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Catching Some Rays from the Shining One Mind.

(I've not often seen a time like this when I intend to stop writing and can't do it. I was going to defer anymore posts until Sunday- radio show day- but apparently I don't have a choice in the matter. I've been planning to back off for a day or three here and there because I am at work for hours on the new novel, “The Curious Tale of Ash and the Whine”, but that is happening anyway the rest of the day, so, I guess that is how it goes for the moment.)

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May your noses always be cold and wet.

A little while ago, I offered a technique to clear out the mind of invasive thoughts, for the purpose of revealing the more subtle and submerged thoughts that travel below and for the purpose of emptying the mind so that the furniture can be rearranged because, after all, the mind is a room. The mind is also, relatively awake and aware of itself, depending on whose personal interpretation of mind we are talking about. The idea of a personal mind is a fundamental illusion and one of the mainstays of mortality. There is only one mind. I had this pointed out to me in a lasting and dramatic way on the evening of my kundalini awakening. This was not one of those ordinary tremors where a little smoke belches from the volcano. This was a full bore awakening that endured for approximately three years, more or less full time. I've had a few recurrent episodes, mostly in recent times but none of them have ever matched the degree of force of the first occurrence. A full expression of one mind demonstrated, is accompanied by what can be a frightening state of telepathy. I wasn't bothered by it but the rest of the people in the room were. It's easy to explain this. When you are in one mind, all other minds are also present and the thoughts are like fishes swimming in a body of water, the totality of which is the totality of the mind.

The body of water may have all sorts of swimmers in it, skin divers, surfers ,boaters, you name it. Their different activities and outfits can be seen as the personality that clothes the illusion of a personal mind. Every personal mind can be defined as merely that place where one contacts the one mind. As long as your mind believes itself to be separate from the whole, you will operate accordingly, just like everyone else. This world of the personal mind is a world of strife and confusion in all of its permutations. It is a world of competitions for the objects of desire. It is a world of intermittent loneliness because you are made aware that you are alone and that is because of the perception of separateness.

People have made mention many times over the course of the blog postings how things get said here that were just recently in their own minds, or how questions that were occupying their thoughts are answered on the very day they were having them. Besides the comments there's a whole lot of emails that say the same. There is no mystery here. It is only resonance. We are all connected to that one mind so it stands to reason that something like this would occur if the one mind were to be engaged in it. The reader plays into the writer, through a medium of non resistance which can be called a form of telepathy. The writer plays back into the mind of the reader by means of the same process. Let us keep in mind that this does not allocate any special significance to the writer. It just so happens that I made that connection but that's been done by any number of people and will continue to be. It was bestowed on me as a gift. It's not something I came up with. You often hear a certain kind of person say, 'I'm no different than you. It's just a variant on perception'. It is a mere adjustment in perception. It's that simple. If you were just to go around as if you were in the one mind at all times, it wouldn't take all that long to begin experiencing it, depending on the person but... you wouldn't even begin it in the first place unless you had some degree of closer proximity.

Before I give you a followup technique to the first one, I should lay a bit of groundwork. I should also say that those of you who have been practicing the first technique up to this point, will now be ready to engage in the second technique. If you haven't been doing the first one and think you will jump right to the second, I have to tell you that is the long way around. It can be done but why make yourself go the other way around the world to get to Kansas City (you are presently in LA) when you can just head directly there? It's like that.

Okay, of critical importance is THE FACT that there is only one god. Call him Krishna, Christ, Allah or whatever. Call her Kali, Tara or whatever. The two gender possibilities are only the dynamic relationship between what divided into two in order to propagate the universe. You might then also consider things like the first real geometric shape; the triangle (please don't mention the circle-grin). You can consider pyramids, which have four sides. That extra face is Time and is a key to why pyramids preserve things and will sharpen your razor. This is not the place for that stuff though. I digressed. However it is something to think about later in respect of this second technique. You'll figure that out.

Anyway, there is only one god, just as there is only one mind. That's it period. If you can't get this then please return to your former conflicts over religion and the idea that there is more than one political party in the US (grin). I know that many of you can say, “I know that already”. You might but... then again...; it is worthy of delving into and considering intellectual vs visceral.

If there is only one God then why is that God presenting him/herself, it, in so many forms? Well that goes along with; why are there so many different languages? This is simultaneously to confuse you and to cater to you. In order for the world to be as it is, FOR THE PURPOSE OF DEMONSTRATION, this is necessary. In order for there to be widely variant cultures and widely variant people, there has to be a widely variant world. You'll appreciate this more once you've matriculated to a higher vibrating planet. You don't really want it to be like the people in “The Island” do you?

The case is that God tailor-made his/herself for you in order to be user friendly. In times of darkness this sort of thing turns into holy wars. You don't have to be in darkness in a time of darkness though, do you? No, you don't and you can't save the world but... if you could (grin), you wouldn't accomplish it by running around and banging on everyone about the obvious which, to them is not obvious because they are dreaming. That's what you are up against but... let's say you come to realize that one mind state. Let's say that even if, temporarily, you are unable to, you still go around acting as if it were true, the same way that you enter the Kingdom of Heaven by going around and believing and acting like you are already there. This sends out a resonating vibration that is intrinsically unifying. It also has an effect in the present or AFTERWARDS, when you might be somewhere else but... really, you're everywhere aren't you and part of everything?

Once you have gained some facility with the original breath work; casting out every thought that comes into your mind and attending it with light snorts and an inclination of the head in the direction of the side of the nose that is most engaged; understand... this can be very subtle. You can snort with very little effect on the parts of yourself involved and the whole thing can be very surreptitious in terms of the world around you. Once you have gained some facility, you get yourself a picture of God that you like and are attracted to. This might be a little difficult for Christians (grin) but simply picture God in some way that is workable for you. You have to have a picture and even a Major Arcana Tarot will work very well in this respect. It is what they are designed for. In your case you can take The Hanged Man. Others can take an example of that beautiful Islamic calligraphy. You can take one of those posters of Krishna with the serpents behind his head, or whatever you prefer. You can take a graphic of whatever Buddha floats your boat. There are many to be had, like The Amitabha Buddha (this is a kind of Cliff Notes description). Here is an important saying by Gautama Buddha that directly relates to what is going on here; “We are what we think, all that we are arises with our thoughts. With our thoughts we make the world”.

