Wednesday, September 24, 2014

In the Garden, the Quiet Morning, Alone with the Speaking Heart.

Dog Poet Transmitting.......

May your noses always be cold and wet.

A few years ago, the holiday season might be approaching a couple of months from now and you could be looking forward to some amount of celebration with loved ones, in warm rooms, with bright lights and seasonal cheer. Life might feel good. Maybe you had a job and some money in the bank. You were probably hopeful for the future. I'm sure some amount of us were, if we lived in a First World country which most of the readers here did. The world has changed in stages since that time. It has become, increasingly more hostile, rude, insecure and a whole bunch of other things I don't have to list because we already know what those are. It was such a different world. After the Mossad/CIA attack on New York City everything changed. Now... holidays are those times when something bad might happen. Elections are bad times too; like the one coming up. The tide has turned but like all major changes in the life cycles of the cultures of the world, change comes slowly for the most part, except in those times when it comes swifter than anyone can imagine. Possibly both of those conditions exist in this present time.

There is no consistency in these times, except for the steady march into perdition of everything that seemed so solid and stable not so long ago. Many things seemed to be other than what they have turned out to be. So... maybe it was only illusions that we had, similar to the illusions upon which so many holidays are based. This is not to say that there was no truth at all in the supposed occurrences upon which these holidays were based, only to say that the reality was, no doubt, very different from the official stories. When one considers that events of mere days and hours passed are already circulated round the world as poorly constructed lies, does it not stand to reason that events of centuries and millennium passed would be largely untrue and horribly exaggerated?

Well, we have heard it often enough, even though we may be too hard headed to fully accept it; whatever there may be of truth, it is only to be found within. Looking for it outside yourself is going to result in a series of disappointments that will, eventually bottom out and drive one, willing or not, internally, in search of what cannot be discovered out here... or, as is usually the case, one simply stops looking and gets weeded out.

I have a good friend. He's one of the most solid and decent people I know. He's incredibly talented and gifted with a true understanding and generous heart. Lately he's taken a lot of hits to the gut. After all of this bad luck, the love of his life just walked out on him. Suffice to say, he doesn't know if he's coming or going. He will survive this and come out stronger than he went in because that is how he is made.

My last guest, in an act of malicious spite that had no motivation for happening, stole Susanne's car and house keys along with some amount of money from me. You look at things like this, things that happen without provocation and you have to shake your head and ask, “Why? Why?” Surely there is a 'why' but most of the time we don't know what it is.

I'm here when I wanted to be somewhere else. My body hurts most of the time because the weather has changed and Man! I am noticing it (grin). I am getting up every morning at 6:00 AM to drive 40 K to sit in a classroom for 4 hours of very intense immersion studies. I've got two months to go. It will get colder and no doubt, more painful but I'll just put my head down and continue. I could already be where I'm headed and not be feeling as I do. Sometimes I feel so incredibly tired and I don't know why. This is something new. Do I think about it? Stick it with a fork or hook it up to wires connected to a battery to see if it will come to life like a dead frog and explain to me why it is as it is? Nah.

When things are going heavy; when they move with a sluggish recalcitrance that mocks your every effort, those are the times when you find out what you are made of. These are the things that put steel in your spine. Surely pain is proof that you are alive and no matter how long and twisted may be the road, or how far past the point of what you thought you were able to bear it continues and continues then... you must continue too. If your heart is broken and the world has irreparably failed you... so what? Like Thomas said, “rage against the dying of the light!”

I have long been a student of true history and biographies so I know what others have endured and I find my concerns petty by comparison with many. As I linked at the Petri Dish comments, use this to measure your vain accomplishments by.

My poor injured friend will find his way. I am certain of this. I will find my way too and many of you against all odds will do the same. In the end it all comes down to what and whom we rely upon. If our faith is based on something sure and eternal, be it ever so unseen, our life will shine like a brilliant and radiant light, which no encroaching darkness can dim. It is no ordinary wind that fills my sails and that can be true of anyone. To the extent that your sincerity is true, to that extent so will be the love that bears you.

