Tuesday, October 22, 2013

Lizard Tongued Chomsky's and those Expensive Tolle Booths

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What is the point of a lifetime? How do you explain the point to people for whom the point is not germane, when the point does not apply to anything relevant to what they value and desire? You don't. At any time in times like these there are never more than a few people who develop a sustained interest in progressing up the road, to the point where they start changing to where they can't change back. The outskirts of the spiritual path is teeming with a fairly large population of merchants and experts at particular variations on the minutiae from a theme. There's every kind of huckster and legerdemaniac you've ever seen or heard about. There's miles of people in robes with turbans and all kinds of other funny hats, long hair flowing down upon their shoulders and they got big pockets. The big pockets are de riguer for the ensemble.

It confuses a lot of people who have to pass through this noisy teeming cauldron of appetite and squalor. Some people get hung up in these locations for lifetimes; dressed in saffron, in a transplanted Tibetan monastery in California or Upstate New York. Sometimes they're a former mid-level marketer or car salesman, now called Zen Master Jing Kai Chek. Since no one really knows what a zen master is and since most alleged zen masters are pretending to be zen masters, it works out all the way around. This is how it is with holy men and shivering shaktis as well. Most of them are posing and pretending and they've got an unspoken arrangement not to rat each other out. There's plenty of suckers and greenbacks to go around. Some of these spots get really creative about separating people from their finances. For instance, if you go to the Six Flags over Osho Simu-City in Poona you got to exchange your money for their in house money. It's not cheap there. Then when you leave, they don't like to change their currency back into your currency but that's okay cause they're on a spiritual trip.

When you bring some of these smiling masters flowers, they like to pull you in close and tell you not to bring them flowers, bring them money instead. For some reason, nearly all of them turn into money-junkies. Along the way they land a few big fish and these fish buy them an enormous spread, where they can swish around the grounds and talk about how pretty the flowers, how pretty the hours, how pretty you, how pretty me, etc. It's a cycle just like everything else is and it's what happens out on the periphery of the spiritual path.

A person has to be very careful to avoid this, especially if you have certain talents because you can find yourself, dressed up in a colorful robe, with an important title and a whole lot of people that look at you the way pet fish look at a person through the glass of their aquarium. You won't know what hit you. Legions of blue rinse dowagers will be following you around waving their checkbooks and wanting to talk to you for hours every day. You'll have to pretend you like them and find them interesting. You'll have to answer all their tedious questions about the meaning of life and you can't pretend you're with Monty Python. You'll have to be serious and you'll have to work on having those melty eyes and that sonorous, resonant voice. You can't hit the big leagues without the melty eyes and the sonorous voice. Whatever you chose to do in this life, it's a job so... you should like doing it.

There's thousands of books out there and ALL of them have some portion of the inside scoop on, "what it is, what it is." Among some of the books out there and selling far better than any of my books (grin) are these books. Well, there's all kinds of things loose these days from Lizard tongued Chomsky's to Andy Warhol Lites. We live in an age of sham, pretense and the burning hunger for money! The burning hunger for money will make the right (wrong?) man or woman do nearly anything. When  I say (nearly) anything, you have only to look around you to see what I mean.

Consider the case of Eckhart Tolle. Here's just one of many reviews about him, as he leaves his tracks of their tears and all those empty wallets. The thing about false prophets in this day and age is that there are under currents of support from the material sector, which is being heavily manipulated by the Satanists and reverse Kabala engineers- same thing- it serves their purposes to have people focusing on charlatans who assist in the comprehensive pervasiveness of delusion that makes the air as thick as Jell-O sometimes. There's a reason that all these pop-up Jackoff's in a Box are able to maintain such a public profile. However, if you want the truth about Tolle from the viewpoint of disillusioned and disgruntled seekers just do a casual search on him with the word 'fraud' or 'fake' in it. Here you will note that all of the referenced web pages have been scrubbed.