What you are going to do is to take whatever picture you are led to select and put it on the front wall of your empty mind and ask that personality of God to grant you it's presence. You are going to ask this deity to visit you; to reveal him/herself, to guide you, to rescue you, to lead you, to enlighten you. You'll do this in your own words and you will do it every time it occurs to you and you will try to be aware of how often it slips away and how much time passed before you remembered again and you want to seek to be aware of whether someone actually reminded you or you just remembered.

You are going to seek to love this being with your whole heart and mind more than anything else. This is of critical importance because that being WILL NOT show up otherwise. Love is the irresistible force that COMPELS God to appear.

When I lay down at night on my back, I do a particular prayer, which is a collection of requests and I do it as if I were doing it for the first time. Never let yourself fall into the very bad habit of just repeating something when you are talking to God. Keep in mind that God is listening. That is a fact. Keep in mind that every event in your life, no matter how insignificant it may seem, is a special engagement of God with your soul. When I am finished with my prayer, my heart and mind spontaneously begins to say, over and over again, “I love you, I love you, I love you, I love you”. It goes on and on. It happens all by itself. Sometimes I wake up in the morning like that too. You can repeat this while interacting with the image you have selected. Become creative about this process. Get inventive. God likes that you are going through the trouble but... it won't be any trouble at all. You have to see God as a companion in all your moments, whatever you are doing. This will also have a pronounced effect on your behavior. Some of you masturbate. Well, do this then too. You can get sexual about it. I'm not recommending anything like this but... you are doing that sort of thing so, you might as well take it to it's highest point. Shortly you will find this need diminishing, or God will send you someone to perform it on. If you are in a relationship, don't have sex unless it is with God because everything is God, one way or another. See this deity in everyone you meet and it could well speak to you and has before already.

I could go on but... this should serve for the moment. You can keep doing the breath thing while you are doing it. Do it with a natural ease. Celebrate it with movement if you like. Take walks in Nature, especially at dawn and dusk and strike up a conversation. Alright then, you're good to go (grin)



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Visible said...

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It's got a sunroof and it's black on black. There's a minor rust spot inside a door that's easily fixed and any anomaly is easily fixed. It's been scrupulously maintained, except for the interior cause I'm not a neat freak but that shouldn't affect someone with a vacuum cleaner.

It's got two sets of good tires and you can effortlessly cruise at 180 or more where laws and conditions permit (grin), or even where they don't at your risk. It's got a new air conditioning system and a fairly new combination DVD player and GPS dash component that also plays all internet variants of any media files. It's got a four inch screen which isn't all that big but that's that.

It's got a minor scrape on one of the front bumpers but generally can be made showroom pretty with a minimum of effort.

Then again, this being the Visible mobile, there's no telling what sort of serendipitous things might occur such as someone seeing it go by and saying, "Hey, isn't that visible's car? Let's chase it down and give him some money"! (grin). Then you can just pretend you're me.

Anyway, I thought I would offer it here before I put it up on E-Bay where it will be gone soon enough because the car is a collectors item and especially young guys will swoop down upon it. You have been informed so let the information fall where it may.

Visible said...

For those of you who have already read this, I fixed the typos; no one has said anything yet but... I generally final edit once I put it up and read it because that is the best way for me to spot the mistakes, otherwise I would already see it in Open Office but I often don't. So there is a slight pausing in getting it together and some of you get here quicker than I can do it.

Anyone who is so inclined can go over to Smoking Mirrors and maybe say something to Kathy and PEOPLE!- You're not supposed to be snorting like a bull when you do this exercise. You can get vigorous with it on occasion but mostly it is meant to be very subtle. You can engage the diaphragm as well. Of course, if this involves a contraceptive... I'm not talking about that.

Richie (Dana) said...

Thanks so much for speaking about this subject again today.
It has been uppermost on my mind for quite some time because the synchronicity happens to me almost daily and I am fascinated and confused at the same time. It is very hard to get my mind around the idea of one mind and yet you continually speak directly to my current thought. Very remarkable to say the least.
When I say that I love you it is not gay, but has to be coming from this one mind. I can honestly say that currently there is nothing more important in my life than coming here to listen to your voice.
I admit to doubts at times, but you never fail my internal litmus test. I am thinking now that for all of us "truth seekers" this must be what we have really been looking for all this time. It is what we knew was somehow missing. It is the ultimate secret club.
There absolutely cannot be anything in this world more important.

I thank you Sir,


DaveS said...

Dear Sir,

Thank you for another wonderful, positive post.


DaveS said...


It isn't a secret club... these truths have been in circulation for centuries, it's just that most people are taught as children to ignore the reality and play along with the adult phantasy, and hence the current state of the world. Mr Visible is just regurgitating the same worn information most of humanity has been ignoring for years.

Of course he does so with both flair and a deep understanding of the subject, and that's what sets him apart from most of the pack... or maybe it's that he does it without trying to financially profit from his ability to lead thirsty horses to water (so to speak).

Regardless of how he does it, I'm glad he does.

Hopefully all the positive karma he is generating is helpful to him. I will certainly miss his musings if the time comes for him to stop. Parish the thought!


mayaseri said...

Thank you sir for showing me the way that my heart yearns for the way to God.


Anonymous said...

So crucify the ego, before it's far too late

To leave behind this place so negative and blind and cynical,

And you will come to find that we are all one mind

Capable of all that's imagined and all conceivable.

TOOL - Reflection

My favorite song! Well done as always Les... persist & endure!


MR said...

