restoration' of higher consciousness in the human race, and thus a different view of how we treat 'nature'. This is a 'falling out' from the bigger picture, though, and not the centerpiece.


Ray B. said...


"Have you had any interaction with Gaia or any other 'overlords', if you will?"

Back at The Monroe Institute in the mid-80s, I had an intimate experience of that. Assuming it was real, I 'met' the being responsible for creating Earth. It was quite a long interaction, a half-hour or so. It was kind of an 'overview', like stepping outside of time and looking down on it. Much was covered, but the most surprising thing to me was that humans were not originated here.

The being, having created Earth and started Life, was kind of 'meditating', for lack of a better word. He/she/it had a kind of sensation, like a tooth infection, slowly grow. When it finally 'awoke', it was surprised to find humans there. It had not created or envisioned them there. The humans were the source of the 'toothache'. It turns out that of all the life that was on Earth, only humans held pain. All the other creatures experienced it 'in the now', and released it. That was the source of the discomfort.

The being went 'somewhere' upon realizing this, and some conversation went on. It was out of my 'range', so I didn't know about it. Then, after some time (in our future, I presume), most human beings were 'gone'. No reason or explanation was given. Only those who could somehow 'connect' with this being were there. (Somehow, this also had to do with not holding pain.) Blew me out of the water, at the time...

When I was doing a lot of my investigations in the last decade on higher-level beings, I did 'run across' different way-up beings. Unfortunately, as I went 'up', it was harder and harder to both hold 'awakeness' and to interpret what I was getting. So, it got 'fuzzier' as I went.

One thing I did get in general was that, paradoxically, the higher you went the more powerful the being, but the less likely it was to actually use its power 'downwards'. (Most of us just step over anthills...) But, if you could 'hold the space' and ask interesting questions, you could 'engage' the entity.


On "eternal or immortal", there is a difference. Faeries are immortal in the sense they do not die, but they can 'commit suicide' because of being overwhelmed by pain. Elves and Stone-Circle-Entitues (and higher) literally cannot die in any way. They are eternal. One thing interesting about Elves, though, is that they remember a time when they (and humans) did not exist, i.e., they 'came in' sometime along the way and are not eternal in an 'always there' sense.

Best Wishes,
Ray B.

Ray B. said...

MiaBellezza, Sunday, May 27, 2012 12:07:00 PM (et al)

"Ray B, from my research most Stone Circles and Pyramids are astrological clocks and entities in stones (my intuitive) probably are lower consciousness entities."

Sorry, on the above I respectfully disagree. Various astronomical alignments may have been built-in along with the stone circle itself, but the primary reason for most stone circles being built is the entity that was pre-existing at that location. There may have been religions built around the seasons for the lower-consciousness lay-people, but that was not its highest purpose.

Far from being "lower consciousness entities," Stone Circle Entities are among the highest entities 'resident' on the Earth. Please re-read my Comments on them.

"This might also be one reason why ceremonies have been abandoned in so many places because they lost their power."

Ley lines are real. However, the gradual reduction in power and thus 'miracles' over the last couple of thousand years has to do with two things (in my opinion). First, a domination culture grew up where anything between all-God and humanity was DEFINED as 'of the devil', and all practitioners (sensitives, psychics, and mid-wives) were systematically exterminated. And, nature and the body (both power sources) were also DEFINED as 'evil'. Second, various powerful 'intermediate' beings were either 'run out of town' (forced back into higher levels) by sustained abuse - rituals, chanting, etc. - or left voluntarily into other parts of Earth as humans loaded up with pain and descended.

Reverse both paths, and 'miracles' will reappear.

Best Wishes,
Ray B.

Ray B. said...

Clarity, Sunday, May 27, 2012 1:30:00 PM

Hi! Sorry to have 'overwhelmed' you. I thought of dribbling it out, but decided to 'plant' it all in one place for future readers (if any).

You strike me as one who will do whatever is needed. (That is a compliment...)

I will check out the site you mentioned. Thanks.

Best Wishes,
Ray B.

brokenbeat said...


Frackinng is a curse -- a scourge on the land and a bane of our times that is an uphill battle against powerful interests. Even short of the implications you cite, the consequences to the health of the populace and the environment is catastrophic. I view its continued implementation as an indicator of the slim chances for a sane ecological existence on this physical plane, just below the horror of nuclear power and weapons (including DU munitions). In some ways it is more insidious in its relentless deployment though not as threatening. I suppose it's just another example of reckless pursuit of profits at best and more likely coupled with malicious intent. Another sad occurence that would never come to pass in an aware healthy society.

Is this world for real?

John V.

brokenbeat said...

Hi Ray,

Thanks so much for your thoughtful responses to my peppering questions. I now need to process what you have shared to the extent that I can. Much is beyond my current ability to comprehend fully but I appreciate having grist for my mill. I will keep the grain in safe-keeping in the meanwhile and get back to you when I have something meaningful to say.

Many respects and best wishes,

John V.

Ray B. said...

MiaBellezza, Monday, May 28, 2012 2:43:00 AM

On your Djinn comments...

There are certainly non-corporeal types (and civilizations) out there which mean humans no good.

The (real) Elves that I was referring to above are our allies (actually, allies of awakened humans). They have actually 'converted' many seriously-bad types who you might refer to as 'demons'. They have demanded nothing, and have helped out in circumstances that would have been overwhelming to ordinary humans. They have been steadfast 'friends'...

That said, I mentioned above:

"Elves tend to reflect back the mind/emotional state of their viewer. So, a fearful Muslim will ‘see’ a terrifying Jinn, and a fearful Christian will ‘see’ some form of demon. To a calm, centered, and friendly person, they are great company."

If you 'met' one, I am afraid you would ‘see’ some form of demon. I am sorry.

Best Wishes,
Ray B.

Ray B. said...


I just started visiting the site you mentioned, and ran across the following conversation between a mother and her 6-year-old daughter:

Me: what did they look like?
Daughter: um, I don't know I didn't see them really well
Me: did anyone step on them?
Daughter: no they just flew away.
Me: you didn't tell me you can see angel fairies. Where else did you see them?
daughter: they live in the bushes at the place where I got my bloodwork.
Me: WHAT? At labcorp?
Daughter: yeah, in the bushes at labcorp.
Me: so you saw them when we went into labcorp?
Daughter: no, when we left labcorp and we were walking back to the car I saw them in the bushes
me: what did they look like?
daughter:they had different colors around their faces

Note that the daughter is trying to be honest in describing what she did and didn't 'see'. Her brain is still trying to make sense of unfamiliar input.

Her mother has already labeled whatever the child saw as 'angel fairies'. Later in the segment, she has agreed with others, "I didn't realize that some may look roughly like tinkerbell, I will have to tell her." So, the programming begins...

Best Wishes,
Ray B.

MiaBellezza said...

John V ... thanks and yes I agree it is discouraging what has overtaken the world. And all those nuclear plants - pure, unadulterated insanity, or a premeditated plan?

