Sunday, September 28, 2014

North Northwest of the Grind Factor.

Dog Poet transmitting.......

May your nose always be cold and wet.

Simple techniques= comprehensive solutions. We'll be repeating a lot of things today. There's plenty of chance someone will come along who hasn't seen them before. These are all tactics I have used and proven to be just what 'we' say they are. You know how it is when you hear something several times and you nod your head and say to yourself, “Yeah, that actually sounds like it would work.” And then you turn on the TV, or... well, there's a lot of ors aren't there?

For me, the key to success at anything is to approach whatever it is in short bursts. Take the guitar for instance (which I haven't spent more than five minutes with this entire year. Smack!!! Bad visible!). If you pick it up and practice for ten minutes, play a couple three songs and put it down; pick it up an hour later and do the same and so forth and so on, you will find that the 'grind feature' is not intruding on doing it AND... ones concentration is only fully operational (if operational at all) for a short time in any case.

Aleister Crowley, back before he lost the plot, used to cut himself with a razor blade every time he said the word, 'I'. I am not recommending you do that. It isn't necessary. What is necessary is having the will to do it and loving the experience because continuance is unlikely without the Love Engine to pull the train. There is this disconnect that happens when someone seeks to make contact with the ineffable. They don't actually get engaged. They think about it. The thought comes and goes. They might long for it but... serious and sustained application in pursuit of... seems very difficult. Yet the things that interfere or take the place of, are trivial most of the time, by comparison. That's too bad isn't it? That's a real shame.

Whether it is the world, specific demons from the infernal realm, tasked with the job of retardation and distraction, or simply a lack of personal certitude and determination, it doesn't get done. Years go by. Decades go by. The transitional phase known as death begins to loom. Regardless of anything else, you know there is less time than there was. The thing is... you can do this thing, you can do this thing no matter what else is going on. You can be having a conversation or be engaged in replacing a starter in your car and be doing it, once you rise to the capacity to pat your head and chew gum at the same time.

Simply make your mind empty. A near unnoticeable snort, if you are in public, every time a thought enters your head, will be effective. Just throw everything out because that which is essential won't go anywhere. Think of it this way; you are in a large and very cluttered living room. Let's say an anal retentive lives there. You haven't seen a certain amulet in weeks. Will it be easier to find, searching this crowded room than if the room were empty? I rest my case and also, in that regard, the amulet wouldn't be lost in the first place.

So... you empty your mind as often as you can remember to do it. What this accomplishes is that those things that have previously been insistent about capturing your attention are now measurably weaker cause they are not being fed. Things that grow big in your head are things that get fed. Another thing is, if your mind is empty and you are around others, your mind gets filled up with them and the operative nature of their being will reveal itself to you. You might ask at this point, well visible, in recent times you appear to have been short on this feature or certain scoundrels would not have been able to take advantage of you. Au contraire... I was aware of the situation but not the manner in which these personalities would eventually express themselves and as far as my decision to relocate into an environment controlled by a sociopath, as my other options fell away, this is the one I was left with so... injudiciously, I will agree, I supposed that this was where the ineffable wanted me to go. As it turns out, this was true. It was one of those purpose of demonstration things. The bizarre reasoning behind my having to go affirmed that because it made no sense otherwise. This technique under discussion is designed to assist you in processing situations as they arise, sometimes it will assist in avoiding them and then... there is Karma, which can often be different than one presumes. What seems bad Karma may actually be a valuable lesson that protects you from far worse. There are any number of ways to take certain things and mostly we fall back on the methods of reasoning we have always used. Facing any of these with an empty mind can vastly transform how one embraces and analyzes anything.

An attendant dynamic that can measurably aid the empty mind is the recognition and application of certain facilities concerning the heart. The heart is a pump. That's what it does and arguments about the Limbic system aside, it is in the heart that one feels the love, if there is any. This means you can consciously operate it as a pump. You can pump up the volume (of the love- if there is any, grin) by putting your focus on doing it. There are all kinds of phenomena that exist within us that can utilized should we be aware of them.

I worked with The Tarot for decades, not as a fortune telling device, which will, assuredly debase their real value to you AND- as I never tire of saying, “why would you want to divine the future when you can change the future with the same medium? The 22 cards of the Major Arcana all represent archetypal forces, circumstances or channels that process force from one state of expression to another. Meditating on the cards activates them in the subconscious. It makes them vibrate-resonate and that which they are then percolates into the conscious mind in all kinds of ways. The same can be said for Yantras and Mandalas... there's a whole world full of different items for visualization, attending sound currents, fervent prayer, not to mention, the acquisition of a unified will and the quality of concentration.

