Tuesday, June 25, 2024

"By The Day, The Unreal Fades, and The Eternal Dancer is Revealed... in All Her Glorious... Radiant... Everlastingness."

God Poet Transmitting.......

Why is it that some people... a lot of people... cannot see what is and what is not? One reason is that what is... is invisible, so they get the default view of what is not... in all its infinite variety. It is because they are always looking out, and never looking in.

However... if one has a sustained focus... one can see... more and more...here and there... through appearances... where the veils are becoming increasingly translucent, AND by... the... day... more and more... The Unreal fades, and the eternal dancer is revealed... in all her glorious... radiant... everlastingness...

It's not for everyone... not yet, and possibly... not ever. That is why... along with Aspirants and Initiates... there is The Great Unwashed drowning in their own perfumes.

The Subjective and Objective Mind are both crucially important; ♫ you can't have one! You can't have one! You can't have one without the other! ♫ Everyone has both of them... and a few of us know how to use them to their best advantage; that's where The Archetypes... the images on Tarot cards come in, and when activated, The Dancers on God's Music Box start moving and resonance occurs.

Material culture dims The Objective Perspective, and... general consciousness becomes subjective. This is how you fall into open manholes (Sorry! Person Holes) while thumbhumping a cellphone.

When you are resident... for the most part... in Subjective Perspective, your field of vision is at about 30 degrees. This has also been called Tunnel Vision, by the people who made it through The Tunnel. With true Objective Perspective... with the wide angle lens... you see the 180-degree... panorama view., BUT... you're still only seeing half of the picture. You gotta have your head on a swivel, cause... otherwise you're a bobblehead flamingo on a drinking glass.

At this point... someone still under the influence of The Reactive Mind might say, “You're wrong, visible. It's the other way round.” No! Actually, it is not. That's Concentration you are talking about and it is one of the tools of The Objective Perspective, which is employed to narrow The Focus. In real life, it's the Objective Perspective that has Situational Awareness, which includes... with the odd individual... a pair of eyes in the back of the head. People who have been there and done that know about this.

It also comes with some degree of Spidey Sense. If you've been in combat... in prison... or similar environments... you develop these abilities or you're not around too long. A trick of my own is that when you forget yourself... you become intensely aware of everyone else. When you have spent time looking into yourself, you gain the ability to see into others. It makes Physiognomy come alive. I think of this and many another related subject as being the difference between Jnana and Vijnana.

Life in vivid detail... in contrast to life in chiaroscuro. When you have better seeing... new worlds open before you. Existence is a living thing, and it can come to life; I mean really come to life... right in front of you, if you can cut yourself free from your shadow twin. Then it will all come alive; not like Frampton Comes Alive, but... you'll see. Ah! A pun! Visible made a pun! Get over yourself Poncho! Yes... you're Poncho. You're not Cisco.

I don't want to be Cisco anyway. That's for the real Rhinestone Cowboy in The Sky... who is so dazzling bright... that you can't see him. Those aren't rhinestones. They aren't diamonds either. They're a higher iteration of the same. He's clothed in light too bright to see, and he lives inside of me. He lives inside of everyone... in a mysterious cloud... that is generated by The Mind... to personify its inability to see above a certain wavelength.

Still... you must never forget who is Cisco and who is Poncho, and... equally as important... that you can't have one without the other.

So... there is The Subjective Mind. There is The Objective Mind, AND (somebody give the horn section some Naloxone and wake their asses up. The Moment has arrived) The Superconscious Mind! (brada da da brada da da wahhhh!!!) Yes... that's a real thing. That's the zone of Cosmic Consciousness with a 360-degree radius. They got webcams that do that now, BUT... not really. You still need to turn around to see the circling panorama.... or be at The Sweet Center; not to worry, that state of consciousness comes with its own set of built-in tools of perception.