Here is the direct English documentary video on "The Secrets Hidden in the Pyramid" instead of the voice-over translation.

In fact there is reference of Moses stealing the Ark of the Covenant from the Egyptians!!! Now it is believed that the "supposed" empty tomb in the Pyramid was not a tomb, but held the Ark of the Covenant and that the Ark played a role in the electrical conductivity. King Solomon also housed the Ark in a hidden chamber (that could drop down through the floor) in the back of his temple. There is a belief by some that Moses was one of the Pharohs. And Solomon married an Egyptian Princess. This would account for "lost" records of these individuals and other Jews for a period of time.

After the Ark was stolen by Moses, the Egyptian empire went into decline.

neil ... Re: Aquifers - I haven't got a clue what you are going on about. Is that space ship alien speak? ~(grin)

Guy B, I guess I am just not all that mystically inclined. I tend to be more intuitive.

onething said...

part 3

Now my son was one of those people that you suspect as an incarnating angel. More than one person called him an angel. My daughter told me that some of his buddies nicknamed him "The King" behind his back because of the regal way that he ran his tree trimming business. We were spiritually in synch, comparing notes and inspiring one another. He wanted to solve the world's problems. On a rare occasion when his father and I were in one spot (we live on opposite coasts) he said there was a song he wanted us to hear, and he turned it on in his truck and walked away. It was a country song in which the singer told his parents how much he loved them. He composed and sang songs, all of them spiritual, and it was obvious from his lyrics that he often felt the presence of angels (or what he interpreted as angels).

I expected great things from him. I wondered about this soul who was my son. He was my handsome prince. I did not expect him to be stupidly murdered by some people on meth.
The pain is less this spring and yet I think it is just walled off, that I have slowly spun a cocoon inside which it resides. I wonder and wonder if this was the plan or a stupid accident? Did he mess up a fantastic incarnation? Was the lesson for me? No doubt I have murdered in past lives. Did I take someone who was desperately loved, and leave that person in such pain?

I went twice to hypnotherapists but didn't go deep enough to enter the spirit world or get to past lives, although perhaps close. I tried to contact my own spirit guide and I am not sure if I did. He has come to my daughter several times, but I am not satisfied. It needs to be me. It's true she's far more psychic than me and no doubt much easier. She also needs him in a way that I don't, as she relied on his encouragement her whole life.

I feel stuck in my lack of psychic ability. Or whatever the problem is, and confused by it.

onething said...

part 2

Now, take my mother. A most unhappy woman, carried so much pain that she just could not enjoy life, and often remarked that "this is not the real me. This is not the way I was meant to be." It was only after her death I realized how true that was. She stayed with me while dying, four months. It turned out, both before and after, to be one of the most beautiful and edifying experiences of my life. My mother could not live, but she sure knew how to die! I thought of her as a troubled soul with a no doubt lousy reincarnation coming, and now I realize she is quite an elevated soul. During her dying period all was open and pure love between us, as she expressed so much gratitude. Why the gratitude? Because she pushed people away to the extent she expected to die miserably and alone.

I saw while she was dying how much she loved children. I realized how completely kindness is part of her character, and her absolutely amazing humor. She died with great courage. There were several timing events around her actual death that showed great finesse, but the very day she died I felt her around me, felt her thoughts, complied with her wishes, took her shopping for a gift she had asked me to buy for someone, and kept her near for about two months. She came to me in at least one dream, and came to my daughter and cleared up some negative emotional issues she had with her. And after she died, I felt the great peace, and the happiness of her, that such a peace had come after a life of such torment. It was this more than anything else that she wanted to show me, and I felt her soul essence, all the real qualities without the anger and despair.

onething said...

part one

Well, Ray B, I would like to read your post on souls from about a month ago; I must have missed it. I have some hesitation also, as it seems you have had so much experience that it causes wonder, however, I am very open to what you say and I look for fairy spots. In fact I hope to invite them as I and my husband are, like Stickman, rather passionately involved in creating a little paradise ourselves.

You seem to indicate wild spots, but I wonder if they would like my front garden, which I've been working on for three years now. It has a spiral flower bed in the middle of a lawn, which is shaped in an oval and all surrounded by more flowers and a grape vine. We're pretty much in the middle of nowhere with forest nearby.

Oh, Stickman, it is so good to see you back.

If I remember correctly, it was after eating at a particularly lovely restaurant with my son that he took me to a little spot on the way back to my car, that he said to me that he wanted to show me this place because he felt that certain places like this had the ability to attract something like elves or fairies. You know, it was one of those situations where his comment put me and him in synch and suddenly lifted me to a new level of awareness or thought. Since then, I seek such places and hope to even create a place worthy for them. Can they hear my thoughts?

Here is my dilemma. Sometimes I even experience doubt where before I was completely sure. I doubt because my son has disappeared so completely and I cannot fathom it. I cannot believe he is unable to find a way to communicate with me, or that he would fail to do so, unless there were some compelling reason for me to be put through this.

If I could taste one sip of an answer, I could break out of this prisonhouse for drunks...

Ray B. said...

MiaBellezza, Monday, May 28, 2012 10:41:00 AM

"There is a belief by some that Moses was one of the Pharaohs. And Solomon married an Egyptian Princess. This would account for 'lost' records of these individuals and other Jews for a period of time."

I believe that you would enjoy a series of wonderful books by Ralph Ellis. He questioned why the archeological evidence for Moses, Solomon, etc., was sparse to nonexistent, and went on from there. The book most pertaining to your comments was "Solomon: Falcon of Sheba (2003)," but that was 3rd or 4th in the series. You can watch videos of him on YouTube, etc., to get a gist of what his research entails. Enjoy...

Best Wishes,
Ray B.

Anonymous said...

via Homer..

Here is a perspective which has been around, well, forever.

"Since there are countless angels of many kinds,why not? Why reject the iconographic tradition of the white robed winged beings? Is there not enough room in all the various heavens for some angels with white robes and wings? In ancient Egypt, Israel and Judah, Ananta Shesha Naga was sometimes depicted with wings and then called a SERAPH."

"The Lord has infinite Forms and Names, and His devotees do too! The same principle of simultaneous oneness-and-difference applies to differences in Form, color, hair, decoration and dress, etc. The Lord’s Forms are so astoundingly variegated within the Eastern Bhakti Traditions, that it is simply ridiculous to disallow Him the same degree of difference outside of the Eastern Traditions."
-Bhakti Ananda Goswami


Angels – the Messengers of Hari-Vasu / Eli-Yahu

Steve said...

Dear Ray B,

Thank you for sharing these experiences. I am going to spend a little more time within those "groves" when I come across then in the forest from now on.
I can really sense a extra presence, usually around fern groves when I am out in the bush. It is more peaceful and defiantly habitatded (made up word alert) by something I cant see but can feel.

About 10 years ago while visiting some friends, my son came running back up to the house with some of his friends, (he was about five or six) all very excitedly relating how they had all seen "faeries".
A couple of years ago, (now that his programing has been successfully installed, (shaking head)) he was mocking the existence of faeries, when I reminded him of that time.

