Thursday, September 04, 2014

The Perpetuating Agony of Relentless Quest.

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Can there be any other reason for this monstrous charade? Can there be any other reason that these foul and deluded beasts are permitted to cavort with impunity across the stage of contemporary existence? Can there be any other reason than to test our resolve and try our faith, both in ourselves and whatever it is we have decided to believe in? We know, according to the mathematical conclusions of physicists that there is a divine being. What other conclusions can anyone come to when it is declared that the universe is 'thought born”? If the universe is thought born then there must have been a mind to birth it. How is it that everyone does not come to the same inescapable conclusion? Can there be any other reason than the necessity for the pursuit of self interest? Can there be any other drive than the need to set one's own will against that of the supreme will for no greater purpose than the fulfillment of appetite and transitory ambition?

It seems so incredibly clear to me that that which is hidden is hidden for the purpose of being sought after and that one is discouraged in their search to test their resolve. The degree to which one may be brutalized as a result of their inquiries is specific to each individual, however... if it is less difficult for some than for others at any particular point, you may be certain it was equally difficult at another time. It is the supreme task. It is the ultimate challenge of existence, that one must come up against the lures of the world and possess or acquire the necessary strength to overcome every temptation and obstacle.

Fortunate indeed are they who are born in those times when the light is incarnate in human form. They are in a position to transcend through the power of the one who has overcome the world. It is considerably more difficult to achieve liberation when one has no direct connection to source. Of course, one cannot have existence at all without a connection to the one but recognition and realization are not easy things to gain in a visceral sense. All of us are more or less intellectually aware of the integrity of different concepts but the visceral is an elusive thing. How... how do we gain that unshakable certitude?

I am convinced that some of us are able by inexplicable means to persist and continue against all odds, while others eventually fall away from the task or are sidetracked by attractions we find impossible to overcome. When I was young I had a number of friends with whom I shared a common love for the divine and a hunger for the unseen that drove us with a sustained passion from day to day. Time passed and I watched one friend after another become captured by the mundane. The day came when they could no longer even remember the fantastic things that had happened to us in our quest. I remember asking many times; “Do you remember when this happened?” “Do you remember when that happened?” Some of these events were epic. Sometimes they had a distant memory of what had happened. Sometimes they remembered none of it. I recall their attention jumping off to some immediate pedestrian thing, almost as some kind of reflexive defense against remembering. It made me sad. It still does.

I think of the people I have met since these blogs have been in operation. I remember close associations that implied a continuing and lasting relationship. I noted how quickly they were able to turn on one when their expectations weren't met. To this day... not one of them has relented when they gave into the fear of what might happen but never did. I've watched intimates of these locations, slip away into the night between one day and the next, never to return because they bought into the idea that spiritual reality had to conform to their idea of what is real. Yet... none of us know what is real. We only think we do.

Sometimes fear is the culprit. Sometimes it is ego. Sometimes it is some trial that came and broke their faith and they said to themselves, “doubtless there must be an easier way.” Whatever the case may be, one automatically becomes a target when they are set up, or set themselves up as a spiritual worker. Certain forces are loosed in an individual when they seek interplay with the source of all things. Each of us possesses a unique personality that can be favorably (or otherwise) compared to a stained glass window through which the light of Heaven shines. Except in rare instances, all of us have blockages and dark areas that inhibit the free passage of the light and all of this has to do with our respective levels of spiritual evolution. Whether the light is fully permitted to flow, or only flows to a degree, ones presence and being comes into conflict with traditional religious systems and those who follow them, as well as the dictates of governmental determinism, the state of the culture and a host of possibilities. For most, staying at a level of the highest personal integrity in this matter becomes an onerous task. Ergo... people compromise what they know or intuit to be true in order to maintain the appearance of harmony with the world around them.

