Tuesday, June 25, 2013

On the Cusp of Irrevocable Change.

Dog Poet Transmitting.......

May your noses always be cold and wet.

A tired and bedraggled Visible arrived back at the hacienda a couple of days ago. Susanne stayed until Monday. Mr. Visible found himself in a position similar to Roberto Duran, throwing up his hands and saying “No mas, no mas”. There is probably some debate going on somewhere as to whether he actually meant, “No mass, no mass”, in case a funeral became necessary, following his match with Sugar Ray Leonard, who was to boxing what Manitas de Plata (little silver hands) is to flamenco. My opinion is that Cassius Clay had the fastest hands I've ever seen, though I've heard it said that Mike Tyson (no relation to Tyson chicken products), could throw 2 punches in under a second. Still, physics says that the smaller weight classes would have the quicker punches, given what physics would say on the matter; digressing before there is even something to digress from, Or maybe not).

Anyway, the presently, very weary, Lords Visible had a good time, bobbing and weaving through the mix. We went a day early for the festivities, which is something different for me. Every time before, we went the day of the fire. The fire was exquisite like it always is. Beno, his son Adam, along with Waldemal and others, did a bang up job, as usual. Beno is a very gifted artist, who works with a chainsaw. Even though Mr. Visible had his camcorder with him, he failed to take a single picture or to record a single event; spaced out entrepreneur that he is. Thankfully others did these things but weren't around for Mr. Visible's extemporaneous collaboration with the French guitar player. We will stop not doing that in the future and... once I can get pics emailed, I will post them in a coming Origami.

We danced and sang to the drums of a tight knit group of percussive hands, presided over by the maestro, Coren Fischer. Earlier we had engaged in a very rewarding tandem of myself and said French guitarist (name unknown but that is typical of me probably “Pierre”-grin). We'll fix it in the mix down the road. It felt great to cut loose after some number of years not doing so, from a lack of ability to see the opportunities. I was invited to stay and perform, but I was that dog poet tired that I didn't figure I'd be much good, had I done so.

These events are attended by a very high quality of human being Given the people who put it on, Beno, Karen and their extended family, it's a logical presumption that those attending would possess the same class and generous open heartedness. People come from nearly anywhere, so you get a polyglot of languages and lifestyles. Some number of them were very interested in coming to see whatever results from Mr. Visible's potential migration to South America. It looks like the general interest, generated by this happening is going to result in a good number of people, giving consideration and scrutinizing the consideration of their own migration as well. We appear to be not lacking in a cadre of very talented individuals, in all sorts of fields of expression. Should it be good to go and gone, it should prove rewarding and very successful. We have available, around 150 hectares, or 425 square acres, for the ridiculously low price of around a hundred thousand dollars. This includes various sized streams, with a number of waterfalls; a pristine environment with a 365 day growing season. One of our fantastic readers, is our liaison to this potential wonderland, for all kinds of good and productive ventures. I hope any readers, possessing the requisite humanity and a desire to relocate, will consider collaborating with me on a collective purchase of this land. I'll be headed there in a few months and you can give it a looksee too, or simply contemplate the video tour and voice over that will be the predicted fruit of this effort. Hopefully it will be both interesting and amusing. I'm in no position to provide lodging but I'm sure a tent and basic accessories, might possibly be possible, or other options. Since I've never been and don't know what is or is not there; like Edward Snowden (grin), I can't speak to anything besides the likely potentiality that I will be there (or be square).

Things are seriously heating up in the world so... one can surely wonder what world there will be in a few months. I have this overwhelming sensation that life as we know it will change this year. It will never be the same again, as it never was after Israel did 9/11. This time though, I think it will be exponential by comparison. For those paying attention, which is not, by any stretch, the majority of us; 50% of us are just trying to survive from one day to the next. We forget this reality, not being exposed to it (most of us, anyway). However, increasingly, in America and other places, once known as The First World, you can see it appearing on the sidewalks and streets of most urban terrains. It's truly disturbing. With that, is coming a serious increase in crime and the main cause of the new crime epidemic is illegal immigration. This is not by accident. This is by design. It may be hard to accept that The Satanic Elite, would actively pursue a country destroying policy like this but... they are. A total Nodwell/Nimrod, first name Traceeey or something like that, took me to task for the use of the word 'illegal'. This is the kind of uninformed, politically correct ignorance that is possibly the greatest danger to civilization that there is. These incestuous and insular brain dead, live in a world cushioned from reality by privilege and denial. They truly believe that embracing the most liberal and unregulated policies, is somehow going to insure a greater pervasiveness of democratic principles around the world. They never tumble to the fact that Political Correctness, is a direct offspring of Marxism. The moment someone opens their mouth around me and begins spouting that 'all inclusive' multicultural nonsense, it impacts on my system like rap music and I literally have to flee the room, or wherever it is happening to anywhere that is far from there.