I have never felt a deep connection to any deity. I've tried working with different names for the Divine, different pictures, but nothing has ever evoked an immense heartfelt love than the doves that I raise, rehab and release back to nature. The love I have for each one, the love they give me, is so powerful. I've never thought to picture a dove in the forefront of my mind when meditating. In fact, when I am feeling the deep love for them, I cut it short so my dogs won't feel unloved. I know that may sound silly, but I have one dog that is very telepathic. He will let me know when I am over loving the doves and not enough loving for him.

After reading Origami, something inside clicked so loudly and so deeply. The Dove is it for me, always has been. I just didn't pay enough attention to that little voice inside calling me to allow myself to love them even deeper.

I was meditating one morning, and went into a forgiveness prayer, releasing my feelings of disgust, etc.., for my neighbor's boyfriend. The minute I finished, I saw in my mind's eye, a huge white dove descending down between our houses. The next day, he moved out.

I've already fallen in love. I've felt the ecstatic love for the doves. I've just kept it at bay for feeling guilty for not feeling that same kind of love for my dogs. But now I'm feeling differently, now I know I can work with this deep love without pinching the feelings of my dogs.

I have a mourning dove that I raised and released this summer. She comes around every now and then when I think about how she is doing. This last time she came was when I was having a day of regret and remorse. The little dove sat with me for 30 minutes or so, cooing to me, letting me know how much she loves me, and me her. I read somewhere -- here maybe, I can't recall -- that the best way to help the earth is to feel good about ourselves, to know we are truly sacred beings. The unhealthy, hateful feelings we hold for ourselves is what pollutes nature, Mother Earth. I think that day my dove came back to help me shift from regret to deep forgiveness for myself.

My prayers each morning are for gratitude that I can throw out the seed each day and see my friends come back to share some time with me. I'm grateful for my aha moment this morning in reading your post, Les. May peace be with you always, and with everyone else too.


Nayon said...

Thank you for your wonderful insights as always.

In complement, there is a good documentary on tibetan yogi with rare footage of similar practices. Pay attention to what is shown at 42 and 51 minutes :!

Anonymous said...

via Homer..

Certainly another inspired example of why and how 'Visible Origami' leads the way.

Rob in WI said...

Is the media, from the printing press to the internet, and now diversions such as facebook and twitter, an attempt to physically manifest the one mind, and thereby manipulate it? Such manifestation would not be the real One Mind, but a diversion to keep us from accessing the unblemished truth. This has been my belief for many years. Your posts, I believe, are here to expose this. That's why I find your sites so compelling. Thanks

Anonymous said...

"There is only one mind."

It would seem that saying anything at all presupposes the existence of an "other" to whom an idea is being communicated. If I am you and you are me, as some say, and so on down the line, perhaps until we arrive at the idea that 'we' ARE (the one) God, communicating with others as if they are, in fact, separate seems like needlessly indulging what is supposedly an illusion, which illusion ought to be destroyed. I know these are heady matters, but if my understanding is incorrect, I'd be most grateful for an explanation.

As a related aside... If it is true, as some say, that ALL barriers between us are really just an illusion, to the extent that we are really all just one mind and, therefore, one will, it would seem that it makes no sense to oppose what the Banksters or any (illusory?) others do, however horrible, because 'they' are just another part of the one being, no?

If what I have said has ruffled anyone's mental feathers to even a slight degree, how could such a thing come to pass IF I am you and you are me and our minds, despite any illusion to the contrary, are really just one mind?

For what it is or is not worth, I believe there is only one supreme/divine mind, if you will, which is THE measure of truth, and only one supreme/divine will, which is THE measure of goodness.

No "disinfo" here, just sincere questions and a genuine desire to hear what people think about these points. Much love and many thanks for all you do, visible. Godspeed. Eamon

A.Mouser said...

Uplifting to read about the divine without any of the dogma of organised 'religion'.

A man living his short life on earth with his back to God is wasting his three score and twenty years here.

Thank you.


lightandlongshadows said...

The mind shouts
The heart whispers
i dissolve
Love grows
i bow my head to you

Modern Day Metal Making Alchemist at Work said...

Hey Judge Viz:

Thank you for taking another courageous crack at enunciating that which is beyond words, and bodily earth minds. Though I must say swerving wide with the masturbating your way into heaven technique takes divinity discourse to new heights. Yes, the holiness of the sex act is in the breathing it generates.

I hear you loud and clear with the snort breath leverage ….. though seems to be still a little confusing to many minds hear. My input on the breath majic would be to look at your rhythmic breath cycle as a sine wave axis plot. The cosmic door access objective is to just slightly phase the curve over from its natural path, phased enough to where your attention is drawn and held to the inhale and exhalation of the breath.

Update for the Stoners following the blog…. Independent lab report just in with Au Ag cupel bead atomic absorption analysis showing Au 908 g/t, Ag 106g/t out of thin fuckin air!

Phase one verification metallurgical trials complete, on to stage two optimize and scale up.


Modern Day Metal Making Alchemist at Work said...


Persist with a mind like yours beyond the apparent contradictions and you will get the job done.


onething said...

Hmmm...Yes, I already knew that there was one God, indeed I even know that there is not, nor can there ever be, anything outside of God. All there is, is God. In fact that's what onething means, as it hit me some years ago that "All there is, is one thing."

Now the idea of one mind, although I have heard of it, has never quite jelled with me; perhaps I resist it.

An intellectual premise, but not a visceral one. But when you say that as there is one God there is one mind, it went a little more visceral.

How does individuality work within unity? I don't know. It's a question I keep on the shelf, and take down to polish once in a while.


Why is it now
That I come to you like a humble servant
Willing to feed you brilliant words and love
From my own sacred mouth and hands,

Willing to say, "I am sorry,
I am sorry for all your pain"?

It is because when God
Fully revealed himself in me

I saw that it was Hafiz
Who wrote all the music you have been playing.

I saw it was Hafiz
Who wrote all your notes of sadness,
But also etched and gave you
Every ecstatic wince of joy your face, body, and heart has ever known.

bholanath said...