Whether it's Tolle, brought forth out of the "Alien" mother womb of Oprah, serendipitously stamped with a certain seal of approval from one of the main spokepersons for toxic materialism, or any one of the Tamil Nadu gurus, with their centers everywhere but none in themselves, it's a given that with the breakdown of established religions- orchestrated, predicted and necessary for this time frame- all kinds of temporary and highly lucrative (as in Lucre) passing fads come into being with that soft drink commercial saying, "It's the same thing only different." Of course, the rise in Satanism is to be expected, given all surrounding conditions. Scientology was to be expected. Any kind of convoluted and complex pseudo religious systems that cost a lot of money are to be expected. Here's another rational take on Tolle and hits to the core of my problem with him.

Why do I bother with these occasional forays into going after the plague of false prophets and phony gurus, who are as ubiquitous as cow-pies in a cattlefield? The more people keep their wallets in their pants, not to mention certain other particulars ...and search within, where... anything they are ever going to find on the outside, is already resident within... well... the more such sane practices proliferate, the better the world we find ourselves in. Also, the less frequently people are sucked in by obvious scam artists, selling them the reworked sayings of the wise from other times, (which is a common feature among the burgeoning crowd of sanctimonious skim artistes of these times), the less frequently they will be sucked in by murderous politicians and all the duplicitous messages this time zone is heir to. The airwaves of the planet are filled with lies. It stands to reason that lies are the power of the hour and all the savvy carpetbaggers with their big bags and big pockets understand this.

It is to be assumed without question that the truth is priceless. It cannot be immediately presumed what the truth is. Those who are in some degree of the possession of it, or possessed by it, or affiliated with it, in any number of the ways that this is possible, know that a most unpleasant doom falls upon those who charge money for the purpose of conferring it on you. First of all, it couldn't possibly be the truth because... the moment you put a price on it, it goes out the nearest exit and leaves you with nothing but words. This is an automatic cosmic reaction to a very common phenomen, in this day and age.

Lies and those who tell them are given very high publicity. Most liars know this. Telling the truth is pretty much certain to narrow your audience considerably. That's how it works and except in very rare cases, the teacher has a limited amount of followers. Few people are able to stay with the truth, without regular distractions and compromises, that's why liars keep those features embedded in their act. False teachers elevate the self importance of critical followers for the benefit of their usefulness in attracting and keeping the larger body of goldfish. False teachers ex-tolle how simple it all is. False teachers, like your Depak Chopras, (Dr.) Dwayne Dyers(his massive list of products is impressive- but... his inner peace cards are a real hoot; lots of Hay's authors have variants on this) and that host of lemming writers from the Louise B. Hays publishing mill.

No matter whether you find an external representative of your inner teacher, it will only be to assist you in linking up with your inner teacher or, that teacher is a fraud. That teacher will not charge you hundreds of dollars to hear him or her speak. That teacher will not pack the front seats of the lecture hall with celebrities. That's a big no-no. This is known as the rock star virus. That teacher will not drone on and on in a hypnotic cadence with an obvious intent, given that you are observing the spell cast and not under the spell. He won't leave your town with bags of money headed for the next town and the next bags of money.

Here is an interesting thing to keep in mind; people who are telling the truth very rarely have bags of money thrown at them. The cosmos is conscious and watches out for this. Those seeking after the truth abide by certain understandings and are not hamstrung by having to play patty-cake with the dark side, in order not to offend those who arrange to have their money bags filled. On the alternative news side of this you have those like Alex Jones and the 'pilot fish' who swim in his wake and do PR for him under a quid pro quo arrangement. Observe the slathering ass-kissing sycophancy for MONEY and EXPOSURE! There's lots of others though and each of them does not pass the crucial litmus tests. You might bend your own standards because you like everything else about the source. That's ill advised but we are prone to do this. Here's Greg Palast lying about 9/11 (here's something new about Palast from a trusted source). He and Noam Chomsky, are two venomous snakes who keep getting promoted by alternative news sites, even though they are completely in the hands of the enemy and serve the enemy whenever called upon to do so. Their service may be no more than to seek to discredit the truth about 9/11, as both of them have done. What must be taking place in the hearts and minds of men like this when they do this? These men have established their careers on the impression that they are engaged in exposing lies and telling the truth, while they serve the very elements they purport to oppose! HOW can they do this! How do they rationalize this?! I could not. These men are agents of The Dark Lord and this needs to be widely known and understood, just as do the activities of the religious and spiritual bag men and women whose chief objective is to become rich. If you can't see these things, you don't want to.

