Wednesday, September 10, 2014

Ridden Hard and Put Away Dead.

Dog Poet Transmitting.......

May your noses always be cold and wet.

Heavens to Murgatroid (never been there), I have never seen a time so consistently unpredictable and which went on for such a long time. Every time I think I am headed somewhere, I'm not, or I'm not yet. I was practically out the door here recently when it was explained to me (obviously in convincing fashion) that I shouldn't just throw away what is possible for me here; that being to take a course (already registered) that was conveniently starting very soon and to then get permanent residence status throughout the EU...

What I am thinking is that something is slated to happen in the next 2.5 months and that whatever it is, it impacts on me here or... me there and how can I be in two places at once when I am nowhere at all?

Mr Apocalypse is seriously rocking out. It appears that an ancient mystery has been solved and as is more and more increasingly the case, the culprit is a Tribe member. It has gotten to where when any kind of notorious or major crime is committed it is the exception when it is not one of them.

This is Origami so we are not going to hit you up with a bunch of links but one link should be prominently displayed regardless of which blog we are in and this is it. If there is anyone else like Lasha Darkmoon around I am unaware of her. She's kind of like my soulmate in a genre sense. More and more, the few, the proud, the brave (the real marines) are hammering away at the global denial about who did what when. We are not to be stopped. Lead, follow or... yeah, you know.

So... I'm here for a bit but I am gone after that. Right, Vis, you know all about it eh? Not! In any case I do expect to be standing under a mango tree prior to Christmas. Why the delay? Why the wait? FIIK. Sorry about the shorthand swearing but I'm standing here at the corner of Shit and Go Blind with no toilet paper and a white cane. I'm supposed to have a dog but I don't see him anywhere (obviously).

Today I got in my car and programmed the GPS for this town where the school is. It took me in what I thought was the wrong direction but... what do I know? It takes me into the wrong town, into the middle of the town and then tells me I've arrived at my destination. Suffice to say that I turned around and drove without the damn thing. It only cost me about 50 kilometres. So there's a reason for that too right? I'll never know what that reason was. I could swear I was being jerked around but... that couldn't be, could it? After all... the ineffable controls everything and everything that happens happens for a good reason right? Lately I have really been getting the feeling, for some time actually, where it really, really looks like I am being jerked around. It's like someone gave the ineffable some bad drugs or... the ineffable just checked out and said, “Okay, you clowns can have the scene, I'm done here.” Maybe someone kidnapped the ineffable. Maybe the ineffable is at Guantanamo; Guantanamerea guajira guantanamojo or... the ineffable is doing one of those periodic things that he likes to do where he pretends he doesn't know who he is any more and sets off on one of those escapades to find himself.

Yes... I am attempting to put a brave and happy face on the whole affair. What else can I do? I'm just not that comfortable sitting slumped over with my head in my hands. It doesn't work for me. Luckily I am often reminded of how bad it could be, how bad I happen to know it is for so many and then there are millions who are better off than me, relatively speaking but they don't have the relationships that I do (or thought I did, grin) and I wouldn't trade them ( presuming I have them) for free and full access to all of the wonders and attractions of the material place. I just wouldn't.

There was pretty much no summer to speak of but now... summer is here. It looks to be a glorious Fall. I hope it's kicking in for all of you. We're on a knife edge folks. I watch the creep of rising prices that seem to accelerate upward by the day. I hear ominous things. I watch the trends and I keep in mind the kind of creatures we are dealing with, like the CEO of Nestles, who insists that water should not be a public right and that it should be privatized. He's said worse and he's done worse and he's going to a very bad place but for the moment, he and his ilk are habitations of demons and causing a great deal of strife and stress (all over) and taking an exultant joy from the process.