MR -
Awesome story, thanks for that.
It really resonates with my own practice/inner work, though I was advised 30 years ago that I needed to make use of an image, which I did, and which proved beneficial through a lot of tough times, there seems to be many images that arise now (many doves/animals/deities?) that evoke the Oneness, with no hierarchy involved.
Love and praises to the fine commentators here, and especially to our most excellent host and reminder, Visji.

Visible said...

Sovereignty; Well, I can see it was my fault because I wasn't more exhaustive in my details. I took things for granted and I think some people got the impression I was talking about something like that kundalini yoga staple 'breath of fire'.

Anyone seeing me demonstrate what I'm talking about would probably go, "Oh, I see". It's not even a breath thing so much as it is a punctuation for a mental exercise; like the way someone will frown to communicate being puzzled along with a questioning statement. What I am talking about is simple and mentally emphatic as opposed to physically demonstrative. Ah well... it seems, more or less to have come across by now after extended addendum.

Yeah, the masturbation thing. My point of course being that whatever one may be doing and regardless of its features of debilitation, obsession or state of weakness created, given an inability to cease and desist, the best thing is to toss it into the lap of the divine because whether people believe it or not, such an act generates a cosmic response. Where most people miss the awareness of the operation is because they are unaware that the divine operates out of a different time frame; something I have had to adjust to myself over the last several years.

My whole approach to the dynamic of interplay with the divine is to be exceedingly simple and so all of my tactics and techniques are too and my motivation in terms of the back and forth is intimacy and familiarity and applied humanizing of what, in a general sense, has taken on unnecessary complexity and a mysterious and distance oriented perspective in respect of something that is closer to us than anything else is.

And so on and so on and so on.

onething said...

Great Purification:

I would be quite interested to see how others answer your question, but as I understand things, there is individuality within unity, like two sides of a coin.

However it is in the bigger picture, our little islands of consciousness need all the help they can get.

It wouldn't do us any good if Les decided that we are all one and he should stop indulging our delusions of separateness and communicate only telepathically...which in any case is only a better way of communicating from one mind to another anyway.

I guess the answer to your question is that we are a long way from being aligned with reality.

I also think the topic relates to free will. Merging with God is an option, loving God is an option, aligning our will with God is an option, opening our minds to God is an option.

God is so kind, and so morally pure, that he never forces himself upon anyone. And then there is the fact, which would overwhelm us to a quivering mass of jelly if we let ourselves perceive it, that there is no reality outside of God. Therein lies a little problem. If you want to avoid God, the only way to really do it is to not perceive. Which we do, and are free to do.

God can't really help it that He's the only game in town.

Belly Button Lint Farmer said...

"Turn off your mind there is nothing to find."

The Electric Wizard

Anonymous said...

...three score and TEN years...


Anonymous said...

As is the case, you said it Les. I have keep quite and listened for a
few now.

I have to say your guide to opening up divine love is spot on. I started down the Buddha path about six years ago. I started seeing or feeling a "friend" that was listening to me, and hugging me while I was meditating (breathing stuff.) Now a days I meet this friend all sorts of ways. I see he/her as a Tirthankara.

I found the image of the green terra, or should I say I looked around for some image that reflected my desired relationship to the divine and she fit, again youre spot on Les. I had been studying the celtic ways at the time and found great links been the celtic trinity and its goddesses with Hindu and Buddhist thought and sanskrit.

Breathing is key but is super hard to put the whole deal into words, thanks for the stab at it. Its about letting out and taking in. The first part is about just letting go for sure, but at some point you have to "take in" stuff too?

Im just one face of all faces so I have my own take, look but I say asking the divine to just listen as you let out the breath is the first best step. After that, its on, if you keep it up and keep sharing and letting out to the divine your minds work and hearts energy.

I feel that its via loving the temple of the self (ie the divine) we let out the love for the divine that youre suggesting? Yes the divine is a father/mother to use but we are also parents to it?
As Hindus say, we have to understand all human roles we play out with the divine to see that "one mind."

I have to agree with you, thinking that you "own" your mind is very silly and leads to unhealthy ideas, but taking ownership of the ideas in your mind is dead serious stuff. Thats why I share my ideas with the divine, as they are really his/hers and in this way have a dialog with myself and the divine.

Thanks Les much love
Le Mat

Modern Day Metal Making Alchemist at Work said...

To further muddy or unmuddy the conundrum of one mind and only one of us here….

Put yourself in the common linear perspective where most of are and strike out into the far reaches of space….. as we travel farther in a seemingly straight line, without noticing it we have approached the limits of the infinite and are curving through a cosmic toroidal structure in space time and at some point we recognize we are back to where we started from.

That paragraph was supposed to be helpful to making something Les obscure. Hmmmm will leave that to each of you to decide.


Visible said...

Modern Medicine.

Anonymous said...


Your news of the stoner gave me a boner. Time to beat it for the Big Guy in the Sky???


wv arday -- you are dat and i am 2

Smyrna said...

I have experienced the One Mind and understood the incredible interconnectedness of everything. I have been in the company of others connected to the One Mind (or on the same 'frequency') and telepathic understanding is routine.
Many people who stumble upon or tap into this get totally freaked because it blows their conditioning and understanding of this world to pieces. It exposes their 'reality' as a sham. These are people that get labelled 'schizophrenic' and mad by the ignorant/evil medical industry, and sadly alot of them accept it. Such is the power of the world's conditioning they can't even believe in themselves. The Dark energy has a picnic with them.

Anonymous said...

Les et al,

I have found it very helpful to envision heaven as it leads up to the North Star. From there the world magnetic tree spins down to Earth and the cosmos spins around it...

Sitting on top of the cosmic tree is the Divine Bird -- Cygnus -- shaped like the Christian Cross.

To the left of Cygnus is Lyra -- the Cosmic harp played by the Divine Goddess...

In your minds eye take off and become the bird of your choice -- I like Swans -- Make sure you flap your wings as you ascend towards the heavens and listen for the playing of Lyra's Harp...

Just flap your wings and fly...



wv ampings -- Try it and your astral ampings will increase

Modern Day Metal Making Alchemist at Work said...

You are fucked up dude!

