Friday, August 19, 2022

"Everyone, Nearly... Is Out of Whack, and It Is Very Hard to See... Because Everyone, Nearly... Is Out of Whack."

Dog Poet Transmitting.......

Last night, in my dreams (if dreams they be) The word, Gdansk came over and over into my mind. On the periphery of thought, it seemed to me that I had heard this before and that it was the name of a place. More than this, I did not know, so... I went and looked it up and it is a Polish City on The Baltic Coast. I have many strange dreams; if dreams they be. I seldom have a dream where I hear the same word over and over... as if being urged to recall it upon awakening.

I had to take a leak. I went back to sleep, only to dream of Gdansk again. It's not the sort of word you would expect to come to mind. It seems to be missing a vowel, but that sort of thing happens in Eastern Europe, where they got backwards letters and other strangenesses. The further east you go, the more extreme this gets until you wind up in The Lands of The Pictograms. I couldn't imagine having to read that but... the Japanese have no problem with it; more strangeness, eh?

It also occurred to me that The World might well be flat, just not everywhere. It might be round where we are, and flat somewhere else. This sort of thing makes my head hurt so... I don't do it very often. It usually happens by accident, but... we know there are no such things. This is very heavy lifting for so early in the morning.

Is something going to happen in Gdansk? My track record is not real good with this kind of action. It's about the size of Omaha or Atlanta so... yeah, probably all kinds of things will happen there; hopefully nothing big and bad like one of those Sarajevo moments.

The reason I even bring any of this up is that I sleep with crystals that are charged each day by The Sun; one for afternoon, and one for evening, since I live in The Land of The Siesta. Crystals are communication devices if you know how to use them. They become more and more efficient as you tune to each other.

Dreaming has always fascinated me. When I discovered that even when we are up and moving about, most people are still dreaming, it fascinated me even more. So... I started working on both conscious and creative dreaming. By now, what with the crystals, it might be starting to sound like I have drifted to The Dark Side of The New Age. No... my persuasions go well back and before the age, preceding the age, preceding the age, preceding the age before this one. When it comes to spiritual traditions there is nothing newfangled about me.

Religions are like fads that happen over a much longer period of time. Avatars come and Avatars go. It's always the same Avatar in a different jumpsuit; much like The Sun (which is where The Avatars come from) that is called Lord Surya, which... is a position more than it is an entity. Sun Regents come and go too; switching out every 400 million years of sitting in Lord Surya's seat. Presently, Lord Vivasvan is riding in The Sun God's chariot, which... is no small conveyance.

I guess what I am saying is that The Universe is a creature of order. If conditions swing too much in one direction... then they are pulled back to center-line. This is true of individuals as much as it is true of planetary systems. Many of the people you see that are snarling about social justice issues are... the... very... same... people who were opposing them during their last sojourn here. Those who overly moralize, get a season or two on The Sea of Immorality to even them out. God is no friend of Sanctimony or Self-Righteousness... or whitened sepulchers of the ambulatory kind.

Once you get into the more refined fields of Wisdom, you have to let go of everything you ever thought you knew about Good and Evil. Evil... ofttimes, is that in which The Good has not yet been discovered. Sometimes Evil is Good that has lost its luster through oversampling... commercialization... being taken for granted, I don't know... something... something.

Existence IS NOT WHAT IT APPEARS TO BE. Look at Nature where beauty, intoxicating scents, shivery trembling shimmers, as well as all kinds of other allurements... turn out to be traps devised to suck in the curious and unwary... AND EAT THEM! Well! What... do... you... know? It's the same thing on land and sea as it is in The Human Kingdom where most of your celebrities are like this.

In Nature... you get sucked in and covered with sticky digestive serums or... snatched with sucker-pods, pincers, and claws... teeth... whathaveyou. In our realm, THE SAME THING HAPPENS... only it might take much longer for you to be digested.

It might happen over the course of a lifetime (which could be brief), and that which devours you is... your lifestyle... your environment... your attractions, and especially yourself; depending on what you cultivate to take you out... from heart attack to cancer to... not paying attention, one way or another.