Every morning now, as I have begun to train myself, in the darkness of the morning, I rise into a conversation with my guardian and guide. I maintain this conversation for the whole time I am here and preparing to go. I enter my car and it continues the whole way to my class. At my class I let my thoughts rise over and over to an interplay with the one who shepherds my course. Then I am in my car again and the conversation continues. I return to my temporary home and all through the day to this point that conversation continues. I persist. I force it. I run out of things to say so I talk about nonsense and very ordinary things... ANYTHING to keep the conversation going. When I lay in my bed tonight, that conversation will continue. I will awaken every hour in the night. This has been the rule for awhile now and the conversation will continue. It is incredibly wearying to press and be consistent in this, far past any effort previously made by me. When the heart and mind compete against the usurpation of new things and habitual patterns want to bring back the forgetfulness of interlocking moments, it can be so very, very tiring but one goes on regardless.

I talk fairly often about my conversations with my invisible friends. Perhaps ,many people believe I have always had this interaction; not so. It has only been in the last decade that this has been happening with any regularity. Prior to that, I could count on it happening should I consume psychedelic substances or in successful meditations but otherwise, no... It has only been through a gradual persistence, regardless of misfortune, opposition and occasional calamity that I have been able to realize a recurrent connection. All I can think is that maybe my misfortunes have been due to a lack of intensity on my part to reach the indwelling. Certainly I will now find out if this is the case.

Sooner or later, each and every one of us, will at some point, find ourselves asking (should we survive to that point), “what have I done with my life?” Sooner or later the time will come when we will wake up in the middle of the night or in the hours before dawn and find a constant flow of images moving through our mind that present themselves like the movie of the life we have lived. In some cases this will lead to bouts of terrible regret... despair and remorse as we view our lives of quiet desperation.

One day follows the next. Perhaps we think that our moment of service will simply appear at the appropriate interval. Maybe we think it's all Karma. Maybe we think it's all unimportant and you're only here the once and after that... nothing. Mr. Bent out of Shape, Steven Hawkings just declared thatthere is no god. My first thought is, “How can someone supposedly so smart be so arrogant and stupid?” I'm not saying he should or shouldn't believe. What I am saying is that a truly intelligent person knows when to say, “I don't know.” Now... I personally know there is a divine being. I know this. Many things I do not know. This, I KNOW and I have had it proven over and over and over again. I am a very very lucky man. I am one of the luckiest men on Earth. It is how I am able to bear everything that comes at me. There are NO RICHES on Earth, nor do all the riches on Earth put together, compare to simply knowing there is a divine being and more importantly, knowing the utter insignificance of your own being in respect of it, which, leads to that beautiful humility that is possessed only by the wise.

Let the winds of ill fortune blow! Let all matter of calamity come and go! Let loss be piled upon loss! You will not take from me the one thing of value and that is my love of the one who brought me to the point where I can in abject awe, contemplate the shining and eternal existence of the inexplicable and inexpressible... there is no one of this whole planet that has more than I while appearing to have nothing at all.

End Transmission.......

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est said...

i am, too

est said...

i meant, also, of course
i was conceived out of love

by my parents, through god
then it all went to hell [family wise]

i imagine many story's
are similar in the telling

i am alone now, absolutely, completely

except perhaps through the
web, we have spun, for ourselves

Anonymous said...

Hi Vis

Seems to me you are talking bout faith, not a faith, the very mention of which turns most people off. There is a world of difference here, Q have I got a faith? A 'No'; have I got faith? 'Yes', whether that is faith in oneself, or humanity, or that which just IS... indescribable etc. It is most certainly not something to be identified, labelled, stuck in a wee box, enclosed, and forgotten! And the paradox, for me at least, is that the strongest faith is in that that IS... least tangible, weaker is my faith in humanity which is at times severely tested when difficult to discern, and finally faith in myself... That which is most blindingly bloody obvious, being in my mirrored face, though gracefully not all the time.