I'm lucky in that neither of these things show up in any way where I can't change the channel immediately and where I seldom encounter it in any case. Some how there is a magnetic, same pole, repulsion, that keeps us at a remove from each other. I thank my lucky stars that the cosmos has seen fit to isolate me, from the general idiocy and mayhem ,of the programmed and brainwashed. When present, however rarely, it impinges on me like a tedious and stupor inducing Chinese water torture. I consider it the cultural equivalent of carbon monoxide poisoning. This is one of the reasons that I reflexively reject nearly every philosophy and creed without thought. My theory is that whatever is valid, will show up regardless of my rejections and I will know it is valid by its unique ringtone.

Personally, I am about to embark on the greatest, sweeping changes in my life, such as has not occurred in decades. In all of our lives there comes these moments when we have finally arrived at a place where we can let all number of things fall away and fade away. A good sign of this pending, is when various things begin to occur all on their own. It's then that you know you have the cosmic wind at your back and will not be struggling against those retarding counter forces, whose presence are usually an indication that it's not time yet. That is a problem for so many of us. We are unhappy with ourselves and we want to be different. We rail against our shortcomings and limiting energies that are always going counter to what we believe we really want. We can't understand why it is so hard to change; why it seems impossible to change, as we keep sliding back down the slippery slope, into the grasping hands of the past.

I'll never forget what Guru Bawa said to me some decades ago, when I told him I wanted to surrender. He said, “No, not you, you do not surrender. You fight and fight and fight and when you can no longer fight, then you surrender”. Yikes! Still, it has proven to be true. When I was in one of the most desperate situations of my life, a friend of mine, the artist, Michael Green, went to Bawa and told him about my situation. Bawa said, “Oh, he'll be fine, he has just chosen another path”. Though I was generally persona non grata at the ashram, along with Kenny O'Brien, Bawa was always gracious to me and said things to me that he never said to anyone else. This also was the source of a great deal of resentment toward me. Some of that has not changed till this day. Some of us are just meant to be controversial and polarizing. It doesn't matter what we do, or how important harmony with our surroundings might be to us and for me that is possibly my most important drive; for some of us, none of this matters. We are what we are and conditions are what they are and... for reasons, often unknown to us, we operate in an environment of conflict generation and conflict resolution, in pursuit of an end to them. For some of us, tempering and refining in the crucible of experience is how it is. Some of us don't seem to need this, or, in too many cases, it won't do any good anyway. The one thing any sane person should fear above all, is when the ineffable pays no attention to you, good or bad. That means you've been given up on for the purpose of this lifetime. That would make me tremble with fear, yet, yet... for many, they are quite content to be left on their own and not interfered with by some annoying invisible force.

It is true that for some small number of us, an epiphany can occur that irrevocably reshapes our world forever. I imagine there are some who wait upon this. That is not a good game strategy. Regardless of setbacks and failures, it is the slow and steady persistence that wins to the goal. This can and does make up for all manner of weaknesses and inconsistencies. No truer words have ever been spoken; “If you don't give up, you cannot fail”. That is something to keep in mind, especially in those times when all the world seems gray and threatening. The news is not good; the Zionist orchestrated war against Syria is looming. The economic collapse is now in progress; the duct tape no longer holds. The dick (head) tator in chief is getting hammered with exposures of criminal behavior and outright treason. The public around the world is revolting;. This all indicates the certainty of false flags and wider war on both foreign and domestic fronts. Madness is afoot but... if you have not gone mad, chances are you will remain on your feet. Let's hope so.

End Transmission.......

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dirtykid© said...

Welcome back Visible,

That land deal sounds interesting, though i suppose it would be helpful if I had more than two red cents to rub together... Not that Canada makes red cents anymore, which is why I sometimes add them to my wallet. I love the glares I get from cashiers who've seemingly already forgotten that these were legal currency a few months ago. If that makes me a shit disturber, so be it, still better than a shit for brains any day of the week.

I suppose, if I manage to sneak back into the rat race unnoticed by whomever is playing the part of bouncer any given week, I'll have a goal with stuffing the mattress for.

Otherwise I'm left with plan B: hiding out in the woods.


Visible said...

A great many of us here are hiding out in the woods, metaphorically and literally.

