Thursday, February 09, 2012

To Rely Upon the Ineffable.

Dog Poet Transmitting.......

May your noses always be cold and wet.

Well, sometimes I am clueless and some amount of time will pass before I become clueful. Such is the case today. Today I taped an hour and a half radio show with Robert Phoenix. It will air this Friday at 10:00 AM, Pacific Standard Time. Robert is a gifted and competent astrologer and there was this resonance going on. By that I mean I sensed we were in telepathic contact and I was able to subliminally receive information about a particular planet, while we were talking about other things. I know this sounds kind of strange but strange is the order of the moment for me these days. The last six weeks have been ozone country.

I've been trying to figure out why. I was doing it subjectively. I was looking at my mind and my emotions for some sign of what was tossing me around like a Raggedy Ann and looking in the wrong place. Robert tells me there has been significant solar flares of late; certainly that is a factor but it's Neptune who is the culprit. As soon as it entered into my mind, everything fell into place. I didn't see the real significance of it until I was talking to Robert and it didn't actually dawn until I had hung up. It's been running around in my mind for a couple of days, like an abstraction. It was there but I wasn't there or everything was in place but so was cognitive dissonance. It's like you look right at something but you can't see it. Maybe the time isn't right. Maybe you're not right and then, it all comes together.

The whole of my every day is composed of constant reminders that I have to sink into a state of complete and utter reliance upon the good will of the cosmos. If I do, the passage is effortless. If I don't, the passage can be problematic. It sounds simple but there's a technical problem. You can only let go to a certain extent. The final stages have to be accomplished for you. Sometimes it can come about through an epiphany. Sometimes it can come through trauma and sometimes it's an act of grace or the outworking of karma. It can be accelerated, possibly, by faith, certitude and determination.

Many times through the day, I will go to do something and then it occurs to me that I should have asked for permission. This is because I am constantly hearing, “Why didn't you ask me”? “Why didn't you come to me”? This is all about developing that reliance. I used to think I was in regular contact with the ineffable but now I see how intermittent it really was. So, I have to apply myself with diligence because I constantly forget to go to the ineffable for every single thing. That is how that special reliance gets developed. Partial and occasional reliance are just not effective. It's like going to church on Sunday, having done your duty for the week. The body is a church and the presence is constant. The awareness of the indwelling has to be activated. You might think of the process as a kind of self tazering. You bring your attention to your attention. It's kind of like awareness of awareness. You practice this as the first principle of your existence. You not only have to get the mind's attention, you also have to keep it. The mind is unruly. It's been likened to quicksilver. The mind gets you into every problem you have, often in the company of the heart. The mind can get you out of every problem, with the assistance of the heart via the inspiration of the ineffable.

Some of you KNOW that the divine is a reality but for some reason the divine seems to be far away, obscure, complicated and not immediately reachable. That's the mind playing games again. The mind wants to play God and can't effectively do that if God is on the scene. The mind doesn't understand that it can mirror God and so, it can effectively be God to the extent that it doesn't feel denied (grin). The mind has to be convinced of the value of certain things. This is accomplished through reason. Reason is The Emperor and the creative imagination is The Empress. It appears that these two have a dynamic between them that might yield some reward of insight to the inquisitive.

I suppose I knew that Neptune was going to bang me around. Prior to going away on my trip there was this undercurrent of apprehension and uncertainty. Up to the last moment I was not sure I would go. I had received ominous portendings from a couple of astrologers and a 'good to go' from another. There was mystery swirling around like inebriated snowflakes. Nor were the snowflakes the only thing that was inebriated. Even the sky appeared to be drunk and uncertain. The sun looked like a tequila sunrise and The Queen Mother is as pickled as a sour dill in her mausoleum. Whoa! What happened to the post? Is that you again, Neptune?

I want to stay on the reliance factor and the surrendered self. This is particularly important in this time because of the confusion and uncertainty. The continuous act of reliance, will dispel confusion and uncertainty. It may be that these things are in place to force or assist in reliance. These troubled times make the soul cry out for succor and the divine is at hand. The divine is more present in these times than has been the case in a long time. This is why there is such a powerful presence of distraction, to take the attention away from the other presence. God is very close in these hours and much more easily reachable. Chaos and an avalanche of the trivial and superficial are rolling up around our ears and before our eyes, with the single intention of keeping our minds off of the ineffable, who is internally broadcasting 24/7. The impact of the world of noise drowns out the still, small voice.