There's another word lest used and, more importantly, felt. ... Grace... As in there but for the grace of.... that that IS... go I! And we indeed

May good times roll for you

Atb, Ian of Solihull

wiggins said...

I am inspired by this truly great human being Dekho Bhopal....I am not worthy!

Eudoxia said...

The reason why Mr Bent out of Shape knows so much is that most of his ilk (I've worked with many) suffer from academia which is a far worse disease than possibly heart failure. PhDs are the worst. They think they are smarter than everybody else and everybody else is stupid. For them if you can't hit it with a hammer it doesn't exist is their mantra and anything you have to say is vastly insignificant and inferior. Hawkings just can't seem to get over the fact that shit happens to people. He's in victim mode and wants the whole world to suffer with him. In his world, God has forsaken him therefore there is no God. I doubt science has anything to do with his conclusion. It reminds me of that saying:
He who knows not, and knows not that he knows not, is a fool. Shun him.
He who knows not, and knows that he knows not, is a child. Teach him.
He who knows, and knows not that he knows, is asleep. Wake him.
He who knows, and knows that he knows, is a leader. Follow him.
Now not sure if I agree with the latter but the first 3 are reasonable but then what would I know..............

Anonymous said...

Rock on Les! Epic! Outta the park!
- Frankie

Anonymous said...


I just realized something due to a new spiritual practice i somehow found myself trying which is a simple blend of modern technology and the basic art of genuine, aspiring, bhakti yoga. I'll tell you all about the wonders of it soon (its really only an extension of practicising the presence of God - nothing new).

Anyway this practice is so valuable because it allows me to walk around day to day with a deeper feeling of the Presence of God than i have EVER felt before. And all because i simply am blending modern technology with bhakti. it was an original idea that came to me from my sweet dear Lord because i actually asked Him a few days before i began this practice a week ago, for an ability to feel His presence. I simply offhandedly asked it, didn't even get on my knees or anything, and two days later, i'm feeling so high on God it started to get scary (but in a good, spiritual way). Have u ever done that Vis, focused on God soooo fucking much that u feel like ur on a bit of acid??

Anyway, they say not to cast pearls before swine, and everyone has been given the Key to Heaven, yet still we don't open the door, so i will be emailing Vis my simple experiment that practically gave me 10 times the boost in bhakti practise, and anyone who is sincerely interested in allowing themselves to fade away into the emotional, loving and tearjerking Presence of His Majesty can then email Vis at

Alan from Perth, 21 almost 22

Visible said...

I believe that is what the post was indicating.

Jeffrey J said...

Mr Bent out shape might as well be weekend with Bernie as far as I'm concerned. Who has the remote control for his keypad? Who is his writer? The smartest man in the universe and his copy is "there is no God" what an anti God opportunity for newspaper publishers.

Thanks for being you Les. Thanks for working for the Light

galen said...

The annual dolphin slaughter is in process right now. I have for years tried to boycott countries that do bull-fights. Japan should also be boycotted until this horror stops. The tourist industry could make a real difference here. Sad, sad, sad!


galen said...

Jumping into the practical, Vis. Just a few thoughts after hearing your last radio broadcast regarding the body aching and feelings of tiredness. I was reflecting on your hip injury, and as severe as it was, it seemed to me that you had such a speedy recovery. Just my observation. I remember oral surgery that took over three years to fully heal and as I understand it, after age 50 (the metabolic rate being somewhat slower) the healing takes even longer. I know you are an optimist and likely brought yourself into a mind of wholeness and well-being; I'm just saying that maybe the body is still catching up. Breaking the hip is a major trauma. Much rest and recuperation needed. Yes, life is demanding, especially when one moves the nest two or three times in a few short months, but as I've had it told to me so many times, we have to prioritize as the direction of that old adage puts it: "As long as we have our health." In my family we used to make fun of our elders every time they said, "As long as we have our health." We'd repeat it to each other and laugh and laugh. Now I regret my mocking them and see the value of their words. Anyway, sharing this with all the love in the world and hoping it can help. Speaking only for myself: You are needed on this planet, and will be for many, many years.


insiam said...

