Saturday, October 16, 2004

A Nation of False Sacrifice to the Wrong Gods.

Usually in a time of war a nation is called upon to sacrifice. Never in a time of war, at least in America, have gratuitous tax breaks and refunds been given to the super rich; they usually make out like bandits anyway off of whatever war is feeding their investments.

It's a non-arguable no-brainer that at the base level, the war was about oil. Neither Iran nor North Korea have anything like Iraq's oil and only a real moron considers them an equal threat. The real facts are none of them are threats. They just want parity and a little R-e-s-p-e-c-t ("when I come home at night!"). And they don't want your culture grafted on to their culture. What I mean here is the stroking nuance of diplomacy.

Sure, the head of N.K. is a megalomaniacal cowboy like bush; but at least he's an equal opportunity oppressor.

I'll bet a lot of people don't like that last paragraph but it's not what it seems on your screen.

Most of this crap comes down to Israel and Israel's awful human rights actions and hegemonic attitude. A real president TELLS Israel what it has to do to be our friend; because Israel's behavior is the cause of most of OUR problems over there. Then we have the head of Iran and N.K. to tea. We talk it out. We tell them what they get and what we want. We use diplomacy and strength. We carrot and stick them. We talk with their neighbors. We are the big dog. But any big dog can be dragged down by a pack.

We use our fucking heads.

Back to the oil. We tell the car manufacturers what we want in MPG...or we hit them in the pocket book. We force industry into fuel efficient compliance. We accelerate alternative fuel options; instead of suppressing them so that oil can bank the lot.

Ooooh, government interference in the marketplace. Yes, that's right. We do the right thing. period, no ifs ands or buts.Have any idea what a steak would cost if it weren't for the government subsidizing the water? $125.00

If people ate 10% less meat and that land was turned over to soybeans we could feed the world. Science is at a point that soy products could replicate meat given a short period of accelerated research.Luddite attitudes toward lifestyle is the biggest problem we have. And the industries that cater to "the way it's always been" mentalities are the cause of massive waste and environmental deterioration. In a few short years we could transform the world. I know this.

Many conflicts in this world are engineered solely to test weapons systems and to 'steal' resources. As long as you have the good life and they don't there is going to be trouble. You can lead people with dreams a lot easier than with debt and whips. Appeal to a persons best interests and you will win every time.

The 'haves' are often selfish pigs. The 'have nots' are angry and sullen combatants. These are not the complete solutions. These are basic ideas. A strong leader has to tell special interest that it isn't so special. Get a clue= look at the difference in earning between the very rich and the poor. Look at the percentage change over the last two decades. No way should any of these people be able to keep any more than half of what they make and if they think so they should be publicly whipped.

It's the disparity that is the chief cause of all resentments. A number of countries in the world are quite peaceful- take a look at their parity relationship among the rich and poor.SUV's and the new monster trucks and humvees manufactured for Onan Voyeurs (good name for a vehicle) and dick-length challenged grabitalls are obscene. The waste is spectacular. People should die because you have a right to waste? You should be wasted.

The secret of the game is to extend the possibility of parity. The secret of the game is to make the dream possible. The secret of the game comes down to fair laws equally applied. It comes down to honesty and fairplay; ANY argument against this is a neon sign on you saying "I'm not honest and I can't play fair." Until we address the worlds problems as a global need rather than a one sided football match we deserve to get our buildings blown up.

I'm not saying you don't deal directly and immediately with threat. You do. But given that you operate fairly and honestly it's a clear mandate to do what you have to.You are a nation composed of criminals profiteering on the greater public and the world at large. How can you stop the criminals when they control the application and creation of the laws?

I'll leave this where it is. I'm clear on the complexity that exists. I'm clear on the problems that occur when you attempt to do the right thing. Others in power who have tried before have gotten shot. If you don't reign in the corporations and do something about the couch potato vicarious living through television- fascism is a fait accompli.


Anonymous said...

...And god forbid (‘their’ ‘wrong’ god, the one they own) that we should do the right thing and switch to hemp and save the medicinal rain forests, all forests! Etc etc…

Sacrifice and doing what’s right went down the toilet with all that bad shit and perfumed toilet paper. (From eating too much meat and convenient processed foods)

Because of my fondness for foliage I can hardly bring myself to call "him" bush anymore. George doubleya gives a bad name to cowboys, real cowboys that is ---
a) he only wears The Hat and owns a ranch. He couldn’t round up cattle or use a lasso if you paid him… and oh yeah, it would surely be too much hard work!
b) Let’s remember he’s an Oilman, a corporate man, not even a GOOD businessman, he’s a sub – human.

– you’d think ALL countries (and us, the peoples therein) would be truly concerned with the(ir) individual actions and how it affects the WHOLE. You’d think after all these millions of years and tears we’d have it together – this understanding, and practice what makes perfect sense – that everything matters and it ALL has a connection and an effect.
(You know) interdependent reality!

Thanks for the space here to vent,
~ Greenvajra



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