I mentioned earlier that as we go, certain archetypal forces are activated in us and work autonomously, according to their native impetus and irrespective of any effort on our part to modify or reign them in. We vibrate. We resonate and... that impacts on the vibrational aura of others. It especially impacts on their subconscious nature and can make people uneasy and reactive without their even being aware of why that is. There are forces greater than what is human in us and they can affect both the lifeforms and environments that surround us. This results in reactionary behavior and also activates the flight mechanism in some. It's one of the reasons that hermits are hermits and the wise are known for keeping to themselves. You don't see them being interviewed on The View or the Today show.

Every kind of test is thrown at one when they seek to emulate, reflect or behave according to the will of the invisible hierarchy, because the will of that hierarchy is diametrically opposite that of the general pedestrian pursuits of the masses. If all the fish in the world are swimming one way, you find that you are swimming in the reverse direction. You find yourself walking in all things contrary to the world. It is no easy state to maintain and most don't. As has always been the case, you have to want it more than anything else.

When you become a vehicle for spiritual transmissions AND... this can happen regardless of your having plenty shortcomings and other drawbacks... when you become such a vehicle then all kinds of things can happen and some of them can be disconcerting for others. Having mentioned something like this in a recent post, one reader stated that both he and his wife are running into this same thing AND I got an email to that effect as well. You see... there is definite similarity in circumstances experienced by those of us who... for whatever the reason... have become conduits for certain energies that are intent on being expressed in these times of upheaval and chaos.

It is very important for the spiritual practitioner to understand that just because unfortunate events might dog their tracks on occasion, this phenomenon does not necessarily mean that we are going the wrong way or that we are bad people. Blessings come in many a disguise and often, at first, seem to be quite the reverse of a blessing. I broke my hip and this led to a serious upheaval in my existence. It didn't seem to be any kind of positive event BUT... since that happened, I have gradually come to notice some definitely positive changes in my being; things that were not there before. The manner in which the dogs here relate to me is dramatically different. People with whom I have had an occasionally difficult passage have changed in their attitude to me. They tell me I have changed. I don't see it but it must be so. Something went out of me when my hip gave way, something besides what got replaced in the physical.

For some time, I have experienced a sustained progression of negative events and extreme blockages in whatever direction I might attempt to go but... all of this has led to very positive conditions at the moment. We see so little in this glass darkly world. We think we know but we don't. We obsess about the world around us and our place in it, along with all the things we want but don't need. The New Testament has very specific things to say about how little we know and about what is expected of us, given our limitations.

Why do people have problems understanding and accepting the presence of the ineffable? They replace the object of their most valuable surrender with the object of their personal interests. This is the kingdom of self interest. On the higher planes there is little or none, or it is the appropriate form of it. Either you are guided or you are proceeding according to your own personal GPS. Every circumstance that comes out of such behavior is a lesson in the process of becoming. It is one more situation designed to wake us up and these situations intensify relative to the degree of our resistance and denial. The conditions of our mortality in concert with the aging process eventually bring us to our knees, one way or the other. It does not have to be like this. We make it like this.

However hard it may be for any of us at the moment, it will not go on forever. It is the intensity of the times combined with the pressing necessity for change that accounts for it. Shifting from one groove to another can be a trying affair. If the groove you have been in has been operating for any significant period of time then the likelihood of slipping from the new groove back into the old groove has a very high probability factor of repeating itself over and over and over again until... UNTIL the new groove is deeper than the old. Eventually the old groove gets filled in. One day it won't be there at all. Of course, one day, neither will we. Where we will be is the big question and finding the answer to that is of far far greater importance than anything else I can think of, given the inevitability of ones movement elsewhere. Preparing for this is also of far far greater importance than anything else one might feel inclined to prepare for. For some reason, it's just not that important to most people. They would know better than I why that is... or not.

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Anonymous said...




David Alan McBride said...

While reading this post, a number of thoughts occurred. 2 of which I’ll mention here.

The first is how I have responded to all the former friends, colleagues, blood family, lovers, etc., that I no longer have any association with. They are among the ranks of the mundane. Focussed fully in five senses. No space or time for what lies beyond/within. From their perspective I am certifiably crazy and irreparably broken. But what I said to these people, they never understood. I looked them in the eyes, unwaveringly, and said “I am not broken. I am not what needs fixing.” Over and over and over again to seemingly no avail. “I am not broken. I am not what needs fixing.” I do not believe this, I KNOW this with my entire being.

