Friday, June 07, 2024

"From The Banks that Finance The Wars. Where they get Very Rich, and You get Very Dead... They are Laughing at You."

God Poet Transmitting.......

They are laughing at you. Through everything they do... they are laughing at you. Now we have the ♫ one-ton tomater. I got a one-ton tomater ♫ Mzzzzzzz (I hope I got the size right.) Alabama has been unveiled, and I believe I can feel the earth move under her feet, and... lots of crockery on the shelf is going to come a tumbling down... no doubt the shelf itself, and possibly the walls... will follow after soon enough.

♫ There she is... in panorama view ♫, AND... they're laughing at you.

That's not the real Ms. Alabama however, but they want you not to know what to think; what with the latest tranny winner in the Ms America farce in Maryland. They do what they do and they're laughing at you.

When porn hits the internet like a snowstorm in Montana... they're laughing at you. When children in kindergarten are programmed by Randi Weingarten... they are laughing at you. Beneath... ♫ the rocket's red glare... Palestinians bursting in air... gives proof in the night... that they don't... fucking... care ♫ And... they are laughing at you.

When they start talking about The Heat Dome... they are laughing at you. When Merrick Garland weaponizes The Justice Department against anyone... anywhere... that gets in their way... they are laughing at you. When Marrano inquisitor Mayorkas... enforcement vizier... of the dual-national center for Israeli control of The United States... over at Homeland Insecurity... in broad daylight... or any other time he feels like... ushers the barbarians through the gate to sack the cities... they are laughing at you.

When every media outlet is owned and controlled by them... they are laughing at you. When transsexualism is the high water mark... that children shoot for... to get The Pity Pot Award for living their own truth, after The Truth went into hiding... to marshal her forces for The Final Reunion Tour... they are laughing at you. When they run the banks... that finance the wars... through which... they get very rich, and... you get very dead... they are laughing at you.

When the Diversity... which is the philosophical arm of Perversity... leads to manufactured strife and discord between the races... they are laughing at you. When Satanism becomes the state religion of Hollywood, and the push is on for national acceptance... they are laughing at you.

When they killed tens of millions of people in The Bolshevik Revolution and then faked a holocaust against themselves... to cover their tracks, and make them appear to be the victims... of all the things they initiated... they are laughing at you!

When you go to Wikipedia... or almost anywhere on the internet... to get facts and figures ...they have created... to support their version of history... they are laughing at you.

When you ask them what happened to The Armenians... or what was going on with the Holomodor... they laugh at you and point to someone else. When you ask about the potato famine... they show you this.

Anything that anyone says about anything... causes tremors to go off in The Infernal Kingdom... which then surfaces as a rumor... that ignites another rumor... that calls up every member of its extended family, and... before you know it... every version of everything... that never happened... has been lawyered-up, and... everything that did happen... never happened, and... they are laughing at you.

When the food you eat becomes more toxic than the waste products it generates... they laugh at you. When they charge you a kosher tax... just because they can... they are mocking you, and then laughing at you. When you turn around and they own everything, and you own nothing... except the debt that permits you to remain... for a time... living in a place that does not belong to you... they are laughing at you.

When they buy off or compromise the politicians... who make the laws... that keep you from doing anything about them... they are laughing at you.

When your skies are filled with Chemtrails that they tell you do not exist... they are laughing at you. When your water supplies... are poisoned by the toxic pharmaceuticals... they create and sell to you... to mask the symptoms of maladies that they visited upon you... through the relentless promotions of bad lifestyles... they are laughing at you.

When they take control of the weather from the government they control... to make war on The Sun... which is laughing at them... they are still laughing at you.

When everything you watch and listen to... to distract you from what they are doing to you... that they generate to confuse... befuddle... and mesmerize you... they are laughing at you.

They have been laughing at you for a very long time because... the basic principles that The World exists upon... can be reversed... for the profit of those doing so... if... they can get you to buy into it. When you turn away from them... it dims their lights, and their power supply is no longer what it was... because they feed on you for their very existence.

These things happen because they are allowed to happen... under the guidance of one far... far wiser than you and I. You are given a suit of clothes that makes you visible here... on this plane... in the bandwidth of the senses.

It is here... on this level of being... in a world of endless change... in a dance of opposites... where duality gives the impression that appearances are real... and where the laws activated... by the force of your wanting... imprison you in a force field... that is fed and created... by the never-ending results of cause and effect; put into play by the force of your wanting. This is sometimes called... a vicious cycle.