Some of us have broken free of this relentless war being waged by appearances against essence. It is possible to hear that voice. For me it was intermittent for a long time. After the initial awakening, there would be brief bursts and sometimes longer periods over longer periods. Often the voice would come on the advent of difficult times in my life; encouraging me and telling me to endure, sometimes, often, not letting me know what was coming up. Then, a few years ago I began to get regular visits. This began to happen around the time I first met Ganesha and Italy became a factor. Then came a period of walks in Southern Italy where I began to hear, “Rely on me. Rely on me absolutely. You will anyway. You have no choice”. Then, earlier in the last year, the voice became a steady presence and has continued to continue to increase in clarity and believability.

What I mean by believability is of singular importance. Some of the things I have been told in recent times seem to be too fantastic to be true. As much as I would really like to believe them, I have a rule against fooling myself and this caused a certain unease in my communications. Thankfully, the voice proved out in many small ways and even some big ways. What hasn't happened yet can't be proven yet but the voice was kind enough to give me a basis for trust so that I could be willing to accept what I hear.

Much of what gets written here, resonates with a wide spectrum of the readers and this reaffirms the voice as well. There's reaffirmation to be had on all sides but neither the heart or the mind has sufficient resources to engage in deep and abiding faith in many cases. This has to be overcome. A very effective way of dealing with this is to see the ineffable in all things because it happens to be true; to see the hand of the divine in every instance and episode of your life. I was explaining this to someone earlier. Let us say that you are walking to the supermarket, much as I do most days. Everything you see and hear has been placed exactly so, for the purpose of demonstration. A dog barks. Three birds fly across the sky. Cars pull in and out of the lot. Certain people are in the store. Everyone and everything you see is exactly where it is for a very good reason. It's all under control. I was directly told this a number of times, that everyone I saw was where they were for specific reasons. Everyone on the train and everyone in the hotel was there on purpose. Every thought that rises in the mind, every emotion in the heart is just another part of the divine dealing with the soul.

Reliance leads to the visceral understanding that everything is under control. Reliance and surrender make it possible to see the true meaning of 'for the purpose of demonstration' in everything. Until this reliance becomes like a continuing reflex, certain portions of the mystery of life cannot be revealed. Reliance is critical to the whole ball of wax. You can think of it as the wick in the candle. A great many things rely on reliance. It becomes your most valuable possession in times like these, where the dire potentials and woo woo have gone off the charts.

There is no force in the universe more powerful than the divine. It is the primary motive force and nothing moves, except that it does so through borrowed force from the divine. The divine has the entire creation under control at all times. Comprehending this is not as important as believing it. If the divine has all this power and control then where does that place you, if you are in the hands of the divine and reliant on the divine? Who or what could possibly harm or intimidate you, if you are under the protection of the divine, as a result of being reliant on the divine? Mere shadows and temporal wraiths have no power against the divine. All the armies of the world, with all of their weapons, are nothing to the divine or his/her agents. This is what comes from relying on the divine.

End Transmission.......

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Anonymous said...

reliant: merging? less illusion of separation? more go go juice?

Anonymous said...

back to basics? it's like you never left

each and everyone of us a prop in each other's play.

Anonymous said...

I realize the divine operates on it's own timeline, but I feel it's time for it to get it's ass in gear. For the purpose of demonstration of course.
My impatience with it all seems to be getting the best of me lately,
PS. I loved Surfer Joe diddy.

Anonymous said...

patience is our connection to our soul...develop deep, knowing patience and you will be in constant contact with your soul and its constant relationship with the divine...the ineffable....the all knowing all powerful essence of truth. listen for it....

Anonymous said...

via Homer..

All the planets in all the universes in all of creation are contained in our tears.

Śrīmad Bhāgavatam 3.2.5

It was so observed by Vidura that Uddhava had all the transcendental bodily changes due to total ecstasy, and he was trying to wipe away tears of separation from his eyes. Thus Vidura could understand that Uddhava had completely assimilated extensive love for the Lord.