It was a wonderful moment to see his face change in recognition of his experience all those years ago and for him to be able to recognise his programing and shut it down, even though he didn't know that that was what he was doing.
I believed his tale of seeing them even more after seeing this.

One question I would like to ask you is in regards to literature.
Do they have it? Do they speak of it?
Do they record history do you think?
I imagine they wouldn't, but I imagine they could. I don't know anything about them, but they obviously know a lot about


onething said...

Part Two

Now, take my mother. A most unhappy woman, carried so much pain that she just could not enjoy life, and often remarked that "this is not the real me. This is not the way I was meant to be." It was only after her death I realized how true that was. She stayed with me while dying, four months. It turned out, both before and after, to be one of the most beautiful and edifying experiences of my life. My mother could not live, but she sure knew how to die! I thought of her as a troubled soul with a no doubt lousy reincarnation coming, and now I realize she is quite an elevated soul. During her dying period all was open and pure love between us, as she expressed so much gratitude. Why the gratitude? Because she pushed people away to the extent she expected to die miserably and alone.

I saw while she was dying how much she loved children. I realized how completely kindness is part of her character, and her absolutely amazing humor. She died with great courage. There were several timing events around her actual death that showed great finesse, but the very day she died I felt her around me, felt her thoughts, complied with her wishes, took her shopping for a gift she had asked me to buy for someone, and kept her near for about two months. She came to me in at least one dream, and came to my daughter and cleared up some negative emotional issues she had with her. And after she died, I felt the great peace, and the happiness of her, that such a peace had come after a life of such torment. It was this more than anything else that she wanted to show me, and I felt her soul essence, all the real qualities without the anger and despair.

Now my son was one of those people that you suspect as an incarnating angel. More than one person called him an angel. My daughter told me that some of his buddies nicknamed him "The King" behind his back because of the regal way that he ran his tree trimming business. We were spiritually in synch, comparing notes and inspiring one another. He wanted to solve the world's problems. On a rare occasion when his father and I were in one spot (we live on opposite coasts) he said there was a song he wanted us to hear, and he turned it on in his truck and walked away. It was a country song in which the singer told his parents how much he loved them. He composed and sang songs, all of them spiritual, and it was obvious from his lyrics that he often felt the presence of angels (or what he interpreted as angels).

I expected great things from him. I wondered about this soul who was my son. He was my handsome prince. I did not expect him to be stupidly murdered by some people on meth.
The pain is less this spring and yet I think it is just walled off, that I have slowly spun a cocoon inside which it resides. I wonder and wonder if this was the plan or a stupid accident? Did he mess up a fantastic incarnation? Was the lesson for me? No doubt I have murdered in past lives. Did I take someone who was desperately loved, and leave that person in such pain?

I went twice to hypnotherapists but didn't go deep enough to enter the spirit world or get to past lives, although perhaps close. I tried to contact my own spirit guide and I am not sure if I did. He has come to my daughter several times, but I am not satisfied. It needs to be me. It's true she's far more psychic than me and no doubt much easier. She also needs him in a way that I don't, as she relied on his encouragement her whole life.

I feel stuck in my lack of psychic ability. Or whatever the problem is, and confused by it.

MiaBellezza said...

Thanks Ray B, that video by Ellis was very interesting and the possibility that all these notable people of the Bible were actually from royal lineage would be no surprise to me.

If his supposition is true, to me, it would indicate a calculated move to control the masses by changing their worship from various pagan idols to one God and then claim to be a God, which Julius Caesar did, and Cleopatra, etc. And by the way Jesus Christ's initials are JC and so was Julius Caesar's.

But I still maintain that the elite's esoteric knowledge is all about the cosmos (as in astrology), sacred numbers and sacred geometry and this can all be found in the Bible and other works.

I understand from a recent video of Clif High's that a literal translation of the Bible by Mauro Biglino has been done and it is quite different than what we see in the current Bible and that an English version will be available someday.

Mauro Biglino: Unexpected Bible - Translating it literally

Ray B. said...


That was a very brave post. I am sad for what happened to your son (and you) and happy for the 'revealing time' that you had with your mother. More in the next Comment.

First, here is a repost of what I said in regard to my learning about souls (in response to Torus):

"I actually started out close to your frame of mind. Army doctor father, engineering profession, etc. Then, I had a series of happenings that changed my 'mind', in three phases.

First, I was doing some deep emotional work with a process called Focusing (by Eugene Gendlin). Usually, the doer just 'tracks' some emotion-based occurrence until it 'unravels'. Occasionally, though, I would track it along, and then a 'shift' would happen. After that, I was in a 'place' where it didn't feel like 'me' - different symbols, different emphases, and different 'mood'. The unraveling would take place 'there'. Gradually, I came to understand that I had 'tunneled' into other lives, as the situation needed.

Second, after I had learned meditation, I had two separate (uncalled for) shifts 'into' my soul. One had me walking down a long 'tube', with various lives in 'capsules' along the way. A second was a variation of that, with more of a three-dimensional layout. Quite profound. (As we each 'process' higher input in unique ways, you would probably get a different 'picture'.)

Third, long after completing a series of classes at The Monroe Institute (where you learn how to 'move' your consciousness to various 'levels'), I found that when I 'tuned' to a certain level, I could sense a 'structure' coming out the back of most people. Usually, it is in the area between and just under the shoulder blades - 6-8 inches in diameter, 2-3 inches inside, and a few feet outside. (In case you're wondering, it is not the heart chakra.) Upon further questioning of my Higher Self, I found out it was various folks' souls.

I realize that something like the above, which is based on 'inner work', is currently unprovable. This does not mean that it is unknowable."

More shortly.

All Our Love,
Ray B.

Ray B. said...


While I am trying to contemplate on your deeper matters, here is my take on faeries in your garden:

Faeries like good energy. Unspoiled wild spots are natural draws for them, which they also 'add to'. I have also spotted them in various 'nature lovers' gardens and yards. The key seems to be in that the love and 'devotion' that a real gardener puts into his/her chosen area raises the consciousness level of the area, much like a group meditation may raise the vibes in a room. Faeries seem to like this 'space', and may 'settle in'. (Needless to say, this is different than a garden which is 'correct' but sterile emotionally.)

The above is neutral. The faeries will either 'show up' or not. If you are drawn to do it, you can also 'put out' that you are creating a faerie 'safe space', or ask whoever you pray/meditate with to see whether some faeries would like to visit and see if they like the place. (Or variations.) I had two faeries a while back, one each in the top of two pine trees out of about fifty I had planted some years before.

For other hints, you might like to read books on Findhorn and Perelandra (Machaelle Small Wright), both of which are nature-spirit friendly.

More shortly,
Ray B.

Ray B. said...


Now, on to deeper subjects. I hesitate to say anything, because I might sound trite or pompous. I'll start with Vis' "I don't know", and try to be helpful from there. I may be a little indelicate here; if so, I'm sorry. (Also, I'm half shooting in the dark, as I have not spent hours with you - take what resonates with you and discard the rest.)

