Thursday, June 20, 2024

"They have The World Feeling like Anne Frank in an Attic... with a Blow-Up Doll Virus Named COVID Sponge-Cheeks."

God Poet Transmitting.......

Last night I started watching Europa; The Last Battle.

Europa; The Last Battle at IMDB

Europa; The Last Battle Part I

I only got to see the first half of the first episode and in that time I saw two people that I knew personally.(grin) I had this listed as something I should check out... in that place where I list things I should check out... some day. It hadn't been there long... half a year? I can't remember. It came out in 2017, the year I moved into the desert. How did I not hear about this before?

As I said, I have only gotten halfway through the first episode, at that part following the assassination of The Tsar and his family; Anastasia screamed in vain. I paused it after the Solzhenitsyn quote. I'm adding all this minutiae... so that you get some idea of what's in it. It's a series of around 10 episodes and runs for 12 hours. I think that's even longer than Shoah (giving you the business); ♫ there's no business like the Shoah Business... like no business I know ♫

I haven't seen that one, but I suspect it's right up there with Andy Warhol's film, Sleep, which is probably what you would have been doing... if you had gone to see either one of them in the theater.

The main premise of Europa is about how (in painful and excruciating detail)... a small... gangsta-genetic demographic... has been torturing The World in all the ways a poisoned imagination could invent. Even though I have seen only 5 percent, I have to say this is riveting and extraordinarily well done, by someone named Tobias B. Since I don't think he's a member of AA, I assume the last name initial is to protect his identity. How did he get this out, and how did it wind up in IMDB? The Usual Suspects... usually... have The World locked down about this sort of thing.

The Usual Suspects have got the whole world feeling like Anne Frank at this time... locked in an attic... with some fantasy blow-up doll virus named COVID Spongecheeks... while their stormtroopers go door-to-door with The Killer Vaccine. I'm thinking they really should have killed The World when they had them locked up with Anne and her ballpoint pen. There's a whole lot of The World still left now, and I think that's going to prove a problem for them.

I shouldn't have anything more to say about this film until I've seen more of it. However... if it proves to be the scathing indictment it has started out as... Hoo doggy! And Holy Kamaole! We'll see.

As anyone should know... The World moves in cycles. There is a mysterious biorhythm that permeates existence. What we call Laws of Nature are simply patterns we have observed that repeat themselves... which is also a cycle. You might... at this point.. say... in perspicacious fashion... it sounds like wheels within wheels! It does... doesn't it? There are more of these laws that we do not see... because they are outside the normal bandwidth OR... our eyes are closed.

Well... those wheels are coming around for some of us all the time. People... nations... cultures and civilizations... are either rising or falling. They are never stationary for long, except higher up... where sameness is not so annoying to the souls who reside there. Down here... people are always wanting something different... until they burn out and pray... quite sincerely... that things would just stay the same OR... hurry up and end.

Certain groups of people seem to get away with murder down here; don't they? They certainly commit enough of them. Not to worry, the time will come round when you get to kill them back... in The Land of Toothless Blind Men... Gumming each other to Death. It's said that what goes around comes around. You could make bank off of that, and some do.

However... despite appearances, no one gets away with anything... ever... not a single thought goes by that does not have some effect in The Days of Later On. I mean... think about it... everything you see in the bandwidth of the visible spectrum (say... about 400 to 800 terahertz) got here by thinking it into being. The World... the galaxies... The Thing Entire... got thought into being. It's all thought-born.

“If you want to be hot... keep stirring about. Keep still if you want to be cool, and in all The World... one day... no doubt... your way will be the rule.” That's what Lao Tzu said.

The Tao Te Ching by Lao Tzu

No one I have EVER encountered has EVER said more that rang the bell in my head. When he said it... it stayed said.

So... as mean and nasty as some people have been; collectively, and individually... all they did was to inscribe on the unrolling parchment of life, appointments they will most certainly keep... at some time in the future. They can argue about it later; if it occurs to them to do so. They can scream and pull their hair. They can run in circles sideways on the ground and... as The Bard noted... trouble deaf Heaven with their bootless cries. It won't matter. There they will be. Come Hell, High Water, and the horses they rode in on... it won't matter... they will be there.

That is only a part of it though... there will be The Land of Regret they must traverse, which is another example of wheels within wheels. That Land of Regret is a palpable place... made even more palpable for the lack of a physical body, BUT... we won't be getting into The Details about the why and wherefore of that. Take my word for it or... don't. It is so.

Before one can behave like The Devil, they must first convince themselves that there is no God. There is a bloodline of souls who have done this, by convincing themselves that they are God; foolish as that might be... given their visible and obvious limitations... in respect of it.

People still believe they can take over The World... though no one has ever done so, and everyone who has tried has experienced their downfall at some juncture in the attempt because... The World is a sacred vessel, and at the mere approach of The Profane... it recedes. Lao Tzu said that too.

I am waiting in a field at the end of The Road. You never know when it is that you have gotten to the end of The Road. One day you look in your rearview mirror and The Road isn't there anymore. Behind you are green fields. Perhaps there is the odd cow or two; no doubt behaving strangely, as all odd cows will do; even Kamaduk, who... I am sure will tell you right off, be careful what you wish for.