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My apologies to readers that have drifted away over time because I was being put through the ringer and could not help but let it seep into my written work. That's all over now.


Visible said...

How can you doubt the tenor of these times?

Yes! Mr. Apocalypse nails another!

Anonymous said...

Visible said "people who are telling the truth very rarely have bags of money thrown at them"

No, it's usually bags of vitriol and venom, double-dipped in horse shit, and "lovingly frosted with glucose". (couldn't resist a little Python there)

When you tell the truth, you often end up speaking to an empty room. Or read the Douglas Adams bit about the man who swore to tell the truth, the whole truth and nothing but the truth. He wound up being buried under 300 feet of concrete, courtroom and all, so that no one would ever have to endure such words, ever again.


Anonymous said...

Ellen Degenerate recently paid a waitress $10,000 for picking up two soldiers' tabs, because, "Freedom (or is that "Feedom"?) Isn't Free". Fuck no it isn't. Gotta pay with our lives for them-thar bankers so they can keep getting more fees. I wonder if Ellen went pink this month? I wonder if she donated big bucks to breast cancer research? I wonder if she'd research the myriad free links to actual cancer cures, that anybody might send to her, if they had a mind to do so? I imagine not. Mind-controlled celebrities help shape the views of their followers. You betcha. That's why they're celebrities to begin with. Like the authors and gurus Viz mentions in this piece. Same deal. Nobody becomes a celeb by accident. You don't get to walk the red carpet, unless you munch the right carpet. Freedom isn't free. War is peace. Up is down. Black is white. Gay is straight. Go along to get along. Tote that barge. Lift that bale. Work hard, and you can be anything. Keep your nose clean, son. What you don't know can't hurt you. The only sure things are death and taxes. Early to bed, early to rise. And a bunch of other half-baked sayings that we pass along to our sheeple offspring, to mindfuck them, unbeknownst to us, so they can keep sacrificing their lives for the rich, over and over and over again. Amen. Let us spray. Or is that spay. And neuter...

Anonymous said...

Well, another Origami and another synchronicity (go figure). :)

So a couple of weeks ago, I started listening to this guy named Pete Santilli who has an Internet radio show. He apparently was the real person who organized the trucker protest in DC. Not the phonies the MSM were showing us.

Anyway, I'd listened to him here and there about a year ago and thought he might be the new Hal Turner. He's abrasive but intelligent and is a former Marine.

Listening to show during the trucker rally you could see he really cared about the country and the people and he totally got set up by the media to have the rally discredited (that was an education in and of itself).

During that broadcast the show took a left turn and be starts talking about how the media lies and goes into huge rant on Alex Jones. He states that Jones keeps calling for an investigation of 911 but ignores a forensic investigation already done by a Dr. Judy Wood who had her findings made put into public record via the courts. Woods associates have been murdered over this, apparently. Hence, Jones' omission of this record proves his disingenuousness.

Santilli also played a recording of an interview he did with a man named Larry Nicholls who was a former security agent for Hillary Clinton who publically admitted that he killed people for her for money and ran cocaine for the Clinton's. Rense also had this recording on his site that went up in early October. Nicholls claims to have proo f of all of it and is unable to get any of this into court because no one will touch it. He's also a personal friend of Santilli's.