As background, I started with earning a Masters in Psychology and had a counseling practice specializing in getting to deep, painful issues and releasing/resolving them from within the client. I was reasonably good. I shut down that practice when I started 'learning too much', both about psychic/spiritual stuff and the 'source' of many of my clients' problems in the world that Vis talks about on Smoking Mirrors, etc. (Another story.) So, that is where I'm coming from in what follows.

I'll start with what may be keeping you from 'being more psychic' (whether in general, or your hopeful contact with your son). Many spiritual types (whether Christian, New Age, or other) have a hard time with releasing 'negative' emotions - including (or especially) anger at God. The above forms a major block. (Intellectual 'talk' therapy does not usually release this.) In effect, the person remains in the past, at whatever point the trauma occurred.

If a person 'digs' deep enough, they will first have 'negative' emotions show up (fear, sadness, anger, etc.). If they do not 'back off' (and the emotions can be near-overwhelming), the emotions are finite and will eventually blow through. Around that point, the actual PAIN that caused the preceding emotions will surface. If they do not 'back off' (and the pain can be near-overwhelming), the pain is finite and will eventually blow through.

Now, here is where 'psychic ability' can be restored. With the block gone, the person 'knows' certain things. They may be 'bad' things, like a true, inner recognition that a person is physically gone. They may be 'good' things, like a non-attached, unconditional love for the person. The survivor is in the 'now', and their natural psychic ability is unfettered by being 'in the past' and holding so much at bay.

Where the 'resolvement' of the issue goes beyond this, I have then seen high spiritual events happen, all the way from past-life knowings to visitations from higher beings to unblocking of various powers to entering other realms. Whatever is needed. (This tends to come about 'after' the above paragraph takes place.)

[While the above is true, what you have just read was in part addressed to your 'healthy' side a few levels up, who knows what to do now. Please be patient and kind to yourself if stuff starts 'coming out'...]

You have my greatest respect. Know that you are not alone in this.

All Our Love,
Ray B.

P.S. Occasionally, a person gets all the above near-instantaneously ("Grace", which is majorly different than repression), but I am addressing the 'usual' case.

Ray B. said...

Cap'n Spadgett, Tuesday, May 29, 2012 1:57:00 AM

I really enjoyed your post. "habitatded" "thems-elves" I love it!

If we slow down and 'feel', many things open up. You may even chance across an "anthropological" faerie or elf who wants to know more about humans...

Wonderful, what you were able to bring about in 'deprogramming' your son. We are all 'fighting the good fight'.

On 'literature' (if you were serious): They show curiosity and memory, so I imagine some form exists. I am inspired by the thought that many of the great Celtic sagas come from direct contact with these beings...

Best Wishes,
Ray B.

Ray B. said...

via Homer, Tuesday, May 29, 2012 12:15:00 AM

I am not sure whether your Comment on angel varieties was addressed to my Comment on "(Real) Angels" above. If it was:

My intent both in the 'Consciousness Levels' section (i.e., 62-68) and on the 'shape' (a room-sized ball of white light with a intense violet-purple ‘dot’ at the center) was to pin it down to a single species. Part of my personal journey has been to 'disentangle' the space between (mostly asleep) humans and all-God, as well as I am able. Thanks to one dominant culture, it has been many centuries since most people have 'voyaged' in those vast realms. If I can use an analogy, I want to refine my vision from black and white to as many colors as I can discern. (Or, if it is all Maya, why not enjoy it?)

There are two reasons that I want to make a point about 'winged sightings':

First, it is about deprogramming. If you read at May 28 9:29:00 AM above, there is an example on how a 6-year-old's 'unmolded' sighting of a faerie was being programmed into 'tinkerbell'. At May 29 1:57:00 AM, Cap'n Spadgett also talked about reminding his son of the son's faerie sightings before the culture sold him that they didn't exist. My hope is to get as close as I can to 'see' what is really there, not what any agenda says is there. This goes for the angel species as much as the faerie species.

Second, I want to address conditioning of a different sort. From Sumerian times all the way through the Old Testament, winged beings have been associated with powerful, controlling 'deities' (at best, demiurges) from Annunaki-types down through the Hebrew storm-god (YHWH, Jehovah, or Yahweh). These stories are drilled into our subconscious minds from birth in Judeo-Islamic-Christian cultures. They 'snap' us into a certain level of submissiveness. If you want to read more about this type of thing, Neil Freer's "Breaking the Godspell" is a good starting point.

'Legitimate' winged angel sightings can occur both from a (real) angel desiring to take a well-greased-path into our 'vision' [i.e., originating at their end] and from the well-known phenomena of our mind trying to stuff an unknown 'stimulus' into a familiar cubicle [i.e., originating at our end]. Otherwise, winged beings must be of some other species, in my lexicon.

Best Wishes,
Ray B.

MiaBellezza said...

I realized I mixed up neal for neil in my response post of Monday, May 28, 2012 10:41:00 AM. I was addressing the rather peculiar post from neal of Monday, May 28, 2012 3:41:00 AM.

Steve said...

Hey Ray B,

"On 'literature' (if you were serious):"

Just so you know. I don't play those games.
I like to use a bit of humor here and there, but I try and make a point of what I say is what I say. Especially with text, as it can be read so many ways. This often sets me up as gullible, as in, I expect it of others as well, only later to be seen as foolish for thinking that way.

Keeping it as real as I can.

Love your work...

Visible said...

A new Petri Dish is up-

Professional Courtesies from the Sharks in the Water.

Ray B. said...

Cap'n Spadgett, Thursday, May 31, 2012 4:23:00 AM

Ray: "On 'literature' (if you were serious):"

Cap'n: "Just so you know. I don't play those games. I like to use a bit of humor here and there, but I try and make a point of what I say is what I say. Especially with text, as it can be read so many ways. This often sets me up as gullible, as in, I expect it of others as well, only later to be seen as foolish for thinking that way. Keeping it as real as I can."

A good, clear, and even response. Thanks for the clarification. I like it that way, too. Just so you know, I was not attempting to 'demean' you in any way. The word "literature" caught me so much by surprise that I wanted to check whether someone was doing a "too pompous" check on me. Glad it was not so.

Cap'n: "Love your work..."

Thanks! It is kind of a passion of mine. I was probably raised on too much Science Fiction, and have been so stoked to find "Star Trek" back on our own planet. I just want to share and 'give back'. I have enjoyed your various postings, also. We make a good 'community'.

Best Wishes,
Ray B.

Ray B. said...

Since posters were talking about Ley Lines earlier, I thought I would share a couple of experiences that I had regarding them.

During a wonderful time around 1990 in Cornwall, England - as part of a group – we were visiting the old stone church across from the Tintagel headland. (Tintagel has great energy; very high. Whether that has to do with the large amount of quartz in the area, I do not know.)

