Wednesday, June 12, 2024

"What's The Government's Water doing In Your Taps... In Your Pool... In Your Glass? You Better Get It Out of There."

God Poet Transmitting.......

Soon... it's going to be all about The Water. Here is only one of the nasty little schemes that the Israeli-owned and operated United States government is up to.

They've been at this sort of thing for a long time. Decades ago... they glommed on to Colorado Rocky Mountain High and attracted The Liberal Mindset... to a former bastion of Conservatism. The next thing you knew... rainwater catchment was illegal. It's the government's water. It's not your water. Today The Government's Chemtrail Industry is telling you it's not your sky. It's the government's sky.

Boss Paul: “That ditch is Boss Kean's ditch. And I told him that dirt in it's your dirt. What's your dirt doin' in his ditch?”

Luke: “I don't know, Boss.”

Boss Paul: “You better get in there and get it out, boy.”

What's the government's water doing in your taps? What's it doing in your pool? What's it doing in your glass? You better get it out of there.

Of course, I use the word government euphemistically. The Government is a wholly owned subsidiary of the international bankers, who also own a piece of the action... in every area of business enterprises. World bankers knew that they needed an independent country... with sovereign rights... in order to get around criminal charges... given the way they do business... so they used a lot of historical fabrication... to orchestrate the theft of land... that already belonged to the indigenous folk who lived there, BUT... who had no ability to defend themselves against invasion. This is what happened over time


Disappearing Palestine

So... Israel was born as a haven for bankers and other international gangsters. The evidence of this is clear. The facts of this are clear. There is no reason for me to itemize and illustrate it all again. It's prima facie. Anyone could see it happening because it took place, step-by-step before the eyes of The World, which... unfortunately for Palestine... were wholly focused on sporting contests and porn, which is another way to say; bread and circuses.

It's the same thing in Hollywood where... if you don't do what they say they will kill or ruin you.

No one has abused black people like The Usual Suspects. They owned the slave ships that brought them to America. Later on, they were the slumlords... who owned the pawn shops... who controlled the music business... Hollywood... yadda yadda... etc. When finally black people were about to get some parity, they jumped to the front of the line for control of the Civil Rights movement and created the NAACP... The SPLC, and a host of other operations for the (snicker) good of black people and they still control them today.

Michael Jackson caught on so they sent Shmuley the Leech after him. Then they killed him.

They got Kanye, and they're after Diddy. They are still wielding the slave master's whip. Thwack!!! So... they figured... as they could see that the black people were... by somewhat mysterious means... rising to a certain level culturally, basically cause the time had come, and... given that they consider them stupid... they thought they'd chain them up with Satanism and material gain, BUT... they are not all stupid... no more than any other people are.

COVID didn't seem to trouble members of The Tribe or The Chinese. You might want to look a little deeper into what these two demographics have in common.

Let's get back to The Water and who is behind this, the Climate Change Scam, and the land grab that is the war in Ukraine, where the same people want to steal the resources that they are presently stealing in The United States.

It's a simple matter. First, you set up honey-pots to trap the lawmakers. Then you blackmail them to do your bidding... or you bribe them. Then you get the laws you want that allow you to behave in a criminal fashion without fear of prosecution. You can't be accused of breaking the laws... if you are making the laws... unless you are really stupid or retarded, and... so it goes... step-by-step.

The land and water grab is on. It's the new gold rush, and it also grants the ability to force compliance on anyone who needs what land and water can provide; which is FOOD and shelter. So... they are also buying up all the houses... while pricing existing houses out of the reach of those seeking to own one. They want to put an end to private property. Who else is all about this? Why... it's the Communists, AND... who created and operated Communism???

Of course, where they miss the boat... is in their thinking that land and water are simple commodities... material assets... instead of material expressions of spiritual resources.

Everything on this planet... that we consider a natural resource, which... according to the principle established by Hermes The Thrice Greatest in his Emerald Tablet... about all that is manifest coming into being... through Adaptation of The Sun's power... into the myriad of forms and forces that we see and experience... is of spiritual origin, and... it all belongs to The First Principle, AKA... The Divine, AKA... God, AKA... The Ineffable.

