Tuesday, September 06, 2022

"Their Minds are Captured by The Sugar Plum Fairies of Sexual Fantasy. God... Apparently... Has Been Usurped."

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God is an absolute stillness... an eternal witness... apart from The Creation, yet... endlessly personalizing himself in it. In essence, there is no male and female. The Singularity separates itself into two dynamics, For... the... Purpose... of... Demonstration. Their interactive dance populates The World so that there is a never-ending cast of players for the dramas that occur.

The angels... when they visit in human form, can assume either sex, though... it has been said that all of us are female to God. Every pore in your body is a vagina through which The Breath of God can pass. Those who know something about breath control and prana, know about this, and its relation to sunlight.

The whole of existence is a sex act. Even life and death are sexual partners, facilitating the movement of the life force, in their specializations, through infinite progressions; I die daily. None of the essential truths of life are complex, BUT... it does take a child to understand them.

For a child, life is expressed in an intimacy of communion. It is a living breathing thing for a child, whether it be The Sun or a teddy bear. It is when we get older that it turns into work... through rituals, and dogma... and pages and pages of tiny, mind-deadening words of never-ending complexity that... comes to nothing in the end. Only Love endures the awful routines of birth... disease... old age... and death, and... surmounts... them.

In the beginning it is all fun... unless you got bad karma or a commission. Then it can be pretty hairy as I can vouchsafe (I never use that word... grin) and confirm. Then the sexual divide occurs and it can often be a time of torment... confusion... and rebellion for the sake of rebellion. It is The Separated Self insisting on its rulership of direction and circumstance. Even though it doesn't know squat... it's on its way to find that out.

Karma= Purpose of Demonstration. Karma= Purpose of Demonstration; ad infinitum. It goes on and on until you get tired of the struggle and the stress, BECAUSE... you 'think' you are doing it on your own. You are not! Everything is being done by the life power because that... is... the... ONLY... source... of... power... that... there.... is.

It is when that power moves to express in us that the problem occurs. We hinder and inhibit the free passage of The Life Power through us. We are clumsy, self-blindfolded dancers, playing musical chairs. It always turns into a scrimmage... a grudge match... a moshpit of blood and thunder; a “boxing with his brother in the hate-ridden city.”

Civilization is where we attempt to put niceties and restraints upon our otherwise unrestrained behavior. Civilization is humanity's reaction to discomfort and pain. Civilization is the Kabuki Mask worn over the face of the raging beast. None of them last, do they? As fine and wonderful as they may be in their rise, they are the opposite of that in their decline.

This is not so on the finer planes. Some of them are temporary garden parties of unspeakable beauty, housed in the interior of clouds. They exist longer and more substantially in wild places; places where weather and topography are The Guardians. Surely, there is a Mount Guardian or Guardian Mountain not too far from you?

Enormous, invisible entities are what bring you the weather. Sometimes they are called Djinns, sometimes Elementals, and other names. It's a complicated area of inquiry BECAUSE... you can't see them. You only see what they do. They are like The Wind. Indeed... they are The Wind. Few people know that The Wind is a cleanser and a purifier. He's called Vayu in India. Like I said, it's complicated unless you are a child.

I love the older tales of The Gods... Devas, and all the players behind the scenes in the human drama. There's not as much romance and humanizing in The West since they muddied the waters. Now... religion is a drudgery. Do you really think God's angels are going to stick around while the parishioners sing “Faith of Our Fathers?”

When God goes out of the picture, which is the current state of things, then Sex becomes God in the public thoroughfares. For Atheists, Sex is God. This is how it naturally inclines toward Satanism. Sex is The Cosmic Glueboard for human torment and suffering.

I've never been to Tinder or Grinder. I've wanted to lurk there, simply to see how far out it has gotten by now, but... like strip clubs and other punishment zones, that sort of thing gives me a headache pretty quickly. When I was in LA one time, someone I knew took me to a strip club. It wasn't long before my head started to hurt and I had to leave. On the one other occasion that I can remember, the... same... thing... happened... again. In both instances, it went away as soon as I left.

