Monday, June 06, 2022

"Sex Nazis & Transgender Storm Troopers. Limp-Wristed Academia... and Assorted Reincarnated Jacobins and... Jerkoffs."

Dog Poet Transmitting.......

As we have mentioned times before, Trends and Patterns are points of focus for me. I watch the shifting currents... the resulting tide-pools, whirlpools. I watch the tides come in and I watch them go out, watching the way a large body of water would behave. Doing this keeps me aware of the moods and moments of The Ocean, or... what we might call... the vast sea of humanity; taking the pulse thereof. It has tides and a relationship to The Moon. There is something timeless going on here but... it is difficult to put into words.

If you have an association with Crass and Social Media... even if it is only forensic; as it is for me... you can see the currents, and... if you understood the stars, you would know the direction of the ocean's currents, and what that means for the shores it washes up on. Looking at the currents of human thought, both the programming end and the programmed end, you see self-interest at an all-time high. This juxtaposes with the increase in people no longer knowing who they are or what they want. So then... bizarre behavior starts becoming a spectator sport. How long before they charge admission?

I want a t-shirt (not really) that says, “I'm With Stupid”, only the arrow points upward. As it sums up The Kultcha, and given the disconnects and cluelessness, concerning wh at is in plain sight, I suspect it would be a very popular item.

Large criminal gangs are taking ever-greater control of city streets. The level of corruption in government has reached a degree of absurdity that I have never seen before; not in this life. Corruption operates with the trickle-down effect. It's kind of like shit flowing downhill. Like I said, Trends and Patterns are points of focus for me. This is what happens... in predictable increments... as Material Culture becomes ever more pervasive.

Though it might not seem immediately evident, The World is sitting on a powder keg. It is erupting into gunfire on city streets. Zombie casualties, in a chemical stupor, wander the burnt-out wreckage of their minds. I guess 'ticking time-bomb' could also apply.

I don't want to be negative. There are so many other possibilities one could turn their attention to, but... these Trends and Patterns are alarming; if you are the sort to be alarmed. Then... there are the other trends that have turned on Conventional Wisdom. I did not expect Johnny Depp to win so convincingly. The militant wing of The Hysterical Bat-Shit Brigade... the Sex Nazis and Transgender Storm Troopers... limp-wristed academia, filled with the reincarnated Jacobins and Jerkoffs that always come around in times of cultural decadence... did not approve. Weimar Republic Redux is right up ahead. Well now... I did not expect him to win like he did.

Some of the fallout is becoming savage. It appears that THEY did not expect him to win either. After all, he lost in England, however... this was a different venue, AND... regardless... they proved Malice. They convinced the jury of Malice! That was no easy gain. I thought they would close it out in a zero-sum contest and give them both a lecture. I think what really happened is that no one showed up for her, by comparison, and those who did... were not credible. Karma and The Purpose of Demonstration were both invisibly on hand... until they became visible.

This apocalypse and awakening is another very real tandem. We are seeing more than we ever did before, and this is going to get more, and more (AND MORE!), and more evident with time passing.

A seasoned pro in the legal game said that it's over when The Jury stops looking at you. This... apparently... happened to Amber halfway through the trial. I kept this in mind as the trial progressed and she was 100% accurate.

If you look around through world events over recent times, you will find all sorts of other anomalies that turned out different than expected... Sandman... Rittenhouse... and others. So... on the one hand, there are these disturbing Trends and Patterns in the congested zones, and... also... unexpected and inexplicable events going sideways in other theaters of enterprise, or... even in the same place at the same time.

The bear-baiting of Russia, by the organized armies of The ZATO Central Bankers... has not gone as they planned. No matter what The Crass Media may say... they are getting rolled up on by The Russians. Now they have a new factory to make a stand-in, as The Azov Battalion did in Mariupol. This one is... (wait for it) a chemical factory! All kinds of new weapons are being smuggled in with mixed results. The whole of this conflict trembles on a knife's edge. Sooner or later (unless wiser heads prevail) The Central Banker Army will push just a tad... or a whole lot more than a tad... too... much... and... LITERALLY... all hell could break loose.