I was 'sweeping' around, checking for anything 'interesting'. On an impulse, I asked Higher Self if anything needed to happen there. My face was positively jerked upwards, to my surprise. I 'saw' a large line of energy arching down from the sky. It reached the church, and just stopped. It was so 'blocked' that it just 'ended' there - right in midair - some feet above the church.

I was convinced that the line pre-dated the establishment of the church. Something - intentional or not - within the greater church structure was damming it up.

I went over to the church, really curious about what might be going on 'inside'. However, we were not allowed inside it. They were preparing for a wedding.

So, I went back outside. Frustrated and perplexed, I asked Higher Self what to do. I was 'led' to a church field near the church.

In a few seconds, energies started flowing through me. Somehow, the energy line was
gradually 'moved over' a few hundred feet. After it did, it connected into the ground and the greater-earth energy network. Large amounts of 'current' started flowing down the line. It was 'way cool' and a little bit scary; this was a big line.

If I was conspiracy-minded, I might think that a certain dominant culture had been 'messing' with the local and/or world energy grid, long ago...

Best Wishes,
Ray B.

Ray B. said...

While visiting the magnificent Glastonbury Abbey ruins on the same trip, I had another experience. We had gone through to the oldest part of the building, the Mary Chapel. I had been there twice before, but the lower level (slightly below ground level, now) was always roped-off to keep tourists away. We had to stay on an 'approved' upper level.

This time, they were preparing for some celebration, and the way was clear; no ropes. We rushed down to the ground floor, and I began 'sweeping'. I was led to the altar area, a kind of man-made cave/grotto enclosure covered by a roof/walkway. At the back the altar - against the back wall - I felt a tremendous sense of energy. I brought over a couple of the most energy-sensitive of the group, and they confirmed it. It originated inside the back wall.

As I 'felt' into the area, something felt 'wrong'. Something was blocking the current or ley line that was meant to stream down the chapel axis. As I 'poked around', I discovered that some 'mechanism' was, in effect, interrupting the line and 'grounding' it there - right behind the altar. Assuming the 'mechanism-makers' knew what they were doing, this would result in a load of energy being available right there - for whatever the purposes of the 'mechanism-makers'.

Unfortunately, this same 'mechanism' was depleting the energy. Worse, it was lessening the intensity of the current itself. (It was much like putting a large resistor in an electrical circuit; the movement of current all through the circuit would be lessened). The line through the Mary Chapel axis was almost 'gone'.

I decided to call on my Higher Self to see what was the best course of action. An incredible stream of energy started flowing through me, and whatever it was behind the wall started 'dissolving'. It was like it slowly diminished, with parts leaving for 'somewhere'. This went on for a while, with a tremendous sense of energy going into the wall. Then, whatever the 'mechanism' was, it was gone.

Energy started flowing out the wall, but weakly. Not good. Again, I asked the Higher Self for what to 'do'.

A stream of energy started flowing through me, again. This time, it was directed further up the main Glastonbury Abbey axis. At various places up the center of the Abbey, a 'tussle' broke out, energetically. Asking what this was, I had the distinct impression that various people had been buried there, and their 'souls' (or perhaps etheric bodies) were still there. (Perhaps, they were waiting for Jesus to return and lift them up...) However, they were 'interfering' somehow with the free flow of the energy line.

These 'souls' (or whatever) were soon taken somewhere else by the spiritual energy. As they left, the current in the energy line jumped up in intensity. A broad energy line now radiated down the center of the Mary Chapel.

However, there was a smaller blockage beyond the opposite wall (i.e., behind me). Again, more 'souls' (or whatever) were transported away. Now, the energy line was like a 'gusher' flowing freely off into the distance. The feeling was a bit like being in an electrical generator or transformer room, with the sense of large energies moving.

Again, if I was conspiracy-minded, I might think that a certain dominant culture had been 'messing' with the local and/or world energy grid, long ago...

I hope you enjoyed my 'tales'. (For the record, I was on NOT on drugs, alcohol, medication, lack of sleep, fugue state, or other ‘condition’ to explain the above neatly away.)

Best Wishes,
Ray B.

Anonymous said...

Ray B

In your engineering mind, what do you think is going on?

Are you able to adjust the frequency of your perception to see those things?

Ray B. said...

Anonymous, Saturday, June 02, 2012 5:39:00 PM

“In your engineering mind, what do you think is going on?”

(Before I get started, a disclaimer: I am politically an Independent, so I hew to no ‘party line’. I am spiritually & religiously eclectic, meaning I search each discipline for ‘what works’, and hew to no 'faith line'.)

I have spent the last couple of decades trying to get to the bottom of what truly is going on. I have done much Consciousness research on one end, and delving into the Politics-Money-Power complex on the other. To answer your question properly, it needs to be addressed (briefly) on several levels. The ‘plot’ resembles a combination of science fiction and potboiler spy flicks. Read on...

On the deepest level (laying aside all-God, for now), we are being ‘farmed’. I encourage you to remember (or Netflix) an episode of the old original Star Trek series named “Day of the Doves.” It kind of tells it the way it is, except we are on at least a planetary scale. In it, an other-dimensional energy-being ‘feeds’ on negative emotions, and sets up Enterprise as its ‘farm’. Endless conflict is set up, but never allowed to proceed to decisive victory or defeat. Attempts are made to ‘dumb down’ the crew(s) until they are purely emotionally reactive rather than centered, reasoning beings. (Sound familiar?)

As part of this ‘farming’ process, it was/is necessary to reduce the consciousness level of the human race. To this end, cultures that had high spiritual and psychic gifts were systematically destroyed over the ages. Have you ever wondered why the Romans killed off the Druids in any culture they conquered? Why the Catholic Church went after the Gnostics (and later Cathars & Bogomils) so brutally? Why the later Christian church went after the mid-wives and wise-women (as witches) and slaughtered them? Why the Chinese People's Army killed tens of thousands of unresisting monks when Tibet was overrun? Etc., etc. (Think about it...)

When human consciousness is reduced below a certain level, the knowledge or sensation of ‘we or us’ is degraded to ‘I or me’. Below a threshold, I can do anything to ‘the other’ because there is no felt sense that we are connected. This is where class structures, political structures, warfare, (what I call) ‘tribal’ religions, and all the other apparatus of separateness spring up.


Ray B. said...


In the West, once higher consciousness was all but eliminated, power originally clustered around those with the biggest gangs - called Emperors, Kings, Popes, etc. In the last few centuries, power was gradually transferred from them to what has been euphemistically called ‘the international bankers’. (And, we at this site know who - on a physical level - is behind them.) In a nutshell, the bankers simply made sure the Kings were at constant war, and ran up debts [-control-] on all sides. (Sound familiar, once again?) Whether they are actively under the control of the ‘farmers’, simply influenced as necessary, or merely ‘doing their thing’, probably varies. They have taken control of much of the political, media, economic, etc., processes as Vis has so eloquently demonstrated. Again, this is not possible unless and until consciousness is lowered sufficiently that self-serving ‘deals’ can be made.

