Saturday, September 06, 2014

Dancing with Lord Aya amidst the Wonders of the Apocalypse.

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ISISSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSS... SSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSS.... Precioussssssssssss. So... I been thinking. It's a habit I picked up a long time ago and I can't seem to shake it. I know it's pretty much out of fashion these days and can even be a social liability at times. I've seen people ostracised for being caught out at it. “How come so and so doesn't come around anymore?” “What? You didn't hear? He's been thinking. He even admitted it" "What was he thinking about?" “Don't know, he wouldn't say. Remember how he used to go around with his forehead all scrunched up and we thought he might be constipated?”“Yeah...?” “turns out he was thinking... .” ”That's... that's uh... really not good news.” “Yes... it is. so you can see why he hasn't been around lately. What if the kids found out?”

Yes... you have to protect your children. There are things out there in the world ... and not only in 'this world' but elsewhere that can have a serious impact on your children. There are things that can change them forever; things that can near permanently remove them from your sphere of influence. Some of these things are deadly that will eat away at all of the things that you hold dear. One of those things is the truth. There are few that are of greater danger to the stability of a society and its essential building block, the family, than the truth. The truth is like that genie you let out of the bottle, the cat that gets let out of the bag, the skunk in the middle of the road, only it smells much worse than that.

The truth is a notorious enemy of both tradition and the established social hierarchy. If this were not true then why would it be banned from the educational system? Why would it be persona non grata in courtrooms around the world? Why would it be against the law in many countries and guaranteed political suicide for any politician foolish enough to engage in it? Why would nearly every established religion go to such lengths to conceal it?

Every color and kind of pornography the mind can imagine is readily available and none of them... none of them are considered more profane and reprehensible than is the truth. Lies are the established currency of the age. The truth... the truth will get you killed.

They say that lies will destroy a marriage but the harm the truth can do is so much greater.

Think about it (but don't get caught). When was the last time you told someone what you really thought of them? I'm talking about in a good way AND in a less favorable manner. On the one hand, the results of your vulnerability can be excruciating. On the other hand, there's no telling what the consequences might be. Consider this... how many rich and successful people do you know who are in the habit of telling the truth with any degree of consistency? Doesn't the truth actually run counter to every aspect of successful business practice?

I've had some interesting images running through my head lately and one series of them has to do with potentials for resolution to this compacted load of tens of thousands of kinds of multi colored weasel shit. Though it is not as evident to most as it may be in fact, it should be obvious to the trained observer that despite all the 'in your face' power demos being exhibited by the temporary elite, their infrastructure is cracking at the seams. It's been some while since much of anything went well for them or according to plan. This is why the looming false flag has taken so long to come about. They know they are under the microscope and should their efforts go awry, as nearly all of their efforts have in recent times, they will find themselves in the glare of the spotlights with something other than egg on their face.

If... as it appears to any competent and trained observer, their nefarious plots consistently keep going bottom up, it is to be expected that this trend will continue and it should be more than evident that something... something is messing with them. I was told in Italy a few years ago that this was going to happen. I was engaged in a four day tête-à-tête with Lord Aya and he was pretty much well past emphatic in the way it was described to me.

Let's employ some simple logic here. Simple logic isn't something that is much in favor these days because simple logic can all too often lead to simple truths that can lead to social disenfranchisement. Simple logic says that if something large and complex is falling apart; if seams of light are appearing in a formerly uniform darkness, it implies continuance of the same. Do things that are falling apart generally repair themselves? No. if they are repaired they are repaired by those with significant investment in them. What are the results of the actions of those with significant investment in the darkness of this hour; the darkness which has perpetuated for a considerable length of time? Their actions appear to be hastening the demise of the very thing they seek to prop up. If the usual policy is not questioned by those employing it, this means they are content with the ongoing status quo of their long term modus operandi.

I could add other arguments here but I am personally convinced of the hand of the ineffable in all things and in this time of the apocalypse, all that is contrary to the good of all is turning on both the competition and itself because all things work for good for those who love the ineffable. Meanwhile we see a steady continuance on the part of the workers of light. Though there are many who choose to remain asleep, there is a noticeable increase in the power and presence of those engaged in causing awakening and awakening proliferates and expands as the world situation worsens. It could be... it could be that the whole jury rigged, duct taped and Krazy glued operation of the servants of the Dark Lord, simply gains an ever increasing speed in the direction of its own demise. It might just fall apart all around us and the undertow, the sucking current takes the evil and the stupid down at the same time.