It is a simple matter for anyone smart enough... to manipulate your thought processes and emotions... in order for them to laugh at you. They got to be the way they are... the same way you got to be the way you are, and that is by promising The Lords of Karma... that they would abide by the promise of Ticklish Onan... to make The World a better place, and so... they got born as members of The Tribe, and given the keys to the candy store of material existence.

On the other hand... you promised to make yourself a better person. Most of you... from either side of the matter... those promising to shape The World... which was never in their hands, and your promise to shape yourself... which was never in your hands... led to one of you preying upon the other, and then laughing at you about it.

This has been going on for a very long time. Every now and then... in one place or another... the majority of those being preyed upon... reacts in a severe fashion... punishing those who had been working them over by every means available... or sending them packing so that they could pull their shit somewhere else... until the natives grew tired of them there too.

Eventually, they were able to shuck and jive The World into letting them have an ancestral homeland they claimed to have originated from, but... modern science has indisputably proven they have no connection to the place at all.

They managed to wheedle the deal... by relying on the same fabricated event... they used to protect them from having caused... a remarkably sustained blood bath in Russia, and her provinces. It was similar... but not on the same scale... as what they are doing to The Palestinians... who do... in fact... originate in the land where they were living.

Once they got this homeland... they became a sovereign nation. This allowed them to legitimize their criminal enterprises. They might as well be flying The Jolly Roger... as to be flying a flag emblazoned on a symbol they ACQUIRED... which represents the interactive relationship of God and Man. They APPROPRIATED this symbol from The Egyptian Tradition of Hermes Trismegistus.

The verbal... written... exposition of this symbol is; As Above... So Below. Most of what they got their hands on and then claimed ownership of... from The Kabbalah to the language they use to write and speak in... came from previous civilizations, and... especially The Chaldean Flame Alphabet.

They have this talent for taking things from other people and then establishing ownership through certain forms of razzle-dazzle. If anyone questions any of it, they scream and shout... and pull their hair, and then... they laugh at you.

Well... my friends... every now and again... Heaven gets tired of their horseshit... and the enforcement arm of The Moirai is loosed upon The World, and they see to it that everyone gets the rewards and punishments they are deserving of. What sets the stage for this is... a time of apocalypse... in association with an awakening, which breaks the spell of the dream web that humanity had been cruising along under. Perhaps you have tumbled to the fact that... that time... is Now.

They are still laughing at you, but now it is nervous laughter... as much as it may be the scornful laughter... they usually couch in one Talmudic insult... or another, and... when you look at the range of time over which The Talmud was created... you realize they've been at it, and laughing at you... for a really long time.

The Winds of Change are ALWAYS... of cosmic inspiration, and... the laughter of God is capable of making the mountains shake, and... causing stars to fall from the sky. Everything has to be in order... for the conditions necessary... to set everything back into order, and laughter always... eventually... at some point... turns to tears.

We are coming to that window in time very soon... when God appears in human form, and... that generation of The Children of God are born... to dance upon the high places of The World in freedom and joy.

End Transmission.......

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albunn said...

Wow!!!! Out of the park!!!...A

0 said...

The best thing to do is to laugh with them so that when they stop laughing one can then laugh even harder...

Ah the irony of taking advantage, which in the end takes advantage of they who take advantage.

The Revolution happens this year.

Its now past the point of Decent people taking the Clowns in authority positions Words as Fact.

Be Prepared!


Love To Push Those Buttons said...

Nostrils to the sky.

Anonymous said...

Hi Les,

I haven't commented here in a very long time, because as you implied, eyes and ears that do not have good intentions frequent here. (Plus my phone has locked me out of messaging)
I am certain that you do read my thoughts or vice versa??
Therefore, it could be we have mutual friends in high places (aether) enabling the means of communication for advice and protection.
The Time of Brotherhood and Sisterhood is here!!!
For the Usual Suspects, their Liquidation Day 10th June 2024, is here!!!
My husband and I like Malcom Roberts for his candor ways.

Love Leesa

Visible said...

Leesa; Today's SDmoking Mirrors addresses all of that.

Visible said...

A new Smoking Mirrors is up now=

"The Mind is All The Devil there Is. It is The Mind in Rebellion against Unity that Fills The Darkness with Fallen Angels."



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