Christ, it really looks like I'm shilling for this guy, sorry. :(. And no, I'm not him. :)

As for the guillotine stuff and all the exeutive orders.... Been seeing that since the mid-nineties, so far it hasn't materialized, but.... If not now when. It's very frightening. Where did all the DHS ammo go????

Maybe all this outer terror is good motivation to seek solace inside! :)


Anonymous said...

Is there more than meets the eye?



Pete said...

Ja, ja und ja ! Das ist alles richtig mein freund, LV ! Another litmus test for the phoney gurus is where they tell you to seek. Very few teachers actually tell you to go within. New seekers (dwellers on threshhols, DOT) are in a frightening place. The phoneys teach them that spirituality is a narcotic. Nothing could be further from the truth. Spiritual path consists in peeling off layer after layer of falseness, and uncovering a gargoyle that gawks back at you in the mirror. Not fun or pleasant, but when its your time you have no other alternative. Transcend the gargoyle, forgive the gargoyle and you can make some real headway to what is. There is a saying I heard that in India there are more masters than chelas. Big business.
You say your writings are repetitive, but they are necessarily repetitive. Especially as evil is repetitive. Its nice to be able to get online and see that someone else sees things as you see them.
Danka Schoen!

Visible said...

Thanks Pete, such commentary keeps me going


Yeah, I saw that about billionaire Zio-ogre Bloomberg getting a one million dollar Jewish Nobel Prize. But what did he get it for?

Visible said...

This is in memory of the cat that wrote in a couple of weeks ago and said there was no radiation coming out of Fukushima

Anonymous said...

When it becomes apparent that a few too many people are beginning to catch on and that some mininal critical mass of awareness is emerging and that this awareness can no longer be safely contained within 'tinfoil-hat' rubric, then it will be time for a colossal false flag op mind fuck. They seem to be ramping up for it inexorably.

MOAFF--Mother Of All False Flags, headed our way.


Candice said...

"if you have certain talents because you can find yourself, dressed up in a colorful robe, with an important title and a whole lot of people that look at you the way pet fish look at a person through the glass of their aquarium. You won't know what hit you. Legions of blue rinse dowagers will be following you around waving their checkbooks and wanting to talk to you for hours every day. You'll have to pretend you like them and find them interesting. You'll have to answer all their tedious questions about the meaning of life and you can't pretend you're with Monty Python."


and wow! "First of all, it couldn't possibly be the truth because... the moment you put a price on it, it goes out the nearest exit and leaves you with nothing but words. This is an automatic cosmic reaction to a very common phenomen, in this day and age."

JerseyCynic said...

Good Morning, Visible
facebook lifts its ban on beheading videos (har har har no pun intended there - eh??)

Love To Push Those Buttons said...

What is the point of a lifetime? I asked for it. Before I got here, I wanted to make the world a better place. Now I think, why bother? This place is so distasteful and disgusting in so many ways. I currently think waiting for the rest of my contract to be up is a pain in the butt, but what choice do I have? It's not helping me personally as far as what I value, anymore. But I recognise I spend the rest of my life in slavery, being ordered around by every cat of feline persuasion (or any wild critter who takes to me) I come in contact with, and being on this treadmill of errands, work gigs, though I did have fun at my first roadie gig for my flat mate in about 10 years where I got to ask the bass player for the headlining band if the star of the band was his hair. (It was long, thick, and he was a total head banger. It was hilarious to watch him at times. He had hair, and he knew how to use it.) Not to mention being ordered around by my own body, and it's not like I can tell it to wait until I have time when the bladder is about to explode, and all that.

Then again, next month this country (divided states of america) will probably explode, and it's about time for a trip/reset, of the right kind. It'll be erasing the biggest parasite on the planet (Aren't Israel, UK and u.s. basically one? Maybe throw vatican city in there, too?) and not at the expense of wiping out all these wonderful cultures that were socially and spiritually so superior to the invading forces of so called 'higher technology' as far as weaponry was concerned. And so many of the tribes were much more pragmatic and not as wasteful as the modern day soldiers. At least they ate who they killed.