Another thought that occurred is the realization that far too few of us have come to: we do NOT exist upon this world to get a job to make money in order to pay bills and buy stuff. I haven not read a single holy book or sacred text nor heard a single avatar, savior, guru, sage or shaman state that our purpose for being in this world is to get a job to make money in order to pay bills and buy stuff. Not a single instance. But all of those wondrous books and people have been very verbose on why we are here and what we should be doing. They all seem to agree on one basic thing: Love God with everything you’ve got and let God take care of all the rest.

Thank you Mr. Visible.

missing munich said...

Vis, totally hit the nail on the head with this one. Thank you.

Anonymous said...

Thank you so much.

Josey said...


I'm still here and read most everything and appreciate all.

Trying, changing times indeed for me. Health concerns and long hospital stays in the not too distant past. O.K. now , but long periods of reflection, reconciliation.

Thanks, Josey

Anonymous said...

what do u think of this? Is Cobra, the beautiful Light Bringer, going to save the world?

Om Namo Shivaya Namaha

Brian Crossland said...

Much comfort here Vis.
When you feel the world is largely a madhouse, makes sense to walk the opposite way.
With Gratitude

Anonymous said...

Hi V & Everyone!
It's been a long time with not much to comment on as I have been integrating this beautiful awakening I have been 'gifted' with.  From ineffable bliss to the darkest of nights at the end of 2012 & pretty much all of 2013.  
I AM over the main hurdle it seems. I also know that new hurdles pop up here & there but my ability to 'go with it' & just witness it has been enhanced. 
We are called human beings NOT human doings! All the do this & do that is not being supported by the ineffable.
Great post Vis and God speed everyone!

"may the shift be 'inside' you"!
Love , David Widner

Anonymous said...

Dear Les, I have been damaged since before I can remember. So many of us have hard childhoods and we grow into bitter and somewhat emotionally scarred people. In this state it is hard not to be self absorbed and wonder, "Why me?"

In his tome, War and Peace, Tolstoy describes how Countess Rostova, upon learning her son has been killed by the French in a skirmish, is as one dead even though she is still going through the motions of being alive. Some of us are dead on the inside.

When I was 13 I was at a friends house and he played Purple Haze from Hendrix' first album. Listening to that song was like a religious experience (no pun intended). I felt pure joy pulsing through me like a strong electrical current. I was more than elated. I think that God tapped me on the shoulder. I would have been dead without this experience. I might still eat, breathe and perform my bodily functions but I would have been dead.

One thing I have learned, and it has taken me sometime, is that there is a difference between doing wrong and doing evil. Many of us need to learn to give ourselves a break.

Without forgiveness life is hell. Without mercy there is no justice. Without a dream one might as well be dead.


Love To Push Those Buttons said...

I'll say this post slapped me upside in the best way I've been slapped upside for most of my life. It is just so 'IS'. How else can I put it? Me thinks you VERIFRIED everything your readers of proper intent already know. Verra guid!

Visible said...

I just finished taping a radio show with Robert Phoenix for noon Austin time tomorrow (central time). You can find the link to his show on any of the blog pages. Always a pleasure to speak with him.

est said...

i like to sit on the porch out front
read and watch the little parade going by

the place i am staying now
is a neighborhood not unlike out of 'rockwell'

yesterday as i was sitting there
a couple about my age walked past

they had their little grandson with them
they were on the other side of the street

i had spoken to them a few times
they are always [like me] riding bikes

they saw me on the porch and crossed the street
they brought that little one over for me to see

i cannot tell you how pleased i was
not six months, the little buddha

as he looked into my eyes i only felt love
for him and them and all of humanity

i cut a big bunch of white hydrangeas
and brought them down the street to them

they were out, so i gave them to the daughter
and thought, i have made an offering

with pure heart and pure intent
i hope that little buddha prospers

Ray B. said...

