Friday, September 19, 2014

Sidestepping the Pop Tart Gurus and New Age Nimrods

Dog Poet Transmitting.......

May your noses always be cold and wet (for those who wonder at the persistent use of this phrase, it applies to dogs. Healthy dogs have a cold and wet nose. This is probably not the case with humans so, for those who take everything literally here, I am not recommending you pursue the possession of this condition).

Today we talk about something of critical importance to personal success and that has to do with having a positive mindset. Here's the deal. For so long as we exist in an alternating sequence of positive/negative switchbacks our results are going to be mixed. Maintaining a positive mindset is the way you tell yourself, “full speed ahead.”

No doubt many of us believe we are operating out of a positive mental framework. However, I'm not just talking about the self conscious mind. It is in subconscious mind where automatic patterns are set and we are controlled by these patterns for so long as we do not change them. How does one do this? One begins to engage in sending positive messages to the subconscious mind. Given that they are of the necessary 'intensity' and 'frequency', you will replace the negative implants over time. How much time this takes is an individual matter. It depends primarily on 2 things and a serendipitous other. It depends on your intensity and frequency (maybe those are two already) and it depends on how ingrained your habit patterns are. On the serendipitous side there is always 'grace' and that is expedited through Love, which is why the greatest commandment is The Greatest Commandment.

I am bringing this to your attention today based on the course of my experiences in this last year (which ain't over yet). In the passage of this time I had a long term situation change. This was followed by my breaking my hip and a surprising scenario of abuse at the hands of a certified psychopath. This was followed by bad judgment on my part with going along with unsolicited assistance that cost me far more than what was already arranged to take care of the matter and that was followed by base treachery and felony theft. Now... most people would have developed a seething resentment for the clowns, including a thirst for revenge and if that were not operational then one would turn it all inward upon themselves and it would generate self loathing and an unfortunate amount of negativity that would pound on a person's consciousness from below.

All of these things could have served to put me into a bad headspace; given some of the things I have experienced over time, the usual odds are it would have but... none of these things occurred. I am carrying none of these things and when they seek to rear their presence in my head (and they will do this to everyone. These things happen to masters but they handle it) I dismiss them. With all of these things, in all of our cases, they may come more or less intensely and more or less with consistency and each of us deal with these things (or not deal with them) in our own way.

There is NO PROFIT in a negative headspace. Even if you wind up on a cross in a Terry Gilliam film, you have to “always look on the bright side of life.” Initially this can be quite difficult. It takes persistence and dedication and you will not develop these things without help. Sometimes we get help because we are going to be used as an object lesson, as is the case with many who are engaged in self promotion for the purpose of self interest. There are many Pop Tart Gurus and New Age Nimrods who are in a perpetual kissfest with each other as they ride the High Life Express. What they are really after eventually materializes. This you can count on. For the sincere, this help will come at a level equal to the energy invested by the recipient. I think I can speak from experience in this matter.

Here's how it is. You train yourself to respond every single time a negative thought comes into your head. Understand this; you are already responding all the time to things anyway. This is the function of the reactive mind. Some say one must kill the reactive mind so that it doesn't react at all. Actually accomplishing this results in something other than killing it. I don't recommend this because you are trying to execute something that will not die. It's like when someone tells you you have to kill the ego. Don't listen to people like that. The ego, properly employed is a highly functional item and why would you want to kill your best friend, your mind? Just because your best friend is acting like your worst enemy at the moment does not mean this has to continue. Maintaining a positive mindset will automatically accomplish many things, all by itself. I recommend to those who are so disposed to the particular delivery system; “The Science of Mind” by Ernst Holmes and you can find plenty of him at Youtube. He comes out of the Christian framework but it works no matter what religious tradition you function under.

Some people are so fixated in their road being the only road that they are compelled to the fundie end of things and this breeds perpetual intolerance as well as a sense of elitism and entitlement. Someone who did some very bad things to me recently is one of these and he was virulently insisting on my destroying certain pictures I have. When he managed to ruin one of them he danced around in glee and clapped his hands. I was able to see the Satanic force in him, as was the case in every episode this year. Never has this force been so resident and emergent to the degree I have seen it in recent times. New Agers will tell you, he doesn't exist or you only focus on the higher self in every one. The first is a lie and the second requires a degree of insight, part of which is you have to look FROM the space you are seeking to look into.