It might seem we are being allegorical here; not... at... all. Not at all. Conditions are the same in every realm of being; As above, so below. You have to hit that Golden Line that runs like a high-wire across the abyss of your fears. If you are unstable you are going to fall. If you think you are doing it, you are going to fall. That is where God takes over, and that is why... you must... make... God... your... friend. Some of the challenges you face can ONLY be overcome by God.

The term God is a catchall. Maybe I use it too much. I also like, The Divine... the ineffable... Lord God Almighty... The Supreme Enjoyer, and various divine personas. None of them are... in the least... encompassing. God (grin) is incomprehensible and... indescribable.

At present, what you are seeing in The World, are the populations turning away from God due to material culture, and the magnetism of forms. Whenever this happens, and it is happening in a big way right now, it... is... only... a... matter... of... time before The Natural Order is recalled.

Heaven, Earth, and the different kingdoms between... ALL exist in a state of order, which goes out of order at regular intervals. It is then pulled back into order. It is one of the entertainments of existence for which God created it all in the first place, to... amuse... himself.

I feel truly sad for those who do not know that a divine presence fills ALL things. How do you make sense of it? (you don't) How do you get it into order? (grin) (you don't). There are your duties and there are the duties of Heaven. You need to know the difference. It is far less egregious and painful to be in harmony with The Divine, than it is to be in opposition to him/her/it. Sooner or later you get it, once you come to the place where you cannot endure another moment of being out in the cold desolation of The False Self.

The Divine is a REALLY wonderful being. It doesn't matter how far wrong you went. He/She will embrace you with open arms the moment you turn your face back toward The Spiritual Sun. All the forces of Heaven will rush to your side when you make that transition. A part of the very sun that shines in The Heavens is resident in the area of your Solar Plexus. You have to tune the one to the other. That's all there is to it. The Thrice Blessed Hermes calls it, The Operation of The Sun. Something that has been mentioned more than a time or two here.

Love... the prime attractor... is the tractor-force that pulls you into resonance with the other, and... with yourself. Everyone, nearly... is out of whack, and... it is very hard to see because everyone, nearly... is out of whack. When you are not out of whack, you have to go undercover or exist at-a-remove from the riotous crowd. You need some amount of the latter before you can pull off the former. You need to be unshakable or... you will be shaken, not stirred, and... that was only a movie. This is life... and the rules are different in movies than they are in life.

I don't know what Gdansk has to do with any of this; would you care to Gdansk with me? The thing is... that situation in Ukraine is not going to go away. Mr. Putin knows this. THEY are going to keep pushing, and one of these days... push is going to come to shove, either there or somewhere else.

A worldwide effort toward enslavement AND genocide is taking place, right... this... moment. The Deceived are quite serious about the deception they are laboring under. Nothing short of a knockout punch is going to work.

There is still... ALWAYS the chance it will go well for us. I think that depends on how close to The Fan you are standing. Prayer is a powerful engine for positive change!

I don't know what to tell you about The World outside; not my department. Get a handle on The World inside, and The Outside World will take care of itself, as... far... as... you... are... concerned. Yes... many are bobbing like waterlogged corks on the stormy seas of Desire and Appetite. You do not have to bob alongside them. The twin fears of Loss and Gain are troubling the waters. Your doubt and apprehension fuel that process.

End Transmission.......

Some links. I skip most of the really dark and deeply troubling articles, just so you know=

It was hectic=

Via revolver
Well... I am just shocked to find this out.
How can this be possible when gay sex is cleaner and more natural than normal sex? It isn't? Oh... I didn't know that. They told me at the Genderfluid Quickstop that... oh... I see. I am sorry to hear that. The Truth really is awfully inconvenient, isn't it?=

Via Fox News
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Via Off The Kirb Ministries @ Youtube
A bit too fundy for me, BUT... he makes some interesting points. He seems a little light on the esoterica-arcane though... pretty articulate=

Via The Real History Channel
This is probably one of the reasons that Mexico has two locations that are meant to survive what is coming. Most countries have only one. Actually, most countries have none, since there are supposed to be only 7 of them. This is NOT something I know, it is something I heard=

Andrés Manuel López Obrador

Via The Daily Wire
Slowly but Shirley=

Always stay classy!=

Via Babylon Bee
Well... that makes sense=

He is absolutely batshit crazy.
He made his deal with The Devil, and now the ticking of the clock gets louder and louder with the passing of time=

Just your everyday normal girl-next-door, if you live next to a cemetery or a mental institution=

Via The Gateway Pundit
Like we've been saying, people are getting crazier=

Via Fox News
The times they are a-changing=


Love To Push Those Buttons said...

