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"Either The Beast has Control of The Mind or You Do. Everyone has to Learn to Ride Their Beast... Like a Na'vi... or Else."

God Poet Transmitting.......

If you want to get anything done in life or in yourself... you have to get the cooperation of The Mind. In Avatar; not that sequel piece of shit... where they spend half the movie killing The Bad Guy who never dies... who keeps coming back from the dead, and who was surrounded by every PC trope imaginable... that also could not be killed; though the director should have been/ at the very least... given some kind of a Time Out that is still in effect...

...there is this scene where the Na'vi warriors climbed these video-game mountains and had to lasso these dinosaur bird creatures... some kind of off-planet Pterodactyl, and connect their hair filaments with the same on the flying horse dinosaur's manes... then they would be of one mind; of one blood... like Mowgli... with various of the jungle beasts in The Jungle Book; “we be of one blood... you and I.”

This is a great metaphor for what you... must... do... or you cannot succeed in life. I don't mean become famous... rich... or whatever else can be materially expressed. Lots of those people have not accomplished what I am talking about. They are driven by something that remains unknown to them... until it is too late.

Let us say that every one of us is born with a beast creature that exists within us, and stays with us... through our lives. Often one remains unaware of it... except in carnal engagements... where one has not learned how to control their breathing during sexual intercourse... or if one is in a physical altercation. In various circumstances... the beast can appear in a person's face. Throughout the whole of life... most people live in a state of uneasy peace with their beast nature.

People take the beast out for a run. Sometimes the beast takes its human counterpart out for a run. Now and again, arrangements are made... so that pressure doesn't build, and break through at an inopportune time. Often... the arrangements are like peace treaties in The Middle East and don't mean anything at all.

What I am saying is that either The Beast has control of The Mind or you do. Everyone has to learn to ride their beast like a Na'vi or The Beast will ride them. I'm talking about the sexual force, of course, though it is a little more than what it appears to be on the surface. The sexual force is seldom understood in all its permutations by most people, and most people are controlled by it... until it has spent itself, and death goes from the rearview mirror to the windshield of The Event Horizon.

It can also be called, The Lower Self. In Times of Material Darkness... perversity and degenerate behavior become the norm; “if it feels good, do it!” That sums up the mindset of the times. There are many other slogans that reflect the benefits of letting The Beast ride you.

On the practical end... only death awaits, and worse... because there is no death... there is only change. Death is simply one of the more dramatic expressions of change. Change is the nature of movement through Time. Material existence... in times of sensory possession of The Mind... is a penitentiary and the warden is The Mind. The guards... who are the enforcement end of the appetites of The Beast, make sure that the needs of The Beast are met.

When one is a child... one runs and plays with The Beast. There is a wonderful accord present... until Puberty sets in. You might want to consider the deeper and much darker meaning of puberty blockers.

The Beast is running wild at these times and you can see this vividly. A great illustration of the spiritual state of those... in a state of bestial intoxication... is the classical image of a crowd of naked people writhing in flames. You can't see this... literally... in the ordinary mindset, but... it is so.

At some point... you have to master The Beast. In order to do this, you must control The Mind. To control The Mind you must train it. There is no easier workaround. Animal trainers who work with the big cats know exactly what I am talking about. Strength... the 8th Trump... shows the means by which this is accomplished.

BOTA Tarot 8th Trump Strength

Love, of course, is the secret ingredient that gets the job done.

Not everything that gets said here is exact and precise. There is latitude taken here... for a particular effect... in the reader's mind... because The Reader already knows everything we are talking about here, BUT often sees it in another way... that is no less correct than what is written here, but it is expressed differently. This is why I have heard hundreds of times from readers that they were just thinking about what they read here... moments before.

Also, I have heard... many times... I just dreamed about that last night! I was just talking about this very same thing with a friend... relative... etc. I am on a particular wavelength that resonates with the same wavelength in The Reader. It is that tuning fork thing again. There is ONLY one of us... none is greater... none is less than. We are all one... whether we know it or not.

That is the real Communism that is The Kingdom of Heaven, BUT... it only works there because everyone is harmonious in the same mind, and it's not being worked for the advantage of The Few.

Sure... I could say The Beast is The ID, and The Personality is The Ego. The Individuality behind all egos is... The Self. There are terms one can use, but none of them are absolute. I could say that Antwerp is The Devil's Treasure vault, and the price of everything is set in London, BUT what does that mean? No one is in control of anything... except for The Supreme Controller, as they are all about to find out.

If you are predicting the future because of something you read somewhere... something someone said... that someone else repeated... explained in the subjective darkness of a separated mind... how could you possibly be right?

This world is a playground of false appearances, and The Law of Karma determines the fashion in which anything appears to anyone. When you... finally... gain control of The Mind... this all becomes quite clear. When you cease wanting, it is a much easier accomplishment. One comes into a harmonic resonance with The Supreme Controller... the filaments entwine, and the bit goes into The Ikran's mouth. Now you can fly!

Everywhere... people are in bondage to false appearances. The government has its own steamer trunk load. The Church has another. The mercantile mindset has another; “I can get it for you cheaper than stolen!” All of the false world controllers have a song and dance, so that they can get you to sing along and dance to the tune... this way... and that way. And... Boom! Right into The Abyss.