While in this state of ‘forgetfulness’, our leaders have operated under an agenda not our own. Again, I do not know how much they are ‘messed with’ by the ‘farmers’ or simply directed by their background ‘handlers’.

To see how it works, look at how the powers behind the FDR administration goaded the Japanese and then imposed oil sanctions, until the Japanese had a choice of attacking or becoming a second-class power. And then, when the Japanese actually attacked, they were the ‘terrorists’ (to use a current term). Very sophisticated. And, five years of really good feeding. (See ‘Enterprise’ above...)

Now, compare this with the September 11th attack. The actual details of whether our (shadow) administration stood back and let this attack happen (a la Pearl Harbor), and/or participated actively, is relatively unimportant. The knowledge of ‘farming’ is much more critical. Seen within this awareness, the September 11th attack satisfied at least two goals: Can you imagine how ‘good’ the feeding was for the ‘farmers’ on and immediately after the attack? And secondly, how ‘excellent’ the feeding is from the continuing civil wars? (See ‘Enterprise’ above...)

The good news is that the ‘farming system’ is being ‘turned from above’, as we speak. I have mentioned this in other posts, and hope to give out more details as appropriate.


Ray B. said...


“Are you able to adjust the frequency of your perception to see those things?”

I can ‘tune’ up & down quite a lot. However, both my Higher Self and various other beings limit various things. Some is probably for my benefit, and some is from an ‘operational’ side. (As you go ‘up’, telepathic contact is easier and easier, both for good guys and bad guys. “Loose lips sink ships.”)

For instance [bat-shit insane alert], a couple of years ago, I ‘accidentally’ found the (physical) planet where much of our ‘philosophy’ of money both originated and was being administered - and not to the benefit of the human race. The top beings of that ‘culture’ were 23-level, which is not too shabby. I ‘reported’ this out to various types, and expected swift action. A month passed. Then two. Finally, ‘word’ came that a big ‘something’ was about to happen. I fully expected to ‘go’. However, I was bluntly ‘told’ that I was to ‘stay away’. Then, whatever was to happen, did happen. I still don't know what ‘went down’.

Way above the ‘farmer’, I have no idea what is going on. Vis' “for the purpose of demonstration” may be true, but that is ‘intellectual’ for me. Ramtha talked about us coming down here to ‘fill our souls’, but that is also ‘intellectual’ for me.

Right now, I am reduced to resonating with Terry Pratchett's words in “Unseen Academicals” (p.229) from Lord Havelock Vettinari: “And that's when I first learned about evil. It is built in to the very nature of the universe. Every world spins in pain. If there is any kind of supreme being, I told myself, it is up to all of us to become his moral superior.”

Best Wishes,
Ray B.

Anonymous said...

via Homer..

In regards to Terry Pratchett's nonsense, this sounds like a case of ...

“A doctor who treats himself has a fool for a patient.”

MiaBellezza said...

Ray B, it's interesting how everyone has their own unique perception of reality. And you certainly seem to be imbued with mystical abilities. For certain I enjoy reading about your experiences.

I haven't come to any conclusions about whether aliens farm our energies. I just don't know what to make of that.

But the ultimate question would be "What is the real reality"? And don't tell me there isn't one. (grin) I don't buy into "all life is an illusion". Life exists for a reason, even if it's just for "demonstration purposes", as Vis would say.

And that makes it real in and of itself.

Let me put it another way, if we exist within a biological computer game, would it make us not real?

... I think, therefore I am.

But, how many people truly think when they can only view a small layer of the world within their compartmentalized box of limited knowledge? Where is the wisdom in that? I don't care how many degrees one might have in a specific field, if one can't think outside of the box ...

This is how the pyramid structure of the matrix works so well in limiting knowledge and restricting the dispensation of true knowledge and information.

Unknown said...

Hi everyone-

Guess you could say I am new "here" but after stumbling across this page and reading all the comments I am absolutely fascinated and feel like I finally may have found some people who might actually "get" me... I am fairly young (24) female living in Corpus Christi, TX and it is extremely hard to find anyone that could even remotely relate to some of my beliefs. Hopefully I will be able to make friends with some of you and learn more about this mysterious universe that we live in.

Ray B., some of the stuff you were commenting has really made me start believing in the things that I have been wondering about for quite some time.. It is hard for me to really put to words some of the things I have felt or thought I have seen but you have given me hope that maybe I am not so crazy after all!

I look forward to talking with you all and hope you have a great week ahead of you.

Anonymous said...

This from aa April 4 1964 sermon, by Dr. Wesley Swift called "We are not Alone"

So in this instance, I point out to you that one of the things which the scripture teaches us is that this physical creation is not all and that we who dwell in the earth are not alone. Oh, you say, “but we are alone as far as the earth is concerned.” But don't you believe that. I want you to recognize that there are plains and dimensions that are not perceived by the natural senses, in most instances. And they are not beheld with the natural eye. Then there are times when there are beings and creatures in the dimensions of spirit which at times cross over into your dimension, and there are wave lengths of light reflection which permit you to see them. There are situations that cause us to recognize that there are spiritual plains and areas of photography have sometimes caught some of these things on film which demonstrate that it was not just a matter of a dimension in video frequency, but was visually recorded on film itself.
end excerpt

What??? Cameras, photography???
Where do I get one of these cameras?

By some slip of a metaphysical cog, people have looked into the past before. One story that stands out to me: A couple on vacation in Italy, sitting in a parking garage, when a column of Roman infantry walked in through one wall, marched through, and out the other wall. They found out later that the building was on an old roman road. The roman soldiers never saw them, or anything else obviously.

"Every secret will be revealed"

Can a camera do that? Will we be able to photodocument Dealy plaza, November 1963?

You're not in secret, thou chosen. Be very afraid.

Ray Zerwitt

Anonymous said...

This from the same sermon:

Of course, I see we are invaded tonight, so this is all right. Just carry this back to the ADL. We do not have to please anyone here tonight. All we have to do is proclaim the biblical records of truth. They may not like it, but so what? I am going to point out to you tonight that if we spent as much time prowling synagogues as the Jew does Churches, we might find out a lot more things that we did not like. One of the things that you discover is that you are the patsy and they intend to take you over.
end excerpt


Ray Zerwitt

Visible said...

Welcome Kelli, the trick to finding friends here is to keep showing up, just remember no matter where you are, not everyone is your friend. You're right that this is one of the few places where what you are talking about can be. Some very decent and some very well informed people come to the different blogs but shit can happen here like anywhere else. The trick in finding what you are looking for is to not buy into the powerful advertising of what you don't want.

That's pretty much the key and if you want to know how to be successful no matter what you run into, it's all about your intention.

the gardener said...

awww SHIT!!! the auto identity being 'google account' has lost me yet another post! dammit!

anyway-maybe Universe's way of telling me to make it short and sweet-One thing... please share with me your precious son's birth data and I will do a chart on him progressed to see what I can see see see.