(Cc. Adi 4.108, purport)

Meeting Krishna (God) is possible through the attitude of separation taught by Sri Caitanya Mahaprabhu. When the feeling of separation becomes very intense, one attains the stage of meeting Sri Krishna.

The Cosmic Player said...

" Self tazering". I like that phrase, it should be added to the urban dictionary. My mind is an anarchist trying to occupy my body, It needs a little "self tazering".

GOD bless,


Anonymous said...

anon 3:46

hungry for justice? thirsty for resolution?

don't blame ya. human affairs are messy enterprise.

the Balance will out. what the surfer knows, that he cannot yet see, will be along eventually.

Love To Push Those Buttons said...

I know what you mean by relying on The Divine. It saved my arse a couple of times (at least) in English. Told me what to do in one case to keep from being raped, and told me what not to do in another case to not spend a bit of my life in jail. (Put the sword down. If you don't, guess who has to pay the hospital bill, and guess who's not INSURED????????????)

Now, though the world seems to be falling apart, I'm quite enjoying myself to the hilt in my semi-reclusive state, and I'm letting things run out whilst everyone else tells me to hoard this or that.

I don't think there's a reason to hoard anything. I live in a high target area, and what are 100 rolls of toilet paper and a ton of food gonna do me here when I'm somewhere else? And even if we're not locally nuked, I don't have anything to worry about. Nobody does, but they can't see it for the life OR death of them.

The Cosmic Player said...

Oh another thing. I recall once of you mentioning that you had a dream of a lion cub. I wonder if you realize that is a profound symbol shown to initiates in the astral plain who are in the process of becoming a Bodhisattva? The Lion/Lioness represents the inner spirit or our innermost while the cub is a symbol for his/her child the human soul.


Smyrna said...

Operating in Christ Conscious mode enables simultaneous participation on the stage AND a balcony seat in the theatre. That's ruling your stars, eh Vis?

grassapelli said...

I would like to surrender to the divine, also. The thought keeps recurring that I cannot skip the step of discipline.

A disciplined soul does certain meditation and/or prayer on a regular basis. Keeps certain restrictions. Has full faith in the One who is the source of the discipline.

At the same time I would like to figure things out. Have a real understanding of the....whatever it is.

I like Clif High's "Materium." It sounds so scientific and Latinate. Sometimes I use that term myself. It makes me feel smart.

My hesitance to keep using it is the nagging thought I'm taking the same crumb from someone else's plate again and again. But, a tasty bit, eh!

These two desires, to surrender to the divine, and to understand the "deal," (Deal with it.) may be in conflict with each other.

Maybe that's what it is.

Anonymous said...

Robert Phoenix does a bang up job deciphering the Super Bowl game being fixed, as well as Madonna's half time gig.

Visible said...

That's one of the things my teacher said to me when I met him that day on the beach, He said, "I like to fuck but I despise deals". I replied, "but you don't have to make any deals". He said, "Deals have been made. I asked him why he wasn't in the city where people could come to him, he said, "I don't like being pushed around".

k said...

Dog Poet,

Once again the resonance is high; one might say it approaches reverberation.

Your point of worldly distraction attempting to drown out the still, small voice is well understood. The masters have warned us that this is indeed what happens, so I guess we should take it as a sign we're on the right path when it occurs.

For those who find merit in Tao as an aid to the journey, author Deng Ming-Dao in his excellent book "365 Tao; Daily Meditations" states in his entry for day 40: "We ourselves are the battleground for good and evil. There is no need to look beyond our world. Everything to be understood is within us. All that must be transcended-the pain and scars of the past-is within us. All the power of transcendence is also within us. Tap into it and you tap into the Divine itself." The entry is subtitled "Subconscious".

Your post today, a few hours after I read the above helps reinforce what I already know, which is that reliance on the One is not just the most important thing, but the ONLY important thing. All else flows from this singularity, as you have so eloquently pointed out. The only real obstacles we have are of our own making.

Vis, thank you again for your insight and generosity. It very much helps my resolve and endurance. All of your posts lately have been powerful, instuctional, and entertaining. By all means, keep it up!

Friends, the interaction and resonance you give are also invaluable. The synergy is no accident, and I'm thankful for it. Keep howlin'.