Anyone who believes or preaches that there is no infernal force is working for it consciously or unconsciously and there is not a known exponent of any major religion who has not had to deal with this entity. One can say that this force has no influence over them, depending on their state of being and some can honestly laugh at this construction and it will flee because it can't stand ridicule but... you have to be capable of this, or sooner or later certain circumstances will turn your bowels to water.

Early in my progress to this point I was exposed to the presence of the infernal one and many of his agents as well. Those were truly colorful times and involved many incidents that the mind is not capable of describing. One thinks when they are hammered from pillar to post over a great length of time that there can be no good reason for it. It is only later on that one comes to see what was made out of them by going through it. When you are seriously tested and brought up against it to a remarkable degree, it is proof positive that you are very important to the ineffable. If you've had a skate and been the beneficiary of an easy course it can be only two things. One; good karma and that will be identifiable by the persons present behavior. Two; God doesn't care about them and is setting them up for a massive fail and this is identifiable by them behaving badly; engaging in stealing, lying, slander and all manner of negative employments. By their works ye shall know them. It should serve as further proof when someone seeks to steal something in front of you in a department store and further brags about having done it before that you are left with no doubt about who the resident is.

We are given clues into a persons nature through time and experience. Unfortunately we are not always in a position to get away from them. In times like these you must look to your own behavior. One does not need to understand why someone with no provocation would seek to do them injury. Those engaged in certain pursuits will come up against this time and again. Betrayal and treachery are the watchwords of such a passage. What one makes of it is the lasting testimony to their character. Character is fate. Character is fate.

No matter what happens and given that it is all appearances and given that all appearances are temporary one must be capable of seeing beyond them. One must move through life as if the sky were concealed by dense clouds, knowing that the sun is shining behind them. One must know that that same sun, after a fashion, is shining in their heart, aware that there are clouds in that area as well. Positive thinking will become a fixed reality in time. It will become an unshakable truth. Suddenly the emotion rises up and inflames the mind with toxic reaction. This happens. Catch it quick. Catch it as soon as you can. Its power diminishes with every victory you achieve. The mind likes to linger over past defeats without even possessing anywhere near complete knowledge of what happened in the first place. Put all of this aside. Put aside your memories of injury; at the very least, keep them as postcards; evidence of what you have been taught.

Don't let the servants of the enemy pull you down into the headspace that they rule the rest of the world from. You do not have to live there. Commit yourself to the certainty of escape from Sisyphean futility. A truly positive mind is a divine and wonderful possession. The discomforts and loss of temporary things suffered at the hands of evil people are temporary. The benefits gained from knowing this and continuing are not temporary.

End Transmission.......


insiam said...

As per... good advice and wise words.

But for feck sake Vis I have been sponging my nose with iced water up to 50 times a day for more than 7 years already. And now you tell us it is a dog thing!

But on a positive note my sense of smell has increased by more that 1000 times from what it was :)

Anonymous said...

Thanks for the first paragraph, Visible! I had been walking around with wet gauze and ice cubes taped to my nose. It has proven hard to maintain over the years. Free at last! Free at last! Thank God Almighty! Free at last!


Visible said...

It is extremely odd, some might say an impossibility for there to be two so similar comments from two known to be different readers.

Anonymous said...

the way i see it at least, the way we can triumph over the evil people who have tried to drag us down is to just keep going and trying to make spiritual progress. they want to drag us down and if we refuse to allow that to happen, we'll naturally transcend all of this bullshit gradually.

never stop trying, on the spiritual path.

Pick said...

Yup, good advice and wise words. Thank you, Sir.

Anonymous said...

God Bless you Visible. Thank you for the wise words... a much needed reminder.

Miss you.

Much Love,


Anonymous said...

about "never stop trying on the spiritual path", i meant that if you hit a roadblock or a plateau on one path, perhaps consider trying a different path or approach, at least temporarily, keeping your original goal in mind.

let's say you chant hare krsna but you feel like you're not making much progress on that path? maybe try out kundalini yoga and see if it helps you progress further.

this idea that "you can only follow one path or else you'll burn in hell forever" is simply fanaticism. you can do 2 or 3 different processes at the same time and it will lead you to the same goal, as long as you keep your goal in mind.

