Friday, August 20, 2021

"Evil is in the Beginning Stages of Destroying Itself as a Precursor for the Coming Age."

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The Usual Suspects have initiated a campaign and they are crying to the government and law enforcement about acts of aggression committed against them, most of these events are put up jobs or never even happened. They've convinced the police in several jurisdictions that they need protection, and being the ultimate squeaky wheel with deep pockets they are getting it. They are also forming their own police departments. A lot of this will come in handy after the Communist takeover that they are constructing in this country. They will fail though.

They are uneasy, however. They don't know why. It can't be from anyone in this world because they run the place in many locations. The point of my bringing all of this up is that what is coming for them is not something they can protect themselves against. Not all the money and men with guns in the world can protect them from what is coming because their enemy is within. Because of the nature of these times; The Apocalypse, The Awakening, and The Coming of The Avatar, certain forces have been set loose in The World. Depending on what you are and what you have done in this world, these forces will affect every group and individual differently.

The people of which I speak are being driven mad. They are going incrementally and IRRESISTABLY crazy. Others are being brought to new states of sanity. You can see it happening right in front of you at this very time. It is visibly evident and it is intensifying. I speak only of those specifically engaged in harm to others. There are others of their demographic that will not be affected because they are not engaged in harm to others. This is also going to be happening to major political figures, entertainers, and people of all walks of life. Evil is in the beginning stages of destroying itself as a precursor for the new age.

People are being revealed to themselves. There is nowhere to run or hide from that. Mr. Apocalypse is roiling the waters of the human subconscious, and all manner of THINGS are coming to the surface. If you have concealed monsters within you, you will encounter monsters. You will be convicted or exonerated in the court of your own awareness, with your conscience as the District Attorney. If you cannot withstand the force of your own self, you WILL be driven mad.

When one looks at The World, it is easy to take the view that everything happening is the result of acts initiated by Bad People with too much power. This is not the case. All that is taking place is permitted by the Supernal Realm for The Purpose of Demonstration. All one could ever wish to understand is most perfectly expressed in the Tao Te Ching. I have NEVER seen it more clearly stated.

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Why specific trends appear and certain events occur has to do with the intricacies of Karma. This Karma demands that precise conditions appear in order for the cosmic lesson to be learned ONE WAY OR THE OTHER.

You hear talk about The Laws of Nature. Perhaps you have heard about The Law of Attraction, The Law of Correspondence, and The Law of Cause and Effect. There is also The Law of Compensation, of Relativity, Rhythm, and Polarity. All of these have some connection to, “As Above, So Below.” There are also a number of other laws that ARE NOT in the common parlance and have to do with the higher energies of The Sun and The Moon. Yes... you can find various relationships of The Sun and The Moon in the laws previously stated, but there are Celestial Verities, which are beyond the ken of the mortal mind.

The Laws of Nature that we are aware of are the smaller portion of the whole of The Laws of Nature. Sages and Masters are familiar with these hidden laws, as are other illumined sorts who have convinced or compelled Nature to reveal her secrets. When I say, compelled, I do not mean it in the sense of the ordinary understanding. You can't strong-arm Nature. Sure, you can bulldoze her, and shear her. You can dig and mine her and build cities from her resources, BUT... the finer aspects of her will REMAIN HIDDEN from The Profane. There are a great many more of The Profane than there used to be. Such are the consequences of Materialism.

I marvel at how difficult it is for most to understand the reality of The Avatar. Most do not even think about this, and many there are who doubt the REGULAR coming of The Avatar at predictable intervals in time. We have all sorts of records of previous visitations. Hard-core Materialists will argue that there is no real proof, just a few books, and traditions, written and established by the deluded. They are not the ones who are deluded. The ones who are deluded are the ones who claim to know everything and who, in fact, know nothing. You cannot converse with them and have any expectation of a reasonable outcome. They have convinced themselves that there is no higher authority than themselves. They are certainly wrong.

Those fortunate enough to be present when The Avatar is present, are in a position to avail themselves of his Grace and Mercy. This is supremely important because a Time of Tribulation is about to come upon The World; has already begun to come upon The World. It will have the usual features of psychopathic overlords, epidemics, wars, natural disasters, and mass insanity. That is to be expected. On the other hand, there will be a time of joyous renewal for those who have had the good sense to hitch their wagon to the star of The Avatar.

I cannot account for the intentions and behavior of others. I can see how it comes to be as it is, but the completely irrational acts are a sorrowful mystery that I must lay at the feet of their Karma. As previously stated, Mr. Apocalypse is shaking it everywhere, Boss. Either you surrender to the force of the Lord of Light or you will be driven to seek shelter in dark places. Being in the advancing stages of Crazy will not help the ambiance. I am a fool and I have no excuses for it, nor seek to make any. HOWEVER... in this one matter, I am not a fool. I have no intention of resisting an irresistible force. Furthermore, I am in love with it, so resistance is out of the question. I'm putting out the welcome mat at every point of my being.