However... most of the time... you can't tell most people anything, and there is another group of people, that includes the same group of people we mentioned earlier... who consistently make bank off of telling people what they want to hear. When you tell people The Truth... which most people do not want to hear, you're called a storm crow. Look at poor Cassandra. One version of the tale says she fell asleep and snakes, licked her ear or whispered in her ear. There's the snake again.

The original version says that she was courted by Apollo; a real heavyweight in his time, though he goes by another name now, and... she refused him, so... he cursed her with the fate of telling true prophecies... that were believed by no one. She was a priestess so... prophecies would have been in her line of work... back in the day. It's kinda hard to believe that she would reject Apollo who... by all accounts... was a seriously good-looking guy with all sorts of powers, AND she was a priestess in his temple to begin with. Nah.... something's off about that; good story though.

If you can make your mind be still... no mean feat at any time, depending on how long we are talking about, well... long enough (heh heh) I guess, then you would start to see the cycles in everything, starting with yourself, and... the marvelous act of divinity... that is expressed in your form, outside the normal range of seeing.

In The World external are the obvious signs; The Earth's rotation around The Sun, and all the other planets too... The Moon in its recurrent phases... the seasons... day and night. I could... literally... go on for a very long time.

So... there's something to be gained by paying attention to cycles... because they will alert you to those more subtle cycles, and then... there are the connections between common everyday exclamations and metaphysical truths. Take, for instance, the ancient Egyptian chant of IAO... which transmutes to Jah-O, which degenerates into Yahoo! I'll bet that never occurred to the cowboys on the range. Why did I make such a silly little pun?

It's the cycles again... that leads to connections... that leads to associations... within associations... within associations... because everything IS connected. Seeing it is the critical thing, BUT... you have to make your mind still... so that all of this will reveal itself to you, AND IT WILL!

Patanjali makes many references to this, as do alchemists and mystics in their own secret languages... of associations... about phases... in a process... that happens all by itself... if you can make The Mind hold still.

If you want to see deeper into the sacred mysteries... of the cycles that drive the engines of existence... you must still The Mind. Otherwise, it runs in circles AWAY from The Cardinal Point... which is resident on The Causal Plane... where thoughts make things, and... a merry... merry... solstice to you all!

End Transmission.......

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Chapter 11, The Cosmic Vision...
from The Bhagavad Gita-


Out of compassion, you have taught me the supreme mystery of the Self. Through your words, my delusion is gone. You have explained the origin and end of every creature, O lotus-eyed one and told me of your own supreme, limitless existence.

Just as you have described your infinite glory, O Lord, now I long to see it. I want to see you as the supreme ruler of creation. O Lord, master of yoga, if you think me strong enough to behold it, show me your immortal Self..


Behold, Arjuna, a million divine forms, with an infinite variety of color and shape. Behold the gods of the natural world, and many more wonders never revealed before. Behold the entire cosmos turning within my body, and the other things you desire to see.

But these things cannot be seen with your physical eyes; therefore I give you spiritual vision to perceive my majestic power.


Having spoken these words, Krishna, the master of yoga, revealed to Arjuna his most exalted, lordly form..

He appeared with an infinite number of faces, ornamented by heavenly jewels, displaying unending miracles and the countless weapons of his power. Clothed in celestial garments and covered with garlands, sweet-smelling with heavenly fragrances, he showed himself as the infinite Lord, the source of all wonders, whose face is everywhere..

If a thousand suns were to rise in the heavens at the same time, the blaze of their light would resemble the splendor of that supreme spirit.

There, within the body of the God of gods, Arjuna saw all the manifold forms of the universe united as one. Filled with amazement, his hair standing on end in ecstasy, he bowed before the Lord with joined palms and spoke these words.

Continued (for some) tomorrow


AL said...

"not a single thought goes by that does not have some effect in The Days of Later On. I mean... think about it..."

Had to giggle a minute when I "thought" about that.

A good Solstice to you as well me amigo!

Love To Push Those Buttons said...

And may you have a happy Litha. Nostrils to the sky!

Anonymous said...

Quite a lot of mainstream media sites talking about covid vax deaths lately, altho they are trying to claim it isn't real but the very fact they are talking about it is a big thing as previously they would not dare mention such an issue. Just see the news articles in the past week alone:

Visible said...

Yes indeed it's being forced out of them; part of the inexorable process. Hey! You're where it's already tomorrow.

0 said...

Went looking for Europa the last battle.... couldn't find it on any streaming platform so had to buy the dvds, will give it a watch when it shows.

Friday, no nuclear war... eh... isn't it odd how time stretches the older we get... sometimes feels like hours in minutes...

Happy Solstice, and may the infernal immolate themselves today.


Visible said...

I am just putting up how to access it for free in today's posting.

Visible said...

A new Smoking Mirrors is up now=

"If You have The Kingdom of God/The Presence of God... You Don't Really Care About; All Else Will Be Added Unto You."

Ty said...

The truth is coming out Visible!

Visible said...

I take a very dim view of someone who is not a friend of mine... pretending to be someone who is a friend of mine... in order to push a Chicom perspective on me. It destroys whatever kinship there might have been.



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