Just piss on it (grin)


WaitingOntheWoo said...

Thanks Visible for part 2 of the exercise. I´ve found the “snort” to be totally compatible with any other practices I do to try to remain “in the presence”. As a matter of fact, it has a turbo effect. For example, if I try to keep attention in the heart and between the eyebrows at the same time…and just out in front of myself…driving out arising thoughts by the use of mantras or what have you throughout the day (walking around or whatever) I find that it requires quite a bit of effort to hold attention in that position. By using the short burst of air to clear any arising thoughts I find that I can stay in that “place” longer and longer. It is a magical ingredient, and so simple! Thank you!

wv: ispenthu...and thu and thu and thu

Anonymous said...

pierre said...

a far cry from "say 3 hail maries and 2 our father's" (like doctors prescrive pharmacauticals for the most part),
or if you got to school early, go to the church or stay for a caning, for the love of christ.

wv: hinesse, yes I also have to remind myself (as LV has reminded us on numerous occasions) to not fall into the trap "Les said this and that" instead of dealing directly with the one. it's a growing up thing, after the good example has helped get things going. static royalty sucks.

Rob in WI said...

To those who might be interested, please consider the musings of George Berkeley, (the early, inspired ones). If one dismisses the religious intent, it is worth contemplating (IMHO). For those not aware of philosophical musings, try reading "Sophie's World", a book that has inspired many believers in the (unreality of "reality").

est said...

kinda like a yo- yo
god throws us out there
a bit- but always
draws us back in

steve said...

The one God is the energy force behind everything, in the celestial worlds there are Krishna, jesus etc which are high beings with certain responsibilities and then there are further energy aspects beyond them.

Anonymous said...

What? You thought the names Columbian Gold, Acapulco Gold, and Silver Haze didn't come from thin air?


God; the farmer, poet, carpenter, avatar, designer, gambler, glass blower, smoker, etc., etc.

ChurningLarvae said...

I'm ready to click my heels and go to Kansas City with bated breath, but I need to know the way. Can Les or someone direct me to the post where breathing was discussed? I'll say hello to Wilbert Harrison for ya. Thanks

MR said...

Thanks, Bholanath. Like Vis, you're a great teacher, a great spirit.

In Peace

Anonymous said...

Onething @ 9:50

To avoid God, to avoid the Oneness, we need merely overinvest in the entitlement of detached self-ness. That's certainly easy enough to do in times and settings such as these which we find ourselves immersed. We presume a false naturalness to the atomized, wandering self, which seeks connection on its own limited terms.

We already reside in the kingdom of heaven. The world around us, our daily immersion, what we reflexively state with certitude as being the 'real world', exerts an inherent centrifugal pull, drawing us away from oneness.


MachtNichts said...

The only way out is in. There is a wealth of thought, intuition and yes, telepathy, waiting to be acknowledged. I don't blame the other people in the room for being upset, Vis. They probably were never taught beyond their five senses or tried to find out. And that, I think, is where your work and exceptional wisdom are immensely valuable. Power to the Bauer.

I still think of God as Santa Claus (sue me), ho, ho, ho, I have a present for you. Actually, I see God in my visible apparati cum vacuum cleaner too.

On a temporal note, the SM&MSM now want you to have a FB account to be able to comment. The noose is tightening. All the more reason to seek the one true love and get off of this seemingly endless Moebius strip. But what do I know? I take it as it comes and try to be grateful even for adverse events. You never know, they might light up a candle that wasn't there before. In all due respect, Vis, Love Silvia

Visible said...

Okay, I'm getting emails too about the first technique and people not being able to find it. I can't find it either now and maybe that's a good thing because I can be a little more specific about it here.

For a couple of weeks, every time a thought enters your head; any thought, you cast it out. You punctuate that casting out with a short, near imperceptible snort and an inclination of the head, also slight, in the direction the thought is being cast out in. For some reason this turns out to be left or right.

If you are going to be in Mexico any time in January or February, I will demonstrate it there too, along with a number of other things; keeping in mind those things discussed at Spiritual Survival in a Temporal World.

You do this every time you think of it and you keep in mind all the times that you have forgotten it. You also keep in mind whether or not it seems like you were reminded from somewhere or whether you just remembered on your own. The idea is to bring you to a place where your mind is free of thought. In some cases this will come fairly quickly. You can double up on this by imagining you are casting out from the heart as well, so that both become empty vessels, waiting to be filled.

You will realize when you have come to a stable place, where no thoughts are immediately entering your head anymore and as I added to the second technique, you should, if you can, take a walk in Nature at dawn and dusk and converse with The One in those times. You can practice the first technique in tandem with the second technique also and during your walks.

The idea is to activate and energize the center that resonates to the angelic transmission, which is beamed out through the angel from the source of all things within. This is the basic premise. (A) Good idea(s) may come to you in the process. You should consider them too.

est said...

you can take the
drop out of the ocean

but you can't take
the ocean out of the drop

give me a week
and i'll sort this out

i'll do it in six days-as
i like to rest on sundays

Anonymous said...

Sometimes a ride on the back of the monkey mind is as thrilling as a material ride in a theme park.

Scarier too.

I like the thoughts of this guy Ekhardt Tolle... it was tough getting by the idea that Oprah liked him too. Almost made me sneeze out one of those snorts.


est said...

one in a million
are called

one in a billion

i've found one

where are the
other five ?

Visible said...

talk about telepathic companion rhythms...

est is west and Po Tai is, uh, yeah,

Anonymous said...


May your showers always be golden and your bath bathed in moonlight...(double grin)

And to all the blessed readers here,

and Lord Visible especially --

May the cosmic mind never keep you out of its thoughts


Visible said...

♫Those golden showers, may come your way, they bring the piss freaks out on parade... (smack) (S^M insert) but when you're dealing (smack, slap, Ow!)have no regrets, cause it's not raining rain, it's raining vio-.... yes?

Sorry, while fine tuning the visiblimometer I put it in the wrong opening and why is it, again, the reason that people don't wear sundials on their wrists?