Well, there was that video of that dude who ate the Syrian soldier's heart.

Never mind.

lightandlongshadows said...

It's ubiquitous...

Dig around in any corner, lift up any rug and see what's there. Theory, words, symbols attempting to make sense of themselves.

This back and forth between ThickTarget and viscount aero sums so much up.

Some things deserve warning labels, consider yourself warned. Postmodernism and Positivism & Post-Positivism. I read them all the way through but I'm a glutton for punishment.

I find it fun to read monetary theory as well, more slippery semantics and complete confusion.

The further we move from the model of nature the more lost in artifice we become it seems. Baffled by our own bullshit wandering through constructed canyons of post integrity.

Good thing it's all temporary and becoming more temporary all the time.
Take care.

Anonymous said...

Thank you, Visible.
My favorite on truth is a quote from Oscar Wilde: “If you want to tell people the truth, make them laugh, otherwise they’ll kill you.” Another good one: “ … nothing that is worth knowing can be taught.”
AND: “The public is wonderfully tolerant. It forgives everything except genius.”
Love to all, Serena

Doug Pearson said...

Here's another good article about Fuky. Yeah baby, ain't no problem there...
IMO the entire world should be collectively joined to fix this shit....RIGHT NOW!!
This is wayyyyyyyy more important than ANYTHING I can think of. I can't wait until the day(hope I'm still kickin') when the boomerang comes back on these boys that have allowed this shit to go virtually unchecked and suppressed the info cause of a few bucks.

Anonymous said...

Truth is a lonely road to walk. It's certainly not going to win you many friends, in fact it'll probably drive most of those supposed life-mates right off into the sunset.

I always, always, ALWAYS believed that if someone did have 'special talents' as you put it, they'd be giving it away free while slogging it out with the rest of humanity.

That's why we came here, right? For a HUMAN (and humane) experience. I don't know about you, but I came here to get my hands dirty.

I'm part of the clean up crew you might say. I see these meat puppets doing this horrible stuff and I shake my head thinking, "Geeze, why would you want to do THAT to YOURSELF?!"

I guess some didn't read the fine print that says, "Universal Law still applies," and the most deplorable imaginations are plotting out their own demise with little recognition that they are sewing their own seeds to reap.... well... I don't want to spoil the ending just yet. Why let the cat out of the bag when they're having so much fun?

Vis, I understand you're going through the rabbit holes and what a number it does one a person and their 'normal' functioning. Your writing is still brilliant, no worries about consistently perfect output. Some people get it, and if they don't maybe they'll understand well enough in due time.

It's hard not to be thrown for a loop (or 144,000 LOL) when solidly coming to terms with all that is- the real and unvarnished, the complete and the humbling, the honest and unshakable.

Keep it up friend, you're doing a great job.

Pantagruel said...

"Try to get a living by truth - and go to the soup societies." Herman Melville

Anonymous said...

Thanks, Vis, for another pithy post.


Anonymous said...

Hirelings, dont you just shit'em. Once again vis your efforts are appreciated and received in love of truth.

Steve Rist said...

With all the lies passing for the truth....with all the in-fighting and out-fighting.....with all the subversion and reversion...how long with it be before we all disappear, and all that's left will be etched in large, bold, woodsy letters: CROATOAN????

Anonymous said...

Aloha, Vis,

This reminds me of when I once volunteered to help out with local events for H.H. the Dalai Lama. He had just won the Nobel Prize, so a whole lot of folks wanted to see him. We charged admission to one of his appearances. Someone called & asked me how we could charge money for the eternal truth?

My answer: "You're right. The truth is free. But delivery is extra." I should've copyrighted that!

Mucho blessings,

Narayan said...