It's all in The Mind. It's all going on in The Mind, and there are people of low character who know all about human nature and live for the opportunity to take advantage of it. We are all born in the image of God, but we choose to behave like a beast because... in Times of Material Darkness... carnality and the carnal mindset take precedence over the alternative. The alternative just doesn't seem... at first... to be as much fun. It's that old question; what tastes sweet in the beginning and then turns to poison, and what tastes like poison to begin with and then turns sweet?

It's that old tale of the grasshopper and the ant... the tortoise and the hare. However... neither one of them can beat the one who is standing still, and already at the finish line... who never had to go anywhere to be ahead of the game. As Lao Tzu said, “Why go outside for better seeing? Why not remain at the core of your being? The way to do is to be.”

It's the one who doesn't want anything to whom everything comes... without effort... without even trying. Although... a massive and sustained effort may be required at first... once the ship is under sail... the rowers put away their oars. Then... one has only to manage and trim the sails so that they follow The Winds of God. (S)he is the one who does everything. We do nothing except to deceive ourselves.

If you don't deal with The Beast now, you'll meet him later on when he is called The Dweller on The Threshold.

The ID pretends to be The Ego. The ego/personality pretends to be The Self, and costumes come and go... for the purpose of deception, BUT... it is always The Mind... endlessly distracting you from The Voice Within.

It must be brought to heel, and it can be. Love, of course, subdues everything it encounters, BUT... Higher Love is called Higher Love because it is higher up, and requires steps to get there. It goes through stages and phases of worthiness proven OR... back to the start again; Sisyphus going nowhere.

Ask for help. You will never get it done on your own... BECAUSE; who is doing it? Ah... yeah. The one doing it has to be the one who is already Magister Ludi... and has all his beads in order. When the master calls, The Beast comes running and wagging its tail.

How can you tell when something is real... genuine... authentic... The Things Itself? It is when it is the waters of The Spirit freely given, and nothing is asked in return; no payment is required... except for the experience of living it. It means nothing if you do not employ it, BUT... anyone selling it to you is seriously undervaluing it, and also... even if the real... the genuine... the authentic... The Thing Itself was there, to begin with, it left the room the moment a price was put on it.

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This is a must-see, and we put it in the space of the other links you usually find here.

This... is the latest example in the advancing stages of Mr. Apocalypse at work, and... if you are paying attention... it's happening all over the place now. The man's wife kept telling him he needed to tell his story. Behind every great man is an even greater woman, and... no doubt the opposite might also be true. (grin)

Here are the opening stanzas in
Chapter 10 of The Bhagavad Gita; Divine Splendor


Listen further, Arjuna, to my supreme teaching, which gives you such joy. Desiring your welfare, O strong-armed warrior, I will tell you more.

Neither gods nor sages know my origin, for I am the source from which the gods and sages come. Whoever knows me as the Lord of all creation, without birth or beginning, knows the truth and frees himself from all evil.

Discrimination, wisdom, understanding, forgiveness, truth, self-control, and peace of mind; pleasure and pain, birth and death, fear and courage, honor, and dishonor; nonviolence, charity, equanimity, contentment, and perseverance in spiritual disciplines –all the different qualities found in living creatures have their source in me.

The seven great sages and the four ancient ancestors were born from my mind and received my power. From them came all the creatures of this world. Whoever understands my power and the mystery of my manifestations comes without doubt to be united with me.

I am the source from which all creatures evolve. The wise remember this and worship me with loving devotion. Their thoughts are all absorbed in me, and all their vitality flows to me. Teaching one another, talking about me always, they are happy and fulfilled.

To those steadfast in love and devotion I give spiritual wisdom, so that they may come to me. Out of compassion, I destroy the darkness of their ignorance. From within them I light the lamp of wisdom and dispel all darkness from their lives.


You are Brahman supreme, the highest abode, the supreme purifier, the self-luminous, eternal spirit, first among the gods, unborn and infinite. The great sages and seers – Narada, Asita, Devala, and Vyasa too – have acclaimed you thus; now you have declared it to me yourself.

Now, O Krishna, I believe that everything you have told me is divine truth. O Lord, neither gods nor demons know your real nature. Indeed, you alone know yourself, O supreme spirit. You are the source of being and the master of every creature, God of gods, the Lord of the universe.

Tell me all your divine attributes, leaving nothing unsaid. Tell me of the glories with which you fill the cosmos. Krishna, you are a supreme master of yoga. Tell me how I should meditate to gain constant awareness of you. In what things and in what ways should I meditate on you? O Krishna, you who stir up people’s hearts, tell me in detail your attributes and your powers; I can never tire of hearing your immortal words


Love To Push Those Buttons said...

Nostrils to the sky!

terry said...

Beautiful, truly inspirational writing, yourself and the Krishna teachings, thanks Les, Terry.

Visible said...

A new Smoking Mirrors is up now=

"They're on The Last Dark Getaway to Parts Unknown, BUT... no Part is Unknown to The One who is The Sum of its Parts."

Asil said...

Hello Visible,
I would like to know the name of the man in the video. Excellent and thank you for posting it. The one fact that is now clear is that Trump was 100% involved and aware of the poison he promoted - the "beautiful" vaccine, OPeration Warp Speed. Pfizer had the patent for it in 1990 the first spike protein vaccine. And, Pfizer gave Trump 1 million dollars for his first campaign - after he told Robert Kennedy Jr to take a hike.
It is devastating to watch the people of our nation cheer for this king of con.
Only when people realize there is no savior on this earth ... will the possibility of a better world occur. Jesus Christ is our only savior. The worship of Trump is nauseating The politicians and governments are the scourge of humanity.

Visible said...

Dr. David Martin



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