Russia has the weapons to wipe out a large amount of the congested zones in Western Europe (possibly all of them) and America can lose both coasts. Yes... Russia may well suffer too, BUT... Russia might have no choice... if western hubris gets out of hand. THEY... are so used to getting their way, and their arrogance and disregard for the truth are breathtaking. I sincerely hope it does result in their breath being taken away. They are a pestilence on the face of The Earth. The whole planet will do a lot better once the invisible armies of God shut them down.

I don't like to talk that way, nor do I like to write checks that my ass can't cash... I am simply saying it CAN'T go both ways. We can't be free and enslaved at the same time. We also will not be victimized by Fear... if Love is already in residence. The time to prepare yourself is BEFORE necessity forces it upon you. The worst place to have a judgment come down on you is in The Court of Your Mind as it extrapolates into The Hive Mind. There's no getting away from a judgment like that, and there is no higher court of appeals. It is ALSO what you come up against in between incarnations.

I don't know why I am talking about this, since I intended to talk about The Depp trial. I did not watch the majority of it, only parts of the final week, but I saw plenty of Johnny and Amber (here and there) when they were in The Witness Box. I had been tangentially following this drama because of the Shakespearean elements, AND... because I had been paying attention to it from the get-go.

From what I saw, it was clear that Amber was running a con, and that she set it up in advance. She was so confident of the Pound-Me-Too peanut gallery that... she... walked... right... into... it. This is a classic example of The Purpose of Demonstration... adapting to the needs of your waking up. Maybe you do. Maybe you don't. Bad things happen when you don't cut your losses.

My point is that it's all (an apocalyptic) Demonstration now, and... although anything can happen, nothing will happen that is not in The Will of Heaven. For millions of years... and millions before that, Humanity has been victimized by appearances. It is all Ayin... The Eye... the Lie. That is The Devil insofar as he exists... in the appearances. What... pray tell... is behind the veil of appearances??? The Devil... more specifically... is The Mind, when it is trapped in the Lower Nature. It's yet another way of saying that The Devil is God, the way The Wicked see him. There can be only one. There is only one.

Maybe it does matter what side of the bed you get up on. Oh my! What if there is another person on the right side of the bed???

The road of appearances is about to get bumpy. Time-sensitive jack-in-the-boxes are concealed everywhere like land mines... surprise!!! surprise!!! We are being judged amidst the experiences we generated for that purpose. We might not have known we were doing so, BUT... life is hardwired for certain events and to certain ends. That's just how it is. That is why we have terms like a fait accompli. (grin).

Well... I don't really know what turns The World will take. I have no control over that. I suspect I am supposed to bob like a cork on that restless ocean. All I need is a random Styrofoam cooler floating by, and the Australian Crawl; maybe I'll hit land or turn into a dolphin. I do know a little more about Amber being out of her Depp, (I can't believe you just said that, Vis) BECAUSE it is over, except for the negotiating table. They won't get it reversed I do not think, and... she can't afford any more lawyers, but he can. Meanwhile... Jussie Smollett is still out of jail, so... who knows?

I am left with two thoughts here... in the aftermath. Firstly... I would like to know why her house in Joshua Tree is- or was- all over the news and there is page after page on the search engines, which include walking tours through the house, and... hmm... that sure looks like inviting trouble to me. The other thought concerns how Depp carries himself from here on out.

Unlike Amber with the 7 million that was supposed to be donated. Heh heh... she even stiffed the ACLU that wrote her manifesto, which ended up in The Washington Post, and... got the ball rolling in the first place. Unlike her pocketing the donations... Johnny Depp should simply forget about whatever it is the courts awarded him, and prove out what he said about the money not being the issue of the lawsuit. He has been acquitted in The Court of Public Opinion, now he should do the fine and noble thing; a kind of noblesse oblige toward his fallen adversary.

Lao Tzu advises us to ALWAYS take the left-handed side of the bargain. Extend a hand, or else just walk away. I expect that he will do the right thing. Time will tell and we shall see.

End Transmission.......