Greetings Les - and a genuine Namaste,

I thank you so much for your astute musings and inimitable presentation of them. One comment on this thread from Serena, quoted Oscar Wilde - "If you want to tell people the truth, make them laugh, otherwise they'll kill you." Love it! (Thanks Serena) This could be a sub-title to one of your domain names!

I'm impressed with your command and addressing of the alternative thinker/spiritual traveller interface space. A noted dearth in this regard. The 'net is awash with analyses and general bitching about the PTB on this planet, and, with very few exceptions, is the panacea even mentioned, what to speak of explored and promoted. This is Kali Yuga, and there is the Yuga Dharma - it is for us, now. I glean from your writings that you know about such profound things, and reassuredly note that soul recovery/discovery is your true North. You offer a priceless paradigm shift for the edification/contemplation of your readers, and it appears to me that some would drop off if you presented from your cutting edge.

The concept that we are of the spirit nature has been largely buried in this dark age. That we are on a soul journey is lost to the general populace, who, while "Thumb fucking" their cell phones, all things of worth breeze by them.

Another category of persons who like to say things like 'Soul Journey', hail from the Illuminist sponsored New Age fraternity - peppered with orchestrated, vacuous and highly speculative opinion - from which, individuals can, if their shit is kept together, exit the New Age syndrome with faculties sufficiently intact to pickup, dust off, and step back onto the soul path. Otherwise,,, lizard fodder.

Next category of soul journeyers is the vast, nebulous and soul destroying zone where there's "Every kind of huckster and ledgerdemainiac you've ever seen or heard about." 'nuff said - you nailed it Les, big time, and in style! Whether some melty eyed 'guru', or an international organised religion, the effect is appallingly similar - shafted. A major waylay for the awakening soul.

When the Jiva in the human form finally "... develops a sustained interest in progessing up the road... " he finds himself assailed by the mind numbing saffron circus. Other colours also contend for the starry-eyed, the gullible and the sycophantic, but it appears that the saffron dudes have the most to answer for, as they have access to the real deal but choose to trade it in for daksina and a fuck or two, or more. With whoever, or more.

This veritable minefield is beyond the ken of persons who find themselves a little back down the track. Please dear Les supporters and readers; hear the wisdom in this post of Les'. So much dallying and heartache can be avoided in this connection, simply by lending an intuitive ear. Reaching the "Outskirts of the spiritual path... " constitutes a profound milestone for the illusioned soul, as the capacity to begin removing the veils of illusion kicks in. Enter the Kali chelas in assorted shape, form and capacity - they have a portfolio to take out the unwary. Don't think ill of them for they perform a much needed, albeit despised function. Besides, we have ourselves to blame for our present lot - they simply deliver our respective shit. Here's the crunch; if we didn't have our respective and collective shit, the hucksters would atrophy and drop off the scene. The speculators, the boozers, the bonkers, the brawlers, the animal bashers and the burgeoning banal are all sitting ducks to start with. However, I don't think any of the readers here are in these categories; so let's take a deep breath, place our right hands over our hearts, vibrate OM... ( fill in the gap with something spiritual) and pick our way through the hucksters. Just remember - you'll be killed unless you make them laugh.

Thanks Les. As we might say here in New Zealand “You’re too much bro!”


Eudoxia said...

Excellent post Viz as per usual, this one in particular reminds me of the movie Donnie Darko. As specially the part where Donnie Darko is told by his 6 foot rabbit friend to go to the Guru's house and set it a blaze. While the emergency services crew were putting out the fire they discovered the new school star Guru promoting his self help book into the school curriculum (Patrick Swayze I think) had a basement chock full of kiddie porn.

You won't see a true Master on TV or in the book shops, well not the best seller lists anyway and in most cases they don't write books or if they do they are published after they have passed. I'm not referring to the priceless treatise' written by those having reached enlightenment over the years. Anything that makes it into the book shops is usually written by others about their experiences with them, so the information is second hand at best. I'm highly dubious about anything being sold in major book shops or promoted by MSM. In saying that many are coming out now with useful information to share, then again this information is not available in MS and more often than not that information finds you.