Anonymous said...

A hundred people each kicking in $1000.

That's a small-scale version of how the filthy rich filth do it in order to stick it to us.

Time for some stickback, in our own small way.

I can scrape up a 1000 bucks..


Chinese Sneakers said...

Thanks for keeping the light on, bro. What you do is priceless to me.

And in regards to what you have written today, i just wanted to add how i heard Rivero recently opine that there seems to be a race on between global financial collapse and full-scale nuclear war, and we're watching the final stages of it unfolding right now.

And, i also think that, if that country makes sense to an intel. insider like Snowden, well, then, ...it's worth a look for sure. Then again, i do believe we can make it in the woods, too (grin).



Anonymous said...


Full-scale nuclear war is bad for business. A much more limited, focused 'problem solving' application of said nukes or perhaps a bit of bio and/or chemical just might spice things up, as far as the goals, benchmarks, flase flags and other assorted machninations of TPTW are concerned with.

One of zio-goals is to disrupt alliances. Another is to weaken via internal political discord, if not outright armed strife.

Think in terms of India-Pakistan, Iran-Israel, Israel-Russia....The U.S. is little more than a zombified hulk at this point. The ziofreaks say 'jump' and the U.S. govt says 'how high, sir?'. Obama, Hillary, McCane, Kerry et al ad nauseum fill the role of the gimp in the movie Pulp Fiction.


Anonymous said...

i can scrape a thousand too!

Visible said...

And who could ever forget the gimp in Pulp Fiction?


Yes, as far as that land goes I have not the slightest doubt that we can get the money together; keeping in mind that you still need some kind of an income to sustain and prosper. However, I have some fantastic ideas concerning that end and so do some others of the readers.

My thought has been to put together a 'hui', like they have on the Hawaiian Islands, where some number of people pool their resources to buy the land and then you divvy it up. I'm thinking the selection of who gets which parcels should come on a first served basis, or by lottery but I'm leaning toward the early bird gets the worm..

I expect we will put aside a parcel in the middle of so many acres to be designated common property.

I STILL have not called Patrick (another Patrick) about his interest in purchasing a parcel (3 weeks now). That's how it goes sometimes but... it's early days yet. Anyway, it CAN BE DONE! In some fashion it WILL BE DONE! and I think it will prove to be the most rewarding and enriching experience of our lives. Most of us, by now, know what the mistakes are... or we should. We definitely should.

dirtykid© said...

the gimp was the best 15 seconds of the entire movie :D

Just caught an interesting tie-in to the topic of acres of arable land. http://shiftfrequency.com/michael-sweeney-revolt-against-mongressanto-gmo-crops-torched-in-america/

Seems to me that there might be some kind of corporate turf war happening between Sygenta and MySatan over who gets to pollute our DNA...

flyingcossack said...

is the world more interesting with one flavor, or with many flavors

how do we preserve those flavors

robert said...

These incestuous and insular brain dead, live in a world cushioned from reality by privilege and denial….

Thank you, Les, for another breath of air, transmitted in code across the constipated world!

Recently, I was blind-sided at my sister’s home; guard down for Easter dinner, I innocently questioned the pre-programmed presumption that no harm can come from making State-sponsored contact sports into an experiment in co-education in grade school!

The table of trained rats attacked me ad hominem! I was the cypher of “evil”: a highly intelligent, non-zionist white man!

Ignoring the fact that my inquiry came from a place of concern for young psyches, I was an instant heretic due to questioning the State’s party line. To dare to assert reason apparently insults Big Sister and all of her mindless adherents!

Temporarily violating one of my operating principles (never engage in intercourse with zombies) I was on the defensive because, so-called friends of the family AND family members were thrilled to gang up on someone (anyone! What a great sport!), to proudly express their State-programmed mind-control in action! In unintended irony, this gang intervention to convert the “wicked individualist” back to the religion of the State is intended to pass for a regressives’ form of secular tough love!

Try to grasp the absurdity of the zombies, castrated, lobotomized and conformed, being empowered by their MEdiaMatrix handlers into being super-sized busybodies, just like they were trained to act in their practice prisons!

Trained by the dark lords to dog the children of the light, to hyena the people of the heart, to ridicule the lovers of eternal wisdom, in the guise of “helping”!

Efficient strategy of the elite stew makers: Let the willfully ignorant exercise self-righteousness in infantile egotistical indulgence, with full cult approval, and bring anyone more awake down to the level of the regressives (equal conformity under the elites), and do a smack-down by proxy, of those awake and present, to further delay the planetary awakening!