I keep thinking of that 'twinkling of an eye' thing. I keep being reminded of that parable about two men working in a field and one is taken and one is left; two women walking somewhere and one is taken and one is left. I keep thinking about portals and apertures and hyper dimensional shifts of the instantaneous kind. Everything (around here) seems to be going on in a normal fashion. You get no sense in the eyes of others that any type of critical mass is on the way. I pick up no collective vibe. People are more distracted and rude than they've been but I can understand that. However... however the unseen but palpable vibration that acts upon me... and for all I know, everyone amenable to it, is able to discharge the concentrated and intense negativity that hammers down on me every day. No matter what sort of a state of loss, uncertainty or doubt that I go to sleep with on any given night... in the morning none of it is there. I find myself, without even thinking about it, speaking with the divine as soon as I wake. I find myself positive and optimistic, no matter what kind of bad news (seeming bad news) that I get at any given time, it fades away or fails to return the way these things are notorious for doing over and over and over.

There is nothing I am personally doing that is inhibiting the effects of global negativity on my person and my consciousness. Even when it hits me in an unguarded moment and a cascade of past images of past losses and defeats, steams forward to verify how bad things have been for so long... it just goes away. Yeah... these things keep happening but... it goes nowhere. Last night I said, “screw all this jumping through hoops trying to manage my existence here, trying to find a reasonably priced place to stay, while I grind out certain academic commitments of unproven value.” Today, except for one consideration, it was all solved overnight.

I've never seen a time when I felt so close to the breaking point for so long. It took me awhile to realize that occult forces were being employed against me. I never felt like I was important enough to go through the trouble for but... by this time and after all the things that happened, which have no viable reason or justification for happening, I'm left with that Sherlock Holmes quote again. “Once you have eliminated the impossible, whatever remains, no matter how improbable, must be the truth.”

I now believe that there are some number of black hats in some number of rooms and in every one there is a list of names that get added into the incantations. Black astral smoke ushers out of the vents in these rooms and then climbs up into the air and rides the winds the way we might switch trains in the process of getting somewhere (as if). We've heard that all wars are economically inspired. What we don't often hear is that all wars are magically orchestrated. Back in the 60s there was a book called,”The Morning of the Magicians.” It was a tad sensational but... there were many things that rang the bell as well. Somewhere around the same time a man named Vance Packard came out with a book called “the Hidden Persuaders.” Certainly Madison Ave (666 Madison Ave?) and the shaping of consciousness and perspective by media is a form of magic. Deception is a magical art of sorts. The same people who use deception to sell people crap also use it to wage war.

Marshall McLuhan wrote “The Medium is the Massage” and that has proven prophetic, just as Eric Hoffer's “The True Believer” has proven prescient about religious hucksterism and fundie think. Today, the internet is awash with all kinds of gems of truth glittering in a vast sea of bullshit and calculated lies designed for simple minds overwhelmed by the challenges of appetite.

Tomorrow is the anniversary of Israel's attack on the USA, in conjunction with compromised and corrupt intelligence services. It was a true day of infamy and all of the terrible changes that have made life such a labor and a burden, instead of a joy, have come out of this event. In fact, the event was designed for this very purpose. For some reason, they haven't managed to create their desired police state, or their dream module, an American gulag similar to what they did in Russia when they killed tens of millions of Russian Christians. Then...typical of their relentless disinfo campaign upon those they consider lower life forms, they turned that truth around and into a loathsome charade about saving the poor Russian Jew. Until people wake up they are going to be the perpetual victims of this professional victim industry. I choose not to live in ignorance. I choose to accept the responsibility of knowing, when it is possible to know. I choose to bear the censure and blackballing of all my artistic efforts from every mainstream avenue in existence. The truth is, I have to live with myself. People can try their damnedest to hide the truth from themselves but the truth is not acquiescent in these things and it will activate your conscience as a devoted enemy of your peace of mind. Some may feel that enduring this is bearable given the return on their investment in the kingdom of lies. Some have murdered their conscience or never had one, which is one of the benefits of psychopathy but... lacking a reminder that 'the bridge is out' does not also repair the bridge ahead of your arrival. The bridge is still out.