Vis, I had another one of those strange happenings where the last VO never updated, although I refreshed 2-3 times a day. I eventually thought to look over at the sidebar, and saw that three new blogs had been posted. So, what follows is a mish-mash of replies to the last three blogs...

Galen, September 02, 2014 8:09:00 PM (SM)

"A counselor once told me not to say 'I'm afraid.' Say instead, he offered, 'Fear is present.'"

I had a couple of teachers drum into me a spiritual aspect of that. Each told me that the phrase "I Am" is one of the most powerful invoking/manifesting devices around. And that whatever is attached to those words - good, bad, or ugly - has a tendency to 'become'. So, "I'm afraid" is actually a declaration to all-God, who likes to please. I have been extra-careful to watch-out-for uttering phrases starting with "I am" ever since. Now, I prefer to complete them with some 'positive' attribute...


Vis, on your 'dream' in PD, I went through a period where I would awaken 'as' someone else. By that, I mean I would open my eyes in bed but be aware that whoever was in my 'consciousness' was not 'Ray'. A complete personality. The first few times, I freaked and fought/clawed myself back to 'Ray'. After a few of these 'events' and I survived, I spent a little time identifying who I 'was' at awakening. It was not my choice. It ranged from a 'local', like my ladyfriend, all the way up to an ex-President. It was more of a 'gestalt' feeling of them, rather than details. After I got used-to this kind of occurrence, it kind of faded away into the background...


Love To Push Those Buttons, September 03, 2014 4:29:00 PM (PD)

"It's like I have a job on the Otherside, because this happens several times a week, though I rarely remember the details."

That happens to me, also. Most of the time, it is almost 'invisible'. If I make an effort to connect with Higher Self, I can 'observe' fairly clearly. I can even make suggestions while 'watching' that occasionally lead to new directions or goals in-flight, as it were.


Vis: "It seems so incredibly clear to me that that which is hidden is hidden for the purpose of being sought after and that one is discouraged in their search to test their resolve."

This is one of the 'big mysteries' that roils my consciousness. Is all-God basically getting-off dividing so he/she/it can reunite? Why bother? Or is he/she/it just enjoying a video game at our expense? Or is this all-God having a mental breakdown, sub-personality-wise? Maybe I'll 'get it', as I get closer...

I could also see your quote as similar to the old Zoroastrian religion's ways. In that, the top God (Ahura Mazda) has a 'sanctioned' adversary (Angra Mainyu,or Ahriman) set up both to make earth-plane as bad as possible and to mislead humanity in their efforts to reunite with Ahura Mazda. (Sounds a lot like a certain, much-younger religion 'plagiarized' some concepts...)

Again, from an amateur point of view, why bother? To quote Rita (to Phil) in the movie 'Groundhog Day', "Is this what you do with eternity?"

Also, Phil: "I was in the Virgin Islands once. I met a girl. We ate lobster, drank piña coladas. At sunset, we made love like sea otters. *That* was a pretty good day. Why couldn't I get *that* day over, and over, and over.." (grin)

Best Wishes,
Ray B.

Thomas said...

Wow, Visible, what a beautiful and intense post.

I hope and pray that I will never forget the quest, and even if I should leave the path for a while, to come back on it again. And again, and again, and again, if needs be.

I AM making compromises with the world, for sure, but I don't feel strong enough to resist it at the moment, hopefully that is "yet", or "yet again". Not that I have given up, at all. And I know my conscience will gnaw on me if I don't keep trying, keep trying. It's a struggle, but it's the only right thing to do. All is well, and as it should be, I'm sure, hehe :)

I don't know, I don't understand, but I have Faith in The Divine, and that's what keeps me ticking. Yeah, yeah, all is as it should be, I am sure.

Thank you, bright one!

May you All be guided and protected by the Higher Power.

Anonymous said...







Love To Push Those Buttons said...