Peace, Love, Trust,


Kray Z8 said...

Oops! Glitch on the signature. Should've said Kray Z8.

Visible said...

Hey!!! Visible Origami finally went over a million visitors even though it is a couple of years older than SM and much older than Petri Dish. So much for metaphysics (grin)

gurnygob said...

Wow Les, you got me right in the heart today. I spent almost seven years getting this reliance on God drummed in to me. Christ was at the centre of every activity throughout the day and I can attest to the fact that it does work. I only know this because of the times I tried to rely on myself and things went pear shaped, much as they do most times these days now that I am no longer in that spiritual environment. Your post today reminds me of my great need for God and to remember that I don’t need to be in a church or a temple or on a mountain top. I can find God in the temple my heart where his Spirit dwells 24/7 just waiting for me to ask Him. A strange thing happened today. I am selling my, self converted, campervan and some guy was on his way to have a look at it. I had to jump start it as the engine hadn’t been turned over in a few months. I got her going and she was running sweet,,,,,,,,until the timing belt snapped! I had to ring the guy up and tell him. He still came and looked it over but I didn’t get to sell her. It came to me that God had let this happen for a reason. I think it was because he wanted to keep things honest. It would not have been fair if the guy had bought the van only for the belt to snap on him a day or two later. I wouldn’t like that to happen to me. (Do to others what you would have them do to you) He, Christ, keeps me right in that way and I recognise this as one of his traits. Your post today reminded me that everything is been taken care of and things that look like a disaster can often times be a grace. Now if I can just remember to keep asking Him. It’s hard in this hectic world to hear that small voice.

Thanks Les


mike m said...

"I don't think there's a reason to hoard anything. I live in a high target area, and what are 100 rolls of toilet paper and a ton of food gonna do me here when I'm somewhere else?"

Just like that show on NatGeo "Doomsday Preppers":

What in hell are these people prepping for?

And mucho gracias to Mr. Vis for reinforcing my thoughts, AGAIN!

zazz said...


Your writings have inspired and uplifted many here including this writer.

Let me, however, throw a little challenge your way as follows:

How do you explain to the casual observer or more importantly maybe, to the grieving parent when their child is blown to bits, or worse, permanently disfigured or disabled before their eyes by 'all the armies of the world, with all of their weapons' or 'who or what could possibly harm or intimidate you, if you are under the protection of the divine.'

Faithfully yours

Visible said...

zazz; This is where we get into that thorny area that people don't want to accept. The totality of existence is a Mobius Strip but mortals only see half of the strip. The other half is on the other side. There is no injustice and the laws of Karma operate to the nth jot and tittle. The people being blown to bits are the people who were doing the other end of it last time or whenever.

I don't make these rules but all of the Hindu and Buddhist texts speak about it. Western religions are much less scientific and depend on allegory and other less savory items.

I wasn't talking about the whole world being under the protection of the divine. I am talking exclusively about those who have managed to achieve this status and who have willingly surrendered and put their fate and faith entire into the ineffable.

The argument a lot of atheists have for God not existing is, "There can't be a God because God would never permit this sort of thing". It's amusing how people who don't believe in something are so informed about how this allegedly non existent being would act if he/she were real.

W are in one of the blackest and darkest periods of human history. This kind of thing happens in these times. In the other three yugas, it is much less like this.

All this information can be resourced in voluminous texts that most people don't want to take the trouble to read. And I've gone into all of this in excruciating detail many times already. People may not like how it is but that hardly affects the operation of how things are.

Ben said...

Vis, All,

Dang! Incredible resonance throughout.

As I have mentioned before, I'm retired; this was not my desire, since I truly loved my profession, but it was God's will. I retired at the end of 2009, but Father started my deeper understanding of Him (the Ineffable) in 2003, through, as you mentioned, by trauma... so much so that I almost took my own life.

I won't go into that portion of my growth except to say that had anyone told me that I would one day rejoice over this trauma, I would have said they were crazy. I truly believed there would never be joy, peace or contentment in my life again... now my cup overflows.