For most everyone, they get up every day as the same person who went to bed the night before. In this world of the moment, people literally risk their lives, their reputations, their integrity, their honor and their dignity for... things. They risk it all for temporal wealth. They risk it for desirable positions in which wealth and things are more easily accessed. Look at some of the political flunky's presently disporting upon the world's stage. They publicly whore themselves out. They observably tell lies. They pander to special interests who have promised them future rewards. In the process, many many people suffer and die but this is okay with them. They are inextricably woven into the fabric of evil and damned activities. Somehow, against all that is reasonable and logical, not to mention things like morality, they are able to bypass the need to put their attention on the consequences of their actions. Somehow they have convinced themselves that there are none. This is a high level of ignorance. You got to work at something like this.

Others of our kind struggle to make the passage from day to day, caught up in concepts like duty and responsibility. We know that nearly the whole of the worlds political and religious spectrum is utterly corrupt and this is the inescapable certainty of the age. It's the way the spiral spins. In times of material darkness; in times of the rule of materialism, the natural suck of circumstance is downward. You may have wondered how it is that such an overwhelming majority of the rich and famous can all be so completely caught up in the realm of base appetites and attractions. That is where it goes and a wise individual will run from it, will run from personal exposure to transitory self importance which, automatically, supplants and replaces the real self and results in a form of suicide on various levels eventually. The personal self rampant has no immortal destiny, only when the personal self is the hollow vehicle for the containment of that which is immortal does it achieve such a state.

There are people who have a lot of ambition and some believe that they can put their hands on anything they have the will to acquire. However, there are some number of things where only the necessary permissions will do and no human agency, no matter how smart, how deft or presumably powerful can prevail in such pursuits without the right credentials. Wisdom is ageless and there are forces and conditions set into place from time immemorial and whose existence is hardly even suspected by most that... holds things in place and change them when required to do so. The smart money is on those who recognize that cooperation with the invisible is the essence of victory and success.

You can't rule the world if you can't rule your own mind. You can't rule your own life if you can't rule your own mind. You can't mount the requisite passion for anything unless you have the requisite amount of love. Of course there are exceptions to this for the criminal element who are unaware that all force is borrowed force. They are most definitely for the purpose of demonstration.

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There will be a radio show this evening.

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Mark R. said...

Great post Les. As many who comment here have said, I've been having the same emotions/experiences and circumstances as you have recently. Must be something in the collective air these days. Something has to give soon, I hope our collective weight will push it in a better direction than it looks to go in the short term.

I for one am still working on the Tarot every day and don't intend to give up until I have my own invisible friends. Since my ego self can't seem to get this life right, it seems like I need a little help.

Hoping your situation gets sorted out soon and you can set your compass in a definite direction.

est said...

right now i am sitting out back
the leaves have started falling

i can hear and see them coming down
seasons change, people change

i will be traveling soon, don't know where
but i will find a home, with whoever lives there

and i will remember and i will forget
all those folks, i never even met

Anonymous said...

at the end of the age the Truth will be universally acclaimed
and the "Jewish" narrative will be a pile of ashes....

it is written



Anonymous said...

Advice. Hmm. Stop drinking Mint Jew-lips before bedtime?

insiam said...


You sound to be a little wound up by your experience. Try to relax and be less intents :)

est said...

reality is subjective, to say the least

dreams are a way to work things out

when we dream we enter another world

where anything can happen and often does

Visible said...

A new Smoking Mirrors is up now-

On a Clear Day you can see Armageddon.

Padraigin said...

Progress; once it was me alone from South of the equator, at the tip of Africa, that frequented the Les show. And now, 11 of us altogether in this same space and time. Either me and 10 South African spooks or 11 folk who are wide awake. I suspect the latter.

Keep up the show Les; much needed and appreciated.

Unknown said...

Excellent, once again.

Anonymous said...

"...then... there is Karma, which can often be different than one presumes. What seems bad Karma may actually be a valuable lesson that protects you from far worse..."

Or I suppose in a different frame of reference, "Those whom the Lord loves, He chastens." ;-)

Visible said...

Send them to Plum Island with Hannibal Lecter.



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