I don't think I've ever responded to you before but from the first I have held you and your son in my heart. Maybe because I am surrounded by the trees so much, maybe because I have my own shining prince son... maybe because I have had worries about the same thing as what happened to your son... sigh... but know that I think of you all the time. I haven't been back to this post in a long while and I've got a lot of catching up to do with Ray B's tales and experiences and with yours too.

I feel like I am like your mother. I scolded myself about 'holding onto the pain' too much or all my life just this morning. I dream of finding some absorptive mud bath that could suck it all right out of my body.

the gardener

PS- I have hot spots all over my property and a few portals I've literally stumbled over and into. I do walk throughs prior to all maintenance and clearing and give warnings to all that "I'll be coming through!"... many many dragonflies and this morning I had a big swallowtail butterfly embrace itself around me. One of my omen carriers.

Ray B. said...

Kelli Rudd, Monday, June 04, 2012 7:41:00 AM

Welcome to the Community! Vis has endeavored to make this a place where all kinds of fascinating folks can meet & greet (and sometimes disagree).

Take everything here (and in life) with a grain of salt, and see what resonates with you...

Best Wishes,
Ray B.

brokenbeat said...

Hi Kelli,

It's great to greet someone new to the scene and especially someone as open as you seem to be. I've only been commenting for two months but have been reading the blogs for a bit over a year now ( and on a few times before).

If you don't already know, there are three blogs that Vis posts on fairly regularly (he's taking a bit of a break now although he reads and posts the comments daily). You can find the othe two blogs on a pull-down menu at the top (assuming you're not on the mobile version in which case switch to the web version to see that and more -- he's written books and has a radio show and there are archives of older posts which can help you come up to speed with the community's personalities).

The other blogs can get a bit heavier than this one which is more spiritual. The others lean towards culural and political matters, but there is some spill-over between them in Vis' posts and certainly in the comments. Sometimes a discussion will carry over onto whichever is the latest posted. I am guilty of that; Ray B. is much better and will state that he's answering this or that over on the blog better suited to that.

A few words of caution along the lines of what Vis and Ray mentioned...

There are some that can be rather mean and nasty and are here precisely because there are those that are anything but that and they see it as their duty to mess with folks, and enjoy it, especially if their pet beliefs or agendas are threatened. Please don't keep that from commenting, questioning and sharing. I personally try not to share too much private info, but I'm not of the FB generation, although I have recently been sharing some private details about my life.

And as Ray said, you'll hear many varying views on things and that's part of what is great, but just know that most don't truly know anything for certain (myself included) so discernment on your part is called for. Keep an open mind, reject what doesn't resonate with you and remember that you can be eclectic and take some without swallowing it whole.

One last note, people from all over the world post here so you'll see odd times show up and there can be wierd delays and seemingly out of place comments. Vis is somewhere in Europe and is nine hours ahead of me on the west coast which would be seven hours ahead of you (central time?) and you'll see comments appear early morning and shut down sometime in the afternoon. I suggest saving a copy of your comment in case it doesn't show after a day as things get lost on the rare occasion.

Great to have you here and kudos for being on the path at such a young age!


John V.

brokenbeat said...

the gardener,

One safeguard I have been using to protect against lost comments (for whatever reason) is before doing anything else copy and paste it to notebook. I have lost stuff several times, sometimes even before publishing if the page gets refreshed (especially on my phone). I may end up with several working versions then delete them after the comment is published and is posted.

The word verification has gotten more tricky with the pictures. Sometimes I ignore it and it still goes through. Maybe that's part of the test -- could this blurry non-descript image possibly mean anything? And I've had difficulty with the whole sequence. Sometimes the preview and publish buttons do nothing and I have to edit my name to reset it, sometimes even after wv (I edit my name then hit publish again). New behavior...more testing by the gatekeeper...are you worthy?

Thanks for sharing your wisdom and I have a wonderful mental picture of your park. I hope to see it some day. Maybe there is some way that Vis can have us contact each other directly (or through him, though that would take time on his part).


John V.

Anonymous said...

Also, Kelli

Beware of the self absorbed narcissism, the passive aggressive disses and their creating a god to fit in their imaginations and the natural next step, that THEY are god, and their clever use of love as a truncheon.

And beware that this explosion of knowledge comes with the obscuring and confusing smoke from the pit(the tribe's special contribution) and don't get caught up in a huff arguing with smoke.

Ray Zerwitt

Clarity said...

Ray B., my deepest apologies for not addressing these things sooner.

You may have forgotten this, but I haven't:


You strike me as being strangely heroic (heroine-ic?). All of us go through a 'oh god, am i ever so far behind' awakening. We thrash about for a while, and then start down a preferred path. You seem to be well started. I, for one, am enjoying your 'company' and your 'process'.

Best Wishes,
Ray B.

Wednesday, May 16, 2012 4:24:00 AM

I am ashamed to include the date, but I have no problem owning up to being behind on many things. What a nice thing to say - it means a lot, especially coming from you. I love that you made up a word (or maybe not?), as I am a word-maker-upperer when and as needed. I know I am far behind, and I am very frustrated about this. I am proud of what I have accomplished so far, but I know I have a lot of work ahead of me. This process is greatly facilitated by you and the other people who comment here. As I've said before (but will say again because it is true) I learn so much from everyone. Different areas of knowledge, thoughts, questions, musings, wonderings, insights. etc. all provide so much to feed my hunger for knowledge. I know we are all on a learning journey, and no one has all the answers - or they're not sharing... but you and the others DO know many things, and have had interesting experiences that you share, and it is all valuable to me.

Now, to above, May 28 @ 6:37, again, your kind words are much appreciated. I do take that as a compliment, and I think you are right, and it feels good that you were able to see that in me. Don't worry about overwhelming me - it's part of the process! I am trying to take in so many new (and different) things, it's hard to process (the other 'process') it all. Sometimes it has to simmer for a while, and other times, it gets tucked away and pulled out if I come across something else that fits in with it.

What a shame to see the programming of our little ones, and especially on a topic such as this. I know children are much more open until we program it out of them, but I imagine fairy sightings isn't terribly common, and I hate to see that opportunity for learning and growth go to waste. I imagine you don't have time to comment there, but your wisdom would probably be a treasure to the people who post there, even if they don't realize it.

I hope I haven't ever done something like that with either of my children. I have always been open to things, but I may have responded similarly, according to my own programming. How sad, that this is how it is...

I have to offer a thanks to Michael for redirecting me to your 'farmers' comments. I actually went up a few to where you first started talking about it. I remember reading them, but it must have been at a time or in a situation where I was not able to give it my full attention. I got a lot more out of it reading it a second time.

I am thankful that you post on visible's blogs. I have learned a lot from you, and I appreciate that.


Clarity said...

MiaBellezza and John V.,

I'm catching up on a few things here, and the reference to the Ark of the Covenant stood out. I had taken notes about the Ark from different sources a few months ago. I was trying to put some things together with the Ark, King Solomon, and ORMEs/monatomic gold/Anunnaki. I have a friend who has done a lot of research on the Anunnaki and Sitchin's work, and I came up with some ideas.