God is absolute; He is absolutely Sovereign; He wants us to seek His will in all we do... though not in a sense of bondage or slavery, but because we love Him and know that His will, if acted upon, is perfect. Therein lies Love, Peace, Joy, Contentment, Assurance, Confirmation... I could go on and on. For me all this is personified through Jesus the Savior of all people.

I have a small machine shop in my garage, equipment that I acquired through the years as well as raw material. I spend considerable time making or repairing things for people, typically manufacturing parts that are either commercially unavailable or prohibitively expensive. I do not charge anyone for anything.

A couple of weeks ago I was asked to make something for a lady I know; I agreed to do so and earlier this week started the project. Nothing was going right; my measurements were way off and I royally screwed up a piece after spending about eight hours on it.

As clear as could be, a voice (in my head) told me "It is not My will that you do this." I realized that I had not in fact brought this to the Lord but had taken on the task on my own "sovereignty".

I've learned enough (such as it is) over the last few years to not question this "voice"; so I asked "What am I to tell this lady?" The answer was "You tell her that your agreement was not in accordance with My will." "But she'll think I'm crazy" was my response. Father informed me "She might, but what is that to you."

I have yet to tell her as I haven't seen her all week. The thing is, I'm not worried or concerned that she'll think I'm crazy; this is her issue, not mine. Mine is to seek and serve my Father's will with what grace He provides me.

GurneyGob - complete and total resonance on your comment. Thank you for your witness. There is no such thing as coincidence or accident. All things are according to Father's purpose... even broken timing belts. Every drop of rain falls in the exact spot God would have it go (and it falls on the just and the unjust alike).

Anonymous said...

Found an eharmony-ish site for aware ones - free premium membership for first 5000 members, nobody on there for me yet, but with origami getting over a million visitors, maybe someone will come's called, the guy also has a website with articles, Vis forgive me if this is inappropriate, I'd just really like to find somebody to commune with, in person, maybe this is an avenue. Hope floats

Smyrna said...

Vis, Zio-gremlin alert. I'm getting shunted into the 'community' section and can't get out of it, when I link to I have to google in 'Visible Origami' or 'Smoking Mirrors' etc. to get here.

Anonymous said...

or they could expire early cuz their karmic debt's not nearly as extensive as those that get to hang atound ... longer.

Anonymous said...


resident gopher here

best I could come up with, but pdf would be better

t365 Daily Meditations

I am getting around to feeding my monkey (mind). The technique of "Memo to Self: STFU" doesnt work too well, so I'll give the monkey a banana as much as I can. banana on tip of nose, see monkey? yes, monkey see. Banana is God, see monkey? yes, monkey like banana. still looking monkey? Uh?, yes I am now. etc . (then there's the pain distraction and the medical investigations.. to be continued).

wv: a little bit of dementia, with smilies thrown in. (fools paradise?)

missingarib said...

vis, your inflective expositions are a guide tower, happy is the traveler when he recognizes the location of the tower in the light of day and it's flame at night - as always
I salute you

nina said...

Very beautiful Visible and very true.
The only times that are painful, miserable, self-defeating and seemingly too excruciating to bear without resorting to tears and self pity are the times we've let the noise of civilization hijack love.


Anonymous said...

Hi Vis, all

I may or may not have told you that my daughter was hit by a truck which broke her foot and nose and a few ribs as well as her shoulder blade. Everything could be fixed kind of except the shoulder blade which needs a few months of bracing and also causes excruciating pain. So after a month she needed to see the doctor who would not make a house call and that meant a long ride on a bumpy piece of road that takes about an hour.
So we set out and there was torrential rain and about twenty minutes into the trip the windshield wipers went off. My daughter said to turn back but I told her we didn't come this far to turn back. Then I told her the Lord would find a way.
She was not impressed and was very frightened because I had low VISIBILITY but then the rain stopped until we arrived and once we were inside it came back with a vengeance. I told her the Lord always comes through and she was still not impressed.
Sooo, long story short, I tried to get the wipers fixed but couldn't and she was afraid to come back. I just kept going and the rain was coming and I couldn't see. I was just thinking of stopping to clear the windshield when the wipers did one turn back and forth, cleaned the window for me and then stopped dead. And they weren't even turned on! Then the rain stopped and we reached home I told her in a very excited voice "you see, He always finds a way!" Got a blank from her, but I had just been reminded that I should have re-asked on the way home ! It's true that everything has to pass through the One!