Why am I bringing any of this up today? Well, first off... this is Origami, and when we are genre-specific... this is what you get, BUT... also, as The Avatar comes more and more into manifestation... certain powers and abilities are going to be dispensed... to those who earned them... as gifts for the coming age. The Awakening is the early warning signal of this coming shift in consciousness.

I know that some portion of you are concerned about what The Bad Guys are up to. Believe me! If they could do what they are trying to do... they would have done it a long time ago. They may be clever down here... running their street cons, and juggling acts, BUT... all real power comes from only one source, and they get only enough of that to get themselves in trouble, and... to take the deluded and compromised along with them because... Misery will surely be needing some company.

I keep thinking... any time now... any time... something... something. Odd appearances are going off everywhere. The amount of weather modification... DEW... and other DARPA delights have intensified ten-fold. Something is making these people hot under the collar. The Taiko-size drums of The Neo-Cons are rippling The Potomac. This usually means that The Bankers have stolen so much money that the economy needs another 9/11... bait-and-switch... burn the evidence moment. Then again, I don't know.

Maybe it's just The Apocalypse taking the gentle out of the coming night because... The Sun is about to go down for a special demographic ♫ I'm special... so special... I'm gotta have some of your attention... give it to me! ♫ Plus there are all those rent-boys and girls who went along with program because there was something in it for them; media personalities... politicians... celebrities... people from many walks of life. They're all gonna get a big sack of coal on Christmas in July.

Like I said, something's up. Why would Trump... who is on a big roll... with the magic momentum of the moment... be going on The CNN 24/7 Trump-hate network for The Big Debate? You know they got dirty tricks stacked high for this event, and whichever Biden with the implant... that they wheel out on stage... is going to be carrying brass knucks and a blade. It should be a very interesting watch.

The plotters and planners are in a frenzy... as if their lives depended on it, and... it does. More than their lives depend on it, BUT... it's a persistent fantasy of The Mind. It is a persistent trick of The Mind... that tells us there is some possibility of a win... if the cards are right... if the planets align... if Serendipity happens to be at home, BUT... in truth... it is all for naught; left goes left... right goes right. Up goes up and down goes down, and nothing goes sideways by accident.

Only an obsessed fool does not know the end from the beginning. You go thataway... you wind up where thataway goes. Any whichaway you go... it goes where it goes. This... leads to That. That... leads to This. There is a precipitating math that determines outcome. Stupid also lies in a certain direction, and so do brilliance and clarity. Everything is where it always is but people have forgotten where to look OR... don't care to look.

Your mind has three regions of operation. Each of them is essential, BUT... the most important feature is Balance. There must be balance, AND... clear communication. If one or more is not talking to the others, you get internally... what happens externally... when the same conditions are in play, AND... that's how they got that way... anyway.

So... why did I take that giant segue in the middle of the post?

There are two ways that people go about things. The vast majority mess with The Dials and wonder what... that button there... is for. The much smaller minority fixes the problem inside themselves first, and... they never have to mess with The Dials or wonder what that button there... is for. I have a rule. I did not always follow this rule, but now? Now I follow this rule without exception... ever; If you don't know what you are doing... don't do it. Measure several times... cut once. That's another rule.

Don't mess with people and they won't mess with you, and if they do? You got that Aikido thing that drains away their force and they have to go looking somewhere else.

Don't mislead people and it won't come back on you. These... and a host of other homilies and commentaries... that wind up embroidered on a sofa cushion are around for a reason. If all the parts of your mind are communicating and in agreement with each other... you won't need reminders. Start there before you set about fixing anything else.

End Transmission.......

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I don't know how many of you have seen the film; Same Kind of Different as Me.

It had Greg Kinnear and Renee Zellweger in it. You don't see those kinds of films much. It's a true story. It's worth seeing. It really is.

Now... the same people have a new film out called, Sight.

I haven't even seen it yet. I will in a couple of days. I am recommending it because I know the story. It's another true story about a remarkable man.