Rotsarinks today (sorry Elf)=

It helps to know the difference between a galaxy and a nebula. It also depends on who explains it to you. According to me (grin), a nebula is where stars are born, and a galaxy which... according to me, is a whole bunch of stars held together by a common gravitational force; now what would that be? Never mind... I am here to direct you to a GABula. That is an endless chatter of words held together by some measure of Gravitas. There's one nearby=

Via The New York Post
Why is this being publicized? There are PAGES about this location=

Via Fox News
I would have expected this some time ago=

Via Alex Berenson @ Substack
I have many friends Down Under, not to mention great respect for all sorts of qualities that are Australian; "Good on ya, mate!" I don't know how you get rid of the jackals who take their marching orders from The Black Nobility in London=

Via Vigilant Citizen
Not usually a fan but... some trenchant information here=

Via Fox Business
I hope he knows who he is messing with.
This is even worse that putting your house location into the public thoroughfare. What about McAfee and the rest of the suspicious deaths in custody?=

Via The Real History Channel
I wouldn't argue with something I agree with (would I? ((grin))

Via Dr. David Frawley @
The American Institute of Vedic Studies

An aspect of Astrology that is often ignored by the less than comprehensive=

Here's something from the Tribe-fear-of-death germ consortium of Mandel, Stern... and others. You wonder what all of that means? It is so telling in so many ways. I travel the high and low highways of the world through a kind of box. Very little of it has anything to do with me=

Via Taki's Magazine
When you make your point, regardless of the shouting over... the writing is usually pretty good=

Via Renegade Tribune
Yeah... the more things change, the more they don't change at all=

Via The Huffington Post
This looks like a great place to live...
if I can go south for the winter. What a lie-fest this article is=

Via Breitbart
No... they are not going to let up... not until something is done to discourage them. Perversity and depravity are being pushed by the ruling class because it makes them easier to rule out of chaos. This is not a new device. There are also demons in human form who proliferate in times of material darkness and they do the will of Hell=

Via Russia Today
This is what I expected...
that his own people would do him in and blame it on The Russians=

Will Stewart @ The Sun
Via The Truthseeker

How about them taters?=

Beskydy rail tunnel

Via Fox News
Like we've been saying=


Via Breitbart
As we were saying... now is the time to be merciful.
It is in victory that one shows what they are made of=

They're getting crazier and crazier=


Navin R. Johnson said...

Good day Vis! It is getting ready to rain and we need it but Sol will be back.
Regarding the Kraine Medvedev says that they will strike the nerve center that isn't in Kiev and Putin mentioned some weapons that no one even knows about due to woke "intel" in the open air mental asylum of the FUSA.
Saw a great two panel meme regarding corporations with Woody Harrelson crying on top stating that our products are killing people, underneath he is wiping tears with $20 bills.
Not a huge fan of Depp but he does carry a man card and there is another meme showing him as the only man to ever win an argument with a woman.
There is a photo of Amber with the cackler or Kamala making the rounds.
Acting like I'm German just to keep from dealing with people but will give thumbs up or head nod to any that are actually not out to knife the back.
The modern Jacobins can never be content or satisfied even after they burn everything down as ordered by comrade Karl Marx.
Plan accordingly because the demonstration could go full interesting times as one blog page is saying that China is preparing for some shock and awe, look up the speech by comrade Chi Haotian (PLA) regarding wiping out Americans with bioweapons so the real estate and resources will be intact.
Dealing with reality isn't negative because we have to work with what we have been dealt and survival is the ultimate positive.

robert said...

The call of the light-hearted to join the comical conga line is "Simply Irresistible"

The more deadly serious mindlocks persist toward their dead end denouements, the more humor power is freed by seeing through the bullshit made blatant!
Laughing for joy is the high road through this crush of crappy collusion

For millions of years... and millions before that, Humanity has been victimized by appearances. It is all Ayin... The Eye... the Lie. That is The Devil insofar as he exists... in the appearances. What... pray tell... is behind the veil of appearances??? The Devil... more specifically... is The Mind, when it is trapped in the Lower Nature. It's yet another way of saying that The Devil is God, the way The Wicked see him. There can be only one. There is only one.