God looks out for you IF you are looking for God. As soon as you have made your intention clear, help is on the way. Yeah... you might get a bit of rough handling in the beginning. Heaven separates out The Wimps and Whiners pretty quick. Let me give you an example. It's like having to walk through a wind tunnel. There's a guy in the control booth who handles The Dial of Intensity. It is gradually turned up to the requisite level of force, and all who have not been blown away are allowed to continue, and... are... strengthened... thereby.

It is all about strengthening you as you go, BECAUSE... heavy responsibilities are going to be laid on you, and... you don't want to crumple beneath them. What...? You think all those (real) masters, sages, devas, angels, and elementals alike just sit around having tea in The High Tower? It... doesn't... work... like... that, AND... no one works harder than God... who does nothing at all. It's a conundrum. A child would get it right off, but... once you leave that Elysian zone through the saloon doors of sexual-division-awareness... it gets complicated.

God is doing EVERYTHING, and... God is doing NOTHING at... the... same... time. The point is to increase your awareness of The Presence of God. You want the Presence of God to be like a running stream outside your cabin door in the wilderness of this world. A child would be delighted by the presence of his invisible playmate. The playmates go away once the erotic terrestrialization occurs. You CAN get the playmates to come back. I will attest to this.

When you become intimate with God, you can appear crazy to The World. You exhibit no similar interests to the galley slaves all around you; probably why you're not chained to an oar. To be intimate with God is to have acquired THE ONLY THING WORTH HAVING. It's all over at that point. Sure... the clock still has to run out, and The Mind has to stop spinning. All your horses have blinders now. You've... been... sorted.

Brass bands do not appear by your side when you find God, BUT... something has changed. It is a brand new world now. Sometimes you can't say anything at all anymore or... not much. Sometimes... you are like that running stream because you cannot suppress the wonder and joy in your heart. I fall into that category, though... perhaps... more like a babbling brook. All of us celebrate God in our own way. Some do it quietly and some make a lot of noise. Maybe they have a brass band. I don't know.

I do know that when The Avatar appears there are signs and wonders galore. Despite that... many will not see them. Their minds are enthralled by the Sugar Plum Fairies of Sexual Congress. God... apparently... has been usurped. Some of them want sex with children; that... being the ultimate violation.

If you understand the Satanic mindset then you KNOW that the despoliation of innocence is the main objective; to destroy childhood and enslave humanity from cradle to grave, and beyond. It... will... never... happen, BUT... it is what they intend. They've gotten pretty far along this time. I'm guessing they feel pretty confident about having their way. BOY... are they in for a surprise!!!

I keep thinking The Avatar is going to appear in the human heart. In those hearts where a place has been made for him. I keep thinking it has something to do with The Internet. I KNOW that underneath the turmoil of social change, radical, technological discoveries, and inventions are going to transform The World, seemingly overnight. None of it is new. It is just what happens at this stage of human evolution. It took Atlantis down. It will not be the same this time. Some are going down (by their own intention) and some are going up. (by their own intention... with a whole lot of help)

My friends, do not let appearances deceive you. Do not let the antics of bloodstained clowns bring the thought of harm into your hearts. God is inextricably and invisibly woven into all of existence. At any time, he may toss in his sleep and awaken. Then he might shine forth like ten thousand suns into the darkness of The World and awaken the dreamers.

The stiff-necked crowd from The Land of Separated Minds is facing a hard winter. MANY changes can be expected through the rest of this year. May God guide and protect you from The Sanctuary of his Love, toward which you are bound.

End Transmission.......

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Love To Push Those Buttons said...

Source and Schrodinger's Cat seem to have a bit in common in the paradox field. Also, this concept of no gender. . .it seems Noses in the Commonwealth World are ahead of their time. Just stay outta places that assign noses a gender with their language.

Can't argue with the post for reasons I will not get into, and NOSTRILS UP!!!!!

. said...

Bravo Vis, Bravo.

So eloquently spoken.

Luv Kazz

Visible said...

A new Smoking Mirrors is up now=

"Other Times There are Packs of Velociraptors Looking to Have a Picnic but... They Didn't Bring a Picnic Basket."



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