Aelios Kalypso said...

Visible, would you please write more on Love and how to practice it?

Pa u said...

You are perfectly right about DEEPAK...i was chocked by his vision of 9/11...Chomsky is an other bought and paid for F....G IDIOT. How can they look at themselves in a mirror..!! Please keep the good work and thank you for your clarity


missingarib said...

Vis ,reflected in your minds eye are we the readers and partakers of your Samādhi- a word to the wise as the saying goes -
an appreciation of your observations contained herein :"It is ridiculous "-it is said
in Zen- "that a being endowed with the nature of a Buddha, born to be master of every
material reality, should be enslaved by little cares or frightened by phantasms that he
himself has created, should let his mind he swayed by passions or dissipate his vital
energy in irrelevant things." Anxieties, recriminations, or nostalgias for the past,
imaginings or anticipations for the future, enmity, shame, and disturbance, all these must
be put aside. One may help oneself, eventually, by means of the "idealistic"
-which may help one to realize the irrationality of so many of the mind's impulses,
and to regaining power over one's heart. Further-more, one must simplify oneself, one
must resolutely cut down the parasitical over-growth of vain and muddled thoughts. To
the question: "How shall I learn the law?" a Zen master, Poh Chang, replied: "Eat when
you are hungry and sleep when you are tired." Calm and equilibrium-the samatha that
we have frequently mentioned-must become a habit.

live long

Anonymous said...

"Truth is a wall that you can't blow down and it won't be laughed away." - Harry Chapin

Love is lost when it's tendered
Love is found when its rendered

come to care come to mind
come to share come to find



ps - I'm still grooving on the Hot Chicks at your place

insiam said...

Here in Siam if one visits a monk or any other participant in the monking business then it is customary to present them with a bucket containing all of lifes little neccessitys.

said buckets (containing - coffee, dried milk, washing powder, tooth paste (shampoo - not sure why:), etc etc) can be conveniently obtained from a number of outlets conveniently located within the grounds of any temple. Fortunately these little shops never run out of stock as the monks are good enough to return the bucket parcels unopened in exchange for the agreed amount of cash.

The monks then buy their shit at tescos or similar like everyone else. Good business the auld monking game!

Visible said...

Here's something you might like

Eudoxia said...

Viz you forgot poster boy of the century David "I can dance ME ME ME ME LOOK AT ME ME ME ME MINE ME ME ME I'M SO FINE" WILCOCK absolute Prince of The Turquoise Brigade if ever there was one. NOW that one takes the cake and all the drinks as well. To use a dead man in order to gain fame and fortune really sinks to the bottom. This enlightened chappy in one article about himself I read once even mentioned his FANS! Fucking hysterical. Never could a greater fraud ever be hatched from a womb than he. Has he got a card deck yet? I bet that would be even more impressive than Dr Waynes? Maybe he could team up with Doreen Virtue and put together a Singing Cayce's Angels card deck. He'd be the type that would autograph every card PLUS THERE'S MORE! It comes complete with David's picture on the back! For a special edition price of ONLY 80 times the normal purchase price. Hurry while stocks last! Better go find some sanity before I puke!

Visible said...

A new Smoking Mirrors is up now-

Stop Living in the Crotch Pouch of the Central Banker's Underwear

Anonymous said...

That was awesome. Love your stuff.

Anonymous said...

It is not just self help, new age gurus. Artists, composers, scientists and authors will not be promoted by big money unless they toe the party line.

Artists can't always help how their products are used. Beethoven and Wagner probably wouldn't have wanted their music to be used as NAZI propaganda.

But scientists bug me. I suppose I am being unfair when I say scientists are nothing but pawns to be used by politicians and war mongers. Scientists will make weapons for any psycho despot; for any crazy zealot. What scientists do strikes me as akin to an adult giving a loaded gun to a disturbed child. Religion organizes the army and gives it a purpose but science is what gives it a punch.