The ultimate grade school/junior high school fantasy fulfilled: A no-risk put down of anyone with more to offer or perceived to be higher than one’s self, where the masses cheer and Big Brother/Big Sister beam with pride!

In a degraded cult, such as we currently experience, the mass force of regression to the mean is highly amplified to the point where the slightest sign of intelligence or spirit makes for a high contrast target, allowing even the most dumbed-down zombie to be capable of the minimal pattern recognition and of placing an ego-stroking phone call to whichever heart-less bureaucracy is convenient.

We learned in practice prison (government indoctrination center) that the behavior most favored, the game with the most rewards is:
"Conform your neighbor as your self!"

You get the most points for identifying "diversity" from the party line then betraying non-conformists to the party line to the "authorities". [In grade school, girls master this one first!]

After all, it requires more effort to learn to see and think clearly, to set your mind free and to create something useful to your fellow human than to spy on your "crew"; much easier to police your fellow prisoners, self-stroking your ego under the approval of your warden!

The measure of the success of the cult's indoctrination is that, the greatest threat to freedom is not directly from corporate gangs with guns, but indirectly from your soul-free neighbor exploiting the State’s eco-system of bureaucracies-of-conformity to sic the dogs of social oppression upon you!

The ferocity of the mindless attack from family/friends shocked me! I stepped on a bouncing betty before I knew I was in a battlefield! Fool me once, etc. From now on, no one gets a free pass into my space....

Confirmation of deep wisdom which survived scriptural lobotomizing:
And a man's enemies will be the members of his household. (Matthew 10:36)

Visible said...

Uh huh. I find sarcasm works pretty good for me; some times they even catch on that I'm being sarcastic (wonder of wonders). Nothing makes them crazier than when you are offhandedly dismissive, except perhaps being satirical, blowing something absurd out of proportion and into the realm of the ridiculous. That tends to make their cartoon reality indefensible. They try to retort but the air has gone out of their balloon. After that they avoid you like the plague; "Oh happy day". (grin)

geobro said...

vis where i live in scotland 1 acre costs $100.000 grab it man count me in on an acre got tent ready to r&r

Rob in WI said...

If you haven't, check out "This Perfect Day", by Ira Levin. A translation or two of "The Protocols of the Learned Elders of Zion", might also help in trying to fathom what we're experiencing. TPD is the wet dream of the zionist/NWO control freaks, and PLEZ is the plan. It's 100+ years old, and they've been making adjustments, but the strategy has been pretty consistent.
Anyhow, thank UNI, and be well sir, Rob

Visible said...

We're getting major response on that S.A. land thing so, any and all interested should email me with amounts and particulars and I will communicate with my principal later today. I got to go pick someone up now.

Anonymous said...

The idea you have about living in the community you would build in South America sounds very ideal. I chased that ideal here in Australia a few years back to a lesser extent, purchasing land with my wife and two small kids and carrying out our ‘Exercise in Sustainability’. It has been tough, though not because of the hard work, long hours and steep learning curves – mostly because of a failing relationship and a community that looks one way but is not really there (you know where that is). Or you could say that the forces have all but beat me in the end.

But! I still have some reserves and the game is not over for me, even though it has felt that way.

I would like to hear more about your ideas in South America. Without knowing a lot about what may be involved, I could see this –

Selling up and having the funds to buy in – if I was suitable. Shipping my Ferro gear in the container - that would build Water tanks, Domes, Underground Cellars, Artificial Rock – almost anything, bringing my horticulture and permaculture experience, and my general bush skills along too.

I have had to return to playing music again due to physical wear and tear, but am still a young sprout, that with a few helpers could do anything practically doable.

Love to hear more about your dream as it may evolve. Dreams are real.

Aaron Ward

Visible said...

A new Smoking Mirrors is up now-

Of Ring Pass Nots, Animated Shits and Positive Ends.

Kathryn M said...

Thank you,Vis for your inspiring writings. I am very interested in S.A. possibilities.
Have been wanting to put my pension $ to good use and help support others in community setting with awakening individuals .Simple ,sustainable living,...
Interested in finding out more.
Much love & blessings

Anonymous said...

"Political correctness is the sullen revenge of the spiteful, intolerant, and ill-willed dunce upon all the liveliness in this world. It is no more than the humorlessly insincere resort of minds so mediocre that, for them, a revival of Stalinism is preferable to the pain of a glimpse of self-it is the last sigh of the beast that Nietzsche identified as resentiment."

Visible said...

A new Petri Dish is up now-

The Excrescent Efflorescence of the Flowers of Evil.



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