My notes on the Ark are in a Pages document (but could easily be saved as a Word doc). It would fill many comments to post it all, and while I wouldn't mind doing it, I'm not sure visible or anyone else here would appreciate it. I don't know if either of you has more than a passing interest in the Ark, but if you want to see what I have, let me know and we can try to figure something out. Some of it is narration transcribed from videos, along with some articles and a couple of links. The document is 14 pages long, to give you an idea of how much space it would take up if I tried to post it here.

Kelli, I'd also like to welcome you. You have found a very special place - or places, if you visit Smoking Mirrors and Petri Dish as well. The others have already told you the important things. I would say there's much more positive than negative, and this is a great place to learn and to be challenged with new things to think about.

To the gardener and all, I second John V.'s suggestion to copy your text before trying to post. I usually copy it and then wait for it to say, "Your comment has been saved and will be visible..." Luckily, I've never had it lost once it got to that stage. It would probably be smarter to save my posts until I see them, and I might even throw it down in an email and hit send so I can access it when I am away from home if I see it hasn't shown up.

Love to all,

Anonymous said...

via Homer..

Srila Prabhupada:

The Real Peace Formula

Every living entity is searching after peace. Everyone, from the aquatics to the highest form of human being, from the ant up to Brahma, the first creature of this universe, is searching after peace. That search is the main objective of life, and it constitutes the very struggle for existence. Lord Chaitanya Mahaprabhu said that the only peaceful man is he who is in full Krishna (God) consciousness, for he has no demands. He is akarmi, which means he does not suffer the reactions of his activities, that he has no desire, is self-sufficient and has nothing to ask. Such a person, fully situated in Krishna (God) consciousness, is completely peaceful.

Everyone else falls into three other classes—bhuktis, muktis, and yogis. The bhuktis hanker after material happiness and enjoyment. These are the people who want to eat, drink, be merry and enjoy a life of the senses. There are different modes of enjoyment according to the body, and people are searching after sense enjoyment on this planet, on other planets, here, there, and everywhere. The main objective of this pursuit is simply to gratify the senses. Such are the bhuktis. The next class, a little more elevated, is the mukti class, those who, fatigued and frustrated by sense gratification, desire liberation from material entanglement. These Salvationists, however, also have some desire—the desire to be free from this material entanglement. The yogis, the third class, are busy searching after mystic perfection. There are eight kinds of mystic perfection which grant one the ability to become smaller than the smallest, heavier than the heaviest, lighter than the lightest, etc. Ordinary persons who are after sense gratification, and those who are Salvationists, and those who are after mystic perfection—all have some demand. This is not true of the devotees, however. They have no demands because they simply want to serve Krishna (God). They are awaiting the order of Krishna (God), and that is their satisfaction. If Krishna tells them to go to hell, they are prepared to go, and if He says, “You come to me,” they are also prepared to go. Because they have attained the perfectional stage, they have no demands.

It is because we are in material bondage that we have so many demands. The masses of people simply want sense gratification, and those who are a little more advanced want mental satisfaction, and those who are even more refined strive to show some magical power in this world. All of these are in material bondage in different ways. Therefore a person who is Krishna (God) conscious prays to the Lord: “My dear Lord, when shall I be fully absorbed in Your thoughts or Your service? When shall I be simply conscious of You and free from all mental demands?” Being absorbed in the thought of Krishna is not simply being absorbed in some abstract, concocted speculation. It is actual meditation on the Supreme Person that is indicated. By such meditation, all mental concoction and desires are completely eradicated.

At present we are hovering over the mental plane. The mind is constantly driving us to go here and go there, and it is to our benefit that we stop taking dictations from it. In order to do this, we have to establish ourselves in our constitutional relationship with Krishna (God) as His servant. “I shall simply be Your eternal servitor,” we should think..

“And I shall be very cheerful, for I have my Master.”

Anonymous said...

via Homer..

In other words, most everyone has been given the answer to their question.
Most everyone knows the answer.

It's just not what they desired to hear, and yes it really is that simple.

Les Visible has given the same answers, especially THE answer over and over, yet people still ask the same questions, still pursue the same dead end wheel spinning wastes of time. The very definition of insanity.

It's hard to imagine much less believe believe the patience and compassion he exhibits.

The chief occupation of human beings is forgetting by default and so very obviously by design.

The second chief occupation is striving to have one's cake and eat it too. Regardless of the consequences to themselves or others.
Especially the innocent animals.

Do you really think you can Lord it over Mother Nature?

Pipsqueaks like us can barely remember what we did two hours ago and we're going to be some sort of a master of the cosmos!!

To highlight this condition consider how we, as easy as breathing, pervert even the idea of a Golden Age.

The Avatar is gonna wave His wand and we're all gonna be changed from the sow's ears we are into silk purses!! Yee-haw! Lord have mercy!

How ignorant is this? How fucking polluted it this!

In case anyone thinks I'm separating myself from the herd as some advanced being or guru type, all I can say is this..

I'm advanced all right. Advanced to the point I can see, hear, feel and mostly smell just how awesome I really am.

How in God's name(s) could it be a Golden Age if there's even a one of me hanging around stinking up the joint?

But Then Again..

brokenbeat said...

Thanks, Homer, for your's and other's words of wisdom -- much appreciated from this yogi striving to be more of a devotee.


John V.

Anonymous said...

BG 4:8
paritranaya sadhunam
vinasaya ca duskrtam
sambhavami yuge yuge

In order to deliver the pious and to annihilate the miscreants, as well as to reestablish the principles of religion, I advent Myself millennium after millennium.

The Lord has many agents who are quite competent to vanquish demons.

yasya nahankrto bhavo
buddhir yasya na lipyate
hatvapi sa imal lokan
na hanti na nibadhyate

One who is not motivated by false ego, whose intelligence is not entangled, though he kills men in this world, is not the slayer. Nor is he bound by his actions.

antinomian soteriological slayer and angelic reaper: Virabhadra, the auspicious warrior:

All the love light and piss bleaters, bray your smug self righteous masqueraded cowardice and imagined superiority to yourself.

@the gardener
Stop being a hypocrite, speaking of how wonderful your son is while telling other young women NOT to have children. A good kick in the balls or a kick in the conscience is what you need to be redeemed of your stupidity.

While the... circle of awakened/awakening - it's comparative - minds here is rather exemplary for the present kali shit yuga, it is not, I am sorry to say, free from ignorance, hubris, and circle sucking, a fine line though marked difference from, camaraderie and encouragement.

If a man is filthy but is in the shower, what is the use of criticizing him? He is already in the shower.

That doesn't mean I won't do you the kindness of cuffing you when you heehaw some fluffy inanity, and I hope I am shown the same mercy when I do, if ye can. My teachers have on occasion cut me with words, pitilessly and publicly, and punched me in the mouth when I err'd.

The sadhu cuts, mercilessly, through ignorance with sharp words of truth.

If you can't handle it, stay the fuck out the kitchen.



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