We don't hear about these life tales much, BUT... there are some truly remarkable people who come and go here. We should never forget that. It may well be true... especially in times like these... that most of The World is fucked up, BUT it won't be staying that way. The Avatar is here and a golden age is coming. Book it!


Love To Push Those Buttons said...

Technically, per'son' holes is sexist too. Maybe per'thing' or per'it' hole? I'M SORRY, YOU SET ME UP!

Gods, this post 'splains so well why I'm so glad to be dead, just a'waitin' fer de body to catch up. I mean, bin' a Schrodinger's Nose, and all.

Nostrils to the sky.

Love To Push Those Buttons said...

Off topic, but interesting read. The Adam and Eve Story. Skip pages 3-6. They have nothing to do with the tale, and I don't know why they are there.


It's about past cataclysms, and it's a fast, short read.

0 said...

Hehe glad you ran into that nosehound! If you want a book that backs up the claims from this story, check out a book called "Cyclical Deluges" by William Walker Bassett.


The whole of it rests on the fact that everything in motion currently is in motion due drag/inertia which sets up over time and gets everything going in the same direction.

The physical aspect of highest density sets the directional movements, and the waters and atmosphere has to be pulled along by the most dense aspect of the physical, thus if the physical suddenly changes direction, the inertia of energy in the water and atmospheric gasses, which have their being ON/IN the landmasses, will try to KEEP moving in the same direction it was moving in, but the land masses moved in a different direction causing the buildup of forces that result while the land takes its new path, and then those things that were momentarily held at bay are then able to build to sufficient inertial momentum to continue in their former path while resurfacing the earth and bleeding off that energy thru that action.

To my mind they'd have to suddenly melt all the frozen water back into a liquid state to produce enough imbalance to potentially cause the mantle to spin on the centering point of the earth.

Tho that may be partially why they put up chemtrails and are engaged in weather manipulation. Maybe they can cause heating over the poles and free the frozen water back into liquid so it will "refreeze" during the tumble to set a new "normal" path for the earth to rotate in. Supposedly the people of Atlantis existed when the bulk of the water was on the north hemisphere... and it was their hubris that caused the last flood of Noah which is ironic since noah was not an atlantean and had no idea of what they were capable of. Currently the bulk of the water is on the southern hemisphere and the big canyons found in north america and asia are the result of the water rushing off the land to the southern hemisphere. (or at least thats the claim.)

Bassett is pretty detailed in his review. Its a good read.


ps. about 8 hours into the europa...

Anonymous said...

Brilliant post!!!!!

I only mentioned to my husband last week about;
Analogy #1
The Rhinestone Cowboy, adamante particles i.e. aether and how the Avatar will be too bright to see for some, Star Spangled, while he's cleaning up their acts, sweeping through all planes of existence...
This will be The Avatar's most spectacular and Last Rodeo!!!

Analogy #2
God sure does have 'Brass in his pockets'
Funny how brass use to be a very sought after metal and now most people think it's cheap??
He's 'winking' at us constantly through the sun's rays and is not noticed...trying in vain to make us SEE...
When the brass dispensation is handed out, the Usual Suspects will not be able to grasp or handle it, for their Talons will be too long...

RE: Comment yesterday to AL:
Home remedies...mmmmm.....
For the past 14 years I have made my own colloidal silver water and liposomal Vitamin C...
Have administered many free batches to people over the years.
Prognosis- People are mired in their ailments... They love the attention that illness brings them, hence why the 2020 debacle made people feel warm and fuzzy, being part of an exclusive CLUB...
Soon the realization will be met with a slimy CODSWALLOP right across the mush
Well, we tried to warn them,
Good attempt with your caring though.

Kind Regards

Visible said...

A new Smoking Mirrors is up now=

"Everywhere in The World is a One-Eyed-Jack, and... You Will Definitely See The Other Side of its Face if You Stick Around."



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