Anonymous said...

My dear brother

I have been reading your work for years and this is the first time I write you. Your writing today impressed me more than usual and you impress me every time. I am an empath and I know at a particular level what you have been through. That you wrote what you did today is proof positive of the fact that you are a shining light.

You have helped more people than you will ever know. I have seen that written here many times and surely it is many times that. To those of us given Herculean labors, to the very few, they are not chosen by accident. They are chosen as a result of their work in this life and other lives and they are pressed to the extreme of what they can bear to make the sweet wine upon which heavenly beings become drunk. This is what you do, one thing on this plane and one thing on another.

Do not despair, your work will ring through the years and you will find a serene heaven of your own. You may not know it but you are welcome everywhere above here. As you say, we are all watched. Take comfort in that. You remind me of William Blake, Voltaire and Gibran all in one performing unit.

Anonymous said...

holy... fucking... shit

Rambo 5 is finally confirmed. shooting will start next month.

I hope the world doesn't end until at least 2015. I'd like to see the final Rambo movie before the apocalypse happens.

Anonymous said...

The darker the shadow,the greater the light and if you are dogged on all sides by adverse forces only "no" that you are moving closer to a truth that is hidden inside yourself. Negative forces exist on energies that are not aligned with universal nature, personal and cosmic. No one can destroy the truth of your being but they can always live off ones negativity. anger, hatred and ignorance. The real test comes when one leaves the traditional paradigm and seeks enlightenment rather than following the commonly accepted goals of materialism.

long john said...

you can enjoy many more sweet audio tracks that are available via the audio files on the webpage linked below. i suggest bookmarking this webpage for future use as well:


Farmer said...


"smell has increased by more that 1000 times"

Hmmm. Think I will try ice sponging the nose.. Thanks!

Anonymous said...

You make my head wobble. i'm astounded at the synchronicity of your posts to events happening in my life as well. Here, you convinced me that perhaps my life ins. policy ought to mature a bit more, rather that martyr myself over the mortgage, unemployed and injured "useless eater" i've become.
Thank you, i hope.

Visible said...

A new Smoking Mirrors is up now-

The Certain Denouement of the Dark Lord.

Ray B. said...

I always enjoy reading this:

"Teach your children
what we have taught our children -
that the earth is our mother.
Whatever befalls the earth
befalls the sons and daughters of the earth.
If man spit upon the ground,
they spit upon themselves.

This we know.
The earth does not belong to us,
we belong to the earth.
This we know.
All things are connected
like the blood which unites one family.
All things are connected.

Whatever befalls the earth
befalls the sons and daughters of the earth.
We did not weave the web of life,
we are merely a strand in it.
Whatever we do to the web,
we do to ourselves..."

~Chief Seattle

Bad-Clown said...

Anonymous said...

To anon at 4;15...What I have to say is only for the further blessing of this elite readership so that we all be equally freed of the deliberate matrix of lies that makes up our "reality". There are no evil people just targeted victims of other misguided zealots running around fighting for it. Trying is about being saved by my works. But transcendence is finished with all that. It is Now not Later {which is only mental gymnastics anyway} that we discern the temporal and eternal nub of "things". My best wishes and gratitude for all THIS. Alph

Thomas said...

soooo nice, Visible. Many thanks :)

This is really synchronistic for me, since this mornings meditation allowed me to pretty much let go of all anger, hatred and bitterness that has been building up and bubbling inside over the last couple of weeks, over the so-called elite and their blind followers. I just don't care today, in a good way. They do what they do, I do what I do. I am reminded of something a "man" (I'm not sure what he was, but he looked like a man) "it also takes 2 to find the diabolical". God is Real, and at some point, that's where we'll go. I EXIST, thank God! and The Divine is here with me, I am sure of it. That is infinitely more important than the terrible, grotesque and embarrasing antics of the damned. Letting go of this junk immediately allowed both my heart and mind to take wing. Ah. Like a breath of fresh air, truly. Not that I'm so high, but there's a definite difference between a negative mindset, contractive, and a positive one, expansive. Also, from higher up the truth sounds more plausible, I guess, so double good, i suppose.

haha. All is well. Thanks again, for keeping on keeping inspiration flowing!

May you all be lifted up and carressed by the sweet Lord of Everything.



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