Anonymous said...

The snorting does become subtle after awhile. At first I had a tendency to exaggerate it. I find that a pleasantt song will enter my
mind. Don't know if the song thing is okay, but it's mindless and peaceful. I am ready for this next step. So important to go within as your very own sanctuary awaits you.

Anonymous said...

PoTai and All,
I tried to many years ago to read Ekhardt Tolle and at that time I put him down to myself as a big windbag....which speaks volumes as to where I was "at" at the time that's for sure---pretty dim bulb. Anyway, I have recently been listening to the audiobook of "A New Earth" (read by Tolle), alternating it with re-reading J. Krishnamurti's "Inward Revolution". It is a potent least is it so for me....although they use language totally differently from one another, and they are both intense singularly, experiencing them in tandem---it is like they incredibly enrich and illuminate each others words and thoughts in an amazing way.....
Just chiming in......

Anonymous said...

Hi Les,
I was wondering if you've ever seen the movie "Revolver" (dir Guy Ritchie) and, if so, what you thought of it.

Thanks! - Frankie

Modern Day Metal Making Alchemist at Work said...

Judge Viz is laying down some excellent teachings for the inner journey. The key to the inner doors is truly through attention to the breadth.
I provide here another key insight that can quickly wean you from the need for outside direction and support and make you more journey self reliant. The cosmic distinction of a “choosing”. Most of us are like George Bush and are deciders….
Spend some time in contemplation about the difference between the powerful act of deliberate choosing and lame act of deciding. A decision has virtually no cosmology, whereas a choice has a powerful non local cosmology dynamic. There is a scripture (get that, me a Cree Indian quoting scripture [grin]) that says ask of the father (for me Creator works) and it shall be given. No truer statement was ever uttered. Once you clarify on this mastery point you will agree that it never fails. In making our way into the unknown we literally do so blindly. In my journey I benefit from a concept called “pop up mushroom insights on the path.”
I proceed forth with a knowing that I have none of the answers needed on my journey but supremely confident that all I have to do is ask and generally within hours and always within a day or two, usually on first awakening I will experience the receiving of that which I asked in choosing. The act of choosing can be refined to be a silent inner meditation but for beginners a sure fire method is to go to your bathroom mirror and gaze deeply into your soul and say “I Sovereignty (insert your own name here), choose from the deepest part of my soul being to know the answer to _________ (what ever your question is). Then just be casually aware to the fact that you chose to know a something and you will draw it to you.
Cosmology awaits our choosing and fulfills it just as sure as gravity calls a dropped stone. Speaking of the Stone, when ever you are stuck at a place in your lab… stop and choose, then know that the answer in the form of pre-packaged pop up mushroom insight is on its way to you. In choosing the Stone no Fedex package will deliver it, but out of the stillness will emerge the information you need to create it.
Peace and piss on it!

Anonymous said...

onething wrote:

"I also think the topic relates to free will. Merging with God is an option, loving God is an option, aligning our will with God is an option, opening our minds to God is an option."

I absolutely agree, onething. Thank you for your comment.

onething also wrote:

"God is so kind, and so morally pure, that he never forces himself upon anyone. And then there is the fact, which would overwhelm us to a quivering mass of jelly if we let ourselves perceive it, that there is no reality outside of God. Therein lies a little problem. If you want to avoid God, the only way to really do it is to not perceive. Which we do, and are free to do.

"God can't really help it that He's the only game in town."

Again, I agree completely, onething.

As I understand it, those purely-spiritual beings who chose to remain separate actually depend (ironically) upon God's power to remain in their miserable state and function at all. In one sense, they are truly separate from God; in fact, it is this separation which constitutes their misery. In another sense, they are 'united' to God insofar as they would cease to exist if He did not maintain their existence.

In other words...There is only one supreme, divine mind, just as there is only one supreme, divine will. All created intellects/wills choose to either be united thereto, becoming infused with/transformed into the divine light and life and love to whatever degree they are able, or they choose to follow their own wills, remaining in darkness and misery.

If I understand you correctly, onething, you are saying there is only one mind that matters (for lack of a better way of putting it): the uncreated, supreme, divine mind. It is our choice as to whether or not we will become one with It or not. There is only one will that matters: union with It brings peace and eternal life, whereas choosing to not unite with It leads to eternal death (which is not the same as ceasing to exist).

If I have misunderstood or misrepresented your ideas, please do not hesitate to clarify things.

Thanks again for your comments, onething. Godspeed to all of you... Eamon

Visible said...

heh heh...

I saw Revolver, it was a tight weave. I didn't get any earthshaking illuminations out of it. I've seen all of his films except for the one with duckface. Generally the films that touch me the most come out of Australia and New Zealand with a smattering of directors from Europe. I like Luc Besson.

Anonymous said...

Brothers and sisters,

Thanks for the techniques and concentrating on getting it out truthfully. Divine intention is becoming so much easier to recognize these days. You all with God are speeding up the transmission process for all beings on this planet. Just as the dolphin that escaped from a water park back into the ocean is teaching the other dolphins to tail walk and sign humans.

Vis, it seems you have escaped unreality to bring us a view of a true reality. Thank you Vis and the rest of the brothers and sisters here who have provided great tools and insight. God really does hangout here and is present.

Go ahead and call me crazy, but for me God shows up appearing as one of my pets only super-sized like Clifford the Big Red Dog, when I'm calm and clear and open to Source. If I am agitated but still open and being a conduit for Divine communication God shows up appearing as a young James Dean like character, but with an ever changing face; hard to describe. When God began appearing as these forms I asked why? God asked if it made me feel comfortable to see these forms and I had to gleefully agree. I was led to these images for my own comfort.

God is sexless, but contains all sex within.