Consider this... if you are fast asleep and programmed to move in accord with all of the worst possibilities that are in expression by those who are the primary deceivers, when the world changes into something indefinable by the minds of those who sleep in dreams of delusion... can there be any place for such as these in the new world to come? No. Their own internal mechanisms will not accept the emergent conditions and the emergent environments that will play host to this new world. It could well be that there will manifest apertures that lead in every direction that is possible for each and every GPS so programmed to its predictable end. Observe the process and result of any series of continuously repeated actions. If Kansas City is the logical outcome of a particular route plan, Kansas City is the unavoidable destination that occurs. If it is somewhere else, somewhere else is where you get. If you don't pay attention while crossing the street, you might skate by for some period of time but... eventually... something large and moving at impressive speed is going to interface with your unconscious crossing. It's simple math. The whole thing is simple and all it requires is an easily acquirable selection of abilities; objective reasoning, a proper value system and the right intentions. Certainly certain virtues of character are always welcome. One can gain these by loan and by grace; should you have the capacity to petition the proper authorities.

Yes... the whole wonderful one horse shay (Satan being the chief architect) could well collapse before our eyes and take with it everyone whose investment in it is greater than their capacity for change. If you can't change, you will die. Truly strange things are afoot. Russia making peace with the corrupt Kiev regime; what's that all about?

Consider all of the things that have gone wrong for the despoilers and deceivers. We are truly looking at wheels within wheels and keep in mind that there are many competing entities and each and every one of them will do whatever they can to defeat the interests of the rest of the competition. It could be that the new world, even as these words are written, is coming into flower all around us and within us, though we may not yet have the new eyes to see it with and that is why one must strive to see. One must relentlessly inquire within themselves, “Who am I? Who am I” One must study the elusive awareness within with their own awareness, such as they may understand or be aware of it.

There is nothing in this world that will bring us low unless we bend and incline toward it and sacrifice our balance as a result. There is no power in the world that is as great as the power within us, should our faith in that interior power be greater than our 'faith' or 'fear' in the permutations of the power of the world. Fear is just another form of faith. The difficulty inherent in our lives is the result of being conflicted AND what does that force, called The Devil specialize in? It specializes in division and discord, division within us and discord with the world around us. We come into conflict with the world when we are in conflict with ourselves. You might well ask here, “Well, okay, visible but what about that living in all things contrary to the world? Doesn't that lead to conflict too?” It leads to the occasional appearance of it but as has been formerly stated, there is no power in the world or in appearances that is as great as the power within you, should you be capable of sourcing it. “If god is for me, who can be against me?” Words to live by, words to live by.

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Anonymous said...

Suc truth, Vis.
Some of those who already believe for a better world are stumbling and wondering at the wisdom of Broad Daylight Awareness.
Posts like this one keep me going,helping me retain the ability to encourage those who stumble. We all need each other more than ever now.
Thank you for your work.
Much love to all,
PS; Mr. Apocalypse is making regular appearances here in Houston. Didya read the latest on the O'Steens? Victoria opened her mouth and stepped right into a big pile of steamy manure metaphorically speaking. This, on the heels of the 'theft' of $600k from Lakewood church back in March. Going to Hell in a handbasket comes to mind.

Anonymous said...

"There is nothing in this world that will bring us low unless we bend and incline toward it and sacrifice our balance as a result."

Excellent, vis - essential stuff. Thank you.


Ray B. said...

(Catching up...)

Coruscant L'amore / Gene, September 05, 2014 9:21:00 PM (SM)

Thanks for the lengthy response!

"I was curious what the 'no' from inside was in reference to, the first part of the question or the latter part of sticks coming apart."

I realize I constructed a confusing sentence. Sorry. The question was whether the 'corporation' thoughtform would ever have any actual 'life' to it. The direct answer I got from Higher Self was "No." So, there's no chance of having a Monsanto lifeform. Thoughtform, yes; lifeform, no...