Ya know, from everything I do or do not know (assume?), it seems life is like a Sudoku game with only 2 numbers in the box. A 100,000 piece puzzle where all the pieces are the same colour. A labyrinth of a million kilometres. And we volunteer for it initially just to see if we can do it, then we go back because we didn't do it right the first time, or we have some stupid personal agenda, or maybe we have nothing better to do. (Me thinks reason #2 is why I'm here. And I've fulfilled that agenda, but I'm still fookin' here! Very annoying!) Eventually, you don't need it anymore, and you move on to where you were before you got here. Go left to go right. Go downstairs to go upstairs. Thank you, Source for giving us a STOOPID GENE so we do this for your perverse sense of entertainment.

Now excuse me whilst I get my jollies on Haven't been there in a while.

Anonymous said...

Lo and behold... Joan Rivers RIP
ian of solihull

A. Dundee said...

Amen, V. Amen. David Alan McBride; excellent comment. Thanks both, and all.

Anonymous said...

Vis wrote, "There are forces greater than what is human in us and they can affect both the lifeforms and environments that surround us. This results in reactionary behavior and also activates the flight mechanism in some. It's one of the reasons that hermits are hermits and the wise are known for keeping to themselves. You don't see them being interviewed on The View or the Today show."
Les,I would love to read your thoughts on solitude and the isolation frequently/usually brought on by pursuing the thoughts and longings I think it's safe to say we all share. I just emerged from a traumatic and devastating relationship with a "crazy" girlfriend and rejoice to be reunited with my thoughtful self. Back to muse, back to writing and music, the exultant lull of crickets and trains as I write this. But loneliness must be sadly included. And I know I'm not the only one.

Lee said...

Last month on Monday, August 11th of this year (2014) I had a very weird dream about women slithering in mud. One woman looked at me while in the mud and looked at me perplexed as if her crawling in the mud was NOT normal.

I got up later with my coffee, went outside to water my basil and look up the sky like I always do. I said to myself "Something is not right". The sky seems to clear. Almost in ultra high defintiion, but it was not right. There were no chemtrails or weird clouds as usual.

The following day I had a horrific dream about alien ships landing in the town I grew up in. They were huge and were fish shaped. There were at least several dozen of them and were at least a mile long with long fish like tails and spikes thrashing everything in sight.

It all seemed real and I had a sick feeling in my stomache from fear and the sense of being overwhelmed.

Then Thursday night comes and my daughter tells me her mum is in hospice.

My daughter and I went Walmart to shop. There was a raven on the parking lot and I asked with apprehension, "What do you want?" to it. Coming out of Walmart the same raven was underneath our truck. It appeared injured and several sparrows and little black birds were with it.

Debrah Jean died that same night.

I know what it feels to lose a parent or a sibling,but a loved one like a spouse or former spouse, that is a different kind of pain.

I was advised to forget these dreams for the sake of my sanity. I have had them all my life. I know now that I have no control over them. They are with me to help me deal with future pain and hurt. I dreamed of ravens shortly before my mother's death.

Yes, the Raven is real and not something from Edgar Allen Poe or wives' tails. They are real.

Visible, I dreamed of you too not long ago. This makes the second or third time. I don't know what is going on.

Keep me in your thoughts while I endure this bitter pill.


dwaipayana said...

very nice article while watching the news this morning i was thinking to my self why am i watching this nonsense and does any one even fall for this rubbish.i have been with a spiritual organization for many years now on and off which was started in the west by a wonderful advanced soul,since he left us it seems to be run by ego maniac,he left us his words,and when times are dark i just have to read those words and im back on track,most people are so caught up in body and mind its hard to fathom nowadays and sometimes you meet people on the same path and its like waw we are on our way out of this temporary illusion,we are souls encased in flesh and bone with a mind harder to control than the wind,so it s no wonder its not easy

Anonymous said...

Too high to read right now

luv brad

Visible said...

A new Smoking Mirrors is up now-

Praise Ye the Psychopaths here Below

Anonymous said...

Once again; everyone gets what they want, forever..

The Soul’s Secret Journey

nilus said...

"Too high to read right now"

Ha! Best ever comment on the internet.

est said...

very sorry for you and
your lost loved one, Lee



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