Our values are so fucked up. Courage is more important than brains and kindness is more important than courage. And hope is more important than anything.

There is either a just and loving God in heaven or there is not. If there is one then we will all be punished or rewarded according to our deeds. If not then nothing matters anyway. I think there is one and I think She knows what She is doing.


Ray B. said...

Gene/Coruscant, October 23, 2013 5:36:00 PM

"Everywhere else tho, there's not much aggregation of radiation that I can tell."

By the time any Fukushima run-off water gets to the US coast, it is incredibly diluted by the sheer volume of the ocean. People with no sense of scale are alarmed; or perhaps it's in the thrill of fearing something.

The US military detonated several H-bombs at/near Bikini atoll. The ocean currents sopped it up so impressively that recent visits found no appreciable radiation in the local seawater. (Wind-blown deposits of material on land could still be long-term dangerous.)

On the mutations, I would tend to credit man-made chemicals, like the estrogen-mimickers or the dioxin leftovers, etc.

Good for you in having the instrumentation on-hand to get to the real ground-truth...

Best Wishes,
Ray B.

P.S. Could not get the word-verification to work using FireFox; had to use Internet Explorer (ugh).

Visible said...

A new Petri dish is up now-

Boston Stupid and Working for the Man in Afghanistan.

Anonymous said...

via Homer..

The Bikini H-bombs did not detonate 24/7 for three years and counting. Centuries?

They don't even know where the THREE melted reactor cores are, let alone deal with them.
Not to mention the tons of plutonium comprising the #4 fuel rods hanging by the proverbial thread. (we've only just begun)

Nothing to see here folks..

Ray B. said...

via Homer.., October 24, 2013 9:56:00 PM

In terms of Fukushima, you seem to have confused land-based effects with water-born effects.

On the former, J1m St0ne gives a good sense of the immediate environment around the two nuked (and I mean nuked) reactors, one of which had been disassembled and the core removed. (Reactor 4 is "Building 7", as Stone observes.) As the guts (fissile core) of the fueled Reactor 3 underwent vaporization in the heat of the nuclear-weapon fireball, the rods became in effect a 'mist' which settled wherever the wind took it. That is truly deadly to anyone in the land-deposit zone, but is relatively immobile.

(The reactors which 'burst their containment' - via Stuxnet - but were not nuked are a very local threat, much like Three Mile Island was. Their cores melted, but little to no gassification of the fuel rods occurred. In the absence of the Reactor 3 'dust', their cleanup would be no harder than at Three Mile Island.)

(On the Reactor 4 spent-fuel rods, the Japanese were wise enough not to 'crowd' the spent-fuel storage-ponds, which American companies have done. As a result, in the worst case only localized slumping/melting could occur, with no gassification.)

Water-based contamination is of two sorts: Fuel-rod dust is much heavier than H2O, so it settles to the bottom within a short distance and remains relatively undisturbed. Lighter by-product particles (still radioactive) can mix with H2O and move around with the currents. With the latter, though, the incredible volume of the ocean will soon mix the particles down into parts per billion. That is why Gene's Geiger counter did not register increased readings.

Best Wishes,
Ray B.

Alan said...

"You'll have to be serious and you'll have to work on having those melty eyes and that sonorous, resonant voice."


Ahh....classic vis, classic

Visible said...

about David Wilcock. I've noticed the vanity but he's one of those people I just pass over. The same goes for Benjamin Fulford and all those Sorcha Fall types. There's this guru guy who Andrew Cohen I think his name is.

Then there's that other Cohen, Alan Cohen who goes around as Mr. Peace and Light. One day I was in the health food store and I felt these bad vibes and there was the self appointed master himself, seriously glaring at me. I didn't know him, never met him but that didn't stop him (grin).



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