Another gloss of this shiny poignancy:

The devil is our own mind in automatic adversarial opposition to the creative potential we are in training.

Our mind's eye can be fascinated with our physical senses and especially the reflexive emotional response to whatever we partially sense, stored in our energy field until cleared or our field deteriorates from spiritual dehydration...

So our perception polluted with impurities sees what we project and that is ourselves in our worst form: limited by our memorized falling shorts!

We see our own adversary, our very own miscreation, down, dirty and personal.

Instead of seeing the light of the One shining through the perfect template we were created within, we see the disgusting dark thoughts we have put out in blind bad habits.

Even those striving to be the most wicked only see their measly mirror mirage crafted with a temporally terminal animal-powered mind, goosed by the remote control of hungry ghosts and minions...

We judge ourselves and would be sentenced to death, except for...

The Spirit who brung us to the party will not have it!

We are being judged amidst the experiences we generated for that purpose. We might not have known we were doing so, BUT... life is hardwired for certain events and to certain ends. That's just how it is. That is why we have terms like a fait accompli. (grin).

Our deceiving eyes even project mirror images as if they are real!

Only in the fussy formulations of optics is the real image treated the same as the virtual image!

Both are projections but one is but a projection OF a projection and not to be feared.

A hierarchy of the fearful over time has built a towering babbling basilisk that has dimensional reality BUT the polar point of all the anti-life energy stacking up to no good is serving the Purpose of the One, acting as a darkning rod to make clearer contrasting lessons for a created beings to edify, everntually!

Why does "the devil" flee from laughter when we are filled with hilarity?

Because the held-breath trance in which we ensnare our poor perception cannot hold still when the belly is gyrating in ecstatic rebalancing acts!

The exceptions Visible is listing that seem to go against the momentum and interia of the dark death marchers are levity lifting off the dirty drawers!

Through the countless lives that actually count, leading humanity to this climax to die for, how those lives will light up the laughter of "getting it", seeing the meaning and the comical farces we made of ourselves all along the way!

We laugh when liberated, when released from all self-imposed fears.
When we feel the loving guiding hands hold us from our won destruction, we laugh in delight.

All the shocks arranged to demoralize are awakening moral awareness despite the pain.
Pain which can be transmuted to joy when we turn our groans to cries of true levity and lift off all burdens from the mother earth who has borne it all for us to learn to love

SanchoEarlyJones said...

wishing, and sending everyone good health, and peace of mind

Love To Push Those Buttons said...

Amber Heard makes for a great MGTOW ad. On the other hand, I make for a great birth control or pro-abortion ad, so hey!

OK! I consider this place a POS realm of the demiurge that I'm passin' through for the gazillionth time for reasons of prior insanity (PLEASE PUT ME IN RIKERS FOR LIFE), but NEVER AGAIN! I've had it up to here ('Here' bein' to the furthest reaches of the Nose-iverse.) with this place, and quite frankly it doesn't agree with my current philosophies and me 'tinks' (Thinks in Irish.) that the planet having a Tiamat experience would be doin' existence itself a favour. A number of us on this site long much for the Otherside, and I wonder why even worry about this HELL HOLE? 'Tank' (Thank in Irish.) de (The in. . .) gods we're not here forever. And me tinks dohs dat (Those that. . .) wanna stay here forever are mentally GONZO!

Nostrils up, with a nose hair on top! Gods, I can't believe I didn't read this last night. Doin' a buddy a rather unpleasant 7 hour favour took a bit out of me, not that cleaning baseboards all day is harder than dishwashin', but still. . .

Visible said...

There is a new Smoking Mirrors up now=

"The Looser the Waist Band, the Deeper the Quicksand. It's Either Risky or Risque for The Insane and Profane."

Love To Push Those Buttons said...

Fergot sumthin'. I'd like to get a 'I'm With Stupid' shirt that has arrows pointin' is all directions. After all, that seems to be the case. I realise I ain't the sharpest blade in the draw, but still. . .I ain't THAT far gone.

Anonymous said...

Well at least she has the "Amber Dearest" movie to look forward to.
(no pill gonna cure that ill)



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