I've come to terms with the possibility that my existence will be ridden hard and put away dead; that it could well simply continue as an exercise in perpetual strife all the way up to and through the door. Once you have come so far along the way, there is no other way; no other way you can come to comfortable terms with. Then again, the sun might just decide to break into my life in some enduring and beautiful way and never (seem to) turn its face from me again. I've heard that these things happen now and then. We'll see what happens when the next reel goes into the projector.

End Transmission.......

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Anonymous said...

"...the sun might just decide to break into my life in some enduring and beautiful way and never (seem to) turn its face from me again."
Praying and holding space for just that to happen for you and all True believers, Vis.
Just before this posted I was thinking how much I needed a spot of Les Vis' wisdom to day...thank you so much for your faithful attendance to the Ineffable and your readers.
I'm flying Internationally tomorrow
with loved ones for a family celebration despite the reverse kabbalists and if our plane goes down, as my bestie says "We'll get to see Atlantis up close and personal, then we'll be with Love eternally." I wouldn't mind that at all but I need a little more time since my cubs aren't raised yet.
Love to all,
PS: Captcha Code is Laura Baserev--anyone know her? smile

katz said...

Does anyone else remember 911, the actual TV transmissions during the second Tower's time to be hit by another plane, or whatever it was....?????

In between the horror on transmission on NBC there were films of tanks, moving into Gaza. These films were shown, as they happened, in between the Towers.

Sharon moved those tanks into Gaza as the Towers fell. That was the start of the genocide of the Palestinians, and the cause of the mossad who took down the Towers.

It was only shown once. Nobody has mentioned them, in all these years, but I will never forget them.

They busted themselves on TV, but nobody, but me noticed it.

Anonymous said...

beautiful thoughts and words in this insane world

Anonymous said...

I claim no influence over God... but it can't hurt to ask. Lord, please give Visible a really big break. A really, really big break!!! I'd appreciate it if You would do that or him. But, of course, You're Will be done.

I also claim no influence over any readers here, but if any of you feel moved to join me in such a prayer, feel free!! :)


Anonymous said...

I note the criticism now and again from my more accomplished "friends" who like to show off their "works" and which in turn justify them[in theory}. I should apparently trade the small but verifiable benefit of selfless meditation and the peace which compasses understanding, for the worldly rewards of hard work and considering best options continually. Readers, students and would be Learners and Seekers should stop the tail chasing and find the One Self. Hint...take a few deep breaths. and then do it again...and again. Tame the ego trained to follow logic and science. If others want you to swap lies it's time to clam up and BE the W,T and L. Be still and know...

est said...

sometimes you just have to walk-and
with every step, you think

at the end of the day,
you set with the sun

and in the morning,
when you rise again

you begin to try to understand-how the fuck did i get here in the first place ?

Ray B. said...

Vis: "I was practically out the door here recently when it was explained to me (obviously in convincing fashion) that I shouldn't just throw away what is possible for me here..."

Vis, at the risk of being told to 'butt out', it occurs to me that you may be just where you should be. Is the Universe telling you something about staying with someone whose name begins with 'S'? Regardless of how logical it seemed to leave? Just a thought... (Sorry, in one sense.)
Vis: "It's like someone gave the ineffable some bad drugs or... the ineffable just checked out and said, “Okay, you clowns can have the scene, I'm done here.” Maybe someone kidnapped the ineffable."

LOL; good worthsmithing. It does seem like that, sometimes. I get overwhelming responses that I am 'parked' here, awaiting some form of Turning. We will see. At some point, my Earth-self will just say FI and get on with "Something."
Vis: "It took me awhile to realize that occult forces were being employed against me. I never felt like I was important enough to go through the trouble for..."

I think you underestimate yourself (grin). The good news is that when such folks come against you, they leave themselves open karmic-ly (if that's a word). I get a distinctly different response when asking for aid in going after a 'baddie' who has not attacked me as for one who is in the process of attacking me. There is something in the 'goodie' side that is normally inhibited but allowed by the act of aggression. You might consider surveying for 'allies' that could be available for "pushback"...

Best Wishes,
Ray B.

Rabbit said...