I have a small idea of what is at stake here. I am aware that those who do not make the cut will be sent to the wardrobe department on The Moon, to be suited up for a series of lives to come. Even this is not a total disaster if... well... it depends on what roles you are being suited up for. Shepherds are always in short supply. The same cannot be said for the predators. The Initiatic Brotherhood is ALWAYS present here in the service of Heaven and Humanity. One could be getting suited up for that, or simply wear the same suit all the way through the age. Once again though, you have to make the cut.

Personally, I am more interested in The Western Pure Land, Shambhala, Brahma-Loka, and Vrindavan in The Spiritual Sky. Still, we are our brother's keeper, and incarnating for that purpose, regardless of the darkness in this world, is a fine aspiration, and will NOT go amiss in The Highest Court that is not On the Land. There are many avenues one can take, just as there are many exit portals in the body. You simply work in the direction of your desire and it will materialize, if not here, then... somewhere.

When The Avatar comes, not IF, but When, he brings many things. He exudes the perfumes of Eternal Spring. He speaks like water flowing over rocks in a stream. He brings True Peace and Unbridled Joy. He brings FORGIVENESS, and the opportunity for a quantum leap in Spiritual Evolution to those bold enough for the challenge. His powers of healing are LIMITLESS. His Mercy is beyond human understanding, and he is your best and your ONLY FRIEND who, upon meeting him, is proof that you never before knew what True Friendship was.

Why... Why would anyone sane not leap at this RARE and remarkable opportunity? We are deceived is why. We are conflicted with doubt and distractions. We are looking down instead of up, and... most especially, not looking within. That is a real thing, you know? The Kingdom of Heaven IS within you. I pray each day to be able to wear The Qualities of God and to carry the Kingdom of Heaven within me wherever I may be. I KNOW, that if I am relentless in my prayers; if I possess Faith, Certitude, and Determination, it is simply a matter of walking the talk. You MUST BE convinced within of the certainty of it, and IT WILL HAPPEN. I'm telling you, IT WILL HAPPEN!!!

Eye has not seen, nor ear heard of the wonders of his kingdom, in which there are a great many mansions. Think of the size of our galaxy, The Milky Way. Next, imagine how vast this universe is when The Milky Way is no more than a mere fragment in space. The mansions of Heaven abound in the far reaches, both outwardly AND inwardly.

I think of The Amitabha Buddha as being most similar to The Christ, only presenting in a different form. One should read the story of what austerities and unfathomable patience this celestial employed. Now... that's what I call dedication. I can't even imagine it. We have heroes aplenty to emulate if we are so inspired to do so. Unfortunately, in Times of Material Darkness, our heroes are a shoddy bunch. RAISE YOUR SIGHTS!!! Let your soul have unhindered access to your heart. Enter the wonderland of your interior, where the resonant vibration fills your being with an ecstasy far, far beyond those of pedestrian amusements.

The Avatar is bringing many gifts. He comes to reward or punish. It is better to be on the one side than on the other.

End Transmission.......

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Anonymous said...

The Milky Way is apparently 100,000 + light years in diameter,about 16000 light years deep and we are about 27000 light years from its centre.The known universe apparently has a radius of
46.5 billion light years and seems to contain a least 2 trillion galaxies."Eye has not seen,nor ear heard etc..."tell me about it, and for most of us our inner lives are even less well known.
Sometimes this task seems overwhelming but help is all around if I'm attentive and your blogs have been most helpful in this regard so thank you once again.

Anonymous said...

48 Vows of the Amitabha Buddha

Anonymous said...

In the year about 2010 (not sure) a monk who passed on at 104 years old, When he was young, he bowed to the
He was able to teach the Dharma after his non stop bowing days and nights.
He had elementary school education. In his dreams, he said he could recall back to Tang Dynasty when he was a monk. He also went to Tibet and received his transmission there.
He said whoever is well versed with this chapter of the Sutra, will be able to be reborn in the Western Pure Land. He or she will be born in the upper category of upper birth. It means the lotus flower will open quickly and one will be able to see Amitabha Buddha and other sages.

Of course we need to have planted a lot of blessings and wisdom too, before departure.


I vow that my body, mouth, and mind will be forever pure
And that all practices and Buddhalands will be also.
I vow in every way to be identical
To the wisdom of Universal Worthy.

I will wholly purify Samantabhadra’s conduct,
And the great vows of Manjushri as well.
All their deeds I will fulfill, leaving nothing undone.
Till the ends of the future I’ll never tire.

Infinite and measureless is my cultivation;
Boundless merit and virtue I obtain.
Amid limitless practices I will dwell in peace,
And penetrate the strength of spiritual powers.

Manjushri has wisdom, courageous and brave;
Samantabhadra’s conduct and wisdom are the same.
I now transfer all good roots
In order to follow them in practice and in study.