Thanks for your teachings or remindings as the case may be.

fom a far outpost in Lebanon,

Michael Cecil said...


In my terminology, this is referred to as the 2-dimensional 'flat' space consciousness, into which the 3-dimensional 'curved' space consciousness of the "self" has collapsed...

Because there is no other option.

Time has ended.

Dave Klaulsler said...

Off Topic:

Les, do you know why "How Dare I" - the link to Timster's blog, is no longer shown in the right panel with all those other blog links?

Just Curious,


Anonymous said...

The evidence of things unseen is still evidence.

For them it is not to know (and they know this!)

So, why are they the ones teaching and preaching? Gotcher theory of evolution (which ain't), gotcher big bang theory (which ain't), gotcher theory of 911 (which ain't)... blah blah blah.

Creating a dna molecule would be like trying to draw a circle with an eraser behind the pencil lead. It's only chemically inert when it's whole. Cut it anywhere and each element scatters and becomes involved in much lesser things. That has to be created holistically and spontaneously. What atheists do is corrupt and mutate the genuine. Everything they've touched is this menagerie of patchworks and MAKE believe bridges spanning oceanic gulfs. It's in their genes. Why can't I wrap my head around the fact that their are people burn the lirary of Alexandria and bury and burn revealing archaeology whenever they find it, replacing it with hoaxes. How deep does my brainwashing go? Should I forget everything I learned in school? For them it is not to know, and they know this! Why don't I just believe him?

Even the numbers are holistic and infinite.

Great, jaw dropping discoveries and demonstrations are next. It's the greatest time to be alive right now, for some.

The great I AM sure isn't worried.

Ray Zerwitt

K.L. said...

Veruca Salt: " Snozzeberries?, Who ever heard of a snozzeberry?"

Willy Wonka: "We are the music makers, we are the dreamers of the dreams."
This is Neptunes Philosophy...

The ineffable knows exactly what a snozzeberry is.

Visible said...

A new Smoking Mirrors is up-

Bobbing and Weaving and Seeking Relief.

Neko Kinoshita said...

Nice to know that the stumbling I do may just be part of a lesson that must be learned again and again.

Nice to know you are still fallible Visible, sometimes one might be tempted to put you on a pedestal, and then you point out your own foibles again.

Great read and the right time for it too.


Anonymous said...

Thank you, Vis, for this timely, timeless reminder.

And thanks to all who have commented, esp. those with tales of relying on "the Ineffable"-

I'm reminded again of Meher Baba's statement that "The words I have not spoken will come to life in them." and that the "New Life" of hopelessness and helplessness will be kept alive by those who "rely wholely and solely upon God".

He does want us to turn to Him, to rely on Him, to call out to Him - He's come to share in our lives, after all - He's undertaken life as a human in Illusion in order to awaken us all to the Nothingness of Illusion...

"God alone is real. All else is illusion." - Meher Baba

Love to you all - and Thanks again, Vis!

- "Irani Friend"

soul surfer said...

Brother Visible,

Something big happened on a cosmic level last night around 6 PM Pacific Time. I was literally walking through the grocery store parking lot when a "wave of detachment" descended upon me. There was a sense of well-being but also a sense that one could jump on this wave and not return. It reminded me of Obi-wan in the 1st star wars when the planet got blown up and he sensed it light years away. Certainly a feeling that something big is going down... and the veil is thinning.

Visible said...

As for having to remove that blog from the blog roll and the information could have been gained very easily through email; o
it seems there is a desire for public commentary on it.

A few months ago, and over the course of time coming on to now, several of Susanne's close friends deeply objected to what was being said on that blog. I was asked to remove it and I didn't. Upon my arrival back from Mexico I was told that my relationship with the person I was closest to was at an end if I didn't remove that blog. So, I had no choice and it fixed everything that was a problem here. I had no idea that that was the problem. I thought it was something else entirely. It had something to do with praising Hitler.

Susanne's friends are very important to her and she is very important to me. I did what I had to do. As I said, this could have been handled privately but apparently that is not what was wanted.

Visible said...

A new Petri Dish has been uncovered-

Six Flags over Nukeville, Opening Soon.



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