"Those things that must be engaged will recur if they really must be dealt with, so I just watch for the repetition and then treat those things as real and try to find something practical to do about them."

I agree. The key is to watch, and then to do. Most people will avoid a 'confrontation' until the bitter end.

I noted a clear pattern in how my Higher Self does things. First, you get a tiny 'tap' like a gentle dream to let you know something is needing to be noticed or dealt with. If you do what is necessary, it ends there. If you don't, you get a more 'aggressive' stimulus like a 'heavy' dream. Again, if you do what is necessary, it goes away. Finally, if you ignore it, you get a sit-you-up-in-your-bed nightmare (or your house burning down, etc.). After experiencing a bit of each, I prefer to catch the 'cycle' as early as possible... (ironic grin)


"I think deeply, then I refuse to think at all. I'm still trying to determine which state is more useful. Its probably the oscillation between the states that allows either to exist at all."

I agree again. There's also evidence of an actual manifestation-cycle where you do all the heavy, thought-filled investigatory work (with accompanying emotions), get stymied, and then give it up to all-God for solution & release it. Then, you think no more about it. Usually works like a charm, although you may get what's really needed rather than what you imagined...

Best Wishes,
Ray B.

Ray B. said...

Vis: "One must relentlessly inquire within themselves, 'Who am I? Who am I'"

Vis, are you a Vorlon? (grin) In perhaps my favorite science fiction TV series, "Babylon 5," there are two 'super-races' contending for the galaxy. They both achieved consciousness Billions (yes, 'B') of years ago, and make later space-faring races look primitive. One, the Vorlons, always asks, "Who Are You?" The second, known only as The Shadows, always asks, "What Do You Want?"


Vis: "When was the last time you told someone what you really thought of them? I'm talking about in a good way AND in a less favorable manner."

Since I am well-aware that we are being 'farmed', I try to do it in a way that will least-benefit the farmer. That requires ME to really think about my responses, and to not plant a good one - even if I want to. I have to think about the 'big picture', and sometimes be really creative. To the best of my ability, I will NOT give the farmer any more pain to chew on...


Vis: "Doesn't the truth actually run counter to every aspect of successful business practice?"

I had a really big problem with this. Early, I realized that I would have to build up 'friendships' based on manipulatory practices rather than simple truth. I couldn't do this, so I have mostly avoided the business world. Higher Self has compensated to some extent...


Vis: "If... as it appears to any competent and trained observer, their nefarious plots consistently keep going bottom up, it is to be expected that this trend will continue and it should be more than evident that something... something is messing with them."

I believe that this is due to the top-down nature of the 'changes' taking place. Any higher-conscious being can 'mess' with a being of lesser-consciousness. Simple truth. Since the baddies' plans are being 'messed with', I take this as proof that mid-to-upper-level beings are now on 'our' side. After all, if you are sitting above SpaceTime, you can see it all and manipulate results to your heart's content...

Good column!

Best Wishes,
Ray B.

est said...

just want to say
i love all of you

seekers of the truth and finders we're the same

Visible said...

this was one of those posts where I thought there would be a lot of comments and I couldn't have been more wrong. I am nearly always wrong about which posts I think will spark a response and which will do less so.

Today was all brilliant sunlight, the way summer should have been but wasn't. I hadn't seen a day like this all year. there is a big annual festival in the town here today's and many thousands of visitors have swamped the place. I stayed away of course

I thought... maybe it was such a day everywhere and most people were just out and enjoying it.

Susanne convinced me to stay an extra 3 months here in order to get my permanent EU residency. Some strange force is keeping me in place for some reason. I feel like something is supposed to happen shortly and that is why I am still where I am. It looks like Hawaii is a go which is why you've heard no further appeals from me about possible landing zones. So... I don't guess it matters if it happens in a couple of weeks or at the end of November.

We'll have a new book to go with the new location. I think it's really funny but my sense of humor is not for everyone (grin). Around here it seems that many people don't even know when I'm spoofing, they take me so seriously. A new location, a new book and a couple of new CD's all slated for around the turn of the year. It's great to be so constantly engaged in the creative thing. I love it.

Just saw Jon Faveau's new film, "Chef". I'm a fan of his and he didn't disappoint. Great script given that he wrote it. He's really got that human touch. I didn't care for the alimentare ingredients but I don't eat that kind of thing.