Hmmmm. I pay attention to everything as little as I can. DAMMIT, I'M STILL HERE! Maybe I shouldn't have given up fast food 20 odd years ago. Then I might be where I wanna be. But I'm 60 now. Probably too late to start up on that again. Not to mention I can't stand the politics behind any of 'em. Oh well.

Nostrils up!!!!!!!!!

Visible said...

There are some very strange events taking place in my life, and I may have put yesterday's links in again today. Strange is the order of the day lately. I hope I did not overly trouble those who read the links. It's not like me to do something like that. Then again, maybe I didn't. Like I said... STRANGE.

Visible said...

I don't know if you are crazy or... intentionally seeking to mess with the flow of things here. All of the things you said are irrelevant to what goes on here. I try to err on the side of cutting people slack, but... this has wandered off into the Methedrine islands by way of a need for lithium. I'm assuming by now that you have been messing with me and so I've removed the comments. They will not make sense to anyone anyway. If by some remote chance you are simply reality challenged, we are not equipped to deal with that here.

Duntoirab said...

I noticed the repeat links. Didn't phase me at all.
I look at a lot of the sources you link anyway.

BTW, best post of the week I think.

M - said...

Synonyms for Gdansk: danzig, danziger, shipbuilders, shipbuilding, shipyard, dantzig, and herzog.

Speaking of crystals...

I recently had a dream in which I was shown a stone. This image happened right before I awoke. It was a lapis lazuli. Also called the "Stone of Truth". I took this as a subtle hint and purchased a pair of lapis lazuli earrings because wearing earrings made from the stone will open one to receiving messages from Spirit. It increases one's psychic ability and connection to the spirit world, reverses baneful magic, and increases personal power. I often wear them to bed.

Although I do not sleep with crystals or stones I do keep certain ones near me at all times - some of which are in a leather pouch in my purse. All are considered protective. I recently bought black tourmaline as it's said to negate the effects of EMF, as well as negativity.

AND, for the first time, I used rose quartz to sprout some borage seeds. Although I have a green thumb, for some reason I am "seed hesitant". Not any more! They are sprouting like craaaazy.
My Lord(s) – Intention and Manifestation

zoob said...

Happy birthday :)

riseandshine said...

Hi Vis... Thinking out loud 'Gdansk'--- Gods angst?....Gdansk is said to have been the flashpoint of WW1.. September 1st 1939.

Anonymous said...

well, that was kind of a rude comment you posted in response to my comment i made about how both paradigms are false.

I don't understand why boomers (people over the age of 60) have zero chill and are so quick to anger and attack.

At least the younger generation is chill and is striving to create a better more peaceful world. The vibe i get from boomers is, "let it all burn, i got mine and that's all that matters!"

Anonymous said...

I thought so:
Christy Olezeski, PhD

Education & Training

Postdoctoral Fellow
Massachusetts General Hospital/ Harvard Medical School (2011)
University of Albany (2010)
Predoctoral Intern
Westchester Jewish Community Services (2010)


Visible said...


That had nothing to do with "how both paradigms are false." Your comments were more like Tom Sawyer has a bad acid trip with Holden Caulfield. I'm not continuing the conversation beyond this comment. You won't be doing so either. Your comments; a bunch of them I might add... HAD TO BE either the result of someone who is insane OR intentional trolling. We have now established that it is trolling. Then there's the passive-aggressive stuff but I'm not going to be analyzing it. Obviously, we're too old for you here. Tik Tok, Instagram... Twitter... those are the happening sites for your demographic. Why would you even come around here at all? That's a myst... oh right! Right.

Visible said...

A new Smoking Mirrors is up now=

"Until Then... Until Every Last Drop of Desire has Been Milked From Your Being, You'll be The Devil's Wet Nurse."

Visible said...

You have to go to Petri Dish for the post because Blogger shut me down over the links; from what I can see anyway. I removed them and put the post up at Petri Dish and it went up with no problem.



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