When all this is transpiring it is as though we are sitting in the work crew seats of a movie production; back or to the side. His arm is around me as we sit in the chairs or I lean against his enormous animal body if we are standing by the curtain peering from a side view, and he tells me to watch my movie with him. As stuff unfolds or we are gleaning a scene, God asks me questions that then provide the answers to what was hiding inside me all the time. I have found God will match my mood to bring me out of it, if necessary. God has not been wrong yet with any insight I have been able to comprehend with my pee brain {c;) or the suggestion given to me as an answer, but you have to follow the flow or the lazy river can become white water quick. I have found when I am in the channel the Om sound comes out of me automatically; gratefulness.

So far, my best ideas came from a huge cat, dog, and a dude even cooler than the Fonz.

Vis, thank you for being an open and humble believer, but more importantly a believer in action.
God loves you deeply and so do I. I love the rest of you conduits as well and hope all of you come to Mexico. Don't be afraid to ask the Divine to deliver you there, if that is the will of the One mind! You won't know until you ask. It could be the fiesta of your lifetime?



Denny said...

Rob in WI 3:43 00 AM:

Re Sophie's World:

Check out the Norwegian film version and take a close look at the expression on the face of the actress playing the part of Marie Antoinette just before being put under the guillotine.


I'd say easily "FOUR score years and TWENTY" (had it not been for the mass poisoning taking place on this planet).


I am very grateful for everything you do here. Thanks again.

Anonymous said...

Les --

The ultimate meditation achieves emptying the mind -- through relaxation...

Never ignore your feet in any breathing exercise... As you expel errant thought with a subtle snort, gauge that exhalation with relaxing your feet. Often during meditation you become uptight with lack of progress.

Check your feet. Are the arches relaxed? Are your toes wriggling? Are your ankles moving? Relax the foot...relax the mind... relax the foot... relax the mind....

Love you guys --


clere -- it's all clere to me:)hehe

Anonymous said...

Thanks,Les. By your writings I'm reminded of the Mountain People willing to share the greatest treasure and the one percenters remind me of you know who.

Hey dog, nice shot.

Peace, from Minnesota

Visible said...

very well said Eamon. You are definitely on the right track. The alternative is that I don't know what I'm talking about. which I have already admitted. Great stuff.

Caltus86 said...

Les, thank you so much for your radio shows and blogs. You give freely those searched after pieces that completed the puzzle and showed the path through the labyrinth. The knowledge and wisdom imparted in each blog and radio show are so compacted, varied and with clarity. These information are otherwise sewed up in countless books and wrapped up in the mesh of ambiguity. Also big thank you to all the contributors and all those that help to make this possible.

Peace, Love and Blessings

Anonymous said...

Linda. At the beginning a song kept popping into my head also. Les singing " God's not dead He's merely hiding..." It made me laugh. After awhile nothing. Empty. Cool. For the second part I can't seem to think of God as anything but the picture of Jesus where He looks like the drummer from the Beach Boys. Oh well. Eight years of catholic school no doubt. Thanks Les and all.


Modern Day Metal Making Alchemist at Work said...

From time to time the Eckhart Tolle teachings are mentioned here… Eckhart has made one of the greatest teaching contributions of our time and to those who dismiss him out of hand you do so only at your own peril.

His material is priceless and my only problem with him is that he does not go into the breath dynamics to the extent, at least in my mind, which he should or could. The apparent contradiction in his truth is evident when you listen closely to him speaking.

His extraordinary access, much like our host Judge Viz is through is phased breath work. Eckhart has this idiosyncrasy to lispy snort while he speaking and whether he is even aware that he is doing it, remains questionable, but I believe his lispy breath (phased breathing) explains his tremendous perspective and contribution.

Another valuable teaching resource today is the powerful Abraham teachings. Abraham has a downloadable vortex mediation with breath work that will lift you off your fucking chair. Yes they sell enlightenment cruise workshops but fucking get over it.

Few are moving as much consciousness freight enlightenment tonnage today as Eckhart and Abraham.


Anonymous said...

I, too, am very grateful to have les in my life/world. And yes, the synchronicity is always engaged.

All it is going to take is for our pineals to open up-like the shade on a window-and we will be back like we were-when we were whole... totally telepathic and whatever it is called when you feel as one also.

I was thinking about (in between sniff outs) the time I was with child when it all started becoming so evidently into backwards land-the early 90s and remembered this song by Prince that got some heavy rotation during my child's gestation. Haven't heard it or seen the beautiful belly dancer vid in years.

Here is 'Seven' by Prince c.1992

very very strengthening to me to remember to not 'so don't cry... one day all seven will die..."

the gardener

Visible said...

Well those ocean liners are headed somewhere and the world is a lot bigger than we think it is because we have it in our heads.
I've got my own opinions of this and that (thankfully I am now learning to keep them to myself) and in many cases, I haven't even checked but I'm not looking anymore to begin with so it does alter the dynamic.

Even recently I've been prone to get askance on others in 'the business' (grin). However, lately, I don't know anymore whether I agree or don't agree.

A lot of people have brought Tolle to my attention and so I checked him out and mostly he put me to sleep and I didn't learn anything and I wrote about that in my Ekhart Tollebooth Origami but that is now a couple of oceans away. My feeling is that there are some number of people doing things who have some number of people engaged with them and these things come to a good end or a bad end and all of that is by degrees but it doesn't impact on me. I keep hoping that I will run into somewhere where I can climb on a bus and they will be in charge but it hasn't happened.

I had a couple of significant moments and all of the rest of it has been internal. There are rumors running around in my astrology that I am likely to meet up with some interesting sorts on this little travelogue and other things.

I haven't got a clue what's ahead but that's not my concern. Everything is under control and it always will be. This takes nothing away from free will. God moves in all things in all permutations of all the dancing selections in the automat window. Some of us are general practitioners and some of us specialize. As long as it serves and people are improved, I am for it.

Rob in WI said...

I shared "Sophie's World" with quick witted, teenage niece, must have been 15-20 years ago. Was unaware that a movie had been made. Will look into it. Thanks, Rob

Modern Day Metal Making Alchemist at Work said...

Judge Viz:

Clarify that my comments on Tolle and the Abraham teachings were meant for the audience…. You my friend are beyond helping… (grin).


word ver for this post: fungin

Visible said...