In the three periods of time, all Buddhas praise
Such vows as these, lofty and great.
I now transfer all good roots, wishing to perfect
The supreme practices of Samantabhadra.

I vow that when my life approaches its end,
All obstructions will be swept away;
I will see Amita Buddha,
And be born in his Land of Ultimate Bliss and Peace.

When reborn in the Western Land,
I will perfect and completely fulfill
Without exception these great vows,
To delight and benefit all beings.

The assembly of Amita Buddha is completely pure;
When from a matchless lotus I am born,
I’ll behold the Tathagata’s measureless light as he appears before me
To bestow a prediction of Bodhi.

Receiving a prediction from the Thus Come One,
I’ll transform countless kotis of bodies,
And with wisdom power vast and great pervade the ten directions
To benefit the realms of living beings.

Realms of worlds and empty space might reach an end,
And beings’ karma and afflictions be extinguished;
But they will never be exhausted,
Neither will any of my vows.

Anonymous said...

Vows of Universal Worthy verses by a Inner Mongolian singer.

Ray B. said...

Vis, an 'inspiring' blog. Appreciated!

Vis: "Not all the money and men with guns in the world can protect them from what is coming because their enemy is within."

This tunes-in with what I see Higher Self do. First, some Unseen (usually bad-guy) entity is Cleaned. Then, that entity often turns-around (downwards) and starts setting-right what it has done while working for the Dark Side.

Here, one has to understand a couple of things: First, telepathy is real, and is easier the higher one goes. Second, any entity a few Consciousness Levels higher than another is able to 'influence' the lower entity, if it wants. Put the two together, and there is no defense (outside of Other Forces).

What usually happens is that the newly-Cleaned entity reaches down to one-or-more of its 'Lieutenants'. An intense telepathic 'discussion' occurs, with HS contributing as appropriate. Lots of wailing and gnashing-of-the-teeth occurs in this 'lower' being, as its Master tells it that what it has lived-for is wrong. Finally, with more or less drama, the Lieutenant changes tune. That Lieutenant then reaches down to one-or-more of its underlings and telepathically gives them the bad/good news. And so on.

Since this is all done telepathically, there is little-to-no defense. A little voice appears in one's head (and one's heart), and urges/nags/appeals for a change in one's 'beingness'. The bad news is that their 'enemy' is within; the good news is that their enemy is truly their friend...

Best Wishes,
Ray B.
P.S. The blogger who talked about blood damage due to The Jab just posted, "The German Doctor's microscope analysis was not translated or presented correctly by the original poster, so I am removing it from this site. I am not saying there is no blood damage, only that if something is not presented as it should be I don't want it here. IF it ends up being legit after I look at a few samples of my own, it will be put right back up. I am certainly equipped to confirm it."

Anonymous said...

Shurangama Mantra in Sanskrit

The most important mantra in the world – Shurangama Mantra – is also the longest mantra and has the power to protect you from the negative forces in the world.

Anonymous said...

People got alota nerve. So the saying says elephants never forget...You know they call them killer whales? You seem surprised! It will end again with bullets flying.
Seems appropriate. They would have us dig our own graves, saves them money and labour, very efficient. Some how I think not this time...

The Road to the Western Lands said...

What a golden age of laughter! The booger eating morons who appointed themselves masters of the universe are getting a long awaited comeuppance.
How sweet it is! No Afghan no NWO and wouldn't be a clown checkmate if Russia and China evacuate the YT Americans and collaborators err I mean interpreters left behind in the GOE.
China and Russia are stage managing the dank memes from Talibanistan to the amusement of all.
What a wonderful sense of humor God and Mr. Apocalypse have and the all roads lead to Arjuna is now as the balance has to be restored back to harmony with Cosmic Law.
Giving thanks many times a day and loving animals and those who love me but also not being a placemat or stepping stone.
The evil G browser is still suppressing Smoking Mirrors but nothing a little copy paste from another browser can't fix.

Anonymous said...

I don't know if anybody follows what this fellow says, but I do think there is some intelligence, knowledge and perception here. At the very least worth considering somewhere in back of your thoughts.

Cliff High and the woo, Aug 18 2021.

Everything is either true or false at first (computer program), then time plays out, and its not that way, what was true is now false and visa versa. ' I thought I was wrong, then I found out I was wrong'. Like dreams, they seem real while you are dreaming then you wake up. Shake your head and say 'what was that all about'? Darned if I know, maybe...
We all seem to be in this dream stream together somehow.
Mr. Nay, Not, Yeah, Youh, ...okay

Anonymous said...

Happy reincarnation day!


Visible said...

A new Smoking Mirrors is up now=

"God Is The Light of The Spiritual Sun, and We are Dust Motes Dancing in that Formerly Cloudy Room."

Love To Push Those Buttons said...

Comment didn't go through again. Can't even remember what it was. Well, so I leave ya with another Nostrils Up. Virtual nose pets and snorfles arrived. Woulda been cheaper and faster to e-mail 'em, but hey! ;O)



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