He grants us, as emanations of his being... in his image... the rights to use these resources... in a fitting and appropriate manner. They are not to be denied to others... or taken from others, and then sold back to them... or held in escrow for favors-in-waiting... as representative of wealth... which is symbolically represented by money printed out of thin air.

In Times of Material Darkness... everything that is going on outside of the range of your sight, and more and more... these days... in your face... is about POWER being in the hands of a few... to the distress of the many. The single greatest representation of POWER is MONEY. Money gets you everything else and it certainly gets you POWER.

The sad truth is that the people with the most money have the least amount of native conscience, which... bit-by-bit... they killed out in themselves... so that they could operate unhindered... by moral constraints. An even sadder feature... in Times of Advanced Materialism... is that more and more people want to be like them, and so they do not object... en masse... to the outrages they commit on everyone else. These are monsters in human form. These are psychopaths in various stages of progression toward being transformed into a blind... black... dust.

If they continue in their ways, they will be made as if they had never existed. I recommend that everyone read this Vision of Hermes. There is a place where the question is asked whether a soul can die.

There is no shortage of water... not really. There is the managed perception of shortage. It is the same as the manufactured climate crisis. These are simply ways for the few to gain more POWER, and MONEY... more control over The Gameboard. The vicious infighting that takes place is a thing of wonder, BUT... you don't really get to see that.

The World is changing in a dramatic fashion. It is being changed in ways... that it has not been changed... in a very long time. Nothing and no one can withstand or hinder this. It is the outworking of a spiritual imperative. It is irresistible. What you see is the panic and agony of those who value POWER and MONEY above everything else, as they sense it slipping from their grasp... even as they possess more and more of it for a brief spell.

They are frantic to maintain the status quo by... any... means... necessary. So... you are going to see some things; are seeing some things, and you are especially seeing them shoot themselves in the foot over and over again... even though the full impact of their self-destructive efforts has not hit them yet. But it will. Oh... my friends... it will.

I want to tell you a little secret. It's not a secret to the people it is happening to. It's not a secret to those of us who can see it in operation, BUT... generally... for the moment... it's a secret.

These bankers and their enablers and hangers-on are thugs and gangsters without rival. There is nothing they will not do, and... more and more... very little that they cannot do; for... the... moment. So... next time you wonder why everyone in government... business... and Hollywood is so cooperative about all the disgusting lifestyles and perversities they support... keep in mind that they can reach out and touch any of them... with threats against their person... their family and friends... and so on and so forth. They can cause diseases, and they can cure them too.

Consider Lady Gaga with her Fibromyalgia. They can bring it on. They can make it go away. Celine Dion and so many others are kept in their lane. They can't just do this to anyone. These people have to be compromised spiritually first. They are powerless against those with real power, BUT... those on the game... as the British put it are the property of the pimp.

Why do so many of them have transgender children? Where do all those black eyes come from? Why have nearly all of them lost close friends or family members? There are torments going on behind the scenes and it can be turned up or turned down.

People have blinds over their eyes... samskaras. They are of varying degrees of opacity. Father forgive them for they know not what they do. This is a real thing. So... I keep in mind; there but for fortune goes I. I try to see past the surface revulsion I feel for some and look deeper into the truth that they are me at an earlier time. At different moments... I have been like every one of them. By Grace... The Self has been revealed in me, to me, and I can step away from the games of The Personality and its rap partner, The Separated Mind.

Until one is free of this possession... one must limp along as best they can. One has to be ever watchful because it can slip back up on you real quick... real quick. When buttons of attraction and repulsion are pushed... if you don't catch it, it catches you. I try to remind myself when I see something I don't like, done by someone I am disposed to not like already... that there is often more to the story than what I know about, and I come to understand that Compassion is a truly priceless possession.

As Lao Tzu said; compassion is a weapon from the sky against being dead.

End Transmission.......

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Continuing with Chapter 8
(Eternal Godhead) from the Bhagavad Gita

“Those who understand the cosmic laws know that the Day of Brahma ends after a thousand yugas and the Night of Brahma ends after a thousand yugas. When the day of Brahma dawns, forms are brought forth from the Unmanifest; when the night of Brahma comes, these forms merge in the Formless again. This multitude of beings is created and destroyed again and again in the succeeding days and nights of Brahma.