Hi Les. As far as this incarnation is concerned, it's all cyclical. Whatever you're missing today will turn up along the wayside as you go forward. I'm feeling much of the same things, seeing the same stuff too but my wheel is currently on the upswing and my life couldn't be better. Even as I'm aware that circumstances surrounding but outside my life are going to crap and sooner or later I will have to endure the tide. For now it's smooth sailing and I'm making the most of it while I can. It feels like major revelations are approachng but I often feel that way and whilst it is often true too, it has never been universally so, just a personal enlightenment. Life remains a subjective experience.

Josey said...

Dear Les,

Maybe it's just me but the long paragraphs in your posts cause me very considerable problems reading. I read you @ Truthseeker.

It's very much worth the effort to read your posts. and I read them all the time, but..

I need to place the cursor on every line so I can figure where I am ,to get to the next line while reading.

I'm progressively blind because of diabetes, so in the middle of a paragraph I need to spot myself to know where the next line starts.

Maybe it's just me or the layout of the Truthseeker, where I read most of your posts.

thanks, josey

est said...

all good and well
so far, anyway

but thanks for the advice, always welcome

Anonymous said...


Don't be upset.

You dun good!

-b from CO

Anonymous said...


I like you

Anonymous said...

Last one...

Anonymous @1o:27...

What are you trying to say?

Goodness sakes

Anonymous said...


Too heavy for me.


Visible said...

Okay... to start with, don't read the posts on Truthseeker. See if that helps. Sorry about your physical difficulties. A prayer follows.

Not much to say to the trollers... have a nice day.

No... the universe is not telling me I should stay with someone whose names starts with 'S' (grin). I take this as a sign meaning I can live all kinds of places after this if I don't care to stay under that mango tree.

My relationship didn't go bad or anything, it's still solid but merely transited into a different format and, besides, I was told this was going to happen a couple of years before it did. I was told there were things I couldn't do if I stayed in this framework and that other things were now expected of me. Also... some one very surprising (to me) was now slated to enter my life and I had to be free for the opportunity. we'll see.

Visible said...

As it so happens, I know about those goodies and arrangements have been made.

Anonymous said...

Exceptional. A Psalm of David. "Truth glitters."

Visible said...

a new Smoking Mirrors is up now-

We Celebrate the Anniversary of the Israeli Attack on the USA. USA!!! USA!!! USA!!!

Anonymous said...

"I'm standing here at the corner of Shit and Go Blind with no toilet paper and a white cane.."


let not your comical genius go unrecognized!!!

seriously though, much to chew on. thanks.


Anonymous said...

"So we saunter toward the Holy Land, till one day the sun shall shine more brightly than ever he has done, shall perchance shine into our minds and hearts, and light up our whole lives with a great awakening light, as warm and serene and golden as on a bankside in autumn."
- Henry David Thoreau, 'Walking'

That's for you Les. God bless you.

Anonymous said...

The time period spent feeling 'them' so adroitly is just another part of the process. At some point your vibration will move beyond needing the connection to them. Getting 'lost' is natural and serves as a trigger. Even if the results of the trigger are not immediately conscious. My senses tell me that the trigger was effective. When the newer vibratory 'position' is intact, of course a newer, bigger picture realises itself within your heart intelligence. (Contrary to insipid new age materialism, which has being teaching a process which serves profit motive not any self-realisation.) Understanding and acceptance arises. And a newer, unimagined creative process will begin.

I enjoy your work and look forward to your arising!

Best wishes,


Anonymous said...

via Homer..

"Ridden Hard and Put Away Dead"

Haha! Great title.
The default epitaph carved into 7 billion (and counting) headstones!

Even the mighty! Or especially the mighty. Or something like that..

Jody Paulson said...

I remember watching a TV show where they asked the ghost of one of Jack the Ripper's victims and she gave them the same answer ...

Anonymous said...

No troll here, sincere.

What kind of goodies are we talking?

-brad from colo

Visible said...

A new Petri Dish is up now-

Waiting for the Dawn to Rise on the Beach of Last Resort



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