Tuesday, June 04, 2024

"Here's What I Know. There is a Large Body of Internet Personalities Who Only Repeat Things that Someone Else Said."

God Poet Transmitting.......

I don't know if you are familiar with this man, Pascal Najadi. He is/was an investment banker... who worked for the top financial institutions in London... Germany... Switzerland... etc. He was high up. He arranged loans with countries. He is/was connected at the highest levels of The International Deep State. His father was also an investment banker who helped Klaus Schwab set up The WEF.

His father was assassinated by The Deep State. I don't know The Details, perhaps it is in this video that I am presently watching.

It's an hour and 18 minutes long. I thought that is longer than what I like to listen to, and; whoomph! It came right into my head that my recent broadcast was the same length. Heh heh. Oh well. (grin)

So... this man gets the Killer Vaccine and he says he is dying. His mother too. He wants The World to know how corrupt the world leaders are. You are probably going to want to listen to this broadcast. It takes a few minutes for him to start to get into it, so... give it a chance.

He references God and that God is a reality. That makes him a classic example of what I meant about God using Trauma to reach us.

This man is a serious fanboy of Donald Trump. I want to add here... again... and no matter how often I state it... some people don't hear it... because some people ONLY hear what they want to hear. I am not anti-Trump. I simply have questions. I do not understand his support for The Killer Vaccines. I don't get him playing The Village People's song, YMCA so often during his appearances. I don't get the buffoonish behavior. I don't get a number of things. Until I do... I am watching. I am listening.

This man... Pascal Najadi... is repeating a lot of things I hear from certain sectors of Woo Woo Land. He is promoting the idea that all these world leaders are being taken to Guantanamo and executed. He's straight out of The Q Dossier. He's talking up all the replacements of world leaders. He says things I believe to be true... about Israel and Oct 7th. He's hardcore in this area, and it's what I believe as well, still...

...there are things that don't come together in my head about This... That... and The Other Thing. I don't know if this guy is a gatekeeper... or one of those people Mr. Apocalypse has tapped to be a whistleblower. I am a trust but verify kind of a guy. I am also the sort of person who gets all real, and enduring information from internal sources through The Intuition.

I believe that God is fully in charge of all things. I do not need to know more than this. This guy is full of bizarre contradictions... telling us everything is going to be okay, and then saying that it's 1984 coming... present? The first time I heard him. It was in a 4-minute clip. I thought he was very genuine in his grief over his father's death, and the evil that is loose in The World. Now... the more I listen to him... the more confusion there is about him in my mind.

He talks about how Trump was promoting Ivermectin and Hydroxychloroquine, BUT... as I remember... he was also promoting Remdesivir. I heard him promoting it. He was bragging about all the beautiful ventilators that he sent to NYC, which turned out to be extermination devices. Trump said all kinds of things, AND this guy is saying all kinds of things, and he sounds... more and more like one of those guys who tells some truth so that he can then tell some untruths.

Bottom line... I don't know. I DON'T KNOW!!! I have no desire to slander or diminish this man OR Donald Trump. I hope they are both right as far as the truth of what they speak, though the jury is out on that.

Anyway... I wanted you to hear this fellow. He's a rising star in the alternative news firmament.. he says you got to trust the plan; that's Q stuff. He says Bill Gates is gone... Elon Musk is gone. Why then is everything still going on the same as ever it was? If these world leaders and financial powerhouses have all been removed, then who is keeping all of their agendas hot and heavy-breathing 24/7?

Something feels off here. I'm an hour into it at this point.

Here's what I know. The World has a large body of internet personalities who only repeat things that someone else said. The forums are filled with people spouting out the most absurd perspectives. It's not just The Flat Earth Zombies that are loose in cyberspace. Well, The Earth is round and always has been.

There are people who keep repeating something that someone else said, who were also... repeating what someone else said, and... this merry-go-round of He Said... She Said... is spinning so fast that all you see is a blur. Millions of televisions and computer monitors... are broadcasting these chattering monkeys. Some of them are scratching their asses. Some of them are playing with themselves. Some of them are watching this film in their head, entitled... So You Want to Twerk for Satan? Some of them are throwing shit at each other, jabber... jabber... jabber, nonstop... on and on and on.

None of these monkeys actually know anything, and none of it is real to begin with. It's all a sustained hallucination fueled by appetites and wanting; the desire body is loose... in its own wonderland of attractions... that is... ultimately... revealed to be a desert landscape filled with cacti. I'm not buying what any of them are selling. I'm going to wait, and watch, and see.

Now he's saying all these celebrities have been executed by The White Hats at Guantanamo. Then who are all these politicians and celebrities who are celebrating Trump's conviction in NYC? Why is De Niro and all the rest of them jabbering nonstop? Something is not right here. Something doesn't add up.

Okay... you make up your own minds about where this guy is coming from. He's closing the interview and the REALLY wild shit is coming out now. Man! I don't know. I haven't heard anything from within about any of this, but that doesn't mean anything because my situation is not about The Details. That's God's department.

I should add this last link to the posting.