Well, thanks for that (grin). That's more or less what I'm looking for anyway. Whole lotta changes comin

bholanath said...

We can always....
Cue up Sam Cooke one more time!
catchin some ray in the snow

Tom Dark said...

For somebody who had a "Kundalini awakening," you sure do talk a lot of shit.

Robin Redbreast said...

Tom Dark (light?)
Why bother coming here if you are so not full of shit yourself?- you obviously have all you need and want already - lucky man ;)
I came back as was gonna put a comment about how grateful I am to have been on the journey I have had- which finally has allowed me to be fully present without effort- these techniques which once I battled with but knew i needed to progress- now seem elementary !
Don't mean to sound arrogant - but it's true
Hope you get there one day too
Much love
LLPP xxxx
Your post had just reinforced my gratitude- so thank you-
And good luck in all you do!

Alpha Silex said...

Was having a pretty good day yesterday and ended up with a shitty night that really had me bent by the morning. People. I wanted to listen to one of my favorite songs and rather than get the CD out, went on Youtube and found it with a video that made me laugh my f'ng balls off. Aside from some things Vis says, I haven't laughed like this in a while. Enjoy.

Alpha Silex said...

Speaking of "Catching Some Rays From The One Shining Mind". This was just a little bit after we e-mailed each other this morning, Vis. Pay close attention to the last image, down in the lower right of the page. See anything there? Wow.

Denny said...

Re Eckhart Tolle:

I also fell asleep reading "A New Earth". I found it quite devoid of any real content.

A friend of mine working as a manager of the Findhorn Community told me how he flies in, delivers the claptrap and then flies off again to the next venue roughly thirty grand better off.

For that kind of money I reckon I could deliver a pretty convincing sermon too.

I first noticed his book, "A New Earth" in a London bookshop alongside "The God Delusion" by Richard Dawkins. Hmmmm... "Books of a feather"...?

Nah, I think I'll keep him in the "Neale Donald Walsch" category.

Les, as for what you write I'm reminded of that song: "Nothing Compares"...

Denny said...

Tom Dark 9:49 00 PM

"For somebody who had a kundalini awakening you sure do talk a lot of shit".

Excellent observation. Les talked about "scat" quite recently.

So what's NOT talking a lot of shit in your book, then..?

Just wondering...?

Strum said...

The car sounds like a great deal, I would buy it if I was in the area, hope it goes to a good home.

Where's the next stop on your tour after South Africa?, any chance you might make it to Australia while you are in the southern half of this rock? It's only a short jump from SA to the west coast of Aus.

For what it's worth, some of my thoughts on spiritual practice.
Whatever gets you there is good, it's the intent and dedication that matters. it's all there all the time but sometimes we are more or less aware of it. I don't do much practice other than to try and be aware of oneness in every moment whilst I go about my days, still fail often at it but I feel I am slowly getting better at it. I could however be talking a lot of shit, I don't know ;]

@Tom Dark,
In what sense do you mean Visible talks a lot of shit?
In the sense of "the shit", or "good shit"

The Tao that can be spoken is not the eternal Tao

peace and oneness all


Kathryn said...

Wow! Les, I am almost speechless. You are able to eloquently put into words what is on my heart & mind and I struggle to articulate. Every post I have read lately does this. It is a gift. Thank you! God Bless you with love,joy & abundance. Namaste

Anonymous said...

I dont get the unbridled hubris of the warmongers.
They must know that theyre going to Hell - very shortly - and yet they act as if they havent got a care in they world as they dine on caviar & plot their next crimes.

Anyone who's had a glimpse of Hell knows that thats THE one place you dont want to go - indescribable torment & desolation! Yet these people act as if theyve got it made-in-the-shade! I just dont get their mindset - do they think there's no Day of Reckoning?
Any ideas?

- FRankie

Modern Day Metal Making Alchemist at Work said...


Like all the great teachers throughout time Eckhart is hardly saying anything new and the main value is that he is saying it again in the present context. His powerful “Pain Body teachings”, in many people’s minds, brings new illumination into relationships. If this revelation puts one to sleep, then you’ve likely transcended matters in relating. For me the insights were hugely clarifying into the mystical murky waters, intricacies and problematic areas in relating.

With the benefit of his pain body teaching you readily distil any conflict to see two five year olds misbehaving, and each not capable of understanding why. For me at least when I find myself being an unruly five year old in total disharmony and discordance, there is enormous value to know how and why I’ve found my self in such a place, and with this information, better equipped to avoid finding myself there again.


Visible said...

Different strokes for different folks. I didn't have a childhood (grin), which might be the difference. It's on the menu though, done in a different way like French Cuisine.



People that do what they do on one side of the equation

see the results on the return loop.

Visible said...


I want to add that I think Guy Ritchie is at the top of the field. The Sherlock Holmes thing is gripping. I wish he'd make a movie out of The Dark Splendor.

I didn't want to imply diminishment of his work. Since it is Origami I was responding in terms of the revelatory side and movies are movies and life is life.

Adam said...

This posting and some of the accompanying comments have given me the kind of guidance I have been "thinking" I needed lately. That I've been searching for. Thank you everyone. Love to you all.

neal said...

Geez, you'd think that One that shines on the Tao of it doesn't care if that is perceived as One, or countless blinding points of view. Maybe the blindness is the point, being overwhelmed by the little countless pieces of it, or the thing that starts it, or gets put together by it. It really seems to work going both ways, flowing is really quite the same, except for the animate and the inanimate, and the watching from some kind of jumping neutral zone, being tossed by all this stuff, staying the same, all over the place.

I swear that is smiling, it only seems sad, in time.

Visible said...

Two people have written me in the last day about censoring their comments. I am not censoring any comments. They are just not getting through.



Visible said...

There's a new Reflection in the Petri Dish up now-

You Want Jujubees with your Surround Sound 3D?

Odin's Raven said...

Would it be an appropriate and effective exercise to imagine breathing out one's thoughts and sense of separate personality, and breathing in divinity/unified mind as one takes walks?



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