Radio broadcast tomorrow night. Good night. Off to see what Morpheus has got for me. Sensational dreams of late.

Steven Gordon said...

The Kali Yuga can take you for a ride; if there's a next time you do go, take the horse with the buggy behind.

David Alan McBride said...

I couldn't respond to this post for 2 reasons.

1. I just finished reading it. Sorry, I've got my own version of swimming in unpredictable seas. Not nearly as entertaining as yours, however.

2. I have nothing to say. It's such a beauty that all I could think of is: fuckin' wow man!

Seriously bra. That first paragraph is pure jazz. It's a privilege share this world you and the rest of the commenters.

insiam said...

Hi Vis et al :)

Great words of wisdom as per ...

I asked in a prior comment 'what that thing with the wig was about'. Of course i knew it was a spoof and should have said 'hey what was that thing with the wig about .. hehehe'.

small difference but would have conveyed a different message :)

although i stand by the back ground Brer fox vibe :)

Just thought i would clear that in case you thought i'd lost my sense of humour :))

Unknown said...

This, on the heels of the 'theft' of $600k from Lakewood church back in March. Going to Hell in a handbasket comes to mind."

Carmen, what also comes to mind is the US puppet spokespeople saying they will follow their cut out created ISIS into hell. They are insane taken over Humans, by dark spirits.

Curtis Matthew Ellsworth said...

This one's a targeted message that goes out to dumb dumb elites that read these blogs and like to tap all phone lines and then not want to talk to someone "kind of" important, in a long- derailed scheme, to their satanic "ideals": anytime assholes??? It's recorded by me that I do care and do have a will to "perpetrate" some self-sacrifice, but since I've garnered no takers on that since October of 2010 amongst the flailing, failing satanists, and I've been being rather shitty with you set up mooks, I "guess" we'll take up our differences during and after the lifting of the main, dark veil and "voila"; you get what you fucking get for fucking with what you fucking with, dipshits! A promise is a promise about something as serious as no hell on Earth, hellians listening in. Are you not "priviliged" enough to know about calls being made? Did you dark, unwashed assholes know about the actual setup with literal Kingdom Come actually stepping in? How much shit did you evil dummies "need" to get into just to take it up with the actual Judges ALL THE MORE, not despite your spiteful, raunchy "efforts"? Oh, how this won't be too rhetorical, given it never was. So, do listen in some more, "spooky spooks", to that number: 999-9999. HA HA HA 'bout 'dat...! I cuss at them about "the deal" they made, and they can't even stay on the line and listen to me cuss at them some more, which will go on as long as I draw breath. Getting hung up on by the Dirtbag Satanists That Be Going Down often less than a minute into the one way confab starring me getting rather vituperative with the stupid, confused, frustrated-ass gangsters is rather telling. I don't want the release of such info to be a shot across the bow, so to speak, so don't be too surprised about the real identity of somebody trying to, for his tiny part, ensure that the truth gets out when it does, and that justice will be done. That's my "bald assertion". Oh, the "irony" of this when irony's a subjective emotion, depending on what experience you have in terms of expectations. So, you silly, gangster slime getting the old heave ho's not too ironic to this guy; part of ever-advancing storyline, you saps! Keep up the ANTI-good ideas, satanists, or GIVE IT THE FUCK UP! At any rate, issues are going to get "handled".

Visible said...

A new Smoking Mirrors is up now-

They Did It! They Do It AND... That's It!

Anonymous said...


Your swing is a monster. That one screamed passed the lone star and woke me up. Wonder if it landed in Sodom?

The truth is at this time, is supposed to get disciples killed. 1,260 days of testimony by the 2 witnesses and 42 months of Gentiles trampling the outer court yard. Some of us must match the script of our wailing brothers and sisters under the altar of the Lord of Love and Light.

If, this planet was supposed to have permanent structures and motifs to demons then the scars of their crimes would be larger than pyramids used during the second venture. Yes, the Grand Canyon, Mid-Oceanic Rift, Continental Rift, and other geographical tattoos are scars from the explosion of the under ground aquifers, but those were constructed by Mother in order to negate Satan's attempt to wipe us out and leave a planet for dust eaters only. It also was to give us a reminder that harnessing the first dimension/electricity for evil has consequences.

We have been invaded by the square when everything is made by the cross. They were pointing their beams to Saturn then and they are trying to again. It will never re-ignite and the planetoids around it will never again hum with the sound of life. Nibiru isn't returning because it didn't get to leave last time and is being held imprisoned within the heliosphere until our Lord creates a new heavens/solar system and earth = rebuilt back to original specs: 360 year, no tilt, no seasons, no aging, and the 12 Commandments shall be adhered to. He brought 2 during His ministry: Instant Karma or the Golden Rule and 7 x 70 Love and Forgiveness. See your brother or sister in the perfection they contain in your mind's eye. Fix it in your mind as with a sword and hold them in that perception and forgive until they grow into it.


Anonymous said...

Yes Vis, there is someone who has tested the very depths of Love. His genetic creation chose Barabbas after He proved who He was and that Father sent Him into flesh to decide whether we were finished then or the time-line could proceed. Jesus loved us so much He pardoned us to continue on, but with conditions, predictions, consequences, and promises.

There is a man named Bob Burgess who invented the Revelation Code. His understanding from the code is that he is the God of the Earth (with his code as the evidence) as well as some physical changes to his eyes and seeing UFO's. He also believes he was the snake or Seraphim in the garden that introduced angelic DNA into Eve and Adam because the highest IQ was 75 at the time. Claims it wasn't a crime, but permitted by Christ to boost evolution. He believes he was Alistair Crowley in his last incarnation. He believes that the New Jerusalem will be in the Arkansas River Basin. I have visited the site briefly. Various rock formations show characteristics of angelic, animal, and human features.

This has always been about principalities, powers, and spiritual wickedness in high places and not the flesh. The flesh is merely the container of the spiritual alchemy ~~~current~~~. Evil retards the physical and darkens the spirit. To bring it home to the light it must be purified through the afflictions of fire or destroyed there by. The choice is individual and not corporate.

What is evil? Breaking the 12 commandments. How do we know? Father is allowing Science to prove it under the microscope and Mother is proving it by devolving and species extinction. As a neutron sent from the positive side we are encircled by a negative web when we reach material world. With interaction in the sinful or negative world we devolve our next physical incarnation container. Hampering our next journey: "Live in your sin, die in your sin.". By turning from the offers of the world: power over another, sexual immorality, and gluttony then you are storing up treasures in heaven. "You are storing away rewards in your next life, when you help the least of you up." Father and Son promises to reward believers for their good works (Ephesians 6:8), including perseverance under persecution (Luke 6:22-23), caring for the needy (Matthew 25:34-36), treating enemies kindly (Luke 6:35), prayer (Matthew 6:6), fasting (Matthew 6:18), and generous giving (Matthew 19:21).

For over 2,000 years now Jesus gave us reincarnation to build up a positive ~~~current~~~ or negative ---current--- through our lifetimes and each of us has written our names in or out of the next time line (Book of Life) with Christ reigning. When a person seeks a positive relationship with the internal Son based on the 12 commandments a new person emerges and the medical scans prove it. Because healing is an internal decision first, with outside verification arriving as the fruit of your genetics is healed through surrender to Him and His code of conduct for living here; even though Satan controls the current system of illusion.

The 144,000 (12,000 from each race) whom never had intercourse through any of their incarnations will be the new genetic standard. It's why they sing a new song (DNA code) and become teachers and priests with Christ. Jesus has explained to me that the screening machines in transportation hubs are to find the 144,000 and not terrorists. Ok, Satan considers them terrorists. Have they caught any Al CIAduh? ISIL or the like? Why old, young and middle aged being screened from all races, creeds, and cultures?

The Bible is the Script whether people accept it or not. Soon, court will be in session and the scales/laws will be brought out and each persons crimes will be measured by the stripes against their Anointed RNA. The tip of that scale will determine whether one moves to the next stage or exit stage right.

Peace be with you,


galen said...

Could this proclamation be true? And if so, is it a small minority or a burgeoning norm? See:


Visible said...

A new Petri Dish is up now-

Fee Fi Fo Fum More Dead Lizards and then Some.



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