But beyond this formless state, there is another, unmanifested reality, which is eternal and is not dissolved when the cosmos is destroyed. Those who realize life’s supreme goal know that I am unmanifested and unchanging. Having come home to me, they never return to separate existence.

This supreme Lord who pervades all existence, the true Self of all creatures, may be realized through undivided love. There are two paths, Arjuna, which the soul may follow at the time of death. One leads to rebirth and the other to liberation

The six months of the northern path of the sun, the path of light, of fire, of day, of the bright fortnight, leads knowers of Brahman to the supreme goal. The six months of the southern path of the sun, the path of smoke, of night, of the dark fortnight, leads other souls to the light of the moon and to rebirth.

These two paths, the light and the dark, are said to be eternal, leading some to liberation and others to rebirth. Once you have known these two paths, Arjuna, you can never be deluded again. Attain this knowledge through perseverance in yoga. There is merit in studying the scriptures, in selfless service, austerity, and giving, but the practice of meditation carries you beyond all these to the supreme abode of the highest Lord.”


Anonymous said...

Don't forget about Prince:

Anonymous said...

This is why fame and celebrity sucks. Everyone wants to be a rock star and movie star but most of the celebrities are MK-ULTRA programmed tortured mind-control slaves. So what's the point of being a millionaire rock star if you are completely destroyed by satanic torture? Better to just be a common person, full of spiritual wealth, than some empty satanic husk even tho they may be really rich.

Love To Push Those Buttons said...

We are PROGRAMMED to be materialistic idiots. When in my teens, early 20s I had my silly dreams, but I never acted on them. I was Cosmically programmed to use all I didn't need on my 2 legged 'pets', though I did have my 'fun' too (I ate out a lot.); and I left very large tips. I started to get over that bad programming in my late 20s when I realised I could never make the cut, but I was aware I had it better than most because I DIDN'T make the cut by the time I was 32. Now that fact is totally in my face and has been for years. The prize is FREEDOM.

Be what nobody wants, have nothing anyone wants, and avoid the ways of the world. In fact, avoid the world itself to the best that you can. Otherwise you end up with gratuitous obligations and liabilities. (Voice of experience, though it was never anything I couldn't handle or walk away from or kick out of my life. Youngsters are idiots.)

Nostrils to the sky!

Visible said...

Wow! Thank you for that Prince link. I did not know this, and for that other great comment if it was you.

Meanwhile LTPTB you rang the bell there several times for me in that comment! I do appreciate being informed AND harmonized with.

0 said...

"Be what nobody wants".... it still cracks me up.


Anonymous said...

Hyya Vis,
Great post, just the title did it for me! Yes, thanks for the Prince link, one good
musical genius!
One good link deserves another, Five Times August, my man!

Visible said...

A new Smoking Mirrors is up now=

"It's Going to Be Non-Stop, even When You Go to Sleep, All You Will See... is that Big Wheel of Fire Burning in Your Mind."

Snord said...

What do the Jews and the Chinese have in common? About as much as water and oil, which explains why ZOG declared open war on China;

Why was China not hurt by a virus that doesn't exist? Probably in part because their government prescribed traditional Chinese medicine, which included a mixture of 76 assorted herbs, as an official national treatment strategy.

Here are some gifts that might help you sharpen the tools in your intellectual toolbox when it comes to China, you'd be well advised not to ignore them:

“Zio-American Empire vs. China” roundtable, (FFWN Special!)

Cat McGuire & Kevin Barret asks China expert Jeff Brown some hard questions, starting with: "Will the ultimate civilizational war be between China versus neocon/Zionist Jews, presented to us in euphemisms as the multipolar world versus the unipolar world?"

China to ICJ: October 7'th was an Exercise of International Law

China's representative points out at the ICJ that armed resistance against occupation is enshrined in international law and is not terrorism.

Visible said...


I probably should have clarified where I was coming from. Sometimes I leave too much to the imagination, causing people to wonder WTF was my point. (grin) I'm aware of the imaginary status of the virus, and a few other items indicated here, BUT... I also think there's more to it than some of these people think.

Visible said...

I know how certain people sign off by the way so I am not fooled, but... there are some bridges a person should not cross with me.



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