It talks about what he has been up to and is up to. These are some heavy activities with palpable... visible... results. He is a force to be reckoned with, and... it seems that much of what he says and does is on the side of the angels, BUT... all this other stuff... which I have seen zero verification of... leaves me watchful.

Everything is topsy-turvy. Palestinian protesters are confronting the celebrants at Pride parades now, and I expect that to become an ongoing feature that will grow... in intensity... by the day. Everywhere you look... revelations are being released into the media... both the Crass Media and whatever that other media is. Whistleblowers are showing up everywhere. Twitter-X is filled with examples. I suspect The Deep State is tripping out over what they are no longer able to manage.

Whistleblowers are emerging from all directions. That USUALLY means the top dwellers are starting to shake in their boots. It's a similar affair to rats deserting the sinking ship, though we can't name them all rats because some of them could well be decent folk who have had enough... or been traumatized by their employers... or put at odds by any number of things. It is the way of The World, but that is not always seen. It takes an awakening to bring certain things to light... to make them visible... where... before... they had been commonplace for so long.

Eric Clapton just went public saying The Usual Suspects run The World. People on all sides of every question and answer are being informed... telepathically... without being aware of it... about several perspectives that... all of a sudden... make them feel like everything clicking into place, and the general subconscious is cooperating, and sending all necessary information to the conscious mind, AND... the conscious mind is putting various points together into a cohesive... (missing parts of the puzzle...) picture of what is really going on. It's as if it had eyes!

It's as if The Awakening had a specific direction in mind all along. It's almost as if it had been sent to a lookout... over the landscape it had been passing through, and... all over the valley floor below, Mr. Apocalypse is whacking things with his walking stick... or lifting the covers formerly concealing things that were going on below the bandwidth of Hive Mind attention. By this time... at least from where I am standing... it's clear as clear can be.

A whole bunch of people were viciously elbowing each other to get on a massive ship. This ship kept expanding... Escher-like... as more and more people got on. Then... the sheer weight of the passengers... started causing it to overturn in stormy seas. Now hooded eyes are surfacing here and there. It's not clear what they are, BUT... time will tell and we shall see.

Why is this loosely connected group of international pundits all talking about world leaders and big celebrities being executed at Guantanamo? Why are we supposed to trust the plan? What plan? Whose plan? Why are they parroting talking points that are exactly like the people on the progressive left... except that it's all backward in the mirror? Weird shit is the order of the day, and... I see no proof of any of it. It's just something someone said, and someone else repeated, and then someone else repeated that, and someone else repeated that. Hmm...

End Transmission.......

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Continuing with The Bhagavad Gita
(Chapter 6, Practice of Meditation)


Select a clean spot, neither too high nor too low, and seat yourself firmly on a cloth, a deerskin, and Kusha grass. Then, once seated, strive to still your thoughts. Make your mind one-pointed in meditation, and your heart will be purified. Hold your body, head, and neck firmly in a straight line, and keep your eyes from wandering.

With all fears dissolved in the peace of the Self and all desires dedicated to Brahman, controlling the mind and fixing it on me, sit in meditation with me as your only goal. With senses and mind constantly controlled through meditation, united with the Self within, an aspirant attains nirvana, the state of abiding joy and peace in me.

Arjuna, those who eat too much or eat too little, who sleep too much or sleep too little, will not succeed in meditation. But those who are temperate in eating and sleeping, work and recreation, will come to the end of sorrow through meditation. Through constant effort, they learn to withdraw the mind from selfish cravings and absorb it in the Self. Thus they attain the state of union.

When meditation is mastered, the mind is unwavering like the flame of a lamp in a windless place. In the still mind, in the depths of meditation, the Self reveals itself. Beholding the Self by means of the Self, an aspirant knows the joy and peace of complete fulfillment. Having attained that abiding joy beyond the senses, revealed in the stilled mind, he never swerves from the eternal truth.

He desires nothing else, and cannot be shaken by the heaviest burden of sorrow.

The practice of meditation frees one from all affliction. This is the path of yoga. Follow it with determination and sustained enthusiasm. Renouncing wholeheartedly all selfish desires and expectations, use your will to control the senses. Little by little, through patience and repeated effort, the mind will become stilled in the Self.

Wherever the mind wanders, restless and diffuse in its search for satisfaction without, lead it within; train it to rest in the Self Abiding joy comes to those who still the mind. Freeing themselves from the taint of self-will, with their consciousness unified, they become one with Brahman.


M - said...

If something (or someone) feels off, it/they ARE "off". Sooner or later, this is revealed to be true. I always trust my gut.

Love To Push Those Buttons said...

Nostrils to the sky.

AL said...

"If these world leaders and financial powerhouses have all been removed, then who is keeping all of their agendas hot and heavy-breathing 24/7?"

No one knows, God has everyone and everything compartmentalized for the purpose of something about chaff and wheat if I remember correctly but hell these days A.G.E. has it's way with me some days.

I'm just waiting for the book to come out, it's the only way we will ever know who was what where when and why. That's probably for the best since many would get themselves in trouble knowing too much eh.