920The big question for those of us that seek is - why are we here? The simple answer seems to be - to find out who we are. The answer is not to be found looking out as 'that is for appearances only'.

As Vis if fond of saying - 'somethings are worth repeating' :) The truth of who we are is to be found within. Look in my friends - look in!

Wow man! The verification thingy (please prove your not a robot) was:

106 God

(it appeared just like above and the God Lo was at the far left of the box with the obvious - what would be - next letters dissapearing off the page. The 106 appeared on what appeared to be a door and the 'God Lo ' on sort of wall plaque

Anonymous said...

From Ernest Holmes' "Creative Mind and Success":

"Man is the center of God in God. Whatever God is in the Universal, man must be in the individual world. The difference between God and man is one of degree and not of quality. Man is not self-made; he is made out of God.

The question might arise, why did God do this? No living person can answer this question. This is something that is known only of the Father. We might suppose that God made man to live with Him and to enjoy with Him, to be one with the Father. It is true, indeed, that those who have felt this most deeply have had a corresponding spiritual power that leads us to suppose that God really did make man as a companion. Man is the individual and God is the Universal. "As the Father hath life within himself." Man's mind is made out of God's mind, and all that man is or ever will be, all that he has or ever will have, must partake of the Divine nature. Man did not make it so, but it is so, and he must accept that face and see what he can do with it. If he has the same power in his individual life that God has in the Universal, then this discovery will mean freedom from all bondage when he learns how to use his power. As God governs His Universal world so will man govern his individual world, always subject to the greater law and life. This could not be otherwise if we realize what follows from it, for so realizing we find ourselves living in a very different world from the one in which we thought we were living. God governs not through physical law as result, but first by inner knowing -- then the physical follows. In the same way, man governs his world by the process which we will call, for want of a better name, the power of his thought. Man's inner life is one with the Father. There can be no separation, for the self-evident reason that there is nothing to separate him from God, because there is nothing but life. The separation of two things implies putting a different element between them; but as there is nothing different from God. the unity of God and man is firmly established forever. "My father and I are One" is a simple statement of a great soul who perceived life as it really is and not from the mere standpoint of outer conditions."

So... Is it true? Are we all just a bunch of little g's with the complete power to control our lives like big G (God) has power over the universe? It seem that's exactly what Holmes is saying. What are we waiting for? Time to stop the misery and start the Heaven. If you want to, that is.


Anonymous said...

What kind of jackass of a house guest acts like that?


Anonymous said...

Yes conceived out of love
What a ride we had
What a fall
What a beautiful world!
O Nature!
And music...Thanks to music!
Those vibrations touch directly my heart
And so does visible writtings
And some of readers comments!


If you cannot conform to the rules of the invisible jail that is society,
Worse if you start seeing the bars, and realize that the lead is in full view
They will say you have lost it!

The cuffs, collars and ties
You must wear...
If you want to be part of middle class
If you want to own a woman (marry)
You have to go through ritual
Of hanging your own self and wear the tie...

My sister was eating her nails so bad
She reminded me of a poor crazy parrot in his cage!
My friend was self harming
She liked to cut herself!
My other friend became obsessed with money and herself...
I became a junky...
Come on only animals in cage act so strangely!
Or monkeys who had no proper mum!

My wild side is coming back to the forefront...
I feel I am whole in one
Yes we are hole one- 0 1
Watchout Magi
LIke in the movie The Island of Doctor Moreau...
We will realign with god original plan


Visible said...

Jim; thank you for that. Holmes was an amazing fellow and he demonstrated the truth of his belief.

Galen; That may well be true. On the other hand, this weariness was more of the order of a form of weltschmerz. It's near completely gone now and for the past several days I have been living within an intensity of pursuit and focus that is greater than anything I am capable of. That is very reassuring. There is a calm and a conviction that the ineffable is on the approach from within and I have every intention of doing my part to maintain this. It is a thrilling experience. The dreaming has been of significance as well. I am feeling extraordinarily positive at the moment.

Love To Push Those Buttons said...

Most wonder why we are here. I have another question. Why did Source make bedbugs? I have a theory it was to prove humanity is NOT at the top of the food chain, but what do I know?

dave1010 said...

I know you don't care for compliments, but that sure is a beautiful song.

Anonymous said...


Yes, impoverishment, perdition. Truth is gone. What passes for Beauty is shite. There is lack of Goodness. Much is lies and people don't know it; OR, "everybody know and nobody tell." Can't tell which sometimes. Zombies. Apocalypse is maybe a step up. Dunno. Merry Christmas, Jingle Bells. Fall on your knees, O hear the angel voices. Sleep in heavenly peace. Over the river and through the woods. Come ye thankful people come. The harvest home has been purchased by Monsanto. I wish someone was reporting readings of what radioactive isotopes fell in the rare rainfall over the Sacramento Valley today. Grrr, rant.

Yet still I rise.



Visible said...

Thank you Dave. Truth be told I appreciate compliments and they have their uses, such as distinguishing better or more superior efforts. What I don't like is the tendency for people, including myself to over rate themselves as if ability in one area cancelled out a lack of finesse and awareness in another.

Vanity and self importance are two things that make me cringe and I try to be ever watchful that I do not fall victim to them. I remind myself every time I get a compliment., "Well that's nice, thank you (silently) BUT... BUT...then there's 'that' and 'that' and I could certainly improve that and THAT AND THAT!

Visible said...

A new Smoking Mirrors is up now-

The Hot Pursuit of Hamster Swine with the Treadmill Spinning Blues.

Anonymous said...

Don Viz,

In regard to praise of your work, you are quite simply an incredible writer (and I should know). We might not be in sync about everything with you but we tend to leave that stuff out because we love you and wish to encourage you, and we are not your mother. So I would neverever mention some things (for instance I would not mention: your divorce [what!!!! you let the fabulous Suzanne go??? are you mad???]; sports - you spend time watching sports!!!! blarf - but then Jesus liked sports according to the Urantia Book; you think you're poor - bwahahahaha [well, you are, but buddy you aint seen nothin' yet - no wait I take that back, you've been to India - in my world, someone who can afford movies and cigarettes is upscale]; people over 65 should not climb on ladders; you have a car [traitor]; and you are not a cat person). No, I would not want to mention these things. You deserve only praise and one day we're all goin' over the wall.



galen said...

I was thinking about the video the other day of the hero man in India who committed himself to feeding the hungry and in many other ways helping the forgotten. Then all these questions started popping up. Did he pay for the food out of his own pocket? Was there a grant from somewhere? He said he was Brahman so perhaps he was affluent. The questions came up 'cause I wanted to see myself in similar service but haven't the resources to take on the many. Someone once told me to just do what I can in my sphere of influence, but maybe it's up to each to expand his/her "sphere of influence." I guess it boils down to each doing what personal capability allows. I loved that man's spirt. Can only call it fearless compassion. I will look with wider eyes today.


Anonymous said...

Why would you say something like that Magdalena? All of that is a stretch and as far as I know he didn't leave anyone. He's right there at the moment. He explained that the separation came about due to his writing and the possible dangers it represents. Things change. That's life.

est said...

let her be

galen said...

So, I should not awaken the sleeping tiger?


But just for now.


est said...

not sure what's that's about
but i would suggest,

the tiger is always awake
it is us, that are asleep

Visible said...

A new Petri Dish is up now-

The Tweedle Dees and Tweedle Dums of the Dark Side.



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