It's a fair bet many are fakes, replacements, double, triple, quadruple agents in the making and wow what a novel God is writing and it should prove to be the impetus of a new covenant for the age to come and we get to be here and be part of it!

Many thanks Brutha!

0 said...

Watched the Quiet Earth yesterday.

There was a good bit in there towards the beginning after he wakes up along due the experiment causing the mass of an electron to oscillate between its existing value and some new value induced by the experiment.

He sets up a mansion as if hes talking to the masses and starts going on about the common good, and how the leaders can all be stood up to accept wealth and power while Taking such from everyone the common good is supposed to be For. Lemme see if I can find it on youtube.

Looks like this is it:

The fact hes stark nekid and now wearing a silk dress thing while giving the speech now makes sense huh. ;)

Ah well, you can see this sort of thing in all sorta of films. There was one in the old film "Houseboat" with Carey Grant in it.


Spoiler Alert: Towards the end of The Quiet Earth the scientist seeks to disrupt the connection they made between the systems being powered directly from the earths ley line grid to prevent the oscillation from growing larger. When he goes and blows it up, only he somehow ends up in the weird world with jupiter rising and wonky clouds, they don't show what happened to the two left in the Second world where all 3 showed up due having died at the time the experiment was executed. And we never see what happened to the original world, presumably the one still on the original electron unit charge value.

Thanks for the reference!

Anonymous said...

All media is CONtrolled to keep EARTH'S serfs Controlled also. Earth is really a prison planet as the dregs from all the other galaxies were dumped here--mush like Australia AND "Murika"!

Yukon Cornelius said...

DP. I’m sure you’ve seen Kerry Cassidy videos from project Camelot. She just had Pascal on. Now I think some of her views are trippy and she gets pissed off on her interviews. Pascal is very bossy as well. But he seemed confused and crazy on this interview watch and see what u think. I’m not taking sides. I’m just observing as well. Hearing these executions sound great to me but not sure. Also it’s great to see Fauci shaking in his concrete boots but to me he like like he has a mask on. Not sure just an observation
Your friend and avid reader
Yukon Cornelius

Ron Chapman said...

G'day Les,
As I GROK it, Trump knew that the COVID-19 scamdemic was planned to enable the KM to force governments globally to lock down populations around the world for SEVERAL YEARS causing massive economic, social, psychiatric and health problems including unnecessary deaths; followed by a lethal ‘vaccine’ program that everyone would be desperate to accept in order to, they would think, get back to normal socioeconomic life.

Trump knew that the COVID-19 scamdemic was planned to enable the KM to force governments globally to lock down populations around the world for SEVERAL YEARS causing the aforementioned effects. He also knew that scenario was likely to succeed and he couldn’t stop the KM’s global apparatus from rolling out the scamdemic. BUT he could and did,use his Warp Speed rhetoric & operation to force the KM to cut short the preliminary ‘lockdown’ portion of their plan by several years.That saved millions of lives caused by the lockdowns & toxic testing & hospital protocols etc; & it also reduced the desperation factor that would have forced more people to accept the'jabs'.

The KM's scenario was likely to succeed and Trump couldn’t stop the KM’s global apparatus from rolling out the scamdemic. BUT he could and did, force the KM to cut short the preliminary ‘lockdown’ portion of their plan by several years by announcing that the US military would develop a vaccine in record time under Operation “Warp Speed”.

THAT curtailed the KM’s plans, forcing them to roll out the vaccines much earlier than they had planned (they had in fact prepared the vaccination doses before launching the scamdemic). The result was that Operation Warp Speed drastically shortened the 'lockdown' phase and saved millions of lives.

The US military’s ‘vaccines’ were all harmless saline solutions so anyone getting them was safe. Those getting the KM’s Big Pharma produced “jabs” though, were playing “Russian Roulette” because the KM planned to insert toxic ingredients in a percentage of them to create a slow rolling, initially relatively imperceptible death & injury toll. The KM owned Big Pharma intended to force the global population to take booster “jabs” at regular intervals with a percentage of those “jabs” also being lethal and the rest probably generally damaging natural immune systems AS IS THE CASE WITH VIRTUALLY ALL VACCINES.

After all, germ theory and VIROLOGY are bogus ‘made up’ KM allopathic ‘sickness industry’ initiatives designed to slowly sicken and shorten the life spans of humans on this planet while incidentally enriching Big Pharma corporations, doctors and their attendant industries. See eg: https://www.bitchute.com/video/EdffVJbFxb96/
AND: https://www.bitchute.com/video/YKktYdEGBRnP/

To grok the place of Operation Warp Speed in the context of Trump's leadership of the US led 'take down' of the KM see eg: https://ronchapman.substack.com/publish/posts/detail/140731356?referrer=%2Fpublish%2Fposts

Visible said...

A new Smoking Mirrors is up now=

"It's that Brass Ring... Pot of Gold at The Rainbow's End... Forever Turning into